Peggy and Me

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Fiction Sex Story: I get a lots of works now, asking for assistance in converting to good English, from foreigners or simply improving and editing. This is one

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality   .

It had been a long tortuous journey to get to the point where for the first time I met a fellow zoophile face-to-face It’s tortuously long and laborious in that how do you go about getting to know some chap who enjoys the same taboo interests and is prepared to admit and finally meet and share experiences. Many forum notes, many disagreements, many agreements, shared videos, pictures. I think our non bestial like minded hobbies possibly clinched the solemn agreement to meet. Much had passed through the dark ether clouds before we arranged to meet. It was a motorway service station, mid way between his farm in Kent and my place in Wiltshire and even the coming together was awkward in that both of us were somewhat reticent so we were both fifteen minutes late, sat parked in our vehicles, thinking were we doing the right things, was it a trap and about showing our faces, but I took the first step and sat in a prearranged setting.

Richard and I got on like a house on fire from that first too jovial meeting, settling down, finding we were of similar age, similar education and funnily similar in appearance. Horses have been my prime interest insofar as bestiality was concerned. Prior to this visit, my sexual experiences with animals have been minimal, bordering on nil, and entirely covert. I was to be his guest on the 150 acre farm and it took a day before I got to know the individual horses, likely to be the friendliest and easiest to deal with, before jumping into anything. There were several on the farm, mares and geldings, all mature, but no stallions. Left to my own devices, Richard had a lot of other business interests and I showed I knew how to handle the animals in terms of care etc. I roamed amongst them all to different degrees; Richard leaving me a sort of list and suggesting one gelding actually prepared to drop for me after a certain bit of innocent stroking if for instance anyone was around, but unfortunately we were in plain view of the road.

Moving on to the mares, again with a list, I found them all quite friendly, and only a couple that didn’t press close for attention. After some time of sharing some light affection with them all, I decided to be bolder and he had pointed out where it was safely out of plain sight, to gently explore their bodies a little. A couple, both handsome chestnuts, responded favourably by lifting their tails partway while standing still when I stroked their flanks and hind legs before gingerly venturing to touch their pussies. Having exhaustively researched the subject, this seemed positive to me. I’d been told they both enjoyed sex whether or not in heat which was a fantastic bonus, in my limited stay. The oldest Peggy, all of five years, I decided would be my first, though I certainly wasn’t her first human partner.

The next day I checked in with all the horses again, Sam, the drop gelding showing his availability again Eventually I got to Peggy out in the pasture. She responded the same as the day before, the other mare completely ignoring us. I led her into the barn, locking the door, out of sight of neighbours and passing cars, with her cross-tied to one end of a stall. The small area was enough to prevent her wandering off with interest in sights and smells horse wise. She still had plenty of room to move her hind quarters away from me.

Alone with a big, beautiful mare, free to make love to her as I pleased without fear of interruption, my excitement grew as I stroked her neck. I moved my hand up under her gorgeous mane and rubbed deeply as she looked patiently at me, though she seemed a little restless. I began stroking her back and flanks, slowly making my way towards her rear, until I had my hand on her glossy smooth rump, pressing a little. At this point she raised her tail, even before I reached in underneath it. I took her up on that invitation and stroked lightly down her labia for a while before finally washing her backside off with a little soap and water. She was winking by then. Her sphincter was clean, but it got the same treatment.

Her butt and genitals looked so cute and desirable but from this angle and proximity, it looked absolutely enormous. I stroked her labia some more, allowing my fingers to slip in a little. All signs of restlessness from me and Peggy had disappeared some time ago. Finally I could resist no more, so I spread her pussy open and began licking, long strokes up and up, then delving in as deep as I could reach and swirling my tongue around. There was virtually no taste; perhaps a slight musty sweetness, somewhat like fresh hay. I slipped off my lower clothing piece by piece. I was enjoying eating her out as I did my women and was reluctant to stop, my cock rampantly erect.

The sturdy chair Richard told me he always used was dragged forward to stand on, I applied globs KY to the tip of my stiffy and positioned myself, first checking over the situation: standing behind my first mare. Fuck! To say I was excited ... I aimed my helmet towards her pussy and worked the tip up and down to spread the lubrication around, then slowly eased myself in. Wow!

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