Snake Bite, Not a Cocktail

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: An educated girl finds a new partner

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality   .

Martha had always been fascinated by snakes. Like spiders, most girls are afraid of them, but she though they were incredible creatures, watching them curl up in a ball under the heat lamp in the aquarium. She was in awe every time they ate, happily dropping the mice to them. She had two non-poisonous snakes about a metre long and a good two centimetres thick, grey with diamond shaped dark patches. They were passive reptiles and she’d raised them since they were old enough to handle. A mutual trust had been established, never biting her.

Her fascination started when a child, being friends with the son of the couple that babysat her, who had snakes and a ferret. She didn’t like the ferret, but loved the snakes. Dave would let her hold them and show Martha the proper way to get them to go where she wanted them to go by making them think it was their idea. Little did she know that all those snake lessons would come in handy growing up.

Red haired, multi freckled animal lover Martha Celandine Harvey was surfing the net one Sunday afternoon, looking at some innocent zoo pictures on one site which got her 21 year old juices flowing as it occasionally showed images of the various animal mating habits. She found herelf getting randy. One of her pet snakes was draped around her neck, the other curled up on her lap resting, it’s rear end dangling nearly to the floor between her pale, shapely bare legs ... She was rummaging through this site and the next thing found bestiality pictures on her screen. Damn pop-up ads, that were always showing up, she cursed. She thought ‘how in the world can anyone have sex with an animal?’ but, as she stared at the pictures on the screen her idle, nothing else to do, curiosity peaked.

She clicked onto the link and saw for the first time a woman being fucked by a dog. Her pussy became wetter and wetter, not believing her eyes yet turned on by it. They had an ‘eel sex’ category, and totally not believing that could happen clicked on it. Right there on the screen of her Apple Mac computer was a black girl with her legs spread wide open with the tail end of an eel slithering out of her hairy pussy. She got horny then, although not quite believing it. Picture after picture and the crotch of her panties was soaked.

Snakes have an incredible sense of smell. The snake round her neck started it’s way down to investigate the source of this powerful odour wafting from her nether regions, not thinking anything of it at first. The snakes were always moving around when they get tired of one spot. It’s head was on her lap inches from her smelly crotch. His tongue kept darting in and out of his mouth. He was enjoying the scent of her sopping wet pussy. Not knowing what came over her, Martha lifted her cropped denim mini skirt and eased her white lace trimmed panties to the floor, spreading her legs wide open. Seemingly possessed she moved over to the sofa, gently placing her other reptile companion in it’s secure place and pulled her knees her up, wide of chest. The snake’s head went between my legs and bumped against her labia.

It was so wicked, so different, so taboo that it turned her on like never before. After realising that there was nothing for him down there the reptile started to slither his way back up to shoulder level, but Martha, the junior official registrar of the whole of Hampshire county stopped him in his tracks, placing it back down between my legs. She had made a momentous decision, she was supposed to be officiating at a wedding on Monday between two illegal immigrants from Syria and had thought about studying all the paperwork and documents necessary to be word perfect ... but fuck it!

She took a hold of his tail end and snaked it between her outer lips, using it to rub her small clit to get worked up. The snake didn’t seem to mind this handling of him so she kept it up, switching on a video with a link from the pictures, to watched on her computer screen the girl put a snake into her pussy, literally into it! Martha thought it looked feasible and just had to try it herself. She gasped the snake’s tail end, working it into her greasy wet hole. It really felt good. His skin was a little rough, adding to a sensation that she’d never experienced. Martha knew he had just shed his skin a couple of days ago, so this was new skin. She wouldn’t want to do this when he was sloughing his old skin off. She shoved more of his body into her pussy.

Martha, whilst in a fairly senior and important local government post was an out and out party good time girl. She had a steady boyfriend, Jason an estate agent, 42 year old twice married and divorced father of three children with two different mothers and blessed with an enormous cock as all of her boyfriends were of had been. Martha liked quantity over quality, yet here she was pleasuring her greedy cunt with something relatively narrow in girth even though it was two centimetres thick.

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