Meeting in the Park

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2017 by Jack Spratt

Romantic Sex Story: This is a story from my 2001 Efforts. While nursing a broken ankle Don met a young girl in the local park. A very close relationship developed. A good read for the romantics.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2017 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

It was a beautiful day. Too bad I wasn’t really enjoying it. My major pain was over. The doctor thought I would be off work for another two months. If you are going to be involved in an accident or injury, have it in the summer; at least you can get out and enjoy the warm days. I was nursing a broken ankle, the result of a stupid move on the baseball diamond. Our company always had a staff picnic in the latter part of June. When it was my turn at bat I managed to hit a long ball and instead of watching where I was running I watched the ball leave the park. The small stick in my path to first base wasn’t large but it was big enough to cause me to twist and break my ankle. The hit resulted in two RBI’s due to the fact two of my teammates helped me around the bases. So I had accomplished something.

The ride in the ambulance was just as embarrassing. Why the company hadn’t just call a taxi I would never know. Everyone at the picnic was aware something had happened. All the sirens and attention just made me feel really stupid. According to the doctors I had really done a good job on the ankle. Thankfully rest and progressive exercise would bring it back to health.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m fifty-one and have lived alone for the last seven years. Currently I am really alone with no close women friends. I had an office affair a couple of months back but she was transferred out the area. I kept planning to take a trip to visit but it never came to pass. I had three children all on their own all who lived miles away, in different parts of the country. I heard from them periodically, usually when they needed money.

I lived in an apartment which faced the park. I had enjoyed it a number of times in the past, and now it was my home away from home. Armed with my morning paper, I hobbled to the park aided by my crutches. The flowers were in full bloom and many people wandered through enjoying the scenery. I had my favourite bench near the swings and rides. Every day it seemed like hundreds were here. I watched them and their caretakers. One young lady and her three charges were here nearly every time I arrived. Her charges appeared to be a real handful.

I had tried to guess her age. She had to be old enough to be responsible for the children. So I my guess was fourteen, maybe fifteen. She was very attractive and obviously mature. The children appeared to challenge her authority but she always managed to control them. One day she sat down beside me.

“You seem to have your hands full.”

“Yes, those three are full of energy. I bring them here to burn it off. My mom works and I have to babysit every day till three.”

“Well you are doing a good job. I have watched you for nearly two weeks. By the way my name is Don Parson.”

“Well Mr. Parson, I’m Jayden Raven. I’m pleased to meet you.”

I extended my hand to her. Jayden’s was soft and warm but her grip was firm.

“I’ve seen you here often. That cast you are wearing makes you stand out.”

“Don’t remind me. It will keep me from work for two months. It was a stupid accident on my part.”

I explained to her how it happened at the picnic. She listened intently. It gave me a chance to look at her close up. She was a very striking young lady. Her soft brown skin glowed with health. Her eyes were a striking sparkling brown. I fell in love with her full lips. Jayden usually wore a summer dress that did her body proud. Jayden was a very alluring young lady.

She continued to chat, hell I enjoyed listening to her voice. I learned she did well in school. Next term she was entering Middle school. She is fourteen so my estimate was correct. Her mom was Professor at the local college. She never mentioned a dad. I didn’t ask.

We heard a shout and Jayden got up and went toward her charges. Watching her walk away showed off her superb legs. What a body on such a young lady.

For the next two weeks we chatted every day. She got to know more about me. I certainly got to know about her. She was very active in school, debating team, band and she was a cheerleader. I jokingly said I would love to see her in her uniform. Jayden looked surprised. She promised to model for me soon. Every day my ankle got stronger. I was now walking with the aid of a cane. The doctors mentioned I could get rid of it and then return to work shortly.

When that day came I was in the park waiting for Jayden. She noticed I didn’t have a cane.

“Well I see you got good news from the doctor.”

“Yes, I go back to work tomorrow.”

“Good for you, I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you, Jayden. You have made the time go a lot faster. I enjoyed talking to you and I’m sorry it is over.”

“I like talking to you, Don. I really don’t want it to stop.”

“Neither do I, Jayden. You make me feel so young again.”

“Besides I haven’t modelled my cheerleading outfit for you.”

“That’s right. Well if you are interested I live in the building across the street. My apartment number is 709. Here is my phone number. If you would like to talk just call and we can meet. Here or maybe at Wendy’s down the street.”

“Well I would like that. I would also like to see your apartment.”

“Anytime you would like Jayden. I just thought you may not want to be in a situation that could be construed as compromising.”

“Oh Don. I enjoy being with you. I have told my mom about you. She knows the firm you work for and a friend of hers vouched for you.”

“I will look forward to meeting you again.”

For the next three weeks my work was my life. I hadn’t heard from Jayden; however she was in my thoughts many times. Her image would be in my mind every time I thought of the park. Jayden was quite a child/woman. She would be hard to forget.

As more time passed, I assumed she had forgotten about the old man in the park. Since going back to work my life had been full. It seemed that everybody expected me back the day after the accident and just piled my work on my desk. So I had my current work load and two months of past work to catch up on, not that I minded as it kept me busy. It was nearly two months later when I got the call after getting home late one afternoon.

“Hello is this Don Parson?”

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“Don it is Jayden, Jayden Raven from the park. I am sorry I didn’t call sooner but I have been busy with my brother and sisters but now Mom has hired a full time housekeeper who is able to look after them. Now I have time to do things I couldn’t before. Are you still interested in talking with me?”

I could feel my animal stirring. Was I interested? You want to believe it. I hadn’t had an opportunity to establish a relationship with a woman due to my work load and priorities. Talking with Jayden would certainly perk up my day.

“Certainly Jayden, I enjoy your company. I thought you had better things to do with your life then put up with an old cripple.”

“Don’t think that Don, I enjoyed my time with you in the park. Now I have more time. When would you like to get together? I have my cheer leading uniform on. I made the team today. I am very excited and would love to show you some of the cheers.”

“Well if you would like come over to the apartment. I have a big living room and I don’t think you want to go through your cheers in the park.”

“No I don’t and I would love to see your apartment.”

“Okay you know the address, I will be waiting for you.”

My heart was just pumping thinking of that beautiful young lady. I thought I had lost her but today she renewed my faith in human nature. I whipped around the apartment making sure everything was in order. I cleaned the bathroom and sink. I wanted to make a good impression. Then I realized how excited I was about a fourteen year old girl. I should know better!

I nearly jumped out of my drawers when the doorbell rang. Hell you would think I was going on a first date. My blood was racing as I opened the door. There stood Jayden in a very short and body hugging cheerleader uniform. I just loved the pleated skirt.

“Come in Jayden. I must say you look ravishing. You must have all the boys after you for dates. Come in.”

“Thank you Don. I wish I had boys after me. Most think I am too young. Do you think I am too young to date?”

“No, if I was fourteen to nineteen, I would certainly be after you. But I am prejudiced. I have always thought you were attractive.”

I think I hit a soft spot as she was smiling as she walked past me. Her hair was in a tight ponytail which I found very appealing. Her scent was breathtaking. Hell I loved everything about her. Following her to the living room I offered her a soda which she accepted.

As I sat across from her I studied my wet dream. I had always had a soft spot for dark skin and Jayden’s was perfect. All her movements were very feminine. I couldn’t wait to see her cheers.

“Would you like to see our cheers? I wish I had all the girls here. I know you would like them.”

I bet I would. The whole team would be a real wet dream, I don’t know if my heart could stand it. Jayden stood up and started her routine. I watched as she went through a number of movements but what really got my attentions was when she did the splits and exposed her panty covered pussy. The fabric was tight against her pubes that I could see the shape of her super full luv lips; her camel toe was fantastic. The crotch of her panties was very damp. I hoped it was because of her visit with me.

Every cheer gave me a lovely view of her crotch. How I longed to be able to hug her. I wondered how she would taste. She was so young so desirable. Her white panties looked so appealing on her dark skin. I wished she was twenty instead of fourteen. Finally she was done.

“Well what do you think?”

“You were wonderful Jayden. I have no idea why the boys aren’t pestering you for dates. I would date you right now.”

“You would?”

“Oh yes, I just wish I was a lot younger. You have my vote for best cheerleader in the school.”

“But you have only seen me, there are six other good looking girls. Some a lot bigger then me if you know what I mean.”

“You are perfect Jayden. Don’t you ever think anything different.”

With that comment she skipped over to me and sat in my lap her arms around my neck. John Thomas was to pushing into her soft bottom. She had me so hard. She looked me right in the eye and then pulled herself up to my lips and kissed me. She did taste good. Her tongue was in my mouth. I restrained myself and kept my hands under control. How I wanted to feel her young titties and bum not to mention her moist pussy.

“Jayden that is very nice but I don’t think we should be doing this. People don’t think too much of an old man and a young girl kissing. What would your mother say?”

“I don’t intend to tell her that I kissed you, even though you really know how to kiss. I bet she would love the feel of your lips. My mom is good looking, you know.”

I bet she was. If she was a larger version of you I would love to love her that thought was going through my mind. This could get out of hand. I had to push Jayden away from me, not that I wanted too. I would have loved to have taken her to the bedroom and undressed her. She felt so soft.

“Don’t you like kissing me?”

“Yes, too much. I don’t want things to get out of hand. I certainly don’t want for you to get hurt and lose your friendship. I hope we are close friends for a long time.”

“Yes, I want to be very close to you Don. I like what I do to you.”

She was referring to my engorged John Thomas tenting my pants. Her eyes were glued to it. I could feel the blush start at John Thomas and settle in my face. Her attention to that part of my body preluded me losing it. I was so hard it hurt.

“I know how to fix that Don.”

Jayden had a very naughty smile on her face. I was not sure if I should take the bait in that question. But I was not too bright I fell for it.

“Just what do you mean fix it?”

Wrong question because with that, her hand was on my fly and I heard the zipper lowered. Her soft warm hand grasped John Thomas and pulled him out. I knew I should holler stop but I just watched with my mouth hanging open.

“Don, that is beautiful. It is really big. What is that loose skin on the top?”

“That is a foreskin. Many men and boys have it removed at birth but mine wasn’t.”

“I like the way it goes up and down. Do you like when I do that?”

Jayden was stroking my cock in a pumping fashion. Did I like it? My hips were already doing their thing starting a pumping action in her hand. She made me feels so good but if she kept that up I would cum for sure and a large mess would ensue. How could anything that feels so good be so wrong?

“Jayden if you keep doing that I going to cum. We shouldn’t be doing this but it does feel so good.”

“Oh I wanted to try this with a man. I have seen pictures but this is the first time I have touched anyone like this.”

That was it. Strings of cum ejaculated into the air. Jayden’s face showed a look of amazement. She continued to pump until I went soft. I could tell you I felt really good. She studied the remnants of my once proud John Thomas. He was reduced to a small stub. Her hand was covered with warm cum.

“What a change. How long, before it gets hard again?”

“If you keep playing with it, not long.”

Now that I felt mellow and relaxed I studied Jayden. Her breasts were well formed and how I would love to reach out and cup each one of them. She was sitting in such a position I could see up her short skirt. Her pubes were very puffy and full. Her inner thighs were so smooth I did want to taste her. I wondered how she would react if I was to cup one of her breasts.

Then she was standing in front of me as she straightened out her uniform. Hell I wished I could be on my knees in front of her with my face buried in her young pussy.

“Don I have to go. Mom will be home shortly. Can I come over tomorrow? I will have more time. Mom will be at a meeting and I won’t have to go home till eight.”

“Of course Jayden. You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you called and came over to show me your cheers. And what you did for me really made me feel so good. I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

With that Jayden was gone. I just relaxed and enjoyed the fact that I had just received one of the best hand jobs of my life from a virginal fourteen year old and she was coming back tomorrow. She was the perfect ending to a very busy day.

My workload hadn’t improved. More and more assignments ended up on my desk. My manager called me to his office to inquire how I was feeling. I really didn’t like the smile on his face when he asked. That usually meant I was going to be sent out on a field trip. I was relieved when all he said was keep up the good work. It felt good to be appreciated. The day flew by and I didn’t have time to think of Jayden once. However when I took a short break in the afternoon I remembered Jayden was going to be at my apartment this afternoon after school. My body reacted as I felt a surge hitting John Thomas and started to tent. The memory of her soft hands on me yesterday had me hard. I hoped no one noticed.

It was nearly six when I finally left my desk. In my mind I hoped Jayden would wait for me. I was really late. The drive home was a disaster. The traffic was crazy. It must be a full moon with all the odd balls on the road. I was cut off four times. It was nearly seven when I got home. I felt shitty knowing that Jayden had likely come and gone. What a way to end a rotten day. When I reached my apartment the hall was empty. Now I felt dejected. During my drive home I had been envisioning Jayden’s smiling face and wonderful body. I had thought maybe I would have been able to touch her. Once in the apartment I started dinner resigned to my fate. The mail consisted of trash that found its way to the garbage.

Just as I was about to sit down for my dinner the doorbell rang. It was Jayden. I devoured her image. She was dressed in form fitting white slacks and a light green blouse. The effect aged her at least three years.

“I thought you got fed up waiting and left. The traffic was a bitch. You have no idea how disappointed I was when I found you weren’t here.”

“I waited for about twenty minutes and went for a walk. I didn’t want to go home till I saw you.”

When I closed the door she was in my arms. I couldn’t describe what this young lady did for me. I knew I was hard as rock. Her soft lips were on mine. I closed my eyes enjoying her scent. My face buried in her hair. She pulled my face down and kissed. I couldn’t help myself, I allowed my hands to run down her body and felt her bum cheeks. They were firm but soft. Jayden pushed her body against my hardon. I could feel her body slowly grinding in a rolling motion. My hips were pushing upwards as my body tried to position itself to maximize the feeling of relief. Her one hand left my neck and was on John Thomas. My fly was lowered. She found her quarry. Using my cock as a lead she guided me to the sofa.

“Don I missed this. I find this so fascinating. Would you like me to pump it?”

“Oh yes Jayden.”

She was so beautiful to watch as she concentrated on her task. Her hand grasped John Thomas and she diligently started pumping watching the foreskin cover and uncover the head with each stroke. There was no doubt about it, I loved the feeling. As she leant forward her blouse billowed down, giving me a perfect view of their bra enclosed teats. They were so appealing. I wanted to reach over and cup each one. My animal instincts had taken over my body as my hips started to pump in her hand. Like last night, soon strings of cum were shooting again to the amazement of Jayden.

“Don, that is so nice. I love the way it shoots out of your body. It is so warm.”

Again she massaged me to a stub. After cleaning up the mess with a number of tissues I watched as she smelt the heady aroma of cum.

“It doesn’t smell too bad. I wonder what it tastes like.”

“Well some woman like it, others hate it. Instead of pumping me with your hand you can suck me.”

“Suck you?”

“Oh yes. Some women enjoy it and they enjoy getting sucked and licked as well.”

Jayden was thinking about what I said. I would have loved to have heard the discussion in her mind. Was she thinking about sucking or getting sucked? What part of her body was she envisioning being sucked? I still would love to eat her pussy.

“Don I have to go. Mom will be home shortly. Tomorrow is Friday and I am supposed to go to the movies with the girls. Perhaps I can have them cover for me and come and visit; will you be at home tomorrow night?”

“Yes. What time do you think you will be available?”

“Same time but I won’t have to be home till eleven. Mom is going out. The housekeeper goes to bed early.”

“I will be waiting for you Jayden. I know this is not right but you have awakened something in me. I don’t want to lose that feeling.”

She patted my soft cock and kissed me. Then I watched as she left again. I still hadn’t touched her. However the vision of her bra encased breasts was with me all night. I was surprised at the actual size of her chest. As I went to sleep I couldn’t help thinking how blind all the males must be to allow such a beautiful young lady to think she wasn’t appealing.

As I drove to work I envisioned what would happen tonight. I was going to touch Jayden, hopefully everywhere. I would have to control myself not to give her any reason to be concerned as I explored her virgin body. How far we would go was another unknown. I had no idea if someone so small was actually fuckable. The Friday morning traffic soon had my thoughts concentrating on it. The day was a mad house. When I got to work there was a large envelope on my desk from my manager. It was my next field assignment. I would be on the road for the next two weeks. I felt like a knife was in the pit in my stomach two weeks without Jayden.

My trip home was better than the night before. It tried a different route that actually worked. Once home I hit the shower and then dressed in a loose robe with nothing on underneath. My plan was to take Jayden to the bedroom and actually undress her. My desire to touch and taste her had grown appreciatively since our first encounter. I was in the kitchen when she rang. She was a vision. She was dressed in a loose fitting blouse with buttons up the front. It was semitransparent showing her bra. In my mind that bra was coming off. Her slacks were loose also and would slip down with little effort. If I didn’t know better I thought she must have been thinking the same thing as I.

With the door closed she was in my arms.

“Don I am glad you got home early. I really want to spend as much time with you as possible. You make me feel so grown up.”

“You may be young Jayden but you are mature in many ways. All the ways I love.”

To her surprise I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. Her eyes were big in amazement.

“Are you okay with this?”

“Don I was hoping you would do this. Actually I thought you might have done it last night. But I guess we didn’t have time.”

When I dropped my robe I stood before her naked. Her eyes devoured every inch of my body but settled on my raging John Thomas. She actually licked her lips. I slowly undid the buttons on her blouse and she shifted her body so I could remove it. This way there would be no telltale wrinkles. Her white lacy bra was full, even when she was lying on her back. My lips were on her tummy planting kisses everywhere. Jayden must use a body splash as her scent was devastating. Her tummy was so soft on my face. Her hands were on the back of my hand following my movements on her body. Her fingers were massaging my hair. Moving her to her side, I unclasped her bra. The straps moved to the side of her body. I slowly removed the cups from her full breasts and enjoyed the view of two large soft breasts topped with large brown nipples. Now I was in heaven as I sucked one then the other. Strange sounds came from her. Her moans were music to my ears. Her fingers were still entwined in my hair. Surprisingly I felt her hands pushing me down past her bellybutton. My face was buried in her covered mound. I could feel the moist heat and could smell her animal scent. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Her hips were pushing her crotch upwards to my lips. Jayden was excited. With my hands on her slacks pulling down she lifted her hips. The slacks were removed. Her pussy was covered with the smallest of thongs. The soft blue colour looked good on her. There was a large damp spot in the area covering her full luv lips. This was an essence I would never get my fill of. My face was buried in the dampness. This was heaven.

I was shaking like a leaf. Jayden, a fourteen year old had me tied in knots. When my fingers grasped the top of her thong, Jayden automatically raised her hips. Her pubes were hairless. The pussy luv lips were full and well defined. I just stared as I watched her spread her legs slightly, exposing more of her pussy. Nothing prepared me for this vision. It had been a long time since I had the opportunity to gaze upon such beauty. When I spread her coffee coloured luv lips it was like opening a fruit to expose the wonders of nature. Her pink inner lips were moist and full. Her natural juice was slowly seeping. I took a deep breath to appreciate her bouquet. To say the least it was very intoxicating. My restraints failed and I drank from her fountain of youth. Jayden’s body stiffened.

“Don what are you doing? You shouldn’t be doing that should you? But it does feel wonderful.”

Jayden had a very noticeable clit. The pink button had pushed its way out its hood. My tongue started its total discovery of this love fruit. Her opening was small and very tight. I tried to force my tongue as deep as possible. I knew my cock would never fit in that warm small opening. But I could dream. I devoured her. The tasty juice flowed freely. Licking from the bottom of her slit to her clitoris caused Jayden’s body to stiffen. I had induced a climax in her young body. Her heels dug into the mattress as her stiff body arched. Her body relaxed as she expelled a large breath.

“Don what was that? I felt like I was going to explode. What a feeling. Can you do it again?”

“You had a climax. Is this the first time you felt one?”

“I have rubbed myself down there and it feels so good but this is the first time I felt anything like that.”

“Well tonight when you are in bed just keep rubbing this button which is your clitoris and you can make it happen.”

My tongue was on her clitoris slowly licking then I lapped up the excess moisture that was seeping from her pussy. Jayden had a well spring of juice. It tasted so fresh and pure. I brought her to the peak four more times. Her eyes were closed and she enjoyed the feelings her lovely young body was producing. I slowly turned her to her tummy. Her chocolate bum was flawless. Her skin was so smooth and soft to the touch. Spreading her cheeks revealed a very tight anal opening. When I kissed both cheeks Jayden moans in appreciation. When I licked her puckered opening she just squirmed.

“Oh Don are you supposed to do that? Isn’t it dirty?”

“Don’t you like it? You just had a shower before you came over, didn’t you?”

“Oh it feels good. Yes I did because I wanted you to touch me. But I didn’t think anything like this would happen.”

“Are you happy?”

“I can’t believe the feelings you have shown me. Some girls at school who have boyfriends have mentioned all kinds of things but I always thought they were just talking to show off.”

“This just the beginning; there are other feelings you have yet to experience.”

“You mean when you put your thing in my holes?”

“Yes that is one. What do you know about that?”

“Only what I heard in school and what we take in school. I don’t know if any of the girls have done anything like that. Is that why your thing is hard when I am here? You want to put it in me?”

“You are so young Jayden. I have no idea if it would ever go into you. You are very small and your openings are very tight. You are still a virgin.”

“Someday I would like to try.”

So would I was the thought running through my mind. The contrast of my large white paunchy body against the vision of beauty was one hellva contrast. Jayden’s young body was so flawless and smooth. Mine looks like it was rode hard and put away wet. My mileage was showing. Spreading her cheeks I used my tongue as a probe, trying to enter. Jayden was now into it, pushing her butt against my tongue. I felt her body tighten. She was having an anal climax. I was surprised, assuming this was the first anal experience she had had. Rolling her on her back, I enjoyed her elixir now saturating her swollen pussy. My face was covered with her juice.

“Don, let me play with you. I love these feelings. We will have to do this often.”

She would not get an argument from me. I couldn’t believe I had someone so young, naked in my bed letting me enjoy her pussy and bum. I realized I was so hard I was hurting. Jayden’s cool hand massaged me. She knew how to get me to relax. I just lay down and waited for her to complete her hand job. She slowly stroked me and one hand cupped my balls. Why couldn’t she be sixteen at least? By that age she would be eager to be loved. I was daydreaming, enjoying her warm hands on my body.

I was just about loose it when I felt her warm mouth as she engulfed me. Now this was a surprise. Her fourteen year old mouth was full of the head of John Thomas. Her tongue was exploring the surface and tickled the small opening. And now she was aggressively sucking. It felt wonderful. My hips slowly pumped upwards. What could be better than this?

I fought my climax, wanting the feelings to last as long as possible, wanting to enjoy the feeling of her moist mouth on me. Her flawless skin glowed in the half light. I wished she was mine forever. Someone would get this very beautiful young woman in the future and I hoped he realized the wonder Jayden was.

“Jayden I am going to cum. You may not like the taste.”

Her face showed determination to fulfil her task. She continued to suck and massage my aching balls. This wasn’t going to take much longer. With my eyes closed I could feel the surges of hot cum enter her throat. It was like a large weight was lifted from my shoulders. A feeling of relief spread through my body. Jayden was a real trooper. I could still feel her soft sucking motion as my hero deflated. Her moist mouth released me. I guided her to the pillow beside me.

“Jayden you were wonderful. I feel great. It has been a long times since I had that feeling of someone sucking me dry. Thank you.”

“Thank you Don. I have had so many new experiences since I have been visiting you. Will you be home tomorrow? I can visit in the afternoon but I have to go shopping with my mom tomorrow evening. She is getting a baby sitter for the others and we are going shopping and for dinner.”

“Yes I will be here tomorrow afternoon if you are coming to visit. I can’t tell you how much I like being with you. I love looking at your naked body. I can’t get enough of you. I won’t see you for over two weeks after that.”


“I have a job outside the city for two weeks. It will take me most of Sunday to drive there and I won’t be back till late two weeks from today. I hope you don’t forget me in that time.”

“I don’t like the fact that you won’t be here to play with me between my legs. I like your tongue there and when you touch my back hole. I never thought I would feel so good by someone touching me there. Don I don’t want to be without you.”

“I will think of you every day. When do you have to go?”

“I have to get dressed shortly. Mom expects me as usual.”

“Please, let me taste you again.”

She arranged her body so her legs were spread wide. The buildup of juice while she sucked me had started to run down her thigh. I would have to help her clean up before she went home. My face was buried in her pussy, enjoying the essence and her animal scent. I wished I could take this with me. I knew I was going to be pissed off because I would not be able to see Jayden. With her being so young, she could easily find another interest in a very short time. I felt her hand on my head.

“Don I have to get dressed. I wish I could stay the night but I don’t think Mom would understand.”

I got up licking the juice off my face and got a warm damp facecloth for Jayden to wipe her pussy and inner thighs. I didn’t want traces of her massive flow showing and perhaps causing questions. I watched as she dressed. When she adjusted her thong I dreamt of taking it with me on my trip but I didn’t have the balls to ask her. She might think I was really a pervert. I walked her to the door we kissed and she was gone. I was shaking thinking about a fourteen year old. Was I losing it?

The next day I cleaned my apartment and put on fresh bedding. I was sure Jayden would want to hit the bed as soon as she closed the door. She was a real sexual trooper. I was happy I was the one to awaken her sexual arousal not some pimple faced teen that only wanted to get his rocks off. I left to do my final shopping and picked up my dry cleaning. I would have to pack tonight and leave about eleven tomorrow morning. It was a seven hour drive. I knew I would be fit to be tied when I arrived.

My drycleaner was located in a mall. I was enjoying the young ladies walking about, every one of them reminding me of Jayden. I never realized there were so many young attractive girls roaming about. I had never looked at them as a sexual outlet. Jayden had changed that. I wondered how many of them were interested in sex. A few noticed me looking and gave me ‘I know what you are looking at’ look. Many flaunted their sexual attributes with a daring look. I really wished every one of them had an indicator button. They were all shapes and sizes but all had one thing in common they were all desirable.

On my way back to the apartment I picked up some groceries and treats. Perhaps Jayden would be hungry after our romp. When I saw an adult shop I decided to take a look. Hell I was horny just thinking about Jayden coming over. They had a large selection of dildos and vibrators. One that caught my eye was a small penis replica about five inches long maybe an inch in circumference then I thought I might as well get a larger one as well, just the right size for Jayden to hopefully practise with. I purchased them and a small butt plug and three sets of batteries and a large tube of lube. I felt a bit embarrassed as I paid for them as the pimpled face clerk looked at me. I hoped Jayden liked them and could take them home.

Once home and everything was put away I hit the shower. I wanted to be ready for Jayden. I cleaned the dildo and butt plug and put them beside the night bed. I was like a young kid waiting for her. I had no idea when she would come, just this afternoon. I tried to watch television but couldn’t get my mind off Jayden. Attempting to read the newspaper didn’t fare any better. I nearly had heart failure when the bell finally rang. Jayden was at the door wearing a very attractive summer dress carrying a small black case. When I closed the door behind her she had her hand up giving me a stop signal. She carefully removed her dress and hung it in the hall closet. She was standing in front of me in a beautiful white lacy bra matching thong and garter belt in high heels. The effect was mesmerizing. Her dark skin contract with the white was very sexual. I loved her complexion.

“Okay now you can kiss me. I didn’t want to get the dress wrinkled. I will be wearing it to dinner tonight with Mom.”

Her seminude body had me as hard as an iron pipe. Her scent had my head reeling. I had never felt so taken with anyone in my whole life. I just picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

“How long can you stay Jayden?”

“I have to be at the apartment by five thirty. Mom is picking me up.”

It gave us three hours with an hour to spare. I didn’t want anything to get between my friendship with Jayden. I would have her out the door in plenty of time. Undressing her was like unwrapping a precious gift. Although I had seen everything before it was like a new beginning.

Jayden was wearing lipstick that accented her complexion and I nearly kissed it off with the first kiss. I could smell her shampoo faintly mixed with her provocative scent. When I removed her bra her breasts did not sag but stayed firm. Her nipples were hard and tasty. The more I kissed them, the more I wanted of this woman. She lifted her hips so I could remove her thong. What a sight, her pussy was framed by the white garter belt. No longer able to resist my urge my face was buried in heaven. Jayden’s hands were on my head pulling me into her moist willing pussy.

Later after Jayden blew me we were lying arm in arm. I really didn’t want to leave her for two weeks and told her how much I would miss her. I reached over and placed the small dildo in her hand.

“This is something to remember me by. I hope you can get into your room. It is very quiet.”

Jayden inspected it. I watched as she attempted to insert it into her pussy. Only a half inch disappeared till she hit her hymen. She looked at me with inquiring eyes.

“That is your hymen or cherry as many will call it. You may have heard that term at school. That means you are still a virgin. It can only be broken once. I would love to have sex with you but you are so young and still have your cherry besides I don’t know if my cock will fit I would never want to hurt you.”

“Don I wish it wasn’t there and I was big enough to take your beautiful cock. I want to feel you in me. I have been reading everything about sex since we met. There are a lot of things I want to try.”

We snuggled but Jayden still had the small dildo. I watched as she winced every time she hit her cherry. I then gave her the butt plug. This she was fascinated with.

“What is this for Don?”

“It is a butt plug you put in your bum hole to help stretch it for a cock but it also feels good as well. You can leave it in as you walk around.”

“Will you put it in me?”

I took it and grabbed the lube. It was cool to the touch. Once the plug was coated I applied a gob on her opening.

“That is cold Don, what is it?”

“It is a lube to help the plug enter your pucker. Your bum doesn’t produce juice like your pussy so you have to use lots of this special lube.”

I spread her cheeks, she was so beautiful. Her puckered opening was stretched offering me a small target for the point on the plug. I slowly applied some force to have it pass her rim. I could hear her grunting pushing against the insertion. Finally it was in to the large holding ring.

“How does it feel?”

“Like I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Do you want me to take it out?”

“No. Leave it in.”

We had an hour before Jayden had to leave. We were close and my hands were all over her charms. I loved the feel of her soft perky breasts. When I got to touch her pussy she still had the dildo at her opening.

“You like the feel of the dildo?”

“Yes. I wish it was you.”

“Oh I am in agreement with you there. I want you so much Jayden.”

We were kissing and I was rubbing her clit. I could feel the dildo moving. I had no doubt in my mind that she would break her cherry soon. I reached over and get the larger dildo and handed it to her.

“When you find the little one isn’t enough you can use this one.”

It was nine inches long at least four to five inches round. If she could handle that she would be able to handle my seven inches. John Thomas was now in full blown rigid mode, just thinking about fucking Jayden. The large shape really had her attention.

“Do you think I can get that in me? It is so big.”

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