Ten Year College Reunion
Chapter 13

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 13 - Attending my wife's ten year college reunion

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I had to wait a little longer. Tanya and I checked into our room; my wife and Tanner into the other. Our room was beautiful, a big king-sized bed, a beautiful view of the mountains around Reno, mining pictures on the walls, thick plush carpet, and just the feel of elegance. I had little doubt what Tanner and Addie were doing, but Tanya said she needed to shower after that long trip. I couldn’t stop myself (didn’t try very hard) and cracked the bathroom door just enough to watch a naked Tanya behind the frosted shower door. She was washing out her long, blond hair with her back to the door. I was transfixed, looking at her slim back, narrow waist, curving out into luscious hips and butt, and then her sexy legs. I still found it hard to believe that this stunning, succulent woman was going to be mine for the next four days.

I hoped that she’d still be totally naked when she came out of the bathroom and climb on the bed with me. I closed my eyes and tried to remember how she’d felt that last night we spent together, nearly a month ago; how soft her skin was, what those pink nipples had felt like in my mouth, the curves of her body, her tongue exploring my mouth ... stop it! If I didn’t bring myself out of that little trance, my cock would explode on its own. I opened my eyes just in time to see a ... fully dressed Tanya step out of the bathroom.

I said fully dressed. That doesn’t necessarily mean fully covered. She had on a pair of tight Daisy Duke shorts and a loose fitting, very comfy looking, loose blouse. “I hope you don’t mind, but I didn’t bring many bras with me.”

Mind? Nah, I’d struggle with it. “You look wonderful to me,” I told her. In truth, she looked a whole lot better than just wonderful. Surely, the only thing that had stopped her from being a supermodel on the pages of Sports Illustrated and a thousand other places was that she didn’t want that kind of lifestyle. It certainly wasn’t her body or her looks that were holding her back. She was wearing a pair of short, tight, Daisy-Duke shorts and a sleeveless, tube-style flowery blouse that almost, not quite, covered down to her shorts.

“I want to go back to that swing thing,” she expressed. “It looks like so much fun.” Then she saw the door into the other room. “I wonder if they unlocked their side?”

I hadn’t even thought about unlocking the door so they could open it from the other side. Tanya opened our side, then checked the other. It was unlocked. She swung it open and there they were, on the bed, my wife naked sitting on Tanner’s waist. Neither even noticed the door opening. Gee, I wonder why. Tanya and I stood in the doorway with the door open just enough to watch for a couple minutes. Addie was on top, her hands on Tanner’s chest pushing herself up and down on him, her hair falling down around her face, Tanner’s cock long, thick, and wet every time she pushed herself up. Her eyes were closed and her facial expression in total rapture. Tanner’s hands were on her hips and every one of her plunges down, Tanner’s hips pushed up at the same time as his hands pulled her down that much harder. Speaking of Tanya’s good looks; her husband, Tanner, the guy currently fucking my wife, could very well be a Chippendale dancer, except he doesn’t have obscene muscles sticking out everywhere; just hellishly good looks and an obscenely fit body.

I pushed one of my hands through the little opening between Tanya’s blouse buttons and felt her bare breast under her blouse. She gripped my hand to her for just a moment, then pushed it away and closed the door to the adjacent room. “Later,” she told me, “I want to go explore while we’re waiting for them. I’ve never been here.”

I wanted to be doing with Tanya what my wife and Tanner were doing. Unfortunately, my date for the weekend had other ideas. On the way down the elevator, eighteen floors, she sent a text to Addie’s phone telling her that we would be downstairs and to call when they were ready. I wondered if they even would be. Addie seemed more than content with what they were doing.

Tanya and I wandered around the casino. There are three contiguous casinos; Circus Circus, the Silver Legacy, and Eldorado so that you couldn’t tell where one stopped and the other began. In ours, the Silver Legacy, there’s a big two-story tall structure that looks like some kind of giant mining contraption lit up with various lights to make it gorgeous and fascinating to watch.

Tanya held my hand as we explored. I enjoyed the looks of envy from so many people admiring the gorgeous woman with me. It wasn’t as good as sex but certainly was a strong aphrodisiac. We stopped and put a few dollars in slot machines and didn’t win anything, but mostly just walked and people-watched. We were on the 2nd story mezzanine and it was fun to look out at the vast casino below us, certainly more impressive than the Indian-owned casinos we have locally.

We had been wandering around for probably forty-five minutes when Tanya’s phone buzzed with a text from my wife. She said they would be down in about ten minutes. Tanya replied that we’d meet them at the bottom of the elevator.

When they stepped off the elevator, I wondered if Addie realized how much she exuded a very pleased ‘just fucked’ look. Perhaps it was my imagination having witnessed a short portion of said fucking only a few minutes earlier. She’d dressed in a short denim skirt and silky blouse. I was pretty sure she was wearing a bra since her blouse didn’t show any protruding nipples. Then when we started walking I could see the faint outline of bra straps. I wondered what kind of panties she was wearing under that short skirt. I suspected I’d probably never know. Tanner likely did already, or he would later when he took them off of her.

We spent the next half hour making much the same tour that Tanya and I had made, then Tanya said she wanted to go try out the swing before it closed. It was definitely going to take some getting used to seeing my wife with another man, especially one as good looking as Tanner was; holding hands with him, snuggling as they walked, giggling together and so on. Especially after what had just gone on in their hotel room. Of course, that was an issue too, the fact that my wife was sharing a hotel room with him. Even the fact that his wife was sharing one with me didn’t mitigate my jealousy.

We drove back out to Sparks and took the exit nearest to where we could see the swing. When we arrived, we watched from the parking area a few minutes. Those people were out of their freakin’ minds. I couldn’t even begin to imagine why Tanya wanted to go on that thing. It dropped people on this giant swing and they swung back and forth until finally stopping.

Tanya was excited, she wanted to get on the thing. We went in the ticket building and there was a diagram of the contraption. The two poles of the swing were a hundred-eighty-five feet high and the winch tower that pulled people to the top was two-hundred-ten feet, with a twenty-foot horizontal arm at the top, totally outside my comprehension.

The whole contraption looked like pure insanity to me. We watched out the window, a few people, some in tandem and some alone. Some idiots even rode the damn thing twice. The longer we watched, the more excited Tanya became to ride it. I will admit that the people seemed to survive, although walking away pretty shakily afterward.

When Tanya said she was ready to get her ticket, there was one other couple in front of her; they looked like teenagers, maybe fifteen or so. While waiting for them, we saw the prices listed behind the woman selling the tickets; seventy-five dollars for one, another fifty for the second person. Thank God, in our case, there would be only one.

When the other couple had purchased their tickets, it was Tanya’s turn. I handed Tanya one of my hundred-dollar bills from Winnemucca. The ticket lady said, “Just one? Oh, honey, it’s so much more fun with two.”

Both Tanner and Adriana backed clear away, and Tanya turned to me with those baby-blue eyes and said, “Oh please, Matt?”

Uhuh, no way in hell was I going to be caught dead on that thing. Actually, dead might be the end result after my heart attack. I held up my hands and told her no, but then her arms went around the back of my neck, kissing me with those soft lips, and whispered sweetly in my ear, “I’ll make it so worthwhile for you later.” I handed her another hundred-dollar bill. My wife and Tanner thought the whole thing was hilarious. I hoped they appreciated the dirty look I gave them. My wife would be sorry when she had to run all her stores by herself. She might even have to abandon the idea of a fourth store. Of course, Tanner and Daryl would be there to console her after my death. At least my kids and my dogs would miss me.

I was scared out of my freakin’ mind! We went outside on the balcony to watch the couple that was in front of us. Hearing the screams from close up didn’t alleviate my fear even a tiny bit. While they were swinging back and forth, my stomach lurching every time they swung past, a young guy approached us and led us out into the staging area where he started to fit both of us into harnesses. By the time the other couple stopped swinging, we were ready. Well, the harness was ready. I sure as hell wasn’t.

We got a short reprieve when the other couple went a second time. Crazy people! When it was finally our turn and we had to walk over to the swing contraption, I could barely walk on my shaking knees. Even Tanya acted nervous the way she was gripping my hand. I guess there’s nothing to unite two people like death-defying stunts. At least I was hoping for the ‘defying’ part.

I couldn’t believe I had gotten myself into this when they started attaching the cables to our harnesses. There was a metal clip on both sides so that our harnesses were clipped together and the cables on the outside. Everything looked sturdy enough that there was no way it could break ... I hoped. The guy explained, “When you reach the top, either of you can push this button and it’ll release. If you don’t, we can release it from down here, too.” Then he added, “Are you ready?”

No! I wasn’t ready. Tanya nodded and I felt the cable behind us start to pull. Oh shit. I don’t even jump off the low diving board into a pool. My heart rate started going up as we watched the ground get further away. As we got higher, I told Tanya, “I don’t want my body to be cremated.”

There was nothing but nothing between us and the ground below, which was slowly getting farther and farther away. We held each other’s hand, the only link I felt to any kind of sanity. I didn’t think it was ever going to stop, getting higher and higher. Who the hell thought coming to Reno would be a good idea? We got to the top of the tower dangling at the end of that horizontal arm and it stopped. I don’t think I had ever been so scared in my life. I don’t like heights. This was heights, the understatement of the eternity. There was a speaker at the top of the pole and we heard the guy who was intent on killing us, “Whenever you’re ready, push the button.” We were suspended in the air with our bodies looking straight down at the ground two-hundred-ten feet, absolutely nothing in between.

Tanya looked over at my white face, I think even if I had been a black guy, it’d be white now. “You ready?” she asked. Shit no, I wasn’t ready! To say that I was terrified doesn’t do justice to the word. I felt like I might if I was stepping into a giant den of angry rattlesnakes.

I squeaked out some kind of response, trying to say “No, let me out of this thing.” I think it came out more like a cat’s yowl, though. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Couldn’t close them, either. So damn far down. And then we dropped. I heard someone’s blood-curdling scream as the bottom fell out of our world. No one should have to live through those next couple minutes of sheer terror. I’ve been on playground swings. This was not like those. This thing was sheer terror. We simply dropped straight down. I can’t even begin to describe those first few seconds, especially when we were falling straight down before reaching the arc of the swing.

After going back and forth for what had seemed an eternity, we finally came to a stop. My heart was beating at somewhere near five-hundred beats a minute, but I had survived. I lived to fight another day. We were lowered to the ground and the attendant came up to mercifully set me free. Instead, he asked, “If you want to go again while you’re still harnessed, it’s only half price.”

I looked over at Tanya’s beautiful face, imploring her to have mercy. She was bright; so full of a kid’s delight and asked me, “Again?” I thought No, No, No! but nodded my head okay. In a moment we were being pulled back up in the air. Okay, I’ll admit it, in a way I kind of wanted to do it again.

I lived through it a second time. This time when it came to a stop, he unfastened the cables and helped us out of the harness. I was able to walk with Tanya’s arms around me, but my legs were shaking. Actually, I thought Tanya’s were a little as well.

Tanner had to drive. No way I could. On our way out of the parking lot, Addie turned and asked how I had liked it? How to describe it? “Terrifying, but then a really thrilling high,” I admitted, “kind of like watching the foreplay between my wife and her college lover, and then him fucking her.”

“I loved it,” Tanya said, before adding, “Kind of like fucking my best girlfriend’s husband ... maybe we can come back tomorrow?”

“No,” I adamantly wasn’t going to go again. It actually had been kind of fun, well, a lot, actually. But it’s one of those things that once is enough. “We have other things to do tomorrow.”

“What?” Tanya asked.

I had no idea, I just knew there were going to be other things than defying death again. Maybe fucking all day would be a good substitute. I could live with that.

We drove back to our hotel again. Instead of going in, we walked down Virginia Street. There are casinos, gift shops, pawn shops, little theaters with sex shows, a nightclub, all down the street. Of course, we bought a couple toy slot machines for the kids. Then, there’s the iconic sign arching all the way across the street, “Reno, Biggest Little City in the World.” We had to get a picture in front of the sign.

We stopped in several of the casinos and had a five-dollar prime rib dinner in The Nugget. One thing about Reno is that you can eat cheap. Anything to get the tourists in their casino. After dinner, I broke a couple hundred dollar bills into twenties at The Nugget’s cashier box and gave five of them to Tanya. Mine, I got in chips to play blackjack. Tanner and I sat together at the Blackjack table and our wives found slot machines close by.

I had almost doubled my chips and Tanner was holding about even when Tanya and Addie showed up ready to go. Tanya was grinning ear-to-ear, showing me her cashier ticket for a hundred-seventy-five dollars, eighty cents. My poor wife had nothing, except one less twenty-dollar bill to have to carry around.

I was ready to go back to our hotel. One Tanya Fleming owed a debt and I was eager to collect. On our way back, we stopped and asked a passerby to snap another picture of the four of us with the big Reno sign in the background. Sexual anticipation and excitement was passing through my veins, totally replacing any blood.

When we finally did get to our hotel room, Tanya slithered over to me and we kissed. I had been waiting for nearly a month for another kiss like this from her. Tanya’s hands were around my neck and through my hair, mine were under the back of her blouse feeling her bare skin. It was still unbelievable to me that a woman like this was my lover. Her lips were so soft, but her tongue felt even better exploring in my mouth. The entire day had been foreplay for this night and we were both eager to make love. When we finally stopped our kiss, my breath came in gasps.

“Why don’t you get undressed and wait for me. I’ll be out in a few minutes,” Tanya told me right before she went into the bathroom. I did as she asked and was waiting for her with only my boxers on when she finally opened the bathroom door and glided across the room. She was wearing a long lavender gown, totally sheer with absolutely nothing underneath. There was elastic just under her tits, emphasizing them.

She lay down beside me and started tracing little figures on my face and lips with her fingers. “You like? I bought it especially for you.”

All I could do was groan and nod my head. Yeah, I liked! Her lips softly brushed mine and her tongue gently flicked out like a snake testing its prey. She kissed down my neck to my chest and sucked in one nipple, then the other. My shaft was stone hard but she ignored it completely, kissing all over my chest and down to my belly-button, then slowly back up to my lips. I was moaning and my hands were exploring her beautiful, soft skin covered with her soft gown.

After another soft kiss, not like the frantic lover’s kiss when we first came into the room, she said, “I like what you said about the swing being like watching your wife with my husband. You want to go see what they’re doing? I do.”

I did ... sort of. It was an exquisite kind of torture watching how my wife reacted to Tanner’s love-making ... fucking. The other thing was that I wanted to continue what Tanya and I were doing.

She rolled over, off the bed and stood up, taking my hand and leading me to the connecting door. I knew that both my wife and Tanner enjoyed a much more aggressive fucking, rather than lovemaking, so was surprised when Tanya opened the door and the two of them were on the bed seriously kissing, like Tanya and I had earlier. The difference was that they were both naked.

We stood and watched a few minutes and one of my hands instinctively slipped under Tanya’s panties, feeling how soaking wet she was, and a couple fingers accidentally slipped in between her lips. She spread her legs a little more and moaned my name while my fingers did their thing inside her. Her husband’s mouth moved down my wife’s body so that his tongue was doing the same inside her as my fingers were inside Tanya. My other hand was pinching a nipple, hard.

Addie bent her knees and pushed her legs far apart to give Tanner’s mouth access and he pushed a pillow underneath her. My two fingers were as deep inside Tanya as they could go when Tanner moved back up Addie’s body. He pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and suddenly his cock was all the way inside her. Addie let out a loud moan at his entrance and then he was fucking her, in and out, all eight or nine, thick inches of him.

We watched him thrust into her a few times, listening to the increasing volume of her moans before I couldn’t watch any longer. My own cock was nearing the bursting point and I had to be inside the woman I was with. We stumbled back over toward the bed; Tanya lay down and I pulled her panties off, my hands shaking with excitement. My whole body was shaking as a matter of fact. Tanya scooted up on the bed and rolled over onto her hands and knees. “Now, fuck me, Matt, please,” she implored.

I hurriedly scooted up behind her and held my cock up to her pussy and drove it inside her. Oh my God, it was good! She let a loud, “Unh,” at my first plunge inside her.

“Haven’t ... had ... sex ... in ... a ... week ... waiting for this,” she managed to spit out in between her groans as we fucked each other, her rocking back hard each time I thrust inside her. Our gentle love-making had exploded into desperation. Tanya began screaming out, her body shuddering and her pussy contracting around me. I couldn’t stop my orgasm a second longer. My fingertips dug into Tanya’s hips, my body jerked upright and I had the hardest, most glorious orgasm in recent memory, flooding Tanya’s vagina with my cum.

Later, when we were both enjoying the bliss of the after-glow, I reflected that it seemed that each of my orgasms had been better and more powerful than the last. I remembered the night of the strip poker game after we all went to The Cavern, the night at Kayla and Ethan’s after Addie came home from Daryl’s and we made up. How to rate the love-making when it had all become so incredibly good?

Tanya and I spent the night in each other’s arms. She woke me up during the night with her lips around my cock and we made love again, this time much more slowly and emotionally; long passionate kisses, sucking on Tanya’s nipples, slow, deep, wonderful penetrations and another of those incredible, ‘best ever’ orgasms. To be honest, I completely forgot about my wife in the adjacent room with Tanya’s husband.

We showered in the morning, separately. She put on another pair of shorts and a tan blouse with a dark blue bra. Tanya knocked on the adjoining door, then opened it. Tanner had dressed and Addie was drying and brushing her hair out at the dresser mirror. Addie was wearing the daytime outfit that she’d modeled with Kayla; a short red leather skirt and sheer blouse with a dark red bra underneath. Tanner and I were wearing ... shorts and a shirt.

We waited for Addie to finish with her hair, then her makeup and we went down to the breakfast buffet in the casino. While eating, we discussed what to do that day. Tanya said she’d always wanted to see Lake Tahoe so that’s what we decided.

We took the route through Carson City; a little longer, but according to the information we got off the internet, quite a bit more of a picturesque drive. The drive didn’t disappoint. Climbing up the mountainside out of Carson City gave a beautiful view of the entire Reno-Carson City valley. Then when we broke over the top and down into the gorgeous lake, the drive alone was worthwhile.

We spent the day exploring different casinos and shops around our side of the lake. In Tahoe City, there was a beautiful, horse-drawn covered carriage, two seats facing each other just wide enough for two. We climbed on and paid him our forty-dollars each, then enjoyed the next hour.

There was a swimming area and we actually had thought to bring suits and towels just in case. The girls’ suits were a bit more modest than what they’d worn in T&T’s backyard pool, but still very sexy. Addie had bought another bikini beside the one I’d bought her in Seattle, albeit a bit less risqué. As far as I remembered, it was the only bikini she’d bought herself since we were married. Tanya apparently preferred one-piece as she had another, this one cut very high on her hips and a gap showing her cleavage. She wouldn’t have been able to hide her beauty with a gunny sack.

It was the fourth of July weekend, so the swimming area was crowded with all types of people, from infants to ninety-year-olds. And a lot of other bikini-clad beauties as well, but none that matched our wives.

The water was cold! The first time in was, shall I say, exhilarating. After we got used to it, though, it was wonderful on a hot day. We stayed a couple hours; swimming, floating, splashing each other and having a wonderful time.

By the time we got out, dried and dressed, we decided it was time to head back to Reno. We stopped at the Silver Legacy’s dinner buffet before going to our rooms and changing. Their dinner was simply heavenly; prime rib, roast chicken and virtually anything you could think of to go with it. We talked about the fun day we’d had. The girls said that after dinner, they were going to play dress-up. Tanner and I thought that would be perfectly wonderful. Then came the homemade, hard ice cream and fudge topping for dessert; OMG, it was good.

When we got back up to our rooms, Tanya and Addie took one room, Tanner and I the other. Tanya took her garment bag and makeup to the other room, and Tanner grabbed a pair of slacks, shirt, and his toothbrush. Tanya took three trips to get all the stuff she needed. Men are so much easier.

After Tanner and I were cleaned up and ready, we sat around waiting. For the first time, we turned on our big TV and watched another baseball game like we had before that night in Mukilteo. This time it wasn’t the Mariners playing, though. It was a couple other teams, I don’t even remember and neither of us cared who won. It was boring, except for the anticipation of our wives.

We waited over an hour, both of us knowing that the wait would be more than worthwhile. Finally, the connecting door opened and our two ladies walked in. I was spellbound; there may be two more beautiful women in one room somewhere on the planet, but I wouldn’t take the bet.

Tanya was wearing the same dress from the night after the reunion, when we went to The Cavern; scarlet red, made of a silky material with a spaghetti strap around her neck and a deep ‘V’ that started at her cleavage and went down to several inches below her breasts, The lace top of her silky stockings showing below the hemline. Her golden blond hair down her back shined and her makeup and red lipstick made her even more gorgeous.

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