Ten Year College Reunion
Chapter 12

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 12 - Attending my wife's ten year college reunion

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I tasted cum in my wife’s pussy! Cum from a man who I had come to fear. Whether it was a valid fear or not, I didn’t know. But I tore myself away from her pussy and kissed her, letting her taste the combination of her own pussy juices and Daryl’s cum on my lips. I pushed my hard cock inside her for the first time in the last five days and made love with her as we kissed.

Addie rolled over and sat up on my pelvis, her pussy still enveloping my cock. She looked down at me and said, “You wanted me to fuck him. He was really, really good ... so big, so hard!”

I groaned, right after she said that, she pushed herself down hard on my pelvis, then slid up so just the tip of my cock was still inside her, then back down just as hard again. Then she paused, saying, “He fucked me in every position we could think of.” Then she added, “He’s still single, too.”

Ahh, God! Another trip up and down, then another pause. I knew she wanted me to ask, so I did, mostly whimpering out, “Why is he single at our age?”

She slowly ground herself on me and pulled off again, “Because ... because,” she struggled with it a bit, “He’s still in love with me... , “ she finally blurted out, then dropped herself back down onto my pelvis.

I can’t explain why, those words scared me to death, especially after the last week of Addie’s anger toward me, but her words made me explode inside her.

Afterward, with my arms around my wife, spooning her, I told her, “I love you, you know.”

“I know, sweetheart. I love you, too.”

“But Daryl?”

“He said he’s always regretted leaving me and hasn’t ever found another woman.”

Now that I was in a more sound state of mind, what she said terrified me. “And you? How did you feel?”

She hesitated a long time before answering me. Every second seemed like a dagger through me. “I knew I loved him in school, but we were both still kids. Afterward, when he left without even a goodbye, I was over him, hadn’t thought about him for years ... he was my first love.” She told me.

She wasn’t answering my question. I was frightened to ask, but we had promised to be honest with each other, “But now?” I asked her.

She snuggled my hand in tighter to her breast and scooted her bare butt back to me. “I don’t know. We’re grown up now, almost different people... “The last thing she said before going to sleep was, “I wish you hadn’t pushed us together.”

The next day was Saturday and we had the last T-ball game of the season that morning. After the game we took all the kids and their parents out for an ice cream cone to celebrate a good, fun season.

Addie and I went on a date together that night, first to dinner then a movie, then we fucked. She had worn the outfit I naively wanted her to wear that first time, Monday night, with Daryl. I knew I was the envy of everyone we saw. The subject of Daryl or Tanner never came up that weekend. It was almost like Addie was trying too hard, or maybe it was just my anxiety.

Typically, her next monthly would have started around the first of the week, probably Monday. But it didn’t. Tuesday, either, or Wednesday. Like I’d said before, her monthlies are regular, almost enough to name the date by.

Thursday of the following week was going to be July 4th. Tanner and Tanya were scheduled to get there Wednesday and stay through Sunday. We were both looking forward to that, but every day that went by without Addie’s monthly, we were more certain that she was pregnant, probably with Tanner’s baby.

Sunday, June 30th, Addie bought a pregnancy test. Monday morning, before the kids woke up, she peed on the test stick, set it on the bathroom counter and came back in the bedroom to sit on the bed with me. We watched the clock for three minutes, then went back into the bathroom together. Adriana picked the test stick up, we looked at each other and she turned it over. The blue markings showed a clear and distinct “+”.

“I guess it’s official, then,” Adriana stated, “I’m pregnant.”

I grinned at her, “I guess we are, aren’t we?” and then kissed my beautiful wife. I was thrilled!

“What if it’s Tanner’s?” she asked.

“It’s not, it’s ours,” I told her. “He might be related genetically, but it’s going to be our baby.”

She finally started to smile a little and I noticed a tear on her cheek. “You’re right, but should we try to find out?”

“We’ll know when he or she is born. That’s soon enough,” I suggested.

“What about Tanner, should we tell them?”

I thought about that a bit. I didn’t know the answer to that one. Adriana answered her own question, “I think we should wait. I won’t be ready to tell them when they’re here.”

I wondered if that could be because she was afraid it might turn Tanner off and she was anxious for some very good alone time with him. “Okay, if that’s what you want,” I told her.

There wasn’t much else to say about it. We both got ready for work. Addie was going to Mountain Home to try and find a site for a new store there. She was getting “expansion fever” and thought Mountain Home would be perfect; it was close enough to go there regularly, but far enough away to not compete with her other stores.

I waited for the kids to wake up, then fed them breakfast and took them to daycare before dropping by the Boise store. Kayla looked beautiful and sexy as always. I couldn’t help but wonder what might have been if they hadn’t been reticent that night. I’ll never forget my experience with her, though. I wondered if it’d ever be repeated.

While I was there, Daryl showed up with boxes of his leather goods. It was the first time I’d met the guy who had initiated my wife to the joys of sex and apparently did so again a few days earlier. He didn’t seem like anything overly exceptional, but he had an air of confidence about him that was more than disconcerting. Kayla, he and I arranged his goods in a prominent part of the store. He’d already marked prices on them, I presumed what he had to have for his price plus the markup he and Adriana had agreed on. They were still reasonable and very high-quality stuff, I thought. I was fairly sure it’d sell quickly and asked him if he had more for when it sold out. He assured me that he did and was thinking about hiring some help if they sold like Addie had suggested they likely would.

When Adriana got home that evening, she told me that she’d found a building she liked in Mountain Home, but it had a small computer repair shop occupying part of it. She’d found out who the building’s owner was and was going to talk to them after the fourth of July weekend. She thought that her store might even add to the computer guy’s business if they worked it right ... and from past experience, I had no doubt that Adriana would make it work well for both of them.

Wednesday afternoon, Tanner and Tanya were flying into Boise. We picked them up early afternoon. As soon as we saw them, it was a reminder of how totally beautiful Tanya is. To have a woman with her looks wrap her arms around me and kiss me hard on the lips in the airport lobby is a sexy ego boost that’s impossible to explain. Adriana’s lover was greeting her the same way.

Back in the car, we were talking a mile a minute and stopped at Adriana’s Boise store. Addie introduced them to Kayla, who remarked, “So this the gorgeous couple you told us about? You didn’t exaggerate, did you?” Addie showed them around to some of the things she was especially proud of. Tanner actually bought a billfold and belt from our new leatherworks display. I say ‘bought’ but Addie insisted on paying for them. She wouldn’t have worried about payment at all, except she needed a record of the sale for Daryl’s percentage.

When we left, Tanya commented, “You got a real gem with Kayla, didn’t you?” Addie agreed that she certainly had and told them a little about Kayla, mostly about her volleyball skills and how well her customers love her.

Then we picked up the kids from daycare. We wanted to introduce our new friends to our two little people, Kevin and Katie. Tanya knelt down and gave each a big hug. Tanner shook hands with Kevin and rubbed Katie’s head in greeting. Both kids started chattering incessantly, apparently trying to impress their new friends with their ability to speak rapidly and incoherently.

Adriana had made reservations for the four of us to have dinner at Colavita’s Italian Grill so we stopped at McDonald’s on our way home for two happy meals, a treat for the kids.

When we got home, Tanner wanted to see our backyard so he could draw a blueprint for its renovation. He and I measured all directions while Adriana visited with Tanya and packed suitcases for the kids to stay with their grandparents for the next few days.

She had told me just that morning that we were driving to Reno, Nevada, Thursday for a few days. She had made all the arrangements, Thursday and Friday at the Silver Legacy, then Saturday in a little place in Virginia City. We’d been to Reno before, several years ago, but never Virginia City.

I kissed the two kids goodbye and Adriana took them and our two doggies to her parents in Ontario. While they were gone, Tanner and I sat at the kitchen table and discussed ideas for the yard, including a swimming pool, how much it might cost (a lot!), trees and ideas he had to make it maintenance free and low-water use. He said he’d work something up for us over the next couple weeks.

One thing we didn’t discuss was switching spouses again. I think we both just assumed that would be the case. I’ll admit that I was more than anxious to have Tanya naked in my bed again! And I know that Tanner felt the same way about my wife.

Addie texted me that they were going to stop by the Ontario store to show Tanya the player-piano. Of all the bargains my wife had picked up, she was most proud of that one. It was going to be a shame when it sells, except for the ten-thousand or so dollars she was asking for it. She’d been offered eight and turned it down. Besides that and the rush-hour traffic, it was nearly two-and-a-half hours later when Addie and Tanya finally got home. We only had twenty minutes until our reservation, so the girls didn’t have time to change into something sexier. We all went dressed as we were.

As much as I like Italian food (i.e. lasagna), it’s surprising that Adriana and I hadn’t ever eaten at Colavita’s before. Usually, when we went to Italian it was to the Olive Garden or the Old Spaghetti Factory.

Colavita’s seemed much more like what I would expect Italian to be; the waiter greeted us with, “Ciao,” (hello in Italian, we learned later), “my name is Alessandro,” and then showed us to a table ... His accent was so strong it sounded like he was here straight from Italy. He took our drink order, then returned with them and hot, fresh out of the oven, homemade bread. Their tables were decorated with a white tablecloth and candle in the center. The lights were turned low so the flickering of all the candles actually made a difference. The two waiters even spoke to each other in Italian. This restaurant seemed straight out of Italy.

I ordered my favorite; lasagna and it was unlike anything I’d eaten before. I wasn’t sure what the others ordered, I didn’t recognize the names. Their menu was unique, each dish was identified in Italian, with the American name underneath it. My lasagna was called ‘Lasagna Al Forno.” After dinner, Alessandro brought us a small bottle of what he said was ‘limoncello’. I took a tiny sip and was glad it was tiny. It was S T R O N G! Much more than that little sip and I wouldn’t have been able to drive home. I told Addie that she shouldn’t have any at all. Tanya and Tanner seemed to enjoy it, though. It had a sweet lemony flavor and a lot of alcohol, probably vodka.

All through dinner, Alessandro was attentive and flirting with our ladies; complimenting them on their appearance, his wide smile, and so on letting them both know that he was infatuated. By the end of dinner, I think they were ready to take him home with us.

Tanya excitedly told Tanner about Addie’s player piano, “Hon, you remember the Talbott’s? A couple years ago I decorated their house and you did their landscaping. I know they’d want that piano.” She looked at Adriana, “I’m going to show them the pictures and tell them you’re asking twelve-thousand for it.”

“But, but, I’m only looking for ten,” she responded.

“Honey, they can afford it. They’d probably want it for twenty. Take the twelve unless you want to ask for more.”

“No, if they want it for twelve, it’s theirs. What about shipping that far?”

“They’ll pay for that, too.”

Then the conversation went back to other more mundane things. When it was time to leave, Tanner insisted on paying the check so I never saw how much it was, but from the quality of the meal I suspected it was significant. I left a twenty-dollar bill for a tip.

We were all more than impressed. If there was any downside, it was that they were very slow. Although, I guess that’s how good dining is supposed to be. We’re just used to a more American, get in, get our food, eat, get our kind of meal. It was well after ten by the time we were ready to go home. Any other time, the slow meal would have been wonderful. That night, however, we were all was anxious to get home for obvious reasons.

I was more than a little infatuated with Tanya and especially being a little tipsy from the limoncello, I expected a very enjoyable night. When we finally did get home a little after ten-thirty, our wives sat together on the love seat, Tanner and I on the couch. While we were discussing our trip to Reno, what time we were leaving in the morning and what we might do there, Tanya was kind of absently rubbing Addie’s arm and Addie’s hand was on Tanya’s thigh. I remembered that sexy kiss between them on the night of the strip poker game at the reunion and wondered if there was something going on that Tanner and I knew nothing about.

We planned to leave early Thursday morning, around seven. Addie had been packing our suitcases the last couple days and I hadn’t even noticed. When Tanya and Adriana turned their heads toward each other, closed their eyes and kissed, my already hard cock grew another inch or so.

Then, while still kissing, they started to unbutton each other’s blouses. This time, I knew there wasn’t going to be any “Stop” shouted like there was that night a few weeks earlier. I hoped that this might develop into something like Addie and Kayla had done together. It seemed that my wife had definitely developed a bi-sexual hunger that I hadn’t ever known existed.

Tanya’s blouse came off first, then Addie reached behind and unsnapped Tanya’s bra, removing it. When Addie’s lips wrapped around a nipple, I nearly lost it in my slacks. We hadn’t made love since the weekend, both of us looking forward to the next few days with Tanya and Tanner.

Tanya’s head was back and she was moaning with one hand on Adriana’s head pulling her tighter to her breast. She’d abandoned trying to get Addie’s blouse undone and her free hand was trying to unbutton Addie’s tight pants tht she’d worn that day.

Tanner was just as engrossed in the display as I was, every guy’s dream scenario; two beautiful heterosexual women in serious foreplay with each other.

Tanya finally managed to get Addie’s pants undone and pushed down just far enough so that she could get her hands inside Addie’s panties. My wife began moaning and spread her legs apart giving Tanya easier access to her pussy, resuming their French kissing.

Tanya was totally topless, Addie’s pants were down around her knees showing her silky, thong panties with Tanya’s fingers under them and working in and out of her pussy. I was in serious danger of losing my climax that I had intended to occur with my cock deep inside Tanya. Both women were writhing together, with almost a constant moan.

Tanya scooted around so that she could pull Addie’s pants the rest of the way off, then her panties. Adriana sat on the edge of the loveseat, with her legs spread far apart, revealing her bare, waxed pussy. Tanya slowly kissed up her thigh, then her lips covered Addie’s pussy. As soon as Tanya’s tongue started exploring inside her, Addie’s face scrunched up and she started muttering, “Oh God, Oh God!” at the same time she was grabbing at Tanya’s hair and pulling.

Tanya’s skirt had pulled up around her waist and I was tempted to pull her panties down and fill her pussy with my cock. My long-ingrained shyness exerted itself, however, and I couldn’t bring myself to do it without being invited.

I had just about gotten up enough courage when both women stood up and Adriana led Tanya to our bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Tanner and I looked at each other in disbelief, wondering what had just happened. Apparently, we guys had been jilted. I wondered if it was going to be all night.

There were lots of female noises coming from the bedroom. Again, I was tempted, this time just to open the bedroom door to watch. But I presumed that if they had intended their sex to be public they’d have left it open themselves.

I finally told Tanner, “You take the spare room, I’ll get a blanket and pillow for the couch.” This night had started out great but had gone all to hell very quickly. I still hoped, and I’m sure Tanner did too, that our wives would eventually return to join us.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. I finally dozed off and on and woke up about six the next morning, still on the couch and still by myself. Our master bedroom door was still closed. This time I opened it and both women were in our bed together, the covers down below their boobs. I stood and simply looked for a few minutes, my cock getting hard all over again, wondering what all had occurred during the night. Hopefully, I thought, tonight will be with Tanner and me involved with them. I honestly wasn’t sure how I would make it through a whole day.

I snuck in and grabbed some clothes from my drawer for the day, then went to the hall bathroom to shower. After I dressed, I knocked on both bedroom doors to wake up Tanner and the women, telling them it was time to get up if we were leaving at seven.

A little after eight-thirty we were finally on the road in our Jeep. With the six-hour-plus drive ahead of us, we were wishing we had their Tesla so we could just tell it where we were going and leave the driving to the car. Since we didn’t have the Tesla, someone, unfortunately, had to actually drive, who turned out to be me. At least for now. At least I had the gorgeous Tanya sitting next to me. Too bad there’s a center console between the seats, though.

We went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s for a gourmet breakfast. The freeway traffic at eight AM was awful as far as Nampa where we left the freeway onto Highway 95.

Tanner and I explained to Adriana what Tanner was going to design for our backyard. I knew it was going to be expensive, but Addie’s stores were doing well enough that we should be able to pay for it.

Then, apparently, Tanner couldn’t stand it any longer. He asked his wife, “Did you enjoy last night with my girlfriend?”

Tanya giggled and answered, “I did, and I think your girlfriend enjoyed herself too.” Then she added, “Too bad you guys didn’t join us.”

I coughed, thinking how close I’d come. Another minute and I’m sure I would have. “How could we? You closed the door behind you.”

Addie explained, “That was just habit, I always close the door at night. You know that, hon.”

She’s right, she does always close the door.

Tanya looked straight across to me, “Why did you think my skirt was pulled all the way up? I wanted you to take the hint.”

Both Tanner and I groaned at the night we’d just wasted sleeping by ourselves when apparently our wives actually wanted a hot foursome.

Addie couldn’t stop laughing. She finally did and said, in between her giggles, “Well, at least Tanya and I had fun. Hope you guys slept well for tonight.”

I just grumbled something about, “Women!” Tanner was in the back seat muttering as well.

We were quiet the next few miles. I was curious and asked if they had ever contacted the waitress from The Cavern, Paula. Tanya smiled and said, “Actually, we have. I called her and told her how much she added to our pleasant evening.”

Addie asked, “Did you meet up with her?”

“No,” Tanya said, “not yet. But I told her we’d love to take her and her boyfriend out to dinner sometime. She said they’d love to, but we haven’t set a time yet.” Then she added, “You two should fly down, we could have lots of fun.”

I was pretty sure I knew what kind of “fun” Tanya was implying. It was certainly something to think about. Adriana piped in, “We’d love to, give us a date.” If we did, I hoped Addie would wear her red panties she’d gotten from Paula.

We rode in silence for the next several miles, watching the scenery roll past. We rolled past a gravel road on the right with a sign pointing toward Leslie Gulch that jogged my memory from a long time ago when I was a kid. I mentioned it, “Leslie Gulch, we should go there sometime. I remember being there once. I must have been ten, twelve, something like that. It’s a little valley with rock formations like I’ve seen in pictures in Utah. It’s cool. I’d forgotten all about it.” I added, mostly talking to myself, “Wonder if mom and dad have any pictures. I’ll have to ask them.”

Adriana added, “Remember it, we’ll take the kids sometime. I hadn’t ever heard of it.”

I laughed, “I doubt many have that don’t live in Malheur County.”

The scenery got more and more boring, the same rolling hills mile after mile. Tanya spoke, “Anyone up for a silly game?”

I answered, “Sure, what is it?”

“Called Would Ya Rather,” she said.

I glanced over at her, “Never heard of it, how do you play?”

“Well, we take turns; first person mentions two things. Then we all say which of the two things we’d prefer, like this: Hot dogs or hamburgers.”

Adriana said, “I get it, Okay, hamburgers.”

We went around the Jeep, “Hot dogs,” Tanner said

“Hot dogs,” I concurred.

“Hot dogs,” Tanya said, making it three to one. “Three to one, you lose, Addie. You have to have a penalty.”

“Like what?” she asked.

“How about you have to flash the next car we pass?” Tanner suggested. We were on a remote two-lane highway with almost zero traffic. We probably hadn’t seen over half a dozen cars in the last five miles.

“Sounds fair to me,” I agreed. Tanya just giggled her amusement at Addie’s predicament.

There was a pickup a couple hundred yards in front of us, probably some old-timer rancher. I picked up speed a little until I was behind him, then waited for a long, flat straight stretch to pass. When I did, I pulled up beside him and slowed. The three of us in unison yelled to Addie, “Now!”

Her face got a bit red, but she was a good sport, pulling her blouse up above her boobs and turning toward the guy, who was more like a young rancher. I glanced at him, but he was looking straight ahead until I briefly beeped the horn at him and he finally glanced our way seeing my wife holding her blouse up revealing her skimpy pink bra. When he got a smile on his face and waved, I sped up and Addie lowered her blouse.

“Happy?” she muttered.

Tanner echoed my own thoughts, “Well, I think next time you should have to take off the bra first.”

“Pig!” she answered, then after a brief pause, said, “My turn to start. Since we’re going to a gambling city; slot machine or blackjack?”

“That’s easy,” Tanner said, “Blackjack.”

I totally agreed with him, slot machines are boring. “Blackjack.”

“Well, I personally like slots, so I’ll say slot machines,” Tanya said.

I knew that Addie hadn’t ever played blackjack before and on the rare occasions we went to a casino, she always liked the penny slots, so knew what she’d say. “Blackjack,” she said. I nearly broke out laughing, realizing what she’d done. “Guess you lose, Tawns, next car is yours. Don’t forget to take that bra off first,” she laughed.

Tanya got a dirty look on her face, but leaned forward, reached behind her, under her blouse and unsnapped her bra like a good sport. In a moment, she was pulling her bra out of a sleeve, like Harry Houdini might have done. I was learning to like this game very quickly.

“What about the guys, what do they have to do when they lose?” she complained.

“I dunno, haven’t crossed that bridge yet, have we?” I answered.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a car in sight either in front or behind us, so we decided to hold onto Tanya’s penalty and go on with the game.

It was Tanner’s turn to ask the question and he looked like he was deep in thought. Finally, the light bulb clicked and he said, “Front or rear?”

Leave it to a guy to make an innocent game about sex. My turn to answer first, I like doggie style, so answered, “Rear.”

Tanya, sitting next to me, laughed. “So you harbor a fantasy of screwing some poor girl up her ass, huh?” My face must have turned a bright red. That wasn’t what I meant at all. Then she made it even worse by adding, “Well, I’m your girl, so I’ll say rear too.”

The back seat passengers broke out laughing hysterically. My face must have turned a bright crimson red. In truth, it had been a long-held fantasy of mine, one that I’ve never mentioned to anyone, especially my wife. Now I wondered if Tanya was being even a little bit serious.

When the laughter died down in the back, it was Addie’s turn to answer. I think she was in a bit of a pickle. Now that she understood the meaning of the question, she could answer how she undoubtedly wanted and risk losing again or giving the same answer as me and Tanya and risk giving Tanner (or me) the idea that she was open to being fucked in the butt. I eagerly awaited her answer. She finally scrunched up her face and squeaked out, “Front.”

I don’t know what Tanner’s answer might have been, but it was obvious how he was going to answer now, and he didn’t disappoint, “Rear,” he said. Then, “Off with that bra, my dear. You get another turn right after Tanya.”

“Cheater,” she said under her breath. But she mimicked Tanya and a few seconds later another bra joined Tanya’s.

After the frustration from the night before and my long forced abstinence, my cock was already hard. Having both our women braless the rest of the trip wasn’t going to help. It was going to be a hot day and both had worn thin, light blouses that clearly showed very sexy, erect nipples poking through. I was anxious for another car when an eighteen-wheeler appeared in my mirror about a mile or so behind us. I slowed, letting him catch and pass us.

Both women were complaining bitterly that I wasn’t playing fair, that we had to come up on a car in front of us. I pointed out very patiently, that the truck was in front of us.

I heard something to the effect, “Sleeping on the couch again.” That got my attention!

Tanner added helpfully, “I think it’s Tanya’s turn.”

She got a pouty look on her face, but as soon as I started to pass, she unbuttoned her blouse and spread it apart for the guy ... it turned out to be a woman driver... ‘s view. Tanya still enjoyed herself, holding her boobs out and pinching her nipples as we drove past. We could see the lady driver laughing and she started tooting her horn. Naturally, I held our Jeep right alongside her as long as I could. Again, our back seat was erupting in laughter. We drove alongside her for probably a mile before I saw a car coming up ahead and had to speed up to pull over. Our lady truck-driver friend tooted her horn several times, then passed us again after the on-coming car drove past.

Tanya’s blouse was still open but this time we told Addie it was her turn. Even as forward sexually as my wife had gotten in the last weeks, she still blushed at the thought of exposing herself to a stranger. Bless those long, long, lonely straight stretches in Eastern Oregon.

I drove back up alongside our new friend’s truck and my wife pulled her blouse completely off. She mimicked Tanya playing with her boobs but went one big step further, unzipping the top of her skirt and pushing a hand under her panties while we were alongside. Our truck driver tapped her air-horn again like it was some kind of morse code message.

I saw another on-coming car a mile or so ahead of us, so pulled back in behind the truck until it passed and pulled alongside the truck again. This time, she rolled down the window and waved something at us; her own bra! Damn, I was wishing I could see in the truck better.

There was an unfortunate string of cars coming, so I pulled back in front of the truck, but as I did, Tanya put her own skimpy, black bra out the window and let it go. We all watched, then laughed when it caught on the truck’s radiator. Our lady friend truck driver would have a souvenir to brighten her undoubtedly long trip.

“I think you both paid your loser’s penalty in good shape that time,” I told our two women. We’d completely lost track of whose turn it was to ask the “Would you Rather” question by then, so Tanya decided it would be her turn.

“Addie or Tanya?” were her two options. Both Tanner and I sputtered in shock. How the hell were we supposed to answer that?

First thing Tanner said, was, “Okay, but girls have to answer with ‘Matt or Tanner’.” That seemed fair to me, especially since my wife was in line to answer the question first.

She snapped Tanya in the back of her head with her bra, saying, “How could you!” It was obviously a rhetorical question, one that she didn’t expect an answer to.

She scrunched her face up. She was still completely topless. I didn’t want to say anything, but we were coming perilously close to Jordan Valley, a small town. I thought it would be interesting to go through town with my topless wife in the back seat. I sure wasn’t going to mention coming into a town.

She finally asked, “This trip or in general?”

“That’s totally up to you,” Tanner answered. She smiled and seemed to have come up with an answer when she pulled Tanner over to her and his head down to suck on her left tit. She ran her fingers through his hair, closed her eyes and moaned. “Mmm, right now, Tanner,” my wife said, as her lover sucked on her nipple. Where was that trucker for this view?

After she gave us her answer, Addie squirmed Tanner off her boob and it was Tanner’s turn to answer; his wife or my wife?

I heard a zipping noise behind my seat, then watched Tanner in the rear-view mirror pull my wife down to his lap and I heard slurping noises. It was obvious what was going on. I adjusted the mirror to watch Tanner’s face, his mouth open and looking down toward his lap. Occasionally I could see the back of my wife’s head bobbing up into the vision of the mirror. Tanner closed his eyes tightly and groaned out, “Oh God, Addie!” She sat back up and Tanner complained, “Oh shit, don’t stop now.”

Now it was my turn to answer. I glanced over at Tanya, who looked back and said, “Don’t look at me, you’re driving.”

I immediately announced it was time to switch drivers and pulled over in a small wide spot. Too bad it wasn’t big enough for the trucker to stop, too. Addie flung her blouse back on, Tanya buttoned a couple buttons and we all played musical car seats with Tanner in the driver’s seat. Before we could get back on the road, our truck driver friend passed us once again, honking and waving Tanya’s black bra at us as she went past. I also lost the opportunity to drive through town with my topless wife in the back seat. Ah well, the sacrifices we must make for a good blow job.

I unzipped my pants, but Tanya had a different idea. She pulled my pants and boxers down to my knees, pulled me around with one leg over the back seat and squatted herself down over me, impaling her hot, wet pussy on my cock as we drove. It was more than uncomfortable but so damn worth it. I couldn’t help but shout out, “Tanya, Tanya, Tanya.” Unfortunately, as soon as I did, she pulled away from me and we both sat up, putting our seat belts on and breathing hard, very hard. It was then that I realized Tanya had to have been pantieless ever since we left home. Crap, I didn’t want her to stop. Why the hell didn’t I wait a lonngg time to yell her name?

By then, we were only a quarter mile or so from Jordan Valley. We were all disappointed when our trucker friend turned left at the intersection and we had to go right. I was hoping we might get the opportunity to meet her in person, eventually. Then we saw the sign, “Entering Jordan Valley, Population 175.” We laughed when we saw that someone had added a homemade sign below it that said, “Including dogs.” I guess they didn’t count their cats.

In Jordan Valley, we were all starting to get a little hungry so stopped for lunch at the Flat Iron Steakhouse. Tanya did up the rest of the buttons on her blouse, Addie pulled hers back on, and both women primped a little to make themselves presentable as if either of these two beautiful women would ever not be presentable.

We went in and it was an authentic, very rustic old restaurant. There were several rough-looking guys sitting at a table in the middle and a few other people scattered around. Both Tanya and Adriana were both braless and wearing light blouses, very definitely showing their nipples. I wondered what the locals thought, especially if they’d know that at least one of our women, the beautiful Bo Derek identical twin, was pantieless under her short skirt as well. I was guessing that the frequency of having two hot chicks with tits like those stop by for lunch was about once in every five-hundred-twenty-seven years. I had a bit of a hard time adjusting myself as well after that short exercise in the Jeep.

Tanya and I sat together on one side of our table, with Addie and Tanner on the other side. Their cheeseburgers were completely different and much better than most in the City. This was beef country and they were proud of it. I would have loved to have tasted one of their steaks, but we still had a long way to go.

Once back on the road, it’s about fifteen miles until Hwy 95 takes another turn at an intersection, heading South again. After the intersection, we left the traffic behind and after another ten miles, realized we were on another long, lonely stretch of road. I told Tanya that it was still her turn to answer the question; Tanner or Matt.

I expected and hoped she’d unbutton her blouse again to let me help her decide like Addie had with Tanner. Instead, though, she scooted her skirt up and pulled my head down between her legs. I could deal with this. I briefly thought again about the trucker lady and what she was missing. But then my concentration was consumed with the odor and taste of Tanya’s very wet pussy. It was hard in the position we were in, but I was able to get my tongue onto her clit with a little extra effort.

Tanya worked to spread her legs a little wider and began making funny noises, one of which I recognized as “Mmm, ahh, Matt!”

My cock was straining to be let out, but I didn’t want to let Tanya come, so I gave her one more lick as deep as I could and sat back up. Tanya was gasping for her breath, which made me feel like a major macho-man. I saw that Addie had adjusted the visor mirror so that she could watch, mostly Tanya’s face, since the same as I hadn’t been able to see her sucking on Tanner, she couldn’t see me.

While Tanya was recovering, with her skirt still pulled up and legs spread apart, I couldn’t stop myself from lightly fingering around her pussy, being careful to not put my fingers inside her more than half an inch or so.

“Mmm, that feels so good,” she said, then went on while my fingers were caressing just inside her pussy lips, “Matt, you’ve never said anything about your love life before Addie?”

I laughed. “Do you want the short or the long version?” I asked her.

“How about the long one.”

Addie was smirking in the front seat. She knew my history very well.

“Well, I went to the high school prom with a friend. I took a girl to a movie in my dad’s wheat truck, I kissed one girl one night.”

Tanya waited a couple minutes and then asked me, “And?”

I explained, “There is no ‘and’. That’s it, the sum total of my pre-Adriana love life.”

Tanya took my hand and squeezed it, “So I’m your only ‘not Addie’ girl, then huh? I’m honored.”

“Well, to be perfectly honest,” Addie added, “he has sucked on another girl’s nipples and had his fingers knuckle deep inside her pussy.” She then went on to tell them about the evening with Kayla and Ethan.

“Wow,” Tanya exclaimed, “this is the same Kayla I met yesterday? She’s gorgeous. Wish I’d have known about that sooner.” Then she asked Addie, “So the two of you ... you did the 69? No wonder you were so good last night.”

Then Tanner had an idea, “How about if you come down for that date with Paula and her husband, why don’t you ask them if they’d like to come? Have a big party.”

“I could ask, but I don’t think they would. Besides, someone has to run the store.” Addie explained

“Honey, you could close the store for a day. Besides, doesn’t Kayla have a couple employees that could keep it open?”

“I’ll ask her. It’d be fun.”

Tanya wasn’t finished, “What about all the sexy clothes you modeled. Do we get to see them on this trip?”

Adriana blushed once again, “Maybe some of them. We’ll have to see.”

“I guess that means you brought them. Good.” Then she turned to her husband, “Sweet, what about you? You’ve never really talked about your love life except for the little bits I’ve heard about you and Addie.”

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