Ten Year College Reunion
Chapter 9

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Attending my wife's ten year college reunion

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“Hon, do you remember what we talked about before we left, Friday?” I had asked my wife

“No, what... ?” When her face turned totally white and her hand went to her mouth in disbelief, I knew she had remembered, obviously for the first time since at least early Saturday. Before we left, we had talked about the fact that this was her most fertile time and we were going to try to conceive a baby in Seattle.

She looked at me, her face paper white, then turned and stared out the window. I thought to myself the number of times that we have actually tried to get pregnant. We had two kids and hadn’t consciously tried more than four or five times. Other than that, we’ve always used the rhythm method and since Adriana’s period has always been so regular, we’ve managed to avoid pregnancy except when we wanted to.

Two babies from four or five times trying. And none of those times had anywhere near the amount of sex Adriana has had over the past two nights when we know she had been ovulating. No way in hell that she wouldn’t have been impregnated! The bigger question was, would it have happened Friday night, with me ... or later?

We had both let our lust completely block out any rational thought. At the moment, driving down I-84 during rush-hour traffic, I had no idea what to say to my wife.

She continued to stare out the window, without making a sound. I could envision the blank glaze that her eyes had likely become. I would have given almost anything to be in that self-driving Tesla so I could concentrate more on my wife instead of the driving. As it was, I took one hand off the wheel and gripped hers. All I could think to say was, “It’ll be okay, hon, no matter what.”

We rode in silence for the next twenty minutes or so, Adriana simply watching out the side window so I couldn’t see her face. I finally asked her, “Honey, please talk to me.”

Adriana turned to look at me, then. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. “I don’t want to have Tanner’s baby,” she said. “What would that do to our family?”

“Well, first, we don’t know that it would be Tanner’s. I seem to recall that you and I had a very good time Friday night.”

She smiled, remembering that night, “We did, didn’t we.”

“Sweetheart, let’s not worry about it at least until we know whether or not you’re pregnant. But even then, it’ll be my baby no matter what. Okay?”

She wiped her cheeks and gave me another little smile, “Okay.”

We crossed the bridge into Ontario in Oregon and took the first exit, which led past the big-box-stores, Walmart, Home Depot and a little outdoor mall, then north out of town. Her parents, where Adriana had grown up, lived about two miles out. When we pulled into the driveway, there were two very excited, smiling faces and noses pressed up against the living room window.

Adriana retrieved a shopping bag out of the trunk, one I had completely forgotten about that she’d gotten at the Pike Place Market while I was getting her a swimsuit. When we opened the front door, we were ambushed by a little girl, a little boy, and two dogs.

Kevin was chattering about going to the park with his nana and papa, and Kylie tried to tell us about her T-ball game Saturday, both talking simultaneously. She had two hits and scored both times. Both were so excited to see mommy and daddy that Adriana and I completely forgot about our little “pregnancy” problem, especially when Adriana pulled out a wooden log truck for Kevin and cute, beaded purse for Kylie. That was what she’d been shopping for while I was getting the sexy swimsuit; the difference between moms and dads, I guess.

Adriana’s mom, Carol, insisted that we stay for dinner, she’d made a pork roast planning on feeding us, so we stayed. We told them about our trip; well, probably not all of it, we might have left out a few details. But we did tell them about running into Adriana’s old friends and that we wanted to spend Sunday night with them, just not exactly why. I think they were pretty naïve about their daughter’s college sexual history, just like I had been.

Up until dinner, the kids were climbing all over both of us. We’d never left them that long before. They quieted down during dinner and especially when they were given Nana’s homemade apple pie for dessert.

We started home a little after eight. Kevin and Kylie chattered all the way home, still excited to be back with mom and dad. It was right at nine when we finally got home and I was so tired, exhausted from the last two nights of sex and hardly any sleep. I could tell that Adriana was in the same shape I was. Naturally, our two little people were still being the Energizer Bunny. Kevin loves the game Chutes and Ladders and insisted we play one game before bed. After being gone for nearly four days, how could we resist? It’s a game that can either go quickly or drone on forever. With four of us playing and continuously knocking each other’s marker back to home or down one of the chutes, it took over half an hour to finish. Kylie finally won with Adriana right behind her. Kevin and I were only about halfway up the board when she crossed the finish line.

Naturally, Kevin wanted to play again but this time Adriana and I both drew the line and told him it was past their bedtime. Adriana tucked Kevin in and I did Kylie, then we switched and kissed our other child good night.

I know that I desperately wanted to talk about the weekend with my wife, but by the time the kids were in bed, we were both so tired that we couldn’t. Adriana even wore a flannel nightgown to bed, telling me that she was too sore and too tired for lovemaking. I was disappointed, but somewhat relieved, too. I didn’t know if I would have been able to as tired as I was. She had barely come to bed with me before I was asleep.

I remember having weird dreams during the night, driving the Jeep on into the snowstorm and getting stuck when I knew we should have turned around, then the Jeep turned into a strip poker game and I was naked out in the cold with a gorgeous fully dressed woman I had no idea who she was. As soon as she offered to warm my cold, shriveled cock, I woke up. Dammit!

Instead of taking the kids to daycare Tuesday, we decided I’d stay home with them while mom made the rounds, checking in on her stores. It seemed that our life had resumed some kind of normalcy after the most whirlwind and earth-shaking weekend of our lives. We both knew we still had a lot to talk about, however.

The kids and I met Adriana for lunch at the Kopper Kitchen. Then afterward while they were taking a short nap, I called the motion clock company we had seen in Mukilteo. They explained what they needed from us to set us up as a distributor, gave me some price information and explained their sales processes, warranty and how soon after we got everything into them that we could expect to receive some product. I was thrilled after our conversation, as we’d make between $150 to $250 for each clock we sold ... and get the one we wanted in our house for that much less!

After I got off the phone, I woke up the kids and asked them if they wanted to go to the park, feed the ducks and squirrels and play on the playground. Boise has a beautiful park, with a HUGE playground area and we didn’t take the kids there nearly often enough. My ulterior motive was that I wanted the kids tired so they’d go to bed early, giving mom and dad a little free time to have that long overdue conversation. The other thing it did for me was taking my mind off that conversation we were going to have later.

My plan seemed to be working to perfection. We spent nearly four hours in the park and got home shortly after Adriana did. The two kids were a whirlwind of motion the whole time and I got lots of really good pictures of them playing and having ducks eating from their hands. There’s a vending machine with bird and squirrel food just for that purpose.

We fixed some simple hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill for dinner. Afterwards, when it came closer to the kid’s bedtime, the more nervous I became. By the time we’d read them a bedtime story, my nerves were almost tangled more than they were the first time Adriana had invited me to her apartment to spend the night with her.

This was going to the first real private and especially intimate time we had together since I had met Tanya and Tanner, three nights earlier. Since then, she had been fucked so many times by her Adonis that I had no idea how she’d react to me.

I lay in bed leaning back against the headboard with my shorts on waiting for her. I was nervous and scared, knowing we were about to be discussing things that could impact our future in a very big way. She came out of the bathroom wearing her black lace babydoll-panty set and climbed into bed beside me.

I didn’t know how to start the conversation so did what any red-blooded male would do, slipped one hand down the inside of my wife’s panties to feel her smooth pussy.”I like that,” I told her. Tanner has had access to that pussy all weekend, but this was my first time. She felt really strange completely hairless, sexier than hell! I had been feeling Tanya, but this was my wife and the first time in our nearly ten years together she’d been hairless.

“So do I. I think I’ll keep it that way.” She added, “I wish I’d done that a long time ago.”

“You’ve kept Addie hidden away from me, haven’t you? But I’m glad she came out to play this weekend.”

“I’m glad that you liked her. I didn’t even realize she was still inside me. She kind of reminded me again how much fun it can be to be a woman, instead of just a mom.” She went on, commenting on my fingers rubbing her bare lips, “Mmm, I like that, you can do that anytime!” She felt so different, like a completely different woman. I rubbed a finger just inside her pussy lips, getting a little bit of her humping my hand.

“Will she take Adriana away from me, though, because I know I can’t keep her satisfied. I can’t be what Tanner is.”

“Honey, this is me we’re talking about. I’m not two people. that won’t ever happen. You should know it’s you I love and you’re the only man I need.”

“Okay, but I saw how you were with Tanner. You were his whore. You begged him to fuck your cunt!”

Her face turned red, “I guess I got a little carried away, didn’t I?”

“But,” I told her, “that’s the point. You should get carried away. I saw you like that several times with him. You never have with me, at least never like that, not even on our first night.”

We lay together several minutes not speaking, me running my fingers back and forth just inside Adriana’s pussy lips and her hand on my cock, spreading the slippery pre-cum around. Finally, she spoke, “What are you suggesting?”

I wasn’t sure what I was suggesting, but I asked her, “Are you in love with him? Do you want to be his whore and my wife?” She flinched that time when I used the term ‘whore’.

She turned to me, “Honey, please don’t use that word. I’m sorry I got carried away that night and used it, but I don’t like it!”

I didn’t want us to hurt each other, so I told her in a softer voice, “I’m sorry, I won’t. But what are your feelings for him?”

I watched her face as she closed her eyes before trying to answer me, “I guess it’s complicated. When we were in college, I really liked him but I never loved him. Not like you, that was completely different.” She paused a little bit, “Then when we found them at the reunion, I’ll admit I wanted him again ... our last time together had been that time on Sauvie’s Island and it seemed like we never properly got to say goodbye.” She paused again and smiled at me, “It helped that you were so smitten with Tanya.”

“I guess I can’t deny that, can I?” I told her.

“I wanted him so bad, but I wouldn’t have ... except when we were dancing you told me you wanted me to...”

I told her, “I couldn’t help it, when I saw you dancing with him so close, it did something to me. Yeah, I was turned on by Tanya.” Who the hell wouldn’t be? I thought to myself. “But it felt so weird, I was honestly hoping you would kiss him ... you were so beautiful and you had your arms around the neck of this good looking guy that I’d just found out had been your lover and all these bizarre emotions were going through me and I wanted you to kiss him.”

Adriana and I sat quietly a little longer. I still had two fingers inside her pussy and she was so wet. I pulled them out of her and put them next to her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked both fingers in, licking her juices off. Feeling her tongue on my fingers was so damned erotic!

“What was it like, the first time you made love with him?”

“You mean that night, or the very first time?” she asked me.

“That night.”

Her eyes were closed and she took a long time to answer, “I was scared, I was excited, I wanted to feel him inside me so bad. I remember you nodding that it was okay and I sunk down on him.” She hesitated before going on. “Oh God, it felt good!”

My wife stopped and pushed the covers off both of us, pushed my shorts down to my knees and straddled me, pushing her thin, black panties off to the side and slid her hot, wet pussy down over my engorged shaft.

She let all of her weight force her body down over me. “Aah,” she finally went on, “He was so deep inside me and I needed to fuck him so bad! But my so-called ‘friend’ and my ‘husband’ told us we couldn’t for three minutes!” She made it a point then to look at her watch. “Do you know how long three minutes can be?” She ground her pussy down on my pelvis.

I started to answer her, “I...”

“I was almost frantic all night, wanting Tanner, undressing for him, letting him finger me, watching you and Tawns together, then I had to feel his cock inside me while he sucked my nipples and kissed me for three minutes!” Hearing her describe that while my cock was inside her was driving me out of my mind, especially when I realized this was our first time after Tanner’s cock had been inside her so many times. Her pussy was pulsing around me, almost like her vagina was trying to pull me deeper inside her. I’d never felt that sensation from her before and it was driving me insane!

“I didn’t have any concept of time, only that I needed to fuck him and couldn’t! Even as big as he already was, I could feel him growing inside me, his head pushing against my cervix ... like how I feel you getting bigger right now ... I remember biting my lip to take my mind off how good he felt ... I didn’t think three minutes would ever end. I never knew that misery and bliss together could feel so good.”

That’s how I was feeling at that moment with my cock buried inside my wife and feeling so close to an orgasm. “And then Tawns started counting down ... and Tanner rolled us over...” And that’s exactly what I did just then. I couldn’t take it a second longer. I pushed Adriana down on her back, drove my cock into her twice and my orgasm exploded. She arched her back up into me and her body shuddered along with mine.

I collapsed down on top of my wife, breathing hard. I was elated, knowing that I was still able to give my wife a pretty earth-shattering orgasm. But I also realized it was about ten percent of the fucking and orgasm Tanner had given her that night.

When I regained my ability to speak, I asked her, “Did you know we watched you and Tanner in the bedroom the next morning ... up against the wall?”

Adriana didn’t answer me, just looked toward the wall with a dreamy look on her face. I was finally able to say what I’d been thinking much of the time the last two days, that I thought there was only one way to save our marriage, “I know I can’t fuck you the way Tanner can. I know we love each other, but you need more than that.” Adriana was still looking away, tears falling from her eyes, “I want you to see Tanner, as often as you want. Let him satisfy your needs and I’ll be here to love you,” and kissed her wet cheek.

I said that I thought it would be the only way to save our marriage. I wasn’t worried that Adriana intended to leave me for Tanner, but that over the coming months and maybe even years, she’d have that yearning for the kind of sex Tanner had given her. I knew she’d eventually succumb to it with some other guy and then be hiding an affair from me. I’d a lot rather just be up-front and acknowledge what she needed ... with a man we already know, than having to sneak around, likely driving a wedge between us.

Besides, I discovered I kind of liked the image of my wife having the kind of sex that Tanner can give her.

She nodded and there was a faint smile on her face. She wiped her hand over her cheek and finally spoke, “And you can spend time with Tawns, whenever you and she want ... and you know you can call me Addie if you want, I kind of like it.” I smiled at her, I like ‘Addie’ too.

She finally looked up at me, her beautiful face still streaked with her tears. She wiped them away again, smiled at me and asked, “I told you, so what about your first time with her?”

My cock had pretty much shrunk back down to a normal size but was still inside my wife. I pulled out of her and rolled back over, snuggling up beside her. “I don’t know where to start...” I was almost afraid to say what I wanted to, but then decided that Adriana had been honest with me, so I would be with her. “I guess when I first saw her, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.”

Adriana nodded, “She is,” she agreed.

That helped. I didn’t want to offend my wife, but she had already acknowledged how beautiful Tanya is. “I guess I kind of fell for her before we even sat down. Then while we were eating lunch I could hardly look away but I knew someone that looks like her married to a guy like Tanner wouldn’t have any interest in a plain guy like me.”

Adriana frowned when I said that, “Sweetheart, you’re anything but plain!”

I let that slide, knowing my wife was being polite. I know plain when I see it, and I am it! “But while I was watching you and Tanner dance, she asked me to dance with her.” I closed my eyes remembering that moment. “She felt soft and sexy and smelled so good! We talked and it seemed like she really did like me. I asked her about you and Tanner but she wouldn’t tell me anything ... just told me to ask you.”

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