The Reward

by Caractacus

Copyright© 2017 by Caractacus

Fiction Sex Story: Working hard can be very rewarding

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   .

I looked up, I saw Junior waving at me, he gave me the thumbs up sign. I looked back at the girl, I thought that I may have seen her before, there was something, but I couldn’t be certain.

I knew that Junior owned some people privately, not just the ones in this factory.

Two years ago, when the senior Tony Maynard had had a massive heart attack, he had never carried his weight well, let alone the truly excessive weight that had accumulated over the years. Junior at thirty-six was actually my senior by only eight years. He had made me his senior supervisor. I had taken the opportunity to get rid of some of the deadwood, the freemen who were incompetent and/or cruel were paid off and told not to return.

Those who were in bondage themselves, and were either incompetent or lazy or cruel were put back into the general workforce, or sold, with the chance that they would find themselves in situations where they would find the work a lot more difficult than what we had here.

Junior had inherited more than the business from his father, and were it not for the excess steam that was able to run an elevator, he would not have been able to be on that catwalk above the factory floor.

Me, I was born a freeman, my name is Joseph Anderson. I started working at Maynard’s just on fifteen years ago. I had started on the floor myself, running a steam-powered sewing machine, but it had quickly become apparent that my strengths lay in other areas, and so I had become a gofer, running errands for the supervisors and managers. On my fourteenth birthday, senior had rewarded me for my diligent work, she was also fourteen.

I had still been a virgin, although I listened to the other men, specifically those who treated others with respect. I had noticed that the men who were cruel and negligent of their wards, were also cruel to and negligent of their women.

Tracey had pale skin, small buds of tits, with largish stiff nipples. She was a natural redhead / ginger, the drapes matching the rug, and had large green eyes gazing out at the world from a pretty face. How do I describe pretty, because it is subjective? My attractive is not necessarily attractive to others, or ... hey, it’s subjective, no empirical yardstick used.

I think that she may have been apprenticed to the tea girl, learning the ins and outs of the kitchen. Anyway, I had the pleasure of her company for over a week.

Our first time, was magical, again subjective; but I had had no wish to hurt her. We had retired to my room in the male dormitory, but I already had a private room for myself, as both a freeman, and on the fast track for promotion. She was shivering, her fear was also from having listened to her peers, some of whom were treated with contempt, and many having no prospects of any kind of better life.

I had sat her down, she couldn’t relax, not while standing inside a strange man’s room. I didn’t have much, in fact all that I had to offer her in terms of refreshments was some of the cheap swill that some of the other men seemed to subsist on. It was a bitter red wine, but it did have some medicinal properties. I mixed the wine with some water, it was still no ambrosia, and she almost gulped it all down in one go, but I stopped her. I took the tumbler back, and held it to her lips, she sipped, I put the tumbler down, took a sip of my own wine.

I sat next to her, held her hand, hugged her to me. She had stopped shaking. After a while she was starting to initiate movement, and contact with me. We kissed, it was a comedic moment, while we tried to arrange our faces to fit each other. We laughed. I turned my face slightly, and gently pressed my lips to hers. As she lost her nervousness, gained trust, she opened her lips to my now probing tongue. She sighed. She had submitted, the fear was gone, replaced by trust, I was hoping that it was not misplaced.

She had relaxed, and it wasn’t the wine. I stood, held out my hands ... she put her hands in mine. Undressing each other, or at least me; she had come to me naked, was again comedic, I would have disrobed as I normally did, removing each garment in turn, while she reached for something else altogether. She giggled, and I sat myself down on my bed, I told her, “shoes first. I’ll take care of the shirt.”

She nodded, giggled. My prick, harder than I could ever remember it having been before, bounced as it was released from my trousers. She gasped, she had never seen one, hey, I had only seen my first nude pussy for the first time an hour or so prior. She begged to kiss it. I was not so sure, I was on a hair trigger. As she kissed the tip, and I shot through her lips, she was surprised, but opened her lips and engulfed my cock. She swallowed; as I said, she had been listening to others.

I was still erect, hard, but it was now her turn, when I told her to lie down, and I would return the compliment, she shivered, “ughhh ... but that is so...”

I replied, “as long as you are clean, if you smell clean, then why can’t I? You did it for me.”


“No buts,” as I stuck my tongue between her legs. I had no idea of what I was doing, but as I touched this part or that place, I was learning, her movements and her vocalisations were an education in and of itself.

I found her little nub, she went off like a cracker, her legs having clamped about my ears, and my head being shaken, as her whole body shook. I could just make out a keening shriek, but my ears were blocked. I let go of her clitoris. She came down. She begged me, “no ... no ... no more, p ... p ... please ... that was a ... a ... amazing, but wow...”

I got up, reclined next to her, and we started stroking each other’s bodies. Her nipples were also very sensitive, and her body kept threatening to go into convulsions again. I would back off, and stroke her arms or her hair, kiss her on her lips, before assaulting her tits again.

Her demeanour was languid, and she begged me to get it in. I was ready, I lined up with her hole, she directed me in, my cock came up against an obstacle, it was slightly rubbery, it flexed, and my cock stopped. I pulled back, and shoved in, she cried out, as her maidenhood ripped. I slowed, remained seated within her. “carry on, please, you make me feel full, but I want it all.”

We taught each other, she didn’t need to learn much, but it was crucial – as far as I was concerned – that I know how to satisfy her, bring her pleasure. When I bumped up against her pubis, her clitoris was affected, and I think that the slight bend to my dick caused it to affect the G-spot, a spongy, soft, springy area just inside of her entrance. Her body had already convulsed, accompanied by shrieks or screams, three times, when I felt myself starting to get there. I can’t say that it was simultaneous, but rather possibly sympathetic, when she went off the last time just as I blasted the inside of her pussy with my jism.

“ohmigod, oh ... wow...” she was blissful, “thank you, thank you, I never knew it could be so ... so ... so good. The stories some of the other women tell each other, or at least when I am able to hear.”

“Thank you for making my first time so awesome,” I told her. Although we woke, and made love during the night, dawn found me feeling mellow, happy with the world. She had a goofy smile on her face.

That day I worked hard, I couldn’t imagine coasting, now that I had been rewarded, I would carry on, constantly seeking ways to improve, to learn something new every day.

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