The Pixie
Chapter 8

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 8 - After breaking up with his girlfriend Margeaux, Carter finds himself pursued by her pixie-like roommate Valerie. She maneuvers him into inviting her on what he regards as a pity date. To his surprise they click and rapidly go from classmates to friends to lovers. Then, Margeaux drops a bombshell on him with information about Valerie he would have rather not heard.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Petting   Safe Sex  

Carter sat on the sofa in the living room. Valerie joined him. “I finished helping your mom clean up. I love your folks, Carter. They’re very warm and accepting.”

“I told you -- they’re accepting sorts of people.”

Eleanor stepped into the room. “I suppose we should get you settled,” she said to Valerie.

“This is a very nice home,” Valerie replied.

“We had it custom built about four years ago,” Eleanor replied. “It’s four and a half bedrooms and three and a half baths.”

“I know what a half bath is,” Valerie replied. “What’s a half bedroom?”

“We put a Murphy bed in the den. It doubles as an office and a fifth bedroom.”

“Actually,” Carter remarked, “one of the baths is three-quarters since it has a shower but no tub. So we really have three and a quarter baths.” He picked up his case and backpack. “I’ll take my stuff up to my room. Would you like a tour?”

“Of course,” Valerie replied.

“Here’s the main bath. This is my room ... Gary’s room and Michelle’s. Over there is the master suite, with a spa bath ... jetted tub, separate shower, the works.” Carter set his backpack and case in his room and headed back down the stairs. “Down here is the den -- your quarters.” He lowered the Murphy bed from its cabinet.

“Is that a queen bed?” Valerie asked.

“It is indeed. The powder room is accessible through that door or the door in the living room. The third bathroom is in the basement. There’s also a theatre room and a game room.”

“Wow,” Valerie exclaimed. “This really is nice. I’ll put my bag in here.”

“I can put on some Christmas music. We can turn on the tree and sit and enjoy the lights.”

“It’s a lovely tree,” she replied. “This year we couldn’t afford one.”

Carter’s mom sat in a chair across from them. “You look like a sweet couple -- like you’re made for each other.”

“What time is Gary due?” Carter asked.

“Same rules as when you were dating -- home by eleven.”

“Right -- even if that means sitting in the driveway for five to fifteen minutes until the clock strikes eleven.”

“Michelle will need to be picked up from Sophia’s tomorrow at ten. Your dad has to work but I’m off for the rest of the break. Maybe you and Valerie would like to pick her up in the Mustang.”

“Is Sophia the same friend from last year who lives in Altamont?”

“Yes, the one and same,” Ellie replied.

“Okay, no problem.”

“Oooh,” Valerie interjected. “I’d love to. I love Mustangs.”

The front door opened and a slim teenage boy entered. “Gary,” Eleanor said. “You’re home early. I thought you and Mike were going to that teen mixer the Gay Alliance was putting on at the town hall.”

“We had an argument and I said just take me home.” He turned and spotted his brother and Valerie on the sofa. “Carter...”

“This is Valerie Jessup,” Carter said. “Val -- my brother Gary.”

“Pleased to meet you. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go to my room and cry my eyes out.” He headed upstairs.

“Has Gary had issues with Mike before?” Carter asked.

“Yeah, it’s been off and on and off and on with them. They usually work out their differences.” Eleanor stood and stretched. “I think I’ll turn in, now that no one needs to wait up for Gary. Your dad has already gone upstairs -- he has to be up and out early tomorrow.” She approached Valerie and embraced her. “Don’t you worry about a thing,” she said softly in Valerie’s ear. “You are part of the family.”

Valerie smiled. “Thank you so much.”

“Good night, you two.”

“I think I’ll get ready for bed, too,” Valerie said.

“Are you coming up, Carter?”

“Yeah -- after I check my email.” He pulled his phone from his pocket.

“Don’t forget to turn out the lights.”

Carter watched his mother climb the stairs and head into the master suite. He heard his brother’s door open and then the main bath door close. Moments later he heard Gary heading back into his room.

He pocketed his phone and headed upstairs. In his room he stripped to his briefs and lay on his bed. The sound of the jetted tub in his parent’s bathroom came through the walls and framing as well as a muffled conversation from Gary’s room.

Carter slipped into his robe. Gingerly he opened and closed the door to his room and carefully headed down the stairs. He opened the door to the den. “Val,” he said.

She sat up with a start. “Carter. I was almost asleep.”

He put his phone on the nightstand, slipped out of his robe and turned down the covers. “I’ll help you out of this,” he said and worked the hem of her sleep tee past her hips. She lifted her arms and he slid the garment over her head. Underneath she wore a pair of briefs.

Carter eased her onto her back. “I love that body of your,” he said softly as he ran his hands along her sides.

“I told you,” she said, “that I don’t feel comfortable doing things in your parents’ house.”

“Even in this setting? We’re downstairs and everyone else is upstairs. My parents’ room is off in practically another wing. Michelle isn’t home and I’m a hundred-ten percent certain that Gary isn’t a virgin. Besides, it sounds like he’s on the phone with Mike working things out.”

“Also, I’m still having my period.”

“Still? What has it been? Five days?”

“It’s tapering off but I still have spotting. The last thing I want to do is to mess up the sheets on your folks’ guest bed.”

Carter smoothed his hand along her thigh. He ran his fingers through some tufts of pubic hair left uncovered by her briefs and then stroked her labia through the fabric. “You’re not wearing a pad,” he remarked.

“No, but I still need a tampon.” He cupped his hand over her mons and began stroking her clitoral shaft through the fabric. “Carter ... please ... no.”

He lifted his hand from her. “One thing I pride myself on is knowing when no means no.”

“Actually ... It was starting to feel nice.”

Carter replaced his hand and began languidly stroking between her labia. He forced fabric into her slit and felt her clit start to firm. “Is this okay?”

“It’s okay ... Mmm...”

“What if I add this to it?” He leaned over her and kissed her lips. “I love you.”

Valerie smiled. “You know those three words make it feel even better?”

“I love you. I love you. I love you...”

“I got the point.”

He began kissing her chest, planting long soft kisses on her breast and spiraling in toward her nipple. He drew it into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue.”

“Mmm ... Maybe we try this...” Valerie slid her briefs to her ankles and spread her thighs. Carter could see the tampon string coming from between her labia. “Just don’t disturb the tampon, okay?”

“Okay...” He put his finger in his mouth to coat it with saliva and then worked it into her slit. With a moderate but steady rhythm he stroked her clit. “How’s that?”

“Mmm ... Interesting ... Very interesting. Look into my eyes?”

Carter slipped his arm around her and pressed his fingers against her left nipple. He gazed into her eyes. “I love you so much,” he said.

“I know...” Her eyelids drooped and her lips parted as her breathing grew heavy. “I was hornier than I thought ... I’m gonna come.” She drew in a breath “Ohhh...” Valerie’s legs shook and her belly jerked. “Stop.”

Carter slid her briefs up. He ran his hand along the sheet under her hips. “Dry as a bone. No harm, no foul.”

He lay on his back and she covered his face with kisses. “I needed that, Carter. I needed it more than I realized.” She ran her hands along his legs. “I like your legs, too.” She fingered his erection through his boxers. “You don’t button the fly?”

“It’s too much of a hassle so I leave it unbuttoned.”

“Mmm...” She eased his stiff manhood through the fly of his boxers and wrapped her fingers around it. “I don’t get enough of a chance to play with this...” She covered it with kisses and licked its full length. Valerie eased his foreskin down to expose his glans and began stroking its underside with the tip of her tongue. Then she slipped his knob into her mouth and massaged it with the back of her tongue.

“Oh, God, Val,” he exclaimed. “This is heaven...” Muscles in his thighs quivered as she drove him toward orgasm. He sensed his climax was approaching and tapped her jaw. Valerie continued massaging his glans with her tongue. “I’m gonna come!” he gasped. “Uhhn...”

Valerie looked into his face with her broad smile. She parted her lips and he could see his load in her mouth. She swallowed and smiled.

“You swallowed the whole thing?”

“I told you -- I like your cum.”

She cuddled under his arm. “I have my phone set to go off at five thirty,” he said.

“What time is it now?”

“Almost eleven.” He switched off the light and closed his eyes.

His phone alarm roused him and he silenced it. “Val ... Val...”


“I had better go back to my room.”


“Do you want your sleep tee?”


“Here...” He helped slide it over her head. Carter kissed her lips. “See you in a little while.”

“Mmm...” Valerie lay on her side clutching a pillow. Carter pulled the covers over her. He slipped into his robe and pocketed his phone. Gently he opened and closed the den door and tiptoed upstairs. He noticed the door to his room was ajar. I thought I closed that, he thought. He climbed into his bed.

Dawn twilight through his window roused him. Carter pulled on a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. Barefoot he headed for the kitchen. “Hi, Mom.”

“Good morning.”

“Well? What do you think of Valerie?”

“Oh, Carter. She’s everything you described and then some. She is cute and smart ... personable and easy to get along with. I love her big, wide-set eyes and that haircut of hers just adds to the effect. I love her and so does your dad. It’s such a shame she has that affliction.”

“She has it under control ... mostly.” He helped himself to a glass of orange juice. “Is Dad gone already?”

“He had to drive to an office on Long Island -- there’s a case he’s needed on. He may be gone ‘til the end of the week.”

“Oh. Then we may not see him before we leave for Tech.”

Valerie poked her head into the kitchen. “Is it okay if I used the bathroom upstairs for a shower?”

“Certainly, dear. Please do.”

Valerie headed up the stairs. Soon Carter heard the water running. His mother looked at him with narrowed eyes and Carter knew he was in for a scolding. “Carter ... even though you and your siblings live here, this house belongs to your father and me.” He nodded and swallowed. “Since it’s our house we make the rules and one of our rules is that if two people share a bedroom they must either be family or married or engaged. We know you sneaked down to the den last night. That better not happen again.”

He nodded. “Yes, Mom. Mom -- sometimes Val has a crisis in the middle of the night. I’ll go to her and once we have it resolved I’ll stay the night with her. It helps her calm down and sleep.”

“If she’s having a crisis that’s a whole different story,” his mother replied. “Of course we’d want you to do whatever you need to do to help her. She wasn’t having a crisis last night, was she?”

“No, Mom.”

“Then we have an understanding. Carter -- I won’t breathe a word of this to Valerie and if you’re smart you won’t either. We already love her like a daughter and this changes nothing about how we feel for her. You were the one in the wrong -- not she and I think her psyche is fragile enough that I don’t want her to doubt our love for her. Understood?”

“Yes, Mom. Mom -- what constitutes being engaged?”

“An accepted proposal.”

“Is a ring required?”

His mother shook her head. “Just an honest and sincere commitment.”

Valerie stepped into the kitchen wearing a knee-length skirt, knee socks and a turtleneck top. “That’s a cute outfit,” Eleanor remarked.

“She has cute knees, don’t you think?” Carter remarked.

“She does indeed.”

“Thanks,” Valerie replied sweetly and sat next to Carter. They held hands.

“Valerie, dear -- do you drink coffee? Would you like some?”

“Yes, please.”

“I know Carter isn’t keen on it.”

“I’m developing a taste for it,” he replied. “I’ll have some with cream.”

“Black for me,” Valerie added.

“Would you like some breakfast?” Eleanor asked. “Some cereal -- we have corn flakes.”

“We get cereal all the time at the cafeteria,” Carter remarked.

“Well, then, how about an English muffin?”

“Oooh,” Valerie replied, “I’d love one of those -- with peanut butter if you have some.”

“Of course.”

“We don’t get those at Tech,” Carter added. “I’ll have one with butter.”

“Coming up.”

Carter scanned Valerie’s face. She looked toward him. “What’s that look for?” she asked.

“Valerie ... I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without you in it.”

“I can’t imagine it, either.”

“If that’s where we’re headed ... shouldn’t we think about marriage ... down the road, when we’re ready for it?”

“I knew we were going to,” Valerie replied. “Without saying it I knew it. I need you, Carter. I truly don’t know where I’d be today without you.”

“So, will you promise to marry me?”

“Of course, Carter. It goes without saying.”

“And I promise to marry you. You know I keep my word.” He embraced her and they kissed.

Eleanor stood with a half-smirk, half-smile on her face. “So, Mom -- are we engaged?”

“You certainly are. I’m so happy and your dad will be, too. Valerie -- I am delighted having you as our daughter-in-law to be. This calls for a celebration. Valerie -- what’s your favorite dinner? Sky’s the limit -- if you want filet mignon or lobster -- or, both, just say so.”

“My mom makes a London broil that I really like,” Valerie replied.

“My mom makes a killer one, too -- right, Mom?”

“If you want London broil, then London broil it is. I want a hug from my future daughter-in-law.”

Valerie stood and embraced Carter’s mother. “We do love you,” she said softly. “I don’t know if I can say it enough.”

“I never get tired of hearing it.” Valerie held Eleanor tightly. “I love you, too. I love you all.”

“We have a rule in this house -- if two people share a bedroom they need to be family, married or engaged. Since you’re now engaged -- Valerie, feel free to move your things to Carter’s room. You may stay there for the duration of your visit. His room is your room, now.”

Valerie grinned. “Thank you.”

“Thank you, Mom,” Carter added. “Let’s have our English muffins. I need to shower and get dressed so we can pick up Michelle. Then I thought I’d drive Val around the area -- show her the sights and the lay of the land.”

Gary stepped into the kitchen bare-chested and wearing a pair of flannel pajama bottoms. “Morning,” he said.

“How are you this morning?” his mother asked.

“Okay ... I was on the phone with Mike until the battery died. We’ve worked things out.”

“Good -- happy to hear it. By the way -- Valerie is now your sister-in-law to be.”

“Oh, wow -- when did that happen?”

“Just this morning.”

He shook Carter’s hand. “Congrats, bro ... Val, how about a hug?”

“I’m going to take a quick shower and be right down,” Carter announced.

He returned shortly and began buttoning his winter coat. Valerie slipped into her jacket. “We’re off to get Michelle,” he said.

“Val, dear -- will you be warm enough?”

“I’ll be fine. This doesn’t feel cold -- not like the cold at Tech.”

“Carter has told me about it but it’s hard for me to imagine. He said there’ll be two weeks of twenty below. Then it’ll warm up to ten above and the kids are outdoors in tee shirts and shorts.”

“Yeah,” Valerie replied, “that happens.”

Valerie sat in the passenger seat of Carter’s Mustang as he backed out of the house’s three-car garage and then drove toward Sophia’s house. “I do love your car,” she said running her hand along the upholstery and the dashboard. “It looks so clean and new.”

“Dad and I did some work on her.” He drove into the village. “I’m trying to remember which house ... this one I think.”

He pulled into the driveway and rang the doorbell. The front door cracked open. “Yes?” came a woman’s voice.

“Is Michelle Drake here?”

“Who’s asking for her?”

“Her brother Carter.”

The door swung open. “Come on in. Michelle -- your ride is here.”

Carter’s sister appeared in the foyer. Michelle was tall and lanky and just on the verge of blossoming into womanhood. She had long, dark blonde hair that was streaked with pink and blue strands. “Thank you so much,” she said to Sophia’s mother as she pulled on her coat. “I had a great time.”

“We enjoyed having you.”

Valerie stepped out of the car and tilted her seat forward so Michelle could climb in back. “Michelle,” Carter said, “this is Valerie.”

“Oh, hi. Mom said Carter’s girlfriend was coming for a visit.”

“Val’s not my girlfriend,” Carter remarked.

“She’s not?”

“She’s my fiancee.”

“Oh! Let me see the ring.”

“There’s no ring,” Valerie said.

“The ring comes later,” Carter added.

“It’s not official without a ring,” Michelle objected.

“It’s definitely official,” her brother replied. “Ring or no ring we are engaged.”

“I still think you need a ring for it to be official,” Michelle said with a pout.

“Just get in the car, Michelle,” Carter said. “We’ll drive home and you can ask Mom if it’s official.”

Carter carried Valerie’s case up the stairs to his room. “My bed isn’t any wider than yours in your dorm room,” he remarked. “Maybe I can convince my folks to upgrade to a full before your next visit.”

“It’s fine, Carter. That was a lovely dinner your mom made. I’m sorry your dad missed out.”

“You had a chance to speak with him on the phone.”

“I did and he said he’s very happy to have me in your family. It’s still sinking in, Carter. I feel like I’m on Cloud Nine. I called my mom and told her and now she’s on Cloud Nine.”

“I’m on Cloud Nine, too. I’m just as happy to be part of your family.”

She opened her case and began loading items into her cosmetics bag. “I’ll go freshen up.”

Carter stripped to his boxers and turned down the covers on his bed. I see Mom put on fresh sheets, he thought as he plumped the two pillows and set them against the headboard.

Valerie stepped in the room in her robe. “I brought something to wear to bed,” she said.

“Another sleep tee?”

“I was going to wear this our first night at home ... but my stupid period got in the way.”

“Let’s see it.”

Valerie turned her back to him. She undid the belt to her robe and pulled it open. Then she turned around. “You like?”

Carter stared at her slack-jawed. She was wearing a sheer red baby-doll nightgown with bright red trim and shoulder straps. “I ... I ... but ... you’re terrified of people wearing red.”

“It’s different when I’m the one wearing it,” she replied.

“Where ... where did you get that?”

“Where I get most of my clothes -- at the thrift store. I have my own fashion style...”

“You sure do,” he replied.

“ ... and shopping at the thrift store satisfies it. And the stuff is cheap. I always look through the lingerie rack because I like lingerie and I think you do, too. I was flipping through the rack and my hand touched this. It gave me a shudder and I had to turn away and take some calming breaths.”

“Sounds like your usual reaction to anything red.”

“Then I thought of you, Carter. I thought maybe you’d like how it looked on me. I took it off the rack and ... no fear, no terror. I touched the fabric and looked at the tags. It was my size. It was lacking a bottom.”


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