The Pixie
Chapter 6

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 6 - After breaking up with his girlfriend Margeaux, Carter finds himself pursued by her pixie-like roommate Valerie. She maneuvers him into inviting her on what he regards as a pity date. To his surprise they click and rapidly go from classmates to friends to lovers. Then, Margeaux drops a bombshell on him with information about Valerie he would have rather not heard.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Petting   Safe Sex  

Holding hands, Carter and Valerie headed toward The Sweet Bean. He wore a dark blue heavy coat and she wore an aqua down jacket and knitted legwarmers. “It’s cold,” she remarked. “You can see your breath.”

“Yeah, and it’s not going to get warmer any time soon. That was an amazing demonstration of your synesthesia app. I’m sure your advisor is pleased.”

“She said Ceci and I will both be getting A-plus,” Valerie replied. “Not only that, she wants us to continue next term and turn it into a smartphone app.”

“That would be cool. Gee — if it took off, you could earn some royalties.”

“My advisor said the department isn’t in the business of managing submissions to the app stores. We would need to find an app publisher and work out arrangements.”

They walked further. “I have some good news,” she said.

“What news?”

“Dad found a new job.”

“That is good news.”

“He won’t be making what he did before, so money will be a little tight. Mom says we’ll be able to make ends meet.”

“You should take any income figures to the financial aid office,” Carter suggested. “Maybe you’ll qualify for a grant or something — cut down on the size of your loans. I know the school is trying to recruit women into STEM majors. I’m sure they want to keep you enrolled here.”

“That’s a good idea. There’s more — the new insurance plan will cover my treatments even though it’s a pre-existing condition.”

“I thought they had to do that these days.”

“And, they will cover off-label prescriptions. There is a catch, though.”

“Isn’t there always a catch when insurance is involved?”

“The policy doesn’t go into effect until he’s been on the job for ninety days.”

“When does he start?”

“First of the year — that’s when the position was budgeted for.”

“That’s coming up — what is it, about three weeks? That means that if you can make it to April you can be back on your meds.”

“I’m not sure I want to go back on them,” Valerie replied.

“No? Have you discussed this with Dr Corliss?”

“Yes. She said we could evaluate that decision in April. She said my current condition is different from my first episode. I’m older, and a twenty-year-old brain is different than a fourteen-year-old one.”

“That’s for sure.”

“She said as we get older our brain chemistry changes and it’s not uncommon for symptoms to mitigate or even disappear. She also said something along the lines of your intellectual underpinning, and that I’ve developed some coping skills.”

“It would be good to be drug-free. I couldn’t believe the cost of those meds.”

“The real reason is I feel better off the meds. I told you about my power naps.”

“I remember.”

“Every day around mid-afternoon I’d start feeling lethargic. Sometimes I had trouble keeping my eyes open. I’d need to find a place to sit and doze off for fifteen or twenty minutes. Since I’ve been off the meds, I haven’t needed any naps. I’m experiencing life differently — more vividly, like through a freshly cleaned window.”

They reached the cafe. One of the servers spotted them as they sat at a table. “Good evening folks. Haven’t seen you for a while. The usual?”

“Caramel latte and chai,” Carter replied.

“Coming up.”

Carter reached across the table and took her hand. “So you like looking through a clean window?”

“Very much — so long as I can manage my symptoms I think I’ll be fine.”

“The voices haven’t bothered you, have they?”

“I mainly get them while I’m falling asleep and can’t remember what they say. When they do intrude, I can chase them away.”

“What about the mask video?” he asked.

“That’s been weird. I’ll look at it and the mask will look hollow. I’ll blink and it’ll look solid. I’ll blink again and it’s hollow. What does that mean?”

“I think it means that beautiful brain inside your pretty noggin is trying to sort things out. Are you still taking the anti-depressants?”

“Yes, although I spoke to Dr Corliss about stepping them down, too.”

“I’d be careful with that,” he replied.

“That’s what the doctor said — don’t do anything until after finals. The anti-depressants aren’t very expensive, though. A prescription for a generic costs less than a co-pay.”

“So, that leaves the paranoia...”

Their server set down to tall paper cups on the table. “Thank you,” Carter said to their server.

Valerie stared at hers. “Why does everyone have to use red cups?”

“It’s more like purple,” Carter replied. “It’s their color scheme.” He picked up Valerie’s latte and sipped from it. Nodding he handed it to her.

She regarded it. “I guess it is more of a maroon...”

“The music is about to start. We’re in luck — it looks like an Indian group. When was the last time you heard a sitar?”

Holding hands Carter and Valerie headed toward Whalen. “How did you like the music?” he asked.

“I loved it. I loved how the colors changed as they bent the tones.”

“I’ll find some similar music and we can run it through your project. That’s something I’d like to see.”

They reached the Whalen lobby. “After you,” he said as he held the door. Carter followed her to her suite and into her bedroom. The door closed and he held her in an embrace.

“Can’t we get our coats off, first?” she asked and unzipped her jacket. Valerie slipped off her leg warmers and Carter set his coat on her desk chair.

They embraced and kissed. “Nervous?” he asked.

“A little. What’s it been? Six weeks?”

“Six weeks and a few days.” He kissed her lips.

“Mmm ... Maybe it’s more anticipation than nerves.” They kissed again, this time touching tongues. “I’d like to freshen up if that’s okay.”

Fine with me. I’ll set up some music, and I won’t care if Margeaux has a headache or not.”

“Margeaux is gone,” Valerie replied.


“‘Til next term. She’s done. She had no finals.”

“How did she arrange that?” he asked.

“I dunno but it does make for a nice long break for her. Do you need to use the bathroom?”

“I’m good.”

“Guys have it so easy...” Valerie took her robe from a hook on the back of her door and picked up a cosmetics pouch. “Back in a bit.”

Carter selected a playlist on his phone and set it in the speaker dock. He adjusted the volume to a comfortable level.

Valerie returned to her bedroom wearing the robe and carrying her street clothes. She set them on her desk. “Nice music selection,” she remarked. “Does it include the Bolero?”

“No, but I still have it on my phone. I can add it.”

“Just play it when the time is right.”

“Will do...” Carter regarded her and noticed flesh-colored points poking out of her shaggy, dense hair. “You’re wearing your elfin ears,” he remarked.

She slipped off her robe. “I thought they’d go with this.” Carter scanned her up, down and up again. She wore a light green spaghetti-strap leotard with a low scoop neckline. Drawn on the fabric were patterns of leaves and vines. On her hips she wore a short skirt made of overlapping fabric leaves. Her top was skin-tight and somewhat sheer and he had no trouble discerning her nipples and areolas. “You like?”

“I love it. You really look like a pixie or a forest elf. Where did you come up with that outfit?”

“I made it. I found the skirt at the same Halloween shop where I found the ear tips. The top is off-the-shelf and I drew the design with a Magic Marker.”

“You drew that? Don’t tell me you’re an artist, too.”

“A bit of one,” she said shyly. “I had planned to wear this for you for Halloween weekend. Then the business with the insurance came up. I thought it would be okay for tonight.”

“More than okay. I love those sexy legs.” He slipped his right arm behind her knees and his left around her shoulder blades, scooped her off her feet and carried her to her bed. Holding her on his lap they kissed passionate, lingering kisses. He ran his hand along her thigh, caressed her knee with his fingers and stroked her shin. Carter slid his palm along her calf, savoring its musculature.”

“Carter — I want to lie down,” she said.

“Okay ... let’s do this...” He stripped to his boxers and then turned back the covers on her bed. Carter stacked pillows against the headboard and lay, sitting up with his back against them. Valerie sat between his thighs and leaned against his chest. He slipped his arms around her waist and began kissing the base of her neck.

“Mmm ... I like how this feels.” she purred. “Carter — I need it slow tonight.”

“I don’t have a train to catch,” he replied. He moved his hands up her torso so he could brush his thumbs across her breasts. She lifted her arms and clasped her fingers behind her head. Carter ran his hands up and down her sides and fingered the sparse hair under her arms.

“Am I getting smaller on top?” she asked. “Since I stopped the meds, the prolactin side effect must be fading. My boobs no longer believe I’m three months pregnant. They don’t feel as heavy.”

“You are sensational on top,” he replied as he hooked a finger under one of her shoulder straps and slid it down her arm, peeling back the bodice of the leotard. He slid the other strap down and Valerie worked her arms free of them. “They’re perfect elfin breasts, Val.”

Carter cupped his hands under her breasts and held them with her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Languidly he stroked her areolas and nipples.

Valerie drew in a breath and released it as a long contented sigh. She placed her hands on his thighs and squeezed them. “This feels so good,” she said softly. “Your touch makes me so relaxed ... I feel like a limp rag.”

Carter’s playlist ended. “Shall I queue up the Bolero?” he asked.

“Not quite yet ... almost...” She touched his hand. “Deeper?”

He spotted a bottle of hand lotion within reach and squirted some on Valerie’s’ nipples. Then he began massaging the slick lotion into her skin.

She lifted her face and let out a soft gasp. “That feels really good,” she said. “Don’t be too gentle — I need this, Carter. I need it.”

With the lotion lubricating her skin he could fondle her breasts firmly and he could discern some of their internal structures. Valerie’s thighs began to twitch and her breathing grew heavy. Carter could feel her heart pounding.

Valerie reached behind him and caressed the back of his head. She turned her face toward him and he leaned to kiss her lips. “I’m ready for the Bolero.”

He reached for his phone in the dock and manipulated the screen to queue the piece. Carter resumed holding around her waist as the music began. “Are we trying for another nipple orgasm?”

“No,” she replied. “This time I want you touching me here.” She pointed between her legs.

“Okay...” Carter lifted the hem of her leafy skirt and realized her leotard was the style that snapped at the crotch. He picked loose the three small snaps holding it closed and lifted the fabric out of the way. “You’ve made quite a damp spot already,” he remarked as he parted her wet pubic hair and slid his finger into her slit. He dipped into her vagina for lubricating fluids and then began stroking her engorged and firm clit. “Is this the right spot?” He matched the cadence of his stroking to the music.

“It’s a real good spot,” she replied.

He cupped his left hand under her breast so he could monitor her heart. “Suppose I add this to the mix?” he asked as he stroked her nipple to the music’s beat.

“Feels real good,” she panted. “Carter — whatever happens, don’t stop. Don’t stop unless I tell you to.”

“Or, until the music is over?”

“Whichever comes first.”

She’s coming pretty soon, he thought as the music’s tempo slowly accelerated. Her heart’s racing already. He began pinching her nipple more sharply and switching between her left and right breasts.

Valerie clenched her jaw. She drew in a deep breath. Her legs shaking she let it out as a long, low moan. “Too much,” she gasped as she lifted his hand from her breast. “But don’t stop.”

Carter slid his left hand down to her mons and ran his fingers through her brown pubic patch. Valerie drew in another breath and cried out. She began alternating between heavy panting and loud moaning as orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

The music was reaching its final crescendo. His forefinger was tiring from the stroking so he switched to his middle finger to finish the piece. By now Valerie was crying out non-stop, her legs shaking and her belly jerking.

When the music stopped Carter pressed his hand lightly against her mons with his middle finger between her labia and resting gently against her clit. She was still panting heavily and her legs and abdomen made random twitches and jerks. He kissed her neck and shoulders as she regained her breath. “Oh, Carter ... I have never had an orgasm like that.”

“It looked like you had lots,” he replied.

“Lots or one long one ... I can’t tell. I really needed this tonight.”

“Yeah, after what you’ve been through.”

She lifted his hand from her mons and kissed the back of it. Then she stood and slipped out of her costume. Nude, she knelt on the bed and with a broad smile grasped the waistband of Carter’s boxers and slid them off his legs. “You made these pretty wet, too,” she remarked.

“That was about the sexiest Bolero I’ve ever experienced.”

Valerie leaned to kiss and caress his now almost painfully stiff manhood. She unwrapped a condom and unrolled it down his shaft. “How do you want me?” he asked.

“Just as you are.” She swung a leg over his hips and began to take him kneeling. Carter held the base of his shaft and guided it between her labia as she lowered herself onto him.

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