Our School Head Mistress Sure Likes It Up Her!

by Jo90

Copyright© 2017 by Jo90

Fiction Sex Story: Milf Teacher addicted to Cock from the lads at her own School & there's no shortage of willing lads to help out!

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   School   Humiliation   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Fisting   Sex Toys   Teacher/Student   .

It’s supposed to be a secret but our Head Mistress Miss Evans has been Fucked by god knows how many lads here over the years! Fuck knows how she has got away with it but we don’t really care as she’s our very own Cum bucket so we are not going to say anything! Not sure but I think it all started years back when she started seeing this young lad that was here back then! Sometimes when in a class she tells us what she has got up to & such like with School Boys’ Lets just say she has a thing for Young Boys’ When I first got to find out about it all was when my mate said can you keep a secret? Then went on & told me that he had Fucked her loads of times’ What! You mean you’ve really Shagged her for real? Yeah she loves it & lets you do anything to her! Up the arse & everything’ Lost count the number of times I’ve nutted up her! He showed me some vids of her that were now on a porn site that had been filmed by a lad using his phone’ I said OMG that really is Miss Evans!

She was with some Very young lads with their cocks going in her all ways like crazy! It was Mega. Not to sure how old she is but I think around 48 or so’ She has Blonde hair big tits a very fit body & good looking to’ A real Sexy Milf.

Now this is where it gets really good as last week I too got to actually Fuck my Teacher! She’s the first woman I’ve been with too or even seen naked for real’ Some of the lads were going over to her house on Saturday night & Simon asked if I wanted to go with them? Fuck yeah I said & got an instant boner at the thought of it’ All week I was watching vids of her on the internet as they all film her then upload it all over the place’ Me & 3 mates set off at 5pm to her house’ She lives in a old looking cottage down a footpath so it looks normal for lads to go up & down it as many do riding their bikes’

When we got there I was surprised to find around 10 more lads from School where their as well’ You would never think she would be in to all this as we all think she is quite posh & talks very posh to but there she was standing in the middle of all my mates with their hands all over her’ She had very tight blue jeans on with a tight white top & bright red high heels’ She walked over to us & I noticed how long her legs were as I had never seen her in jeans before’ Hello Boys’ Hello Miss Evans! Oh call me Elaine’ I see you’ve dragged Jim along with you then’ Err yes I asked if it was ok? Hell yeah but remember that this is all our little secret! Yes of course’ I said to Simon what about all the stuff of her on the internet?

She don’t know we upload it all so has no idea her cunt’s on gazillions of computers & web sites’ Help your self’s to drinks boys’ There was Coke & Beer cans but I started with the Coke’ So lets see 123 ... oh good 14 of you’ I hope your all Very full of your sticky stuff Ha ha? Oh god yeah ... We’ve been saving it all up for you’ Oh you are good boys’ I thought I might put a show on for you all before we really get going! Yeahh’ With that she went off for a min then came back with around 5 Dildo’s’ Do you like my friends? Wow yeah ... Do you play with them a lot then? Oh god yeah’

She put on the ipod then started to slowly undress herself’ Can we film it & take pics like last time Elaine’ Yeah snap away ya know I love it’

She pulled off her jeans & had on Black lace knickers & suspenders with Black fishnets’ We all now had major hard hadron’s’

Well come on ... Get them all out so I can see! It was strange to see 13 of my school mates with their cocks all out & rock hard’ Hmmm Fuck yeah ... I almost forgot at just how ‘Big’ some of you Boys are’ I looked at them & Jesus 6 of em were Fucking Huge! Now my cock is around 6inch but was one of the smaller ones as some were weighhh bigger!

Yeah Jim wait till ya see these 10inch fuckers fully up her fucking arse hole! Oh yeah Dave then said ... She likes us to talk dirty & nasty to her as she’s really in to that’ Yes that’s right Jim Elaine said’ At school it’s all very formal of course but here you can call me what the fuck you like! Yeah that’s cos you’re a nasty Fuckpig cumslut peace of Fuckmeat Elaine! As he was saying that her hand was going crazy on her clit’ She then pulled her legs up so her feet were on the settee and spread them wide open’ Fuck she had a huge cunt with big fleshy lips sticking right out & I could see from the start it was Very flexi as she pushed in the nob shaped head of a huge thick black dildo easy’ Her cunt lips just spread open around it easy as she was now plunging it in & out’ Yeah look at that Fucker Jim that’s from all the Double pussy pounding we’ve given the slut’ With that He got up & went over to her grabbed the dildo & rammed the thing up her cunt around 10 or more inch’s & grinding the base of the thing hard tight to her’ Her cunt slime was all over the base of it as it got pulled out’ It was then I could see it was more like over 12inch had been up her! They had told me she likes it really rough full on nasty & she was about to get it to! The rest just set upon her ripping off what she still had on’ That’s it hold the bitch down’ Her legs were pinned back hard by two lads on each side why more hands were all over her huge tits’ Her Nipples were Fucking huge sticking why out & her cunt was still gaping open from the dildo’ Sam had his hand on her cunt but in a flash it had gone fully up it! It was mega as his whole fist was right up deep & rolling it around’ Her hips were trying to jerk forward as he was really going for it’ It was more like arm fisting the fucker’

One of the dildo’s then prized open her asshole why he was still fisting the cunt with no mercy’ Her Body was squirming around but we were pinning that fucker down hard’ No ya fucker your going nowhere as one held his hand around her throat as a cock pushed her mouth open then down her throat fucking it like a cunt! I was now filming it on my phone as were some more’ It was mega as she was really getting very brutally treated indeed but that was how she liked it’ Bet you never had our posh Teacher as a dirty Fuckpig did you? God no’ As I moved around to film her face her hand just grabbed my cock & went crazy jerking it up & down! Fuckk it was mega as this was the first time someone’s hand had done this’

I nearly shot a load but she let go just in time as Sam’s cock was already jerking away down her throat over & over as jets of it were being pumped in her belly’ As he pulled out she was coughing & spluttering with spunk running down her chin but didn’t have to wait long before more cock was face fucking her with no mercy!

For ages fist after fist was going in & out her cunt until in the end I got a go’ I had a good feel of it all first then pushed some fingers in & was surprised at how easy they went in! The next thing I knew my whole hand had completely disappeared’ Wow it felt really nice & warm then started moving it around inside’ As I pulled my hand out a load of pussy slime oozed out after it’ Here grab this fucker’ I got hold of the dildo then pushed the thing up my Teacher’s Arse hole’ I was now getting well in to it but then she got pulled up & flipped over so her ass was sticking up’ In what seemed like just a couple of seconds she had a cock in both holes with them pounding them both as hard as they could’ Elaine was yelling out all sorts of swear words but not for long as Martin grabbed the back of her head & pulled it hard down his cock’ He pulled out for a moment so she could get a gulp of then grabbed his cock & I could see her hand was nowhere near around it as it was so thick with her mouth at full stretch just to get the thing in’

Her face was covered in spit & spunk with loads in her eyes aswell but they said she really likes that’ It still was hard to believe this was my School Teacher in front of me with a cock up her ass cunt & down her throat! It was only yesterday she was helping me with my maths’ I was taking loads of pics of her pussy & face with her even winking at me’ The cock up her ass kept pulling out sometimes then rammed up her cunt so she had two in it but they were both tight to the balls easy’

Why she had two up the cunt a very long dildo got rammed up her arse around 13inch’s with it getting slammed in & out fully so fast you could hardly see it! It was around 15inch or so long & now only the very tip of it was sticking out the Fuckers arse but more was to cum for it as Colin got on top of her & just plunged his dick fully up her ass! Jesus look at this I said as there she was with two up the cunt & a Dildo - cock up the Fuckpig arse!

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