Damsels in Need - Zoe

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He is the teenage boy who gets to spend some time driving with the woman of her early teen dreams. His aunt Zoe is an absolute foxy lady with a large tit rack. He can't keep his eyes off them so she suggests that they do something about the tension - time to fuck the tension away. She is surprised to be his first.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Aunt   Big Breasts   Size   .

“We need to address an important issue now ... or the next week will be very awkward between us” Zoe told me as we sat in the restaurant’s corner booth after enjoying the main course of our evening meal.

“What issue is that?” I asked somewhat puzzled.

“Sex” was her simple response.

“What?” I asked still puzzled.

She smiled at me and then said “You haven’t taken your eyes off my tits since we met an hour ago”.

I must admit that the top of her dress was very revealing ... putting her big rounded breasts on show ... and my eyes were continually drawn to them. She had met me at the airport, pressing her big melons against my chest when we hugged and kissed on the cheeks.

I’d taken more than one sly glance at them when she drove me in her Ford Mustang convertible back to the hotel where we would be spending the night before we started our week-long drive home.

“I’m sorry” I replied in a hushed voice.

“Don’t be sorry ... I like them being admired, after all they are the best that money can buy” she explained as she cupped the underside of them with both her hands, and threatening to pop them out the top of the dress.

I had thought that they may be enhanced. When I had seen her last over five years ago, I couldn’t remember them being so big. I had been a virgin 16 year old at the time, and my aunt Zoe had been the subject of many of my masturbatory fantasies.

Yep ... Zoe was my mother’s younger sister. She was now 30 years old, 9 years older than me.

“Your eyes are going to suffer eye strain if you continue to stare at my tits for the next week ... mentally undressing them” she commented.

“I’m so sorry ... I won’t” I stammered before she silenced me by saying “I’m going to deal with the problem right now”.

Having said that she slid forwards on her seat bedside me ... sliding under the large round table in front of us. She disappeared under the table - the view shielded by floor-length white table cloth.

“What the fuck?” I asked myself.

I soon felt her hand touching my rapidly expanding cock through my pants ... and then my belt, and zipper being undone. Soon she had set my cock free under the cover of the table cloth.

“Yummy” was a muted word that I heard from under the table.

Then I felt a wet and hot feeling on my shaft ... she had slipped my cock into her mouth, sucking on the cockhead and upper portion of the shaft. I have a very healthy sized cock - 9 inches when fully extended and its quite thick ... and right then it was fully extended.

She sucked and massaged my balls so skilfully - I would not be able to hold off my cum explosion much longer.

At that moment the waitress came back to take our dessert orders. I struggled to hide my excitement emanating from under the table as I ordered for both of us. I was naughty when I deliberately mentioned the need for whipped cream on the side of Zoe’s cheesecake.

Zoe sucked my cock just a little harder when she heard that part of the order.

The waitress had only just left the table when I gasped and quietly exploded ... pumping my creamy cum into the back of her mouth and down her throat.

I could feel her humming around my shaft as she swallowed my cum.

A couple of minutes later, she emerged from under the table after having rearranged my trousers. She took my hand and placed a damp piece of lace in it.

I knew immediately that it was her panties. I lifted them to my nose and inhaled her scent. They had a wonderful smell to them, and they were quite wet too.

“To tide you over until later ... I want your beautiful monster inside of me” she whispered before she locked her lips briefly with mine.

Twenty minutes later we stood naked facing each other in the bedroom of the hotel suite.

Zoe looked amazing.

Standing 5ft 5ins tall in her bare feet, she had a slim hourglass shaped body, dominated by her huge enhanced breasts with their large pink-coloured areola and darker hard nipples. She had long dark red hair - i suspected courtesy of a dye bottle. She had no pubic hair so I couldn’t use that as a guide.

The absence of pubic hair enhanced my view of her fleshy large pussy lips that guarded the entrance to her pussy.

“He looks beautiful ... and much bigger in the light” she commented as she advanced on me, close enough to wrap her slender beautifully maintained fingers around my thick shaft.

“Nice” she added as she gently milked me.

She leant into me, pressing her full breasts against my chest, and kissing me with increasing passion. That kiss went on for what seemed like ages, varying from intense lip locks to lingering ones.

“Let’s get more comfortable” she suggested.

She laid back on the bed, and I crouched between her thighs, lips and tongue probing her wet pussy ... parting her fleshy pussy lips and teasing her little joy button.

“Oh fuck ... fuck that’s good” she moaned adding “You’ve been well trained”. Her fingers ran through my short hair ... directing my attentions somewhat.

I could feel her arousal levels rising fast, and I suspected that her cum explosion would be soon.

“Oh ... oh ... yes ... so close ... oh yessssssssssss!!!!” she wailed.

I was rewarded by a spray of her juices across my face.

With her still near her orgasmic peak, I quickly mounted her, sliding my hard cock into her spasming depths. I was over three-quarters into her before she realised.

“Fuck me ... fuck me my young stud” she urged as she wrapped her legs around my waist to draw me in deeper. Soon my balls were resting against her ass. I leant forward to resume kissing her.

She licked her juices from my lips and face between kisses.

“Hmmmm ... fanny juices are so tasty” she cheekily exclaimed.

“I love yours ... they are so tasty” I agreed with her.

We fucked at varying intensities over the next half an hour - slow and deep, interspersed with short and fast. Her pussy was so animated in its responses - tightening and milking my shaft, and going super-hot on occasions.

Zoe orgasmed at least three times before I unloaded a massive load into her depths.

We slept the sleep of the exhausted and contented for the rest of the night, bodies entangled. I woke a couple of times to find Zoe clinging to me.

We overslept, and didn’t have an opportunity to have a “good morning” fuck.

Showering and dressing separately, we were ready to drive away by 10 AM after having a quick breakfast in the hotel cafe.

Zoe handed me the keys to the car, saying “Drive me please my young stud”.

I loved her car, and jumped at the opportunity to drive, especially with such a beautiful lady in the passenger seat.

We chatted and laughed for the next two hours before we made a rest stop for a lunch break. I learnt that her belongings were going into storage until she could find a place to live. She had planned to stay in a hotel whilst she looked.

“Come stay with me ... I have a two bedroom apartment” I blurted out excitedly.

“You do?” she asked.

“Your mum didn’t tell me that” she added.

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