On Stage at an Erotic Convention

by Kathrin

Copyright© 2017 by Kathrin

Erotica Sex Story: A lesbian submissive story My submissive girlfriend Novella booked us to hold a panel at an erotic convention. As we try to losen the audience up to their sexual desires, Novella begins to take any cock she can find while I teach the bi-curious women how to please my pussy and swallow anything I am giving them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Orgy   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Water Sports   .

I don’t usually put myself on stage at public events, but since a few of my friends are a lot more outgoing than me, they keep dragging me with them on occasion. Novella is one such friend. The unassuming librarian already organized a reading for me and hooked me up with interviewers, so when an erotic fair started, she tried hard to get us there in one form or another.

Her idea was some form of public discussion about “porn in public”, something about what it means to be an openly sexual person in today’s society. And since I seem to be the expert on anything sexual, she wanted me to be her partner on stage.

I agreed, just because I was curious on where things would go from there, and partly because being on stage at an erotic fair promised to be a lot more arousing than I might imagine. So when we finally arrived, I was already shaking from excitement.

Contrary to my expectations, the organizers pulled the show off pretty professionally. There was a nice schedule, we had a small stage for ourselves, with purple leather chairs and nice lighting and even a pretty little blonde announcing us with a slight east European accent. “For the next show, it is Novella and Kathrin, talking about being public about sexuality.”

There was a small crowd around our stage, barely 100 people or so. They clapped nicely, and we walked up to our seats. Novella was wearing a really neat pantsuit in dark burgundy red with a silky purple blouse underneath. Her curly black hair hung wild around her face as usual and she wore a pair of old-fashioned cateye glasses. Only the many open buttons on her blouse and the deep cut of the jacket hinted at this not being your usual interviewer.

“Hello and welcome,” she said, smiling at the crowd with her wide, purple-lipsticked lips. “I’m Vella, and this is my good friend and porn author Kathrin. We’re very happy to see so many of you attending.” She winked at me.

I grinned and nodded. Next to her I looked maybe a little too shabby. All I wore was an olive green dress that was just short enough not to show that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. It wasn’t anything to write home about except that I really liked the way its halters stretched across my breasts, like they were made for them. Other than that, and a pair of brown leather boots, I just came as I was.

“Right,” I said, winking back at her as we had discussed our plans for the talk a little beforehand. “And to drive our subject home, we thought that if any of you had a desire to display their sexuality here, they’re more than welcome to do so. I’d encourage any woman to pay a visit to the area between my legs while I know Novella would be happy about every drop of cum she can get.

Vella looked a bit nervous, but smiled and nodded, then turned to me. “So...” she said, suddenly lost for words.

I leaned back and crossed my legs. “You know,” I began, trying to help her out. “It’s hard enough being a lesbian, even though I know there were times when it certainly was harder. But it seems that being a lesbian AND being a woman who loves sex is a bit more than most people can handle,” I laughed.

She nodded, relieved that the silence was broken. “I know, right?” she said. “It starts with ... well, I don’t even know where it starts. It’s like every minute, unconsciously, we make these small decisions based on how we think other people would look at us. Like, is this outfit too sexy? Would it be inappropriate at my job? Do I send the wrong signals to the wrong people? Why are things so complicated?”

I laughed. “Well, that’s why we’re here, right?” I said, looking sideways at the audience. “This is as much an experiment for us, as it is for you. What would happen if you said you really want a cock right now?”

She shuddered slightly, but then moaned: “Hmmm ... I don’t know, but now that you mention it ... I really would like a cock right now,” she whispered, low and sultry, into her microphone.

I giggled a little, eyeing the response in the audience. They looked back at us reluctantly, even though I could tell many of them began to be at least slightly aroused. “I feel the same way,” I continued for her. “Well, not exactly the same way, as my preferences are a little different, but I’d really like some pussy - or some girl at my pussy - just as much.”

I lowered my voice as well, starting to talk seductively to the audience. “Imagine, if you’re horny, or just a little aroused, you could just walk up to her and she’ll wrap her lips around your dick, no questions asked, no long discussions, just let her suck on it, or cum on her.” Novella began breathing harder, leaning back relaxed in her chair as she played absently with her hair.

“Or,” I continued, “you’re really hungry for a taste of pussy. Maybe it’s even your first time, you’ve always wanted to try it, but never found anyone to try it with or the courage to ask someone, and now you can just crawl up between my legs and try it as much as you like.”

While I talked, there suddenly was some movement. One guy finally decided to try his luck and climbed on the stage, walking up to Novella. I saw her fumble with his pants and then turned to the audience again: “I guess if you’re here, you’re already positive about sex, so don’t you wish sometimes things would be easier? That we could just skip all the bullshit and dating and reluctance and get a good fuck right when we need it?”

From the side I began to hear sucking noises, amplified by the microphone as Novella hungrily took the whole cock into her mouth and began blowing it as hard as she could. Her technique wasn’t exactly sophisticated, but she was starved and hot and horny, and so she made up for everything by sheer enthusiasm. The guy couldn’t believe his luck and I already saw several others unzipping their pants, trying to get on stage.

“Maybe men and women aren’t so different after all,” I continued my monologue while my friend had her mouth full. “I think every woman dreams of just getting taken, rough and hard, by men who just can’t help themselves and have to have her right away, no matter what. And every guy maybe dreams about having a woman just come up to him and take him by the balls until she’s got his cock deep inside her.”

“Mmmphffff,” Vella moaned as her mouth got flooded by a good amount of cum. The guy was a quick shooter, probably fueled by the extraordinary circumstances, and so she released him, licking her lips. “Mmmh,” she said, “god, this is just too good. You’re so right Kat.” She took a deep breath, seemingly trying to get her thoughts in order while another man already stepped up next to her, stroking his hard cock close to her face.

“I have dreamt so many times of having a guy at the ready just whenever I need it,” she giggled, not paying attention to the dick at her side, “which, as it is, usually happens at the most inappropriate times.” She suddenly turned and quickly took it into her mouth, bobbing her head fast and hard against the guy’s crotch.

“I know, right?” I laughed. “Like at work, when you’re in the middle of something and suddenly your pussy twitches and demands attention, and you’re like... ‘hello, where did this come from’?”

She gasped and let go of him again, drooling a little from the side of her mouth. “Oh god yes,” she said. “There are so many times when I’m sitting at my desk and I’m thinking, I’ll fuck the next person who comes by, no matter who it is.”

The man at her side continued stroking his cock while she spoke and suddenly spurted a sticky mass of sperm diagonally across her face, leaving some in her hair and on her glasses. She ignored it except for a small moan and continued: “Well, there are obviously certain people who I’d like to fuck more than others, like I wanted to have you the moment I saw you, which, luckily, is exactly what happened,” she said laughing.

A row of six or seven men had formed next to her, all of them stroking themselves, waiting for a good time to come up to her but Vella, being her old chatty self again, was suddenly much too engrossed in the conversation to worry about them. As she spoke, a shy young girl, maybe in her 20s, suddenly came up on my side of the stage and reluctantly walked up to me. She was short, wearing a colourful full dress and had dark brunette hair that framed a sweet round face with the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen. I turned towards her to encourage her to come closer, spreading my legs so she could see my dark auburn pubes.

“MMmh, I remember that,” I said, smiling at the girl. “You were so eager to get to my pussy, you’d let me do anything with you.”

Vella nodded, getting another shot of cum against the side of her head which splattered across her cheek and ear. “God yes,” she moaned. “I’d have taken anything from you at that point.”

The girl had finally gone down on her knees and ran her fingers along my legs, her head still pausing short of my crotch. Hesitantly, she took in the scent of my pussy, before finally sticking out her tongue and running it along my labia. That got her hooked.

She began to lick, hard and deep, inside of my twat, treating me with her tongue in a way that she must’ve wanted to get treated herself for a while now, sucking and slurping at my flabby labia and savouring the taste of my muff.

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