Damsels in Need - Erica

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Erica's is his mother's boss. She calls in a panic on a Saturday morning - she is having problems with her printer. He is a teenage computer nerd who quickly identifies the problem and fixes it, but discovers a more sinister problem. Erica insists on paying him, up when he refuses money she pays him in a more personal manner.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Big Breasts   Size   .

“Good bye virginity” I announced loudly and proudly then added “It’s been good knowing you for the last eighteen years ... but it’s time for you to go”.

She laughed as she slowly lowered her wet hot pussy onto my upright hard shaft.

Her pussy lips had been kissing my cockhead just a moment previously. Now they were sliding down my shaft.

The pussy belonged to Erica who was the 35 year old manager of my mum’s workplace. She was carefully impaling herself on my eight inch cock. I could feel her tightness, but it was the oven hot pussy canal that impressed me most, and would be part of my memories for many a year to come.

Finally after a couple of minutes, her ass rested on my thighs. She closed her eyes. I could see her grimacing ... and then she let go ... she orgasmed. Her pussy grabbing my cock, and squeezing it hard ... and then spasmed all along it’s length.

“Oh fuck” she moaned.

“That has never happened before ... never have I orgasmed just from being penetrated” she explained.

“We have both experienced firsts” I told her.

“Oh yes ... we have” she replied as she rested her hands on my shoulders, slowly grinding her post-orgasmic pussy on my hard shaft.

She had removed the possibility of my premature cum eruption when she had sucked me off just minutes ago.

“Yum ... that was delicious” she had commented after swallowing my abundant load.

Erica had offered to pay me in cash for coming over to help her with a computer problem. It had turned out to be more nasty than we had both suspected.

I had refused payment, telling her that it was done as a favour for a nice lady.

The nice lady then decided to pay me in a currency that had no equal - sex.

I had met her a few times previously when I had visited my mum at her office. On those occasions I had helped resolve some simple computer problems.

So it came as no surprise when Erica had called my mum on a Saturday morning. She sounded just a little frantic that her report would not print on her home printer. It was just spitting out blank pages.

I drove over, and was there within half an hour.

I was surprised when she greeted me barefoot and dressed in a sarong which was evidently covering a two piece swim suit. It suited her, and her very curvy body, with her full rounded breasts pushing out wonderfully the front of her sarong.

She showed me into her home office that was in reality a converted bedroom at the back of the house.

“I’ll leave you to it” she told me, leaving me alone.

I sat down at her laptop computer and started to look at the printer setup, comparing the printer driver to the make and model of the home printer.

That was her first problem ... and probably her only problem. They did not match.

When I was looking at the screen, I noticed that the webcam light came on.

“That’s weird” I thought to myself so I set about doing a scan of the system. Within minutes my scan had found a suspicious application running in the background. With a little more investigation, I discovered a hidden folder which was full of video files ... with one that was created in the last minute.

I opened it to find that it was of me.

I had a look at a couple more of them, and they showed Erica sitting in front of the screen. I opened a couple more.

“Oh fuck” I murmured. I had found a number of video files in which Erica was naked sitting in front of the computer.

“Oh my god ... oh my god” I thought. She was absolutely beautiful and sexy. I could only see her breasts - they were stunning with small hard nipples topping a slightly raised areola.

I quickly slipped a memory stick into the computer, and copied all the files to it. After they were copied and the memory stick safely back in my pocket I called out to her.

“Erica ... could you bring me a bandaid please” I asked.

She came within seconds with a concerned look on her face asking “Have you hurt yourself?”

She was very surprised when I stuck the bandaid across her webcam. I then explained to her about the suspicious application that was filming her, and the video files that I had found. Playing innocent I asked her “Have you always been clothed when you’ve sat in front of the computer?”

Erica thought for a moment, and the look on her face was full of horror.

“Oh shit ... I haven’t always” she gasped.

I had found in my investigations that the files hadn’t been transmitted yet - apparently she hadn’t connected her laptop to the internet in the last week. I explained what I had found, and she relaxed instantly.

“I’ll get rid of that nasty application, and I’ll wipe the files off the disk so they can’t be recovered” I assured her.

She sat beside me whilst I worked and explained what I was doing. Her perfume was subtle but enticing.

“I like your perfume” I told her as I worked.

“Thank you ... It’s new” she replied.

Having removed the application and the files, I proceeded to upgrade her security to prevent it happening again. She showed me her recent emails, and it was in the Trash folder that I found the offending email that had infected her computer.

“Thank you ... thank you ... I really appreciate what you have done today. I want to pay you”.

“No ... no ... I can’t take money from you” I replied.

Erica tried to convince me to take a payment. Then she suggested that she employ me on a part time basis to look after her computers at her office and at home. She suggested a number of hours and an hourly rate which was quite fair.

“Ok ... ok ... I will accept your offer” I replied.

“Working for you will be a pleasure” I added.

She leant over and gave me a hug, pressing her firm breasts against my chest ... and exciting my senses with her delicious perfume. The hug actually lingered a little longer than you would expect. Then I got the surprise of my life when she kissed me ... not on the cheek but on the lips.

I hesitated in response before tentatively returning the kiss.

She broke the kiss, her face still close to mine.

“Are you a virgin?” she asked.

I lowered my eyes. That told her everything that she needed to know. She placed a finger under my chin and raised my chin a little. I looked up at her smiling back at me.

“I will have to do something about that” she told me before leaning in to kiss me again. Her tongue came out, and pressed between my lips seeking mine. The kiss became quite intense quickly and lasted a couple of minutes.

Eventually she stood up and took my hand and led me into her bedroom next door.

She had me stand at the end of the bed, helping me remove my shirt. Then she dropped to her knees to unbuckle my pants and lower them to around my ankles. I had the beginnings of a substantial erection in my undershorts.

Hooking a couple of fingers in the waistband of them, she drew them down to join my pants.

“Oh ... lovely ... he’s beautiful ... and big too” she commented as her hand grasped the shaft near the base. She studied my cock intently, stroking it and bringing it to a full erection.

“I’m going to enjoy this ... and so will you” she commented just before she licked my cockhead.

“Mmm...” she murmured.

Then she licked along the sides of the shaft before she popped the head between her lips. She didn’t do anything for a moment, then she gave it a firm suck, bobbing her head back and forth.

“Oh god” I gasped. This was the moment of my dreams ... the female sucking my cock had many faces but Erica’s face wasn’t one of them.

She sucked me for a minute or so, caressing my balls as she worked my shaft. Breaking off she looked up at me to say “When you need to cum don’t hold back. I want to taste your cum”. I relaxed somewhat at hearing that advice.

I ran my fingers through her long curly dark hair when she resumed her oral attentions. Erica was a very pretty lady - a beautiful face which was always smiling with bright blue eyes ... and the cutest of noses. I especially loved the softness of her lips ... on my lips and now on my cock.

The actions of her tongue on the underside of my shaft were having an effect. I could feel the heat in my balls increasing. I was close to a cum explosion - the first not induced by my own hand actions.

“Almost there” I gasped.

Erica sucked harder ... and I exploded in her mouth. She gulped and swallowed my plentiful spend until I had I more to give her. Then I relaxed as she carefully cleaned my cock with her lips and tongue.

Only then did she return to her feet to stand in front of me.

“That was yummy” she commented as she continued to hold my cock in her soft hand, not allowing it to lose its rigidity.

“Undress me” she asked, pointing to the small bow at the top of the sarong.

I pulled on the bow, and it released, allowing her sarong to drop to the floor. Under it she had a very brief white bikini ... the top of which only just held her full rounded breasts inside it. They looked amazing, and I could see the little peaks that her nipples were making in the covering.

Releasing one hand from my cock, but still retaining a grip with her right hand, she turned slightly to allow me to untie the bow behind her back. Once released she pulled the top off over her head.

“Nice ... no ... beautiful” I commented, getting a closeup view of her full rounded breasts.

“Oh my god ... you’ve got pierced nipples” I gasped.

“Thought you’d like them ... I do” she replied, giving each of them a quick tug.

“Now for the bottom” she prompted me, turning her hip to me where I found another bow. I pulled on it and released it. She turned again to give me access to the other side. Once released the bottom fell to the floor.

My eyes were drawn to her mound and pussy. The mound has a closely copped and neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hairs, with her pussy lips clear of any hairs.

“Beautiful ... just beautiful” I told her.

She smiled at me, kissed me and ordered me to lay back on the bed. My cock waved about in the breeze as I watched her climb onto the bed. She stood on the bed, a foot planted on either side of my hips.

She ran her slender fingers between her pussy lips, and showed me the slickness that she had found.

“It’s time” she told me lowering herself onto my cock.

As Erica sat on my hard cock, recovering from her quick-fire orgasm, I slipped my hands up underneath her full breasts - feeling their shape and weight, and snaking my fingers across her erect pierced nipples. I pulled on them gently.

“Oh god ... I love them being played with” she moaned.

I played with them for a short time before I beckoned her down to me until her breasts pressed against my chest, and her lips contacted mine. We kissed ... gently but with increasing passion with her hips also reacting by plunging up and down ... slapping her ass against my hips.

“Oh ... oh ... oh fuck” she wailed.

I was rushing to the edge of the orgasmic cliff too.

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