Damsels in Need - Sadie

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Erica introduces her daughter Sadie to him on one of his visits. Sadie takes over, leading him immediately to the bedroom to become intimately acquainted, learning that her mother has trained him well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Big Breasts   Size   .

I was greeted at the front door by a bubbly very attractive young lady.

“This must be Sadie” I thought as she showed me in. She was a carbon-copy of her mother Erica - tall and slim with curves in all the right places. She was beautiful.

She instantly took my hand and drew me into a hug which pressed her substantial breasts into my chest.

“It’s good to finally meet you, mummy has told me so much about you”.

I wondered just how much that Erica had shared with her daughter.

Sadie was eighteen years old and the daughter of the beautiful mature lady that I had been fucking for the last six months ... ever since my mother had sent me over to her boss’s place to sort out a computer problem.

With her arm linked through mine, she led me into the kitchen area where Erica was doing some cleaning up after breakfast.

“You didn’t tell me that he was so handsome mummy” Sadie playfully chided her mother.

Erica smiled and said hello as she continued to work.

“We’ll be back in a little while” Sadie told her mother as she dragged me off in the direction of the bedrooms.

She led me into her bedroom where she again hugged me ... and kissed me this time. I was a little stunned by her forthrightness but I was soon going with the moment, especially when her tongue sought to invade my throat.

Her hand was behind my neck, drawing me harder into the kiss that had went nuclear very quickly. My hands slipped down to cup her ass through her tight shorts, pulling her against my rapidly hardening cock.

As quickly as she started the kiss she ended it.

Off came her clinging top to reveal a braless set of lovely rounded breasts with little hard pebble-like nipples. She then made short work of removing her shorts. She was naked in an instant, and dropping to her knees to attack my shorts.

“Fuck me that’s nice” she commented when setting my cock free.

I helped a little by discarding my shirt.

We were both totally naked within 30 seconds of entering the bedroom. Come to think of it, hardly a couple of minutes had passed since I first met Sadie.

With her hand wrapped around my cock, she introduced it to her hot mouth, sliding her lips along it with lots of tongue action around the head.

After a couple of minutes on her knees she stood up and said “I want to be fucked by this beautiful monster”.

She led me over to the bed where she jumped up onto the middle, spreading her legs in an open invitation to be fucked. I could see that her mound was hairless, and that she had plump “inny” type pussy lips which had a sheen of moisture clinging to them.

I climbed onto the bed, and knee-walked to position my cock across her naked mound. With my cock within easy reach, she grasped it and positioned the head between her lips at the entrance to her pussy.

“Fuck me ... fuck me please” she begged.

I pushed into her firmly but slowly ... her pussy was quite tight and clung to my shaft as it slid deeper into her.

“That’s good ... so good” I told her as I leant forward to resume kissing her.

Her ankles crossed over behind my back, pulling me into her more.

“Fuck ... oh fuck ... oh aghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” she wailed with her orgasm coming out of nowhere. Sadie was quite loud when she orgasmed ... I suspected that Erica would have heard it in the kitchen especially with the bedroom door still wide open.

I continued to fuck her through the peak of her cum with minimal in and out movements with her pussy clinging to my shaft.

When she had settled a little, I carefully rolled us over without breaking pussy to cock contact. Sadie was soon sitting impaled on my cock. My hands crept up to cup her breasts, feeling their weight and shape ... and playing with her hard nipples.

“Ride me ... fuck me” I urged her.

“I feel so full and stretched” she remarked in a hushed tone as she started to make small up and down fuck movements.

We fucked slowly to start with and then gradually built up the tempo until our connected bodies were slapping together. A simultaneous cum explosion was on the cards. I could feel her pussy starting to spasm so I threw in some random hard up-thrusts.

They were the trigger. We both exploded at the same time, yelling and screaming to announce the arrival of our orgasms. I could feel her juices running down my cock as I pumped her tightness full of my cum juices.

She flopped forward onto my chest, gasping for breath. I held her tight against me. That is where she stayed not moving for the next few minutes.

We became aware then that we had a visitor. Erica had come into the room and was standing naked at the side of the bed.

“Is he still hard?” Erica asked her daughter.

She wiggled her ass and then replied “Fuck yes ... he’s still rock hard”.

“It’s my turn” Erica insisted.

Sadie carefully rolled off me, slipping into the space beside me on the bed. I put my arm around her to draw her closer as Erica climbed onto my thighs with my sticky cock standing tall against her flat tummy.

She rubbed her pussy lips against the base of my cock for a few moments before she raised up and positioned my cockhead between her wet pussy lips. Once in position she dropped down onto my cock, feeding it into her hotness.

Erica was extremely wet and hot.

I asked “How long were you watching us?”

“Long enough” she gasped. I felt her pussy starting to spasm already - she had in the past orgasmed just from being penetrated. Today was going to be no exception - she orgasmed long and hard, flooding my cock with her juices.

“Wow mummy ... that was amazing” commented Sadie as she watched her mother.

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