Bed Noises

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Listening to your wife fucking can be cold or hot, depending on a lot of factors.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Sharing   Gang Bang   Swinging   Pregnancy   .

It’s 3 AM and I’m listening to her rhythmic snoring next to me. I am usually earlier to bed than she, which doesn’t help our sex life any, and sound asleep before she turns off the light. But then I wake up to go pee and I hear it.

I can’t just roll over and get a piece off my wife which would help me get back to sleep, because she sleeps so soundly it’s almost like hibernation. So I get up and go read or do something quiet in another room until I fall asleep on the couch.

So, are there noises in bed that I would like to hear? My favorite is the gentle and rhythmic squeak that a good bed makes when its occupants are putting their bodies together in the best way possible. I’ve actually tweaked our bed to make the kind I liked the best from the many fond memories of the past. Some other noises are those of panting or mewing or moaning made by a woman deeply involved with what is deeply penetrating her.

Of course, I dearly enjoy being a participant for all of this, but being alongside the action or even in another room within earshot can be terribly stimulating. I think I like listening even better than watching coitus.

So how did all this come about? As a youngster at home I would occasionally get some very muffled sounds from my parent’s bedroom but I didn’t really understand what it meant at the time. The first real event was hanging outside my brother’s bedroom when he brought home a girlfriend after school.

Our bedrooms shared a common bath so I had a good reason for being there. I heard some unfamiliar noises through the thin door and put my ear up against it. They were mostly unintelligible sounds in his girlfriend’s voice but then I heard some loud groans from him. Underneath all of that was a rhythmic squeaking.

I’d found his girlie magazines and so had an idea what possibly was going on. My willy popped up and I rubbed it as I listened and then skedaddled when the sounds stopped. I heard them come into the bathroom and use the toilet and the sink. My brother poked his head through my bedroom door and saw me sitting on the far side of the room doing my homework. He’d been dating this girl in his senior class for a while but she didn’t show her face that time.

About three days a week he brought her home to “study”. I knew the subject matter wasn’t in any of their textbooks and I listened and beat my meat along with the noises.

One day he brought her into my room before they headed to his, “Hey little bro! We know you’ve been listening for a while so how would you like to see the sounds getting made?”

I looked at Sandy standing next to him and she had a great big grin on her face. She spoke, “It’s my idea. I guess I’m just a show off but I think it would be hot to be watched!” How the hell could I refuse that invitation, especially from a fox like her? I followed them to the bedroom and watched as they disrobed.

Damn! Her tits were better than those in the magazines and she had a nice little patch of blonde pubes above her gates to heaven. When she knelt down and started sucking my brother’s dick I damn near blew my wad. She pulled off it and looked at me saying, “Don’t you know it’s rude to be dressed in the presence of a naked girl?” I quickly complied and she looked at my risen rod as she went back to work on my brother’s. Standing up she said to him, “Now let’s show your brother how we make those noises he’s been hearing.”

She laid back on the bed with her knees up and I got the first look at a live twat. It was already pink and wet looking. Sandy kept watching me as my brother gave her tits some quick sucks and she guided the head of his pecker into her. Like when I was listening, I moved my hand on my shaft in rhythm with his penetrations.

She was starting to get wound up making little squeaks and squeals with each pump when my brother tensed up, groaned, and I could tell he was shooting his stuff into her. As soon as he finished, I noticed that she hadn’t. She pushed him off, “Dammit! I didn’t get mine. I know you’ll be worthless for a while but I see another hard one. Little brother, get over here and finish the job!”

I managed to hold out long enough so that the thrill of getting a second cock in a row did the job for her. Freshly-used notwithstanding, pussy was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to my body. She gave me a big kiss and insisted that I keep my softening shaft soaking inside her. I had a chance to thoroughly explore those classic breasts and she made a few noises when I did the right things. She grinned at my brother as she said, “That was a first for me and I love it. Let’s do this more often!”

They dated for another six months and sometimes I would go first and sometimes my brother. When I had more experience I would realize that she was a particularly noisy one and that was forever fixed in my mind as part of a good fuck.

With my new self-confidence and skill, I started dating on my own and found enough girls that would put out so I didn’t need to share with my brother anymore. I tended to go back for repeats with the ones who were noisy, as you might expect from the above.

What does that have to do with the way this story started? It was background so you would understand why I followed my ears at a party. I listened outside an upstairs bedroom from which emanated my favorite noises. A woman was apparently getting royally fucked from the thumping and squealing etc. that I could hear.

When it paused, a dude came out tucking his shirt into his pants and commented as he walked past me, “Man, she’s a hot one. You have a good ride!” The room was dim and it took a moment for my eyes to adjust, but there she was, knees and tits up and apparently ready for some more action. I dropped my drawers and slid in to the wettest pussy I’d ever encountered. I nibbled on those standing up nips as I pumped and she wrapped her legs around me and kissed me hard and wet when she could pull my face away from those beautiful boobs.

She was so slippery that I lasted a long time because the friction was so low and when I shot several day’s worth of cum into her, she wailed and moaned. We had not exchanged a single word by the time I pulled out, but as I did she slurred, “Come back for more later”. There were two more guys waiting in the hall as I left and I nodded to them.

It was getting late so I got myself one last drink and hung out in the hallway. Those two guys must have team fucked her because they emerged as a pair. I’d found a towel in the bathroom and I took it in. “I’ll bet you need this.” She nodded and began dabbing at her crotch. I helped her and steadied her as she put her clothes on.

I offered to take her out for coffee and dessert and she said thanks when I took her to an all-night eatery and got acquainted as she sobered up. I avoided discussing the way that we met and just acted like it was an ordinary date. When I asked her out for dinner the next night she smiled and accepted.

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