All Fucked Up

by Benjamin J Conrad

Copyright© 2017 by Benjamin J Conrad

Erotica Sex Story: Margo is a beautiful widow who's celibacy keeps her faithful to her dead husband. The Office Xmas Party leaves her untarnished even if somewhat inebreated. But how long can she hold out against her nymphomania?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Mother   Son   .

Margo Lushton left her office Xmas party with her marriage vows untarnished even though she was somewhat manhandled and inebriated.

She’s an attractive widow in her thirties who’s two years of sexual celibacy has kept her faithful to the memory of her late husband Bradley.

But how long can she hold out against her latent nymphomania as she arrives home late while her hunky son Robert just happens to be having a shower?

Robert tells how he suddenly found he’d become his mother’s toy-boy. ~ ~

I’d stepped from the shower and heard my mother coming in from her Office Xmas Party. As I towelled myself off she’d gone into her bedroom.

I’d just pulled my pants on when unexpectedly she hugged and snuggled into me from behind. “Happy birthday Robert!” She exclaimed adding, “Jesus, you sure grew up nice and big; I’m so proud of you.”

“Hey Mom!” I exclaimed as her hand overtly fondled my crotch!

But she simply giggled, “ Mmm, eighteen and able bodied, give Margo a birthday kiss darling.”

I turned to find she was only in bra and briefs!

I was stunned; I’d never seen my normally prim mother semi-naked before!

Christ, she had a great figure! Her breasts were full and high, barely held in check by the bra she was wearing; her hips met mine and her kiss was seductive! I gaped as my cock stiffened and in just my underpants my arousal was obvious to her; her hand slid into my pants and gently squeezed my cock; then eased the foreskin back!

“Jesus Christ Rob, it’s just gorgeous.” she crooned.

But then she jerked away in shock; covering her face in her hands. “Oh my God, I’m so ... so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” She turned away and let out a plaintive sob.

“My hand went out to comfort her, “Its OK Mom; don’t cry.” She pulled herself together and pouted at my embarrassment. “What must you think of me?”

She leaned into me; kissing me; I could taste the drink on her lips!

Now I understood; I’d never seen her drunk! She lost her balance a little, rolling into me and snuggled her cheek into my chest. Her leg slid over mine and I could feel her crotch against my thigh. My cock expanded which pressed against her. “Jesus! Is that for real?” she murmured. I ran my hand down her back, she shivered, pushing against my cock. “God, your massive,” she swooned She looked up into my face and offered me her lips. There was just the sound of our breath against each other. I caught her full lower lip gently between my teeth, stretching it and letting it pop loose. I gave her a full kiss and our tongues duelled while our hips writhed together! “Guess you enjoyed your birthday kiss – huh?” she whispered, “but maybe I’ve had too much to drink.” As she got up and went from me after that fleeting moment, a strong sensation of masculinity filled me. I finished up in the bathroom and went to my room but as I passed by she’d called me into her bedroom.

“Oh Robert, can you help me with this new bra hook?”

She was facing her mirror wearing a new black bra which still had the label on it.

My fingers fumbled with the tiny hooks in the small of her back but then she slowly swivelled round to face me.

“Do you think it fits me OK”

I coloured up as I swam in her perfume; gazing at her enticing tits.

“Yea, fits you real good; them tits sure look yummy too.” I added daringly.

Her hand came gently onto my cheek, “ Look Rob, I want you know I got a real buzz with that kissing we just did; I’m hoping it was OK with you too?”

“Yea, it sure was a cool birthday surprise Mom.”

“Please ... call me Margo; would you Robert?”

“O k then ... Margo.” I whispered as my pulse race.

Her indecent behaviour thrilled me. Her hand took mine, whispering, “ You can handle them if you like Rob.”

As my hands ventured over her taunt breast, her hand ran down over my hardened cock and then released it from the constraint of my underpants.

“Mmmn!! You must have spent a lot of time masturbating to get this big you naughty lad.”

“Well, yes, I suppose I have.” I mumbled guiltily.

“Yes, well here’s a birthday present to keep it company.”

Mom slipped the bra off and a pair of superb fully laden breast fell out with dark red nipples provocatively pointing out.

“Arh ... shit! They’re really choice Margo.” I whispered as my cock throbbed.

“I’m so pleased you like them; they’re just about ready for milking; wanna do some shit with them Rob?”

So in her spell was I, all I managed was a nod of my head.

She giggled softly as she sat on her bed and and fully reclined and although inebriated she looked utterly ravishing.

“Step over here and jack-off over me Robert. I want to see you do it.; up real close” she crooned.

I went and stood over her with my cock in hand; stroking it. A bead of pre cum oozed; Margo uttered a cry, her finger swiped my pre-cum and dipped into her cunt to mix with her own ooze.

Then when slippery enough, she polished my cock-head with her hand.

Her fingers circled the helmet rubbing the sensitive underside and twisting the head.

It was more than I could take and a mug-full of cream spurted out onto her breasts! She cooed, smearing it over her tits; rapturously licking cum off her fingers; it was the most erotic sight.

~ ~ We relaxed afterwards and talked more causally together than we ever had.

Margo was now leaning back beside me, her full juice-covered breasts on display.

The nipples were thick and rubber hard and begging to be sucked.

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