Cleaner in the House

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Fiction Sex Story: A farm boy learns things from his mum

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Bestiality   Masturbation   .

Old, but found and utilised for my liking. Created locations, added local embellishments and aged the characters.

Growing up on a farm in a remote part of Wales, my father was usually in the field, out of the house so Mum and I were in the house together all the time. She was constantly baking cakes and pies or frothy little things for her Womens Institute whatever it was near in the village of Llanddew outside Brecon I must admit she did look worn and she was only 48, compared to some of my friend’s mothers, but none of them were farmers, in fact most were what I think they call yummy mummies. She had to know I was wanking in bed, because if I missed the tissue, toilet paper or bit of rag, there would always be several hard patches on it when she washed my sheets. There would probably be a few crusty handkerchiefs too.

I was home from school one day because I didn’t feel good. My teacher Mrs Armitage had called the house and Mum had come to collect me in an old Fordson tractor – typical! We had a Ford Pickup as a car but dad was out in it. It was mid afternoon and I was lying on the living room floor watching TV in my pyjamas when she came in and squatted down beside my head. Mum usually wore a short flowery skirt and a T shirt when at home not liking tight confining gear “You OK there son?” she asked reaching to feel my head to see if I had a fever. I turned to answer and could see right up her dress, seeing her white stringy thighs and her pale blue panties and the bulging mound of her pussy with a cute sort of valley up the material. She did have bony knees. Of course Mum had caught my wide eyed glance ... then stare.

“You shouldn’t see that until you are married,” she chuckled, with a knowing smile on her face not adjusting her garment. “I think there’s other things which you’re suffering from.” I kept staring, I had my right hand under me, down the front of my pyjamas. “Let’s just see shall we?” My finger was rubbing my stiffy, when suddenly Mum flipped me over and brushed my had aside, touching the material. My cock stood straight up. “I see hmmmm!” Mum snickered. She put her hand around it and I didn’t know what was going to happen. “Muuummm?” I moaned. She pumped my cock just a little, then stood up beckoning with a crooked finger. “I’ve got just the solution, come with me.” I didn’t know what was going to happen but got up and followed her upstairs, into her bedroom trying to get my bulging cock back in the pyjamas.

She started by reaching under her skirt and pulling down her panties, wriggling her butt side to side, easing them down, stepping out of them and her shoes. Telling me it was about time I learned things properly and safely, she undid the buttons on the front of her floral patterned blouse and slipped it off. I was riveted – no brassiere! Then she reached back and unhooked her bra and dropped that to the floor. My Mum was standing there naked and I was starring with my mouth wide open. I had never seen a naked woman, let alone my Mum and of course the occasional videos at my friend Josh’s house. She sauntered over and stood right in front of me, grasping my cock, slowly wanking it, so I ventured a hand forward ... she had said it would be a lesson, therefore I judged I should take part.

I reached and stroked her small droopy tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples. That was something I was surprised at as all my friend’s mothers seemed ... seemed to have big tits under their clothing. I say seemed because I’d never been this close, never mind touching any of them, maybe it was a young lad’s idea and infatuation while growing. Mum went to the bed, moved a pillow and lay down, working the pillow under her butt, spreading her legs so I couldn’t help seeing her pussy. She had a mound of black hair and her pussy looked wet. Again she used her finger, smiling a come on. I scrambled up between her legs and started to lie on her, not really knowing, but she reached down and rubbed my cock on her pussy. I got the idea I should push and did so finding the hole and stabbed it in.

“Not so fast and hard Barry, take it easy and slow,” she murmured. I had never felt anything so wet, warm and soft. Her hair tickled round my cock as I started to hump, urged on by Mum’s words and tugs on my backside. Daringly, which she encouraged me to do, I levered up onto straight arms and could see her tits, watching them wobble as I tried to put my cock deep into her. It was so wet and it can’t have been long before I dumped a load of my sperm inside her. Now it was really wet. She told me just to lay and enjoy the moment, I was learning. I thought that was it and tried to move off her.

“Ah the freshness and energy of youth,” she tittered. “Still hard. Come here.” My dick pronged out and she dragged me to lie by her. She grabbed my slippery dick and jacked me off and I came again, this time on her hand. Then I was spent but she told me to just lie comfy and get a good look at her tits and pussy. I could see my cum dribbling out of her pussy. Mum just laid beside me fondling my spent and slippery cock, while I played with her tits and put my hand between her legs. The feel of my jism and her cunt juices running down her leg was cool.

She went into the bathroom and I lay there hoping she would come out still naked. To see her hard tight and strong body move and shuffled off the bed and walk out of the room was thrilling. Her arse cheeks carried a few ounces of fat or was it it age droop. Her back muscles rippled and her thighs and calves were solid. She came back all cleaned up with a wash cloth and washed off my cock and hands. She told me to take off my pyjamas and she would wash them and began putting her clothes back on. I stripped down and watched her dress. Mum put fresh clean pink knickers on but the same clothing as before. She said we mustn’t tell Dad and that we probably shouldn’t do this again, it was purely a lesson but somehow I guessed there may be others.

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