Little Miss Pig

by Lady Jade

Copyright© 2017 by Lady Jade

Erotica Sex Story: Mrs Lavender overhears her son saying his buddy Jeb has a great cock! Before long Jeb has an invite to stay for the weekend! But what's in store for the lad is quite bizare and not for the sqeamish!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality   Size   .

Rob Lavender, who was a college buddy of mine, invited me to spend a weekend at his folks farm one summer;

“Jeb ‘ol buddy, come stay the weekend and experience some life on the farm.

We’ll even be roasting a suckling pig by the poolside! How does that grab ya!”

I eagerly looked forward to it as I’d never spent much time out off town.

As it turned out, his folks’ place wasn’t really a working farm. But there was a barn still standing which housed some breeding boars and pigs!

The family also used the pigs for recreation; riding them through the woods nearby! Yea, I know; weird as hell!

Rob’s dad was actually a successful real estate broker; a jovial colourful character, “Hi there Jeb! Welcome to Porksville!” was his welcome.

Mrs Lavender, very attractive, was more sedate and ran a home-internet business, “Nice to meet you Jeb, I know how well you and Robert get along; so enjoy your stay and have fun!”

They just kept the farm because it impressed their business contacts I guess.

And this need to impress people had rubbed off onto Rob who wanted to get me right into piggy-back riding, although I tried to beg off.

It seemed so foolish! But Rob was insistent, and I didn’t want to be impolite, so I agreed to give it a try.

We got over to the barn which housed around a dozen pigs in relative luxury. Rob pointed out the variations between the boars, the sows and their various younger offspring.

Rob singled-out big pig for himself and gave me a junior girl pig. “She’s the gentler of the two, you’ll get along with her fine,” he told me, “Her name is Slut. Mine is called Slag. Corny, huh?”

The girl-pig was definitely easier to get mounted on than a boar so I consoled myself with that thought as I got used to the feel of riding a pig.

She was quite calm as I settled onto her back, and after a few moments of nervousness on my part I was surprised to find that everything felt pretty natural. “What do I do now?” I asked, honestly unsure how to proceed.

“Take hold of her ears,” said Rob patiently. “That’s how you steer her -- if you want to turn right, tug on the right side. If you want her to stop, tug on both at once. To make her ‘go’, poke her with both heels. Watch me.”

He then made Slag turn left and trot out of the barn. I tried what he had done, and Slut responded very smoothly, turning and following her mate.

It all felt very strange, at first, as we rode out through the field, like being on a golf-cart with a really bumpy ride. But after a bit, things seemed to settle into a rhythm, and I didn’t mind it at all. In fact, I had to admit, it was pretty relaxing! I said as much to Rob, who simply smiled and said coyly, “See ... I knew you’d get to enjoy it Jeb!”

We rode slowly for some time, insects buzzing in the distance, the evening sun warm on our backs. I began to appreciate this weird pastime. There was an intimacy having Slut’s warm pink skined body writhing between my thighs and I stroked her ears affectionately.

Eventually, Rob suggested we ought to be heading back and that we make a race out of it! I laughed and agreed;

“Just hang on tight Jeb!” ; Then he let out a loud cowboy holler, “ HEEYAHH!”

Well, here goes nothing I thought ... I leaned lower on Slut’s back and said, “Let’s go girl!” giving her a sharp jab with my heels; and with that we both took off like a shot!

Well, with my legs locked around Slut’s warm body and leaning forward, the bouncing combined to give me a powerful hard-on by the time we got back to the barn!

It was impossible to hide as I do get a big boner.

Rob did noticed it, because he gave me a knowing smile and said, “Yea; it does that to me too Jeb. More fun than you thought, eh?”

As we led the pigs back into the barn, I stole a glance, and saw that he did indeed have a boner! Rob stood in front of Slag; then his hard-on sprang into view!

Rob and I had always been open with each other about sex; we’d seen each other naked growing-up together. He’d always rag’d me over my big dick; so I was only mildly surprised when he said, “Drop your pants Jeb; your gonna love this!” So I unbuckled my pants, unsure what he was up to.

Slag had began to lap Rob’s dick with her tongue! My own big erection sprang to attention!

A few seconds later I felt a hot wet tongue on my own shaft as Slut began to lick me! I was startled at first but quickly got over it, the slipperiness of the pig’s wide tongue feeling heavenly.

Rob had closed his eyes and was breathing deeply, as Slag lathered him up, so I did the same, letting Slut lap my throbbing cock, pushing me close to the point of no return.

Suddenly, I couldn’t take anymore. I came explosively! ... squirting my spunk all over Slut’s nose and mouth.

From the sounds of it, Rob had just done the same with his own pig, shortly after me.

I slowly opened my eyes again, as both pigs began to clean up our deposits.

I looked over at Rob, as he began to pull his pants up over his now-wilting erection.

I was feeling a little dazed by the whole thing. “How long have you been doing this?” I asked, pulling up my own pants.

“Since I was about 13,” he replied. “I noticed that every time I went pig-riding, I got the biggest hard-ons.

I thought the pigs might like to do something about it, since they were responsible for it. So one time, I pulled down my pants after a ride, to see what they’d do. The rest, as they say, is history.”

After dinner with the family I went to bed and slept soundly after jacking off big-time thinking about my Little Miss Piggy.

The next morning, the house was already bustling when I got up and Rob informed me he would be off shortly, helping father pick up some feed for the boars; “I doubt it would be much fun for you Jeb, so you just enjoy the place to yourself; we’ll be back around noon.” Rob advised.

“OK, fine Rob, I suppose I could get in some more pig-riding, if you don’t mind.”

Rob grinned knowingly and said he’d join me later on his return; then I was alone and I liked the way things had worked out. This would give me some private time with Miss Piggy. I had some unfinished business with that Slut of a pig.

As soon as Rob and his dad disappeared, I made my way to the barn. I went to the pigs-pens and finding Slut, let myself in with her.

“You remember me little Miss Piggy?” I said to her softly. “I came to see you again.”

I was already hard, thinking about that hot tongue on me again! I pulled down my pants right there in the stall, standing in front of the pig; soon that Slut began licking me!

This felt so good!

My cock began to ache with tension, as her tongue worked on me, and I made her stop for now, reluctantly pulling away and raising my pants again. I didn’t want to cum yet, I had more in mind!

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