by Tony Tiger

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Erotica Sex Story: Young man is hired to mate with an older woman.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Sharing   Pregnancy   .

Thomas was just finishing his shift at the fast food restaurant. He’d been a manager for a year, financing his college expenses as he went, attempting to avoid student debt even though it slowed him down academically a bit.

As he walked out to his car, the rear door of the large Mercedes sedan parked next to it opened and a tall brunette woman stepped out.

“Thomas, I’d like a word with you. Please get in the car.”

She sounded serious so he complied, curious as hell. The car was driven to a luxury hotel and he was asked to accompany her inside. She wordlessly led him to a large suite overlooking the city. As he followed he had a chance to size her up. Maybe forty, expensively dressed, shoulder-length straight hair, very nice ass and tits, and beautiful. Class in every way.

Gesturing towards a chair, she asked if he’d like a drink. He responded with “Water, light ice, please.” Alcohol was rarely his choice. A cold beer on a hot day when he was sweating tasted good though.

“My name is Sandra. You were recommended to me as a young man of character and good health. I want to find out if you are suitable for a special assignment which will require both of those and more. If it works out, your expenses in finishing your degree in bioengineering, and possibly a Master’s as well, will be covered, including living costs.”

Tommy, as he was usually called, was stunned. He thought, “How could this person he’d never seen before know so much about him?”

Sandra smiled as if reading his mind, “You’d be surprised how much information about a person is out there these days, especially on Facebook and the like. Your girlfriend likes to talk too. Are you interested in learning more?”

Tom nodded.

“In this part of the interview, you must follow my instructions precisely even if you don’t understand why. Is that understood?” Another nod from him. “Alright, let’s begin.”

Tom was ordered to stand up and disrobe. That gave him pause but Sandra was sitting there looking very serious so he complied. She produced a camera and asked him to take a few positions while she took pictures. Then she had him stand right in front of her. Reaching out, she grasped his still-soft cock and began rubbing it.

As it began to fill, she leaned forward and her mouth took over the stimulation. He stood stock still, a bit shocked. Reaching its full glory, his erection was measured and photographed.

Sandra stood up and gracefully shed her dress. She was commando and his earlier assessment was confirmed. His girlfriend was lovely without clothes but this woman was gorgeous! Better than the finest mature porn star he’d ever beat off to.

“This is the final test. You are to have sex with me. Your girlfriend says you are quite competent so I expect your best. I realize we have just met so take your time.”

Even more stunned, but not so much that his young and eager phallus wilted, Tom followed this hot woman to the candlelit bedroom.

She was clearly experienced, putting him at ease mentally while arousing him physically. He quickly got into exploring this godsend and before long he was buried in the lightly furred pussy she offered.

Right after he ejaculated, she arose, told him to stay right there, and went to the bathroom for a few minutes. When she returned she put him on his back and mounted the still firm shaft. Her flawless breasts invited his hands and mouth so much that he was distracted from the sensations flowing from his embedded cock.

She orgasmed in each position and also took a trip to the bathroom after he shot another semen load. Instead of returning to bed, she invited him to shower with her. Without prompting, he took the opportunity to caress her entire body with soap and enjoy when she did likewise to him. Toweling each other was their final nude contact.

He was returned to his car with the instructions that she would contact him in two days regarding what follow up, if any, would occur. This had been only an interview. But what a memorable one, he thought!

As he drove home, he remembered an issue he had raised when requested to have sex. He had indicated that he had a girlfriend and felt a concern about infidelity.

Sandra smiled that knowing smile of hers and replied, “You needn’t be concerned, but it is good that you were. Your girlfriend hasn’t ever promised to be exclusive and she isn’t. That’s all I’m going to say.”

The next night as he entered his girlfriend’s pussy, he remembered that thought. Had any other cock been there since he last was? There was no way to tell, dammit! He was in no position to be critical, in any case, and now wasn’t the time to ask. She commented afterwards that he was unusually aggressive, but he made no respomse.

Sandra contacted him the next day and said the preliminary interview was successful so they had a lot more to talk about. Could he be at the hotel again at seven pm? Affirmative!

Sandra was as beautifully put together as before. Tommy wondered if she’d get naked with him again? She served a drink, again soft, and sat across a table from him, not extending any intimacy. She pushed a legal paper at him. “Please read and sign this if you agree.”

It was a very serious sounding confidentiality agreement about the impending discussion and the events of a couple of nights earlier. He read and signed two copies, one of which was put in an envelope for him. Then things relaxed.

Sandra leaned back and smiled, “It looked like you had a good time with your girlfriend last night.” Tommy gulped and nodded. Sandra continued, “She’s a good girl and is just exploring her sexuality like I did at her age. Nothing for you to worry about, in case you were concerned after my comment last time.” Shit, this woman was a mind reader!

Reaching out for his hand, she continued, “Here’s what this is all about. It’s a bit long so I’ll refresh your drink if you need it.” Tommy shook his head.

“My father owns a large company whose name you would be quite familiar with. I am his only child and there are no grandchildren. He wants a male to carry on the family name and take over running the business if possible. My husband is sterile.” [Shit! She said husband!]

She continued, “Since your family has a long history of siring males, my father and I would like to have you impregnate me to produce this heir.”

When she paused, Tommy interrupted, “You said you had a husband. I didn’t want to commit adultery!”

Sandra smiled that smile again, “it’s not adultery if my husband knows about and approves this project. All I need right now is to know that you wish to go ahead. I will stop my birth control and my first fertile time will be in about two weeks. You will spend the four nights at that time with me. The complete agreement will be there our first time together for you to look over and sign. I only ask that you refrain from ejaculation for 48 hours before then.”

Tommy thought about it for a short while. There were lots of “pros” and no “cons” he could think of. He said, “Okay, I will do this. When do we get together?”

“I will text you when I figure out the best days.” She gave him a hug and they parted.

It was about two weeks later when Tommy returned to that same hotel room. This time Sandra greeted him in a robe and offered him one as well. They had some snacks together which she commented were to provide him some extra energy. With little further delay, as soon as the legal paperwork was reviewed and signed, she led him to the bedroom and, as the saying goes, fucked his brains out.

As he laid in the bed recuperating, or at least Tommy had to, Sandra gave him more background on herself. She related that she had given birth to a daughter at age 16, father undetermined. “With my looks I got hit on and seduced pretty often before I grew up. I became more careful but dated a lot through college. I was a single career woman for quite a while until I met my husband. I’m 35 and I’ve been married about eight years.”

Tommy had a question, “I thought you said your husband was sterile, so why were you on birth control?”

“Just because I was married doesn’t mean I was monogamous,” she replied. “That’s why we decided to try a natural method of impregnation rather than clinical. It’s a lot more fun, and making a baby should be enjoyable. Looks like you’re ready to try again. What position would you like this time?”

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