The Back Door Girl

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Teen neighbor girl offers services to earn money to buy a bicycle.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   Prostitution   .

Ralph heard it again. A rapping on the back door. Nobody came through the alley as a visitor. As a matter of fact, nobody came to his front door unless they were selling something. He’d better check it out.

Somebody WAS there! A rather short pudgy teenage girl was looking through the door expectantly. He opened it and she introduced herself through the screen, “Hi. I’m Lucy and I live across the alley. Do you have any work I can do to earn money for a bicycle?” She looked so hopeful that he couldn’t say no. After a moment’s pause, he invited her into the kitchen, his first visitor in a long time.

“Would you like some ice tea or lemonade. It’s getting pretty warm out there.”

Lucy thought lemonade would be nice and sat on the edge of the chair as he poured it for both of them. She seemed nervous, he noticed, so his rusty social skills kicked in and he tried to make conversation. “I haven’t seen you in the neighborhood before.” Was an opener.

She sipped her drink and smiled, “My mom and me just moved here from Chicago. I had a bike there but it got stolen. I’m sixteen but can’t drive so I need it to go places. Mom can’t afford to buy me one. I’m a good worker and can do lots of things so I hope I can help you out.”

Ralph asked a business question, “How much do you charge?”

Lucy looked thoughtful, “I don’t know much about that since I never had a job before. I’ll accept whatever you think my work is worth.”

She had finished her drink. Ralph wanted to help her out so offered, “Let me make a list of things that need to be done around here. Can you come back tomorrow morning at eight and we will see which of them you can do?”

She jumped up, her face full of smile, “Oh, yes! I’ll be here.”

She was right on time, smiling broadly which made her plain face a lot more attractive. “Come in,” invited Ralph, “Do you drink coffee?” She declined, clutching a water bottle.

He’d become a slob since he retired at the age of 68 so walking through the little house revealed a good deal of neglect. Better start with laundry to get stuff off the floor and furniture. Other debris needed sorting and storage or into the recycle or trash. And then he knew other needs would surface.

This was a blessing because he would not likely have tackled these things alone. Having a helper made it far more interesting, especially since it was summer and she dressed minimally. She was a bit pudgy so her buns and boobs we padded and moved around under her shorts and t-shirt. She didn’t wear a bra although she had enough bosom to warrant one. He didn’t mind one bit and his neglected pecker didn’t either. It filled a little and twitched when some jiggles were noticed.

They talked as the worked and Ralph learned his new acquaintance went to a “special school” which meant she was developmentally-delayed, but just barely he figured, since she was an effective helper. The school here was better than where she came from, she said, so that was why they moved. He inquired about her family and she replied it was just her and her mom Rachel who was a nurse.

She was good at fixing lunch and even offered to cook dinner for him. The kitchen was a place her skills shone since she cooked for her busy mom a lot. Ralph became more attentive to his personal hygiene as they spent more time together. She was spending afternoons every day for a while to catch up and the place never looked so good. Lucy beamed when he told her that.

Finally, they got to maintenance mode. It was time to settle up. Ralph asked her what kind of bicycle she wanted and she didn’t know. “How about we go to a bicycle shop and they can help us figure it out?” Ralph knew it would be more expensive than a discount store but she’d get a better one.

She was joyful as she climbed into the passenger seat of Ralph’s little truck. No money amount had been mentioned but Ralph had already decided to spring for whatever she needed. Her help and company had already been priceless and he had enough money.

The salesman was knowledgeable and she was soon well outfitted, including a rain cover and a good lock, both of which she practiced using at the store.

When they got back to Ralph’s place she rolled the new bike around the house to the back yard. He offered her a cold beverage to celebrate and he popped a beer for himself. As they sat enjoying the moment, Lucy started tearing up. Ralph asked her what was wrong. “I’m just so happy. You are so nice to me. I want to do something special for you that the boys at my last school showed me.”

Ralph was curious, “And just what is that?”

She got up and knelt down in front of his chair. Expertly she unzipped his trousers and extracted his cock. Holding it as he sat paralyzed, wondering what was next, she engulfed it in her mouth, sucking a couple of times before looking up at him, “Do you like that?” He nodded. “I want to taste your stuff,” she announced and got back to it.

He’d not masturbated for a week and she soon got her taste. She licked her lips and stated, “You taste better than those boys. I’ll do this anytime you want.” He stood up and hugged her. She moved her firm ample breasts against his chest. Then he kissed her, tasting his own semen for the first time.

She said, “I have to go show my mom my new bike now but I’d like to come over tomorrow.” Ralph nodded, still in a bit of a daze.

Lucy was there right on time as usual. This time she opened with, “Would you like a blowjob to start?” She seemed disappointed when he said that later would be better. He’d jacked off before she came and would take a while to recover.

He’d shown her how to make a work schedule and today they would strip and wax a bathroom floor. It was upstairs and the A/C didn’t do that room very well. Lucy was soon sweating and announced, “I’m taking my shirt off. It’s too warm for it here.” Ralph was once again paralyzed as her firm round breasts with dark areolae were uncovered. Back on her hands and knees she went, scrubbing around the edges with her tits hanging and jiggling. His pecker firmed up.

Then he noticed that, instead of the snug little shorts she usually wore, she had on a pair of short baggy ones, probably for comfort. From his angle outside the door, and with her on hands and knees, he got frequent shots of her hairy cunt through the gaping leg holes. His willy went on full alert. He hadn’t had any contact with pussy, even visual, for a couple of years since he moved and didn’t have a landlady to bang anymore.

When she suddenly turned around and saw the bulge in his shorts she smiled, “Looks like you need some help there. I need a break anyway.” She pulled his lounging shorts down and administered her relief for his condition.

The time went quickly and the job was soon done. Lucy was a sweaty mess so he offered his shower. She looked at him mischievously, “Only if you wash me,” she replied.

He was soon erect again as he applied soap all over her body and she his. That this relationship was escalating was abundantly clear and he loved it as much as she seemed to. When they were dry and naked Lucy asked, “You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?” Ralph shook his head. Lucy continued, “Then there is something else the boys at school showed me and I was a girlfriend for three of them.”

She led Ralph to his bed and assumed the classic welcoming position. He knew she was legal so he wasn’t going to be rude. Oh, hell, he’d been fantasizing about this for days! Now here was that hair-trimmed hole wanting him.

She wasn’t the best fuck he’d ever had, she being passive but making some pleasure noises. Any pussy is better than no pussy, in any case. He was urged to shoot inside since she said she had been “fixed”.

As they talked, he learned that she’d been used by her “boyfriends” as a cum-dump with little regard for her satisfaction. He could fix that and started right away, getting a second piece in the same day for the first time in decades.

Lucy made great progress, being young and eager. During all this time he never met her mother until she invited him over for a Sunday dinner. Rachel was a slimmer version of Lucy, about the same level of beauty and with a similar bosom. She was a sparkling conversationalist though and he really enjoyed her excellent cooking, it now being obvious where Lucy had learned her skills. Rachel expressed her gratitude at his friendship with her daughter. She had seen a world of difference in how she was functioning here and her overall level of happiness was much greater.

He was invited for the following Sunday also. After another excellent meal, Lucy went off to do something and he and Rachel were enjoying a glass of wine. She turned to him and said, matter-of-factly, “Lucy really enjoys the sex she is getting from you.”

Ralph almost spilled his wine in surprise. Rachel smiled and continued, “I have always made sure we were very close so I always knew what was going on in her life. I know everything that you to have done and, frankly, I’m envious of her. I’m in my mid-30s with normal desires. I left a boyfriend behind in Chicago and have a rule not to mix romance and work. I don’t know anybody else around here except you and wondered if you had enough energy to satisfy a horny mom too? Oh, Lucy knows I’m going to ask you this. I told you we were close.”

Looking at her in a new light, Ralph’s erection started to fill. Graciously he responded, “How could I not appreciate such an offer from an attractive woman like you. I’m not as young as you so I honestly don’t know if I can keep up with two lusty women. I guess we won’t know until we try.”

Rachel leaned over and kissed him and said, “Leave your back door unlocked and I’ll come over after Lucy is in bed.”

He was on his computer looking up some stuff when she wrapped her arms around him from behind. He hadn’t heard her approach and when he turned, she dropped her robe in invitation. Her breasts were high and round and looked firmer than her daughter’s. There was a nice patch of brown hair at the Y, just like he preferred. He was in a robe also so stood up and dropped it. She knelt in front of him to get acquainted with his male parts. After just a few moments of touching and sucking she exclaimed, “I’m so horny I don’t need foreplay. I got wet walking over here in anticipation so please put that thing in me right now!”

She barely laid back on the carpet when he was probing her labia and he was quickly buried in that soft wet place. Two strokes later, with care to push against her clit, she came, wrapping her arms and legs around him and squealing in pleasure. As she caught her breath she murmured, “that was so good. Can we do it ten more times before I go home?”

He laughed as he continued to stimulate her with his tool. “Maybe I can get you off again but I’m probably not good for more than one.”

She made him promise that she could come back every night after work which would be about 10:30. Sex was the best relief for the tensions that she built up on the job and helped her to sleep well. Ralph knew that he was challenged after fucking Lucy during the day and now her mother at night before his bedtime.

He’d already realized that his physical conditioning and endurance was way below what these new demands required and so enrolled in the wellness center for a program three mornings a week. Even after two weeks Lucy said she could tell the difference. He also chuckled at a couple of women at the center, apparently married from the rings on their fingers, who made a point to visit with him every time he was there. Did they need some cock-therapy too? Shit! Why couldn’t this have happened to him 30 years ago? He was a walking horny hardon then with the wife that didn’t like to spread her legs.

Most younger men can have a hard time (pun intended) fucking an eager woman every day, let alone two. Ralph was kind of feeling the pressure without knowing what to do about it when he got a call from his favorite cousin.

“Ralph, I’ve got to get away from this wife of mine for a bit before I get so mad I kill her. Can I come stay with you for a week?” Martin was about ten years younger and was someone he got along with very well so he gave the invitation. They were about a four-hour-drive apart so Martin would arrive about the same time that Rachel would expect to be in his bed. That gave him an idea.

When Martin arrived, he quickly explained his plan and he knew his cousin would go for it. Rachel had taken to just coming in the back door and going to his bed where he would be waiting. When he heard her, he called out, “I’m up here!” He was in a dark corner of the room as she came in, dropped the robe she always changed into to go between dwellings, and got in bed. As soon as she hugged Martin, the actual occupant of the bed, she squealed in surprise. Ralph stepped forward and said, “This is Martin. He’s my cousin and is a special present for you tonight.”

Ralph was impressed. Rachel hesitated only a moment, then her hands went out to examine this new prize. She liked what she found, rolled him on his back, and mounted him so Ralph could get the full visuals. As she bounced on this new cock, Ralph came up behind her and reached around to squeeze her breasts while he kissed her neck. She stopped and just sat on Martin as she turned and kissed him hard, whispering, “You rascal you! I’ve only had two men in bed with me one time in my whole life. It was great and I think this one’s going to be too.”

As expected, Martin didn’t last long before it was obvious he was emptying into the hot nurse. She rolled off him and barely had a chance to spread her legs before Ralph was probing her swollen and dripping slit with his eager shaft. He didn’t last long either and Martin was ready for more.

Ralph was done for the night and so was Martin after his second go. Rachel kissed both of them and said it was a great surprise and she wanted a lot more of it while he was here. She wouldn’t mention anything to Lucy so they could have the fun of introducing Martin.

Lucy and Ralph had a discussion because she was curious whether a woman could have sex with more than one man in a row. He had pointed out it wasn’t so easy for him but she didn’t have to reload like he did. It wasn’t uncommon for a prostitute to have sex with dozens of men in one day but that couldn’t have been very much fun. He’d never been involved, at least at the time they talked, in a two-or-more male situation but thought it would be pretty hot. Lucy did too and said she’d be tickled to try it if the situation ever happened.

When Lucy arrived he told her he was horny and would like to enjoy her first thing. She was always ready for a fuck and peeled out of her clothes quickly. As soon as he sank his rod into her, Ralph said, “I’ve got a nice surprise for you today. Close your eyes and open your mouth.”

Martin had been waiting for those words and he moved up quietly and put his pecker head into the waiting orifice. Lucy’s eyes flew open, feeling cocks in two places at once. “This is my cousin Martin. He’d like to fuck you too, like we talked about. I’m going to pull out so you guys can get your parts acquainted.”

Lucy didn’t say a word, her eyes wide as this new man quickly replaced me in her pussy. He began moving slowly, holding himself up on his arms so I could kiss her and nibble and fondle her breasts. She reached for Ralph’s erection and held it, squeezing it in rhythm with Martin’s strokes. He knew how to fuck and she was soon wriggling in orgasm. When he grunted and shot his seed, she squealed with another climax and moaned when Ralph slid his erection into her sloppy snatch.

Both men fucked her all morning anytime they could get an erection and she was a dripping, panting mess by the time lunch came. Ralph sent them to take a shower together and then took his while they worked on lunch.

Now Lucy had a chance to get to know this person who had just been an anonymous cock all morning. They heard about his lousy marriage and his frustrations. Fortunately, they had not had children and he was strongly considering a divorce. His company had a branch office here and he had enough seniority to get transferred if he wanted.

Lucy piped up, “My mom would probably like to fuck you too!” Ralph smiled and said that Martin had arrived yesterday evening so her mom had already gotten very well acquainted with him. Lucy was pleased with the news.

That night they did something quite different. Lucy came over to fix supper and stayed the whole night in Ralph’s bed, a first time for that. Martin was waiting in Rachel’s bed when she got off work. Needless to say, there were four sets of satisfied genitals by the next morning. Not to show any favoritism, the pairings would be reversed the next night. Lucy was not to be denied her daytime fucks, regardless, but the men had to hold her back a bit so some work could get done.

After supper, Martin and Ralph sat out on the back porch sipping on some single malt whiskey he’d gone out to buy in celebration of the most fun he’d had since he was single. “Ralph,” he said slowly, “this is exactly what I needed. I had to get my head out from under the cloud it has been in for way too long and live life a bit. You’ve got a pretty damn good deal here and I hope you know how much I appreciate your sharing it with me. I’m already thinking that Rachel is the woman I should have married and I’d like to move here and find out if it is just horny lust talking or more. Would that be okay with you?”

Ralph clinked their glasses and said, “It is more than okay with me. I’m enough older than you that I was having a difficult time keeping up with these two sexy broads. I sense that Rachel is attracted to you as well and if you feel like you want to stop sharing her, just let me know. Lucy is plenty for an old guy like me.”

Martin clinked him back, “Hell, sharing them is the frosting on the cake and something I’ve always fantasized about. I don’t see any reason to stop even if I married her. As the saying goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’”

A week later Martin moved his stuff into Ralph’s second bedroom, divorce proceedings started. Rachel and Lucy welcomed him with a bedhopping night where they kept going back and forth between the men’s bedrooms.

Soon enough it was fall and Lucy started school. She was so proud to ride her bike back and forth and came to see Ralph every day after class. They always had a nice fuck, sometimes a quickie and sometimes longer, before she settled down to do her homework, always naked in case he wanted to do any kind of fooling around.

Ralph was her mentor, as well as lover, and he asked her if any of the boys at her school were interesting to her. She made a face and said, “No! They are so dumb and when they are after me I tell them to stay away or I’ll kick them in the nuts. That seems to work.” Then she laughed.

Rachel had already told Ralph that she was sure Lucy was deeply in love with him and that the age difference didn’t matter to her one bit. When he asked if fucking Martin made any difference, Rachel replied that Lucy did it because it was important to “her man”, more than for the pleasure involved, not that she minded it of course.

Martin was now spending almost every night in Rachel’s bed and Lucy was in Ralph’s. Friday night had been designated “date night” and they went out as a foursome to have some fun. It was a game where Ralph and Rachel acted like lovers, but Lucy had been told to act like she was out with her “dad” as she accompanied Martin. She followed directions well. When they returned home the couples that were “dating” spent the night together and all four gathered at breakfast where they traded partners back. It made for fun and variety and helped bond the group.

As soon as Martin’s divorce became final, he proposed to Rachel and they were wed within the week. It was Rachel’s first, being that Lucy was conceived by somebody at a party where she got too drunk to remember what happened. While they were gone on a week’s honeymoon, Lucy sulked, something very unusual for her since she met Ralph. When he confronted her with her behavior, she said angrily, “I am old enough in this state to get married. Why haven’t you asked me to be your wife? We live together and fuck like we are married but we’re not. Don’t you love me enough?”

This caught Ralph really off guard and he didn’t know what to say for a bit. All he could come up with was, “Let’s talk about this when your mom gets back.” That seemed to satisfy Lucy for the time being and she went back to her friendly and horny self.

When her mom and Martin returned, the four of them had a conference. Lucy stood up to make a little speech she had apparently been working on. “I am not going to fuck anybody but Ralph from now on. He is the man I love and the only one I want to be that close to. If he wants to fuck my married mom, that’s his business.”

It was finally settled that when she graduated from high school, and if she still felt the same way, that Ralph would consider making her a bride. She relented on screwing Martin so they could still do their date nights which the newlyweds wanted to continue.

Things were pretty quiet for the next couple of years. The only thing notable was Lucy made friends with a classmate during their senior year and he began taking her to school functions and other things that her peers were doing and where Ralph would likely be out of place. He and her mother encouraged this more normal high school behavior, that having been a concern about her social development.

One night she came home from school dance she had attended with her friend and began crying as she got into bed and clutched Ralph. “What’s wrong?”, he asked.

She sobbed for a bit and then started talking softly, “I might have made a mistake tonight. After the dance my friend took me down by the lake and we walked in the moonlight. We had been holding hands before but this time he turned and kissed me. I’m so used to kissing and loving with you that I just went right along with it and pretty soon I couldn’t stop. He fucked me two times before he brought me home and I loved it. But now I feel so bad, like I have been untrue to you.”

Ralph again stroking her back, not saying anything, just holding her tenderly. “What you did was very normal for a person your age. I’ve expected you to be attracted to boys at your school. I love you every bit as much when you fuck Martin, so why should this be any different?”

Lucy pulled him on top of her, reaching for his erection and guiding it in. “Fuck me in his stuff. Take me back by pushing it out with your cock and put yours in its place. I love you so much and you are so good for me.”

She woke Ralph during the night to reaffirm her love for him. Nothing more was said about the events of that evening until her next date with her friend. Before she went out the door to his car, Ralph put his hands on her shoulders, looked her in the eye and said, “If you want to fuck him, just do it. If you need it, I am giving you permission, just like I did with Martin. I know you will come back to me and our relationship will be as strong as ever. Sex is one of the great pleasures of life, so if you decide to do it then enjoy it fully.” She kissed him and went out the door.

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