Girl, Aroused

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2017 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young model runs into serious problems

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   School   Incest   .

She woke, stretched, shuddered, gritted her teeth, squeezed her vaginal muscles and expelled a slim, silvery device, shivered, licked it and put it on the table beside her bed, smiling and thoroughly aroused, dripping, quivering, her nipples distended and clit trembling, ready for another lover. She crawled across the carpeted floor, leaving a trail of slime, made sure the gnarled dildo was on securely, licked its domed head and then mounted the modified Sybian machine, swung her long leg across and eased herself down slowly, sobbing as it went a half-foot deep, rubbing every nerve bundle, inflaming her G-spot, and then flipping the switch and crying out, just a small squeak as it began humping her, thrusting upward and rotating half a turn with each ram. She moved with the pleasure machine, eyes closed, hands behind her, thrusting out her luscious chest, nipples distended, her young breasts bobbling, belly and thigh muscles contracting and relaxing, now in sync and almost purring, exhaling with each penetration, sucking in air, just, “Ah, ah, ah.” Eyes closed, mouth gaping, mind empty, nearing climax.

Her handsome father entered her room, his engorged penis in his hand, and stepped to her side. She smiled up at hm, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, suppressing her urge to orgasm. He slid his swelling cock between her puffy lips and buried his hands in her mass of blonde curls. The girl had learned to suppress her gag reflex.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the multiple sensations her body was absorbing as she deep-throated her father’s blood-hot member, and raked it with her teeth while he moved it gently in and out and the Sybian continued to penetrate deeply. Her father closed his eyes, holding her tightly to his hairy belly, burying her nose in his curls.

He gritted his teeth, grunted and came, snorting and ejaculating several times in his lovely daughter’s well-trained mouth. She swallowed, licked her lips and grinned up at him as he withdrew, dripping on her upturned tits, his huge phallus swaying from side to side. She turned her machine up to the next notch and gritted her teeth as she leaned forward and its knob reached her clitoris. She cried out and clamped her hand to her mouth, embarrassed. The youngster shuttered as the pain and pleasure both increased. Her lush body refused to climax as she gasped and squealed, leaning forward and convulsing with lust, fluids flowing, teeth clenched. She cursed and dismounted.

A half-hour later, showered and powdered, her pudenda carefully shaved and a jeweled cone-shaped plug deep in her stretched anus and a tiny clip-on ring atop her fluttering labia, she came down for breakfast wearing only her brother’s college t-shirt, which barely reached the crest of her mounded thighs, a constant reminder of their multiple couplings. Her large nipples were poking out firmly and her tiny clit stalk was sore and quivering.

“You have a modeling job at ten,” said her current step-mother, a one-time star of hard-care porn epics, famous for her cries of passion. Her father seldom bothered to marry these women, just paid them and used them until he tired of them and discarded them or passed them on to a friend and found another. She had met ten or twelve since she her real mother abandoned her after finding her atop her brother.

“You going with me?” she asked without looking up, doing her Kegel clamps on the plastic device six inches in her, opening and closing, opening and closing. She could do a hundred now without thought or real effort in her immature birth tunnel.

The over-endowed woman nodded. “Of course.” Her silicone implants were beginning to fail. The girl was sure that her father would soon discard her.

The girl shuddered and removed the Kegel exercise device from her vagina, went to her knees, grasped the woman’s flabby buttocks and pushed her talented tongue into her step-mother’s hair-fringed maw, sucking and licking until the woman’s juices flowed.

Wearing just a thin wife-beater shirt and bright pink, four-inch slides, the girl buckled herself into into the sleek car and her step-mother drove her downtown and to the studio where the sub-rosa commercial was being shot, an ad for an illustrated, on-line porn novel. There she sat where she was told, stripped off the shirt and enjoyed having make-up applied to her jutting breasts. One of the girls iced her nipples gently while another adjusted the platinum blonde wig.

The “shoot’ took just about an hour as she posed with several naked men, caressed their muscular thighs, kneaded their throbbing scrotums, licked their engorged cocks and breathed out her lines, ignoring their turgid condition or the hands on her ass, the fingers always probing.

Back in the car, aroused and unsatisfied, engorged labia fluttering hungrily, she removed the odd-shaped device from her ass, donned her Vickies high-cut thong and wiggled into her school uniform, buttoned her white shirt and was deposited at her high school just before lunch with the usual note of excusal. She had made $2,000 that morning and was still squeezing a small plastic device in her light-lipped pussy, just exercise, now completely automatic. Her mind was blank, but lust flowed through her. As usual, her young vagina was wet and slick, rippling with anticipation.

After her math and English classes, she reported to the vice-principal’s office since it was Wednesday. He used her Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the head of the boy’s athletic department and his two muscular assistants enjoyed her multiple talents on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The school’s tuition was $25,000 per semester, but she had a half-scholarship and several free uniforms. She had five, all now semen stained.

Using her mouth, she put a ridged condom on the man’s small, stiff cock and then knelt in his rotating office chair and presented her bare bottom. Groaning and gasping, he used her for nearly half an hour until he climaxed and fell back, sobbing and gasping. Then she had to crawl to his big chair and suck his satisfied member until he either ejaculated or pushed her away. While she was doing that the school’s new principal came in, stood taking in he scene and then sodomized the sucking girl and ejaculated in her several times. She went back to his office with him, his thick spend oozing down her thighs, and her fucked her on his big desk, her legs kicking wildly while he gnawed on her breasts.

Still it was much easier than what the coach made her do and do and do, over and over, until she screamed.

She rode the private bus home, chatting with her friends while she tensed and relaxed her pussy and ran right up to her brother’s room, eager to fuck.

Her brother had two college boys with him and all three of them were naked and sitting on the side of the bed, smiling, licking their lips, their huge erections pointed upward, their bodies full of ED stimulant.

Still in her uniform of white shirt and plaid skirt, she laughed, went to her knees and got to work. Eventually, they stripped her and triple-teamed her, making her air-tight they called it, and spent more than an hour enjoying her tireless cunt, eager mouth and sucking anus while she squealed happily. She could not count her climaxes.

She stumbled to her room, deposited her clothes and made it to the shower. A few minutes later, when she was feeling pretty good, her brother joined her, his stiff erection jutting out before him. She squealed when he boned her viciously. He was not gentle and grunted like some sort of wild animal as he enjoyed her, splaying her luscious body on the tiles.

After supper, she did her homework; reading some Chaucer and doing a math work-sheet with a gnarled, six-inch dildo in her pussy.

She had just looked at her phone when the doorbell rang, and she knew it was Phil and knew what he wanted. She had never liked sodomy, but Phil was both cute and rich and he just loved her ass. Soon she was standing in the dining room, feet wide apart, leaning forward and bracing her hands on the table. Phil petted her gently, applied some lubricant and then slid his hands up to grasp her firm breasts as he entered her anus.

She gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes closed as the young man enjoyed himself. He paid her a thousand each time and used her once a month.

When Phil left and she finished reading about the wife of Bath, it was bed time, and she wondered if she would sleep alone for a change. Her father and brother generally took turns when they needed action.

But her brother had taken a girl upstairs and she had not seen them come down. Then the doorbell chimed. Standing on the threshold and holding out a crisp, new hundred-dollar bill was one of her neighbors, a high school sophomore with an odd grin on his face. “Want’a get laid,” he said.

She smiled at hm and licked her lips, feeling her vagina pulse. “How old are you/” she asked calmly, her eager pussy quivering.

He blinked at her. ‘Fifteen, why?” He held the hundred high, right under her chin.

“Sorry. No can do; come back next year.” She stepped back and closed the door.

That night she heard the old telephone ring and turned over and then she heard a muffled thump and sat up in bed, listening, frightened end not knowing why. She heard someone scurrying about, feet on the stairs and the back door slamming.

Bare, a small toy in her pussy, she went out into the hall and crossed to her brother’s room. He was snoring. She listened at her father’s door and then went in. The bed was empty and clothes were scattered on the floor, women’s clothes. She found her father’s body in the bathroom, leaning over the bathtub where the wall was smeared with blood and brains and bits of bone. A pistol lay in the tub.

She backed out and punched 911 and then put some clothes on and woke her brother.

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