Miss Murphy's Deluxe Boarding House

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: 1910 hospitality you didn't know about.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Historical   Sharing   Nudism   Prostitution   .

Menopause arrived just in time for Miss Murphy’s transition to earning extra money for her retirement. As an only child, she had inherited the five-bedroom house from her parents and had successfully run it as a boarding house for men for the past 20 years. The quality of the place, and its easy transportation to the major manufacturing district in the city allowed her to get premium fees for the accommodations. Her clientele were primarily supervisory and management personnel.

Although she had never married, she was certainly not an old maid. Active in social causes, including women’s suffrage groups, she had decided years ago that she was allowed a sex life as a single woman equivalent to a single man. Birth control was primarily condoms and diaphragms, as well as judicious timing of coital acts. It had been mostly successful since she surrendered her virginity to a charming boarder not long after starting the business. There was one slip-up which had required an abortion and thus she also championed for those rights for women.

Although her sex life had been serially monogamous up to this point, sometimes with a boarder and sometimes not, she had decided to quit giving it away since building up her retirement resources was now more urgent. With the threat of unexpected pregnancy gone, and the consequential need to determine paternity in those cases, she reasoned she did not need to limit herself to one sex partner anymore. While her lover, up to this point, had been expected to do manly tasks around the house, any additional visitors to her vagina would be in exchange for cash. Lesser services, such as hand and oral would also be offered. The question of anal, which she had participated in with a couple of her previous liaisons, might depend on the size of the appendage involved.

“My dear Randolph,” she said as he withdrew his wilting organ from the pleasant place that had just emptied it, “I’ve decided to make some changes in the services offered here at the boarding house. The meals and laundry shall remain as is but I have decided to begin offering more personal services of the most intimate nature as well. Like the others, there will be additional charges beyond the basic room rent. I need your assistance in determining these charges which I shall not expect you to pay as long as you keep providing your current level of household assistance.”

Randolph was accustomed to this feisty woman’s activities but this one surprised him. His lady friend was going to become a prostitute, albeit a selective and better class of one. When he quizzed her further she stated that she was well aware of men’s needs and thought that this would be a better and healthier solution for her boarders than going to find women on the street or in saloons. She knew that she was not as young or comely as some of them so her prices would be accordingly lower and based on repeat business as well.

While Miss Murphy had a reasonably attractive face with a very nice smile, her body was rather solid like that of the traditional farm wife. She had to abundant dark hair in the usual places and breasts which were proportional to her body and exhibited little sag as yet. Randolph enjoyed the snug velvet grip of her pussy and she was an active participant in copulation, enjoying various positions after her open-minded foreplay. She was clearly more of a student of sex than most of his previous partners, being quite interested in oral stimulation in both directions.

He wondered how he would feel about knowing she had other men ejaculating inside her. The recent abandonment of condoms was quite welcome in their own joinings, but he didn’t know if her new clientele would be required to use them. In the meantime, he needed to do some research on the going rates for sex services in their area. He was aware of several professionals at the tavern he frequented and he had not made use of their services for quite some time so had to get an update on the charges.

“My dear Randolph,” the way she usually started a conversation with him, “you’ve done a fine job of information gathering. Let me reward you for that and then we shall determine what charges I shall make for intimate uses of my body.” He marveled at how matter-of-fact and businesslike she could be in such a sensitive area. There was quite a discussion about whether charges were better on a per-service delivered basis or, like the other establishment benefits, on a rental basis, i.e. weekly or monthly, on frequency of services delivered. The latter system required less record-keeping, something that nobody ever liked.

Next came marketing and promotion. It was decided that she would approach each of the current residents individually, emphasizing that these special services were confidential would be immediately terminated if any such thing were discovered. While prostitution was openly allowed in their city at that time since it seemed to reduce violence against women, Miss Murphy was more concerned about her public image than any moral consequences. She had long ago discovered that clergy were just as horny as anybody else, having taken the pastor of her church as a lover for a couple of years before he found a spouse. He still occasionally suggested a revisit which she politely declined.

Thus it came to be that her cash income increased by about 50% which she was able to put away in a bank account. Randolph’s times with her were just as frequent although occasionally there was a delay while she tended to her boarders. One had opted for a hand job twice a week but with the opportunity to have it done with her naked and have manual access to her body while she brought him to his conclusion. Another boarder opted for oral satisfaction of his needs, and the last one sprang for the full treatment, also twice a week. To Randolph’s slight relief, condoms were required but she said only until such time as the boarder could be determined to be “clean” and having no intercourse with any other woman.

“My dear Randolph,” she inquired of him after the first month of delivering her services, “have you noticed any change in the quality of our couplings? I have taken care to service my boarders on days that you and I do not normally get in bed together.”

“I cannot say that I detect any physical change or in your admirable enthusiasm for joining with me, but I must admit that it is on my mind at times and I have a mixture of feelings. On the one hand, I am jealous like any male is expected to be. On the other hand, I find it to be stimulating thinking how sexual you are and that you wish me to participate in that so fully.” She hugged and kissed him and said that he was a special man, which gave him great satisfaction and eased his feelings.

The boarding house tenants were generally long-term, usually changing only if someone was transferred away or for some other unavoidable issue in their life. Thus, it was only occasionally that she had to get accustomed to a new man, although eventually all of them upgraded to the complete service. That necessitated some scheduling changes because with their long work hours she could accommodate only one of them per week day. Sunday was reserved entirely for Randolph but during the week he might be waiting in her bed until she finished up in another room. Nothing was said about the different lubrication inside her when he entered so shortly after the other man, now condom-less, had finished.

The house being so solidly built, did not allow many sounds to travel from room to room, and she was also a quiet orgasmer so Randolph did not know how much satisfaction she derived from these other copulations. He knew she was always eager for his entry during the week, even though just coupled with, and generally had a climax with him. As he awaited her return, he kept wondering more and more about what was happening in the other room but did not feel it was his place to inquire.

Then there arose an opportunity for Randolph. He was being sent to Germany by his employer for a month of work with vendors and customers. He was allowed to take a companion and he, of course, wanted to take Miss Murphy. Knowing that she would protest being away from her responsibilities at the boarding house, he had a discussion with a divorced cousin of his, a woman also past menopause named Margaret. When he explained the details of her assignments, she was delighted, having poor results with the limited dating she had done. He invited her to dinner to get acquainted and review the possibilities.

The dinner went quite well. Margaret could use the extra income and the boarders would enjoy the variety in the services they were receiving. She was introduced to the boarders and it was agreed that she would take up residence the day before the travelers took the train to New York City to board a steamship.

Miss Murphy was thrilled by the luxury aboard the ocean liner and by the scenery and culture in Europe since she had never traveled much even in the United States. The company’s office was in Dusseldorf but Randolph promised they would take trips to other areas as well.

Because of the length of the stay, they had been booked into a rooming house that the company frequently used. This was of professional interest of course to see how Europeans handle such things although these were short term guests and not long-term boarders.

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