Sally's Student Spouse

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Wife brings home new sex skills to teach her husband.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Nudism   .

Author’s note: You can learn more about Sally’s previous adventures in the story “Monogamy Modified” but this was written to also stand alone.

“So how was the nudist place?” Sally’s curious spouse asked as he took her small bag. You don’t need to pack much for that place. He hadn’t been able to get away from work when her sister took her there. It wasn’t a place he was comfortable going anyway. It was the first time they’d been apart in their two-year marriage and one year engagement. He’d agreed that a little time apart could be good for them, but he’d had misgivings about this particular one for his wife.

She was a short and somewhat chubby blond. They’d traded virginities a month before the wedding when she got on birth control and he was happy with their three-times-a-week sex life. Her divorced sister told stories of her much more interesting one before, during, and after her marriage. She’d accepted that sister’s invitation to an adult nude resort and discovered some things about herself and men she hadn’t realized.

“I’ll tell you when you are naked like I’ve been all week!” was her saucier than usual reply. He was hornier than he had been for years and his trouser trout bounced and pointed to the ceiling as he followed her cute rounded ass to the bedroom. She knew that part of her anatomy would always get his attention. The last week had taught her that its enticing motions seemed to get just about any man interested in getting much closer.

In an attempt to disguise the happenings at the resort she flopped on her back and spread her legs in the classic pose. In his horniness, he gave her tits a few cursory sucks and her snatch got the same. No words were spoken as he embedded himself and began the old in-and-out.

Sally was thinking, “It’s like those other women said, he’s got a lot to learn and I want to take responsibility for that. Her thoughts went back to the half-dozen young men she had screwed at the beginning of her visit who weren’t really much better than her husband. Then she met some older ones and all of that changed dramatically. She’d been laid more times and had uncountable orgasms during the last few days at the resort then she would get in months at home.

She could tell her husband wasn’t going to get her one so her fingers stimulated herself. Between that and the memories, she got what she wanted.

Robert, her husband, had his own set of thoughts going. She seemed different but was it her absence, or his imagination about what might happen when you ran around nude with a bunch of other people? He wasn’t sure how to find out without looking like a jealous prick or an untrusting husband. He finally concluded that she would probably tell him anything that he needed to know.

He felt her fingers rubbing herself and the tremors of her orgasm which set him off too. He rolled off and snuggled with her.

His curiosity was getting the best of him though, “You’ve got a great tan so what did you do besides sit around in the sun and look at guys’ cocks as they walked by?”

She slapped his ass and said laughingly, “They were usually all soft and dangling. That’s not very interesting.” He noticed the word ‘usually’. “There are lots of things to do like any lakeside resort. Tennis and volleyball are interesting when your parts are hanging out. Thank goodness my tits are nice and firm unlike some of those that I saw flopping wildly. People visit and play cards and go for hikes and swim and sail. Then there are the campfires that night with storytelling and dancing.”

Robert perked up, “Do people dance up close naked with others?”

She smiled, pleased with his interest, “Yes and it’s rather enjoyable because it’s mostly slow dancing. I bet you’d like being up close and personal with some of the big tits I saw there.”

He was frowning a little bit when he asked, “Did you dance?” She nodded. “Did being close to you have any effect on the men you were dancing with?”

“Do you mean, did they get erections?” He nodded. “Some did and my sister told me just to put them between your tummies and don’t make a big deal out of it.”

She could see that his erection was returning with this rather bawdy talk for them. One more question from her husband, “Did that dancing lead to anything else?”

She grinned and said, “One teenage boy must’ve thought I was pretty sexy because he shot off just from rubbing on our bellies and some of it even splashed all away up to my tits. He was so embarrassed he left and I didn’t see him again. My sister thought it was very funny because it had happened to her before.”

Robert rolled on top of her and began pounding vigorously at the image and thought of another man being that intimate with his wife, even shooting cum on her breasts. He’d never done that!

Sally was pleased with his enthusiasm and knowing that her adventure turned him on rather than making him mad. That was encouraging and she would slowly reveal the even more erotic adventures now in her memories.

Each time they had sex Robert exhibited his curiosity. At first she told about some of her sister’s sexual adventures. She goaded him a little bit saying, “I see how you look at my sister and her swimsuit. Maybe she’ll let you see her naked sometime. She’s got bigger tits than me. Would you like me to trim down my pussy hair like hers?” Talk like that always got him going, especially the second time when he would last longer and she could get more pleasure herself.

Over the next few weeks Sally gradually introduced some of the fun things she had learned at the resort. Robert still did not directly ask her if she had fucked anybody. If he did she wasn’t sure if she would be honest or not. For the time being he was enjoying that she was initiating more and giving him a helluva good time.

Robert tried not to let on that he noticed new additions to her sexual repertoire. He’d wondered what all might have happened when people ran around with no clothes on, especially with that slutty sister of hers involved. He felt guilty when he thought about that woman and what he’d like to do with her as he sometimes fantasized when he was screwing Sally.

This impasse came to a head when Rachel, Sally’s sister, came for a visit. She didn’t fully realize the conservative upbringing that both of them had. The fact that her sister had fucked around so much at the resort seemed fairly normal to her and Sally didn’t clue her in that Robert hadn’t caught up yet.

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