New Life

by JAX

Copyright© 2017 by JAX

Erotica Sex Story: No good deed goes unpunished

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   MaleDom   Gang Bang   Exhibitionism   .

How long has it been since my new life started? A year? No, more like fourteen months. I leaned forward and poured myself some cool, white wine and then laid back on my lounger. My bikini clad body nice and warm from the sun. Fourteen months of freedom.

It started on that fateful camping trip with my late husband, Jerry. A week away from everything might, just might turn things around, for our marriage wasn’t going anywhere but down hill. Jerry had been passed over yet again at work and now he was drinking. When he drank he became violent and horny; the second was ok but the first wasn’t. He was typical of an older husband, insecure and jealous of everyone and we had to move twice during the week because he had picked a fight with some guy who he claimed was making eyes at me. Well, it was all probably true, guys had been making eyes at me since I was twelve.

“Why don’t you wear some decent clothes?” he shouted at me, not for the first time.

Hey, I was on holiday, too, and if I wanted to wear a comfortable short flared skirt that did show off my long legs especially when the wind got under it, and I do like to tie up my blouse over my braless size ‘C’ cup tits for I like the way it felt, the freedom and the coolness of the air on my skin and I liked the looks I usually got, too.

“Hey, what’s this?” Jerry said.

We were on the move again after last night’s fight when up ahead, it looked like a car had gone off the road.

“Pull over,” I said, for I was worried somebody may have been hurt.

A nice looking guy about my age, say his mid twenties, waved us down and we stopped. Before either one of us could get out, he pushed a pistol through the open passenger window and into my face.

“Turn the engine off or the bitch gets it,” he snarled. “Hey, Brad, we got ourselves a ride.”

From behind the car emerged a second good looking guy, carrying what looked like an army haversack.

“Pop the trunk, old man,” said the second guy, Brad.

“Now, boys...” Jerry started.

“Open up, old man, or your lady gets a bullet in her pretty face,” he said.

The trunk was pretty much empty, for all our stuff was in the caravan behind.

“Ok, let’s go,” said the first guy.

They were both in the back seats with his gun waving about to emphasize his request.

“What do you want?” asked Jerry half turning to look at them.

“Hey, man, just drive,” said the guy with the gun.

Jerry started the engine and once more we were on our way.

“It’s ok, Matt, you can tell these nice people,” said Brad.

“Ok, then, Brad,” said Matt.

Well, at least we had both their names now.

“Well, it’s like this, folks,” said Matt. “Brad and me are trying to get as far away from here as we can and that pile of junk back there decided to die on us.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Asking that sort of question could get pretty lady like you killed,” said Brad. “Better you don’t know.”

The next ten miles went by in silence, their silent menace hung over us when suddenly a motorcycle cop appeared going fast the other way.

“Keep going,” said Brad, sounding very nervous. “Keep your speed down.”

“He’s coming after us,” shouted Matt.

“Keep calm,” urged Brad. “He can’t know anything. It just has to be a routine stop.”

“What should I do?” asked Jerry.

“Keep going,” said Matt.

The cop caught us very quickly and looked us over for a few seconds then waved us to pull over.

“Nice and gently,” soothed Matt.

“Where are you folks headed?” he asked politely once we had pulled over.

“We thought we’ll try camping in the desert,” said Jerry sounding very calm.

I noticed his eyes were lingering on my exposed thighs and only-partly concealed bust more than Jerry’s driver’s licence. Within five minutes, we were off again after the cop had checked in and found nothing wrong.

“That was good, folks,” said Matt with a sigh.

“Look, we can drop you at the next town and we won’t say anything,” offered Jerry.

“Tell you what,” said Matt sounding like he was just asking for a cup of coffee. “We could just pull off the main road, drop you both into a shallow hole and then we’ll drive off.”

His words hung in the car for the next twenty miles.

“The cop’s back,” shouted Brad.

“Shit,” snarled Matt. “The word must be out already.”

“Look, boys, just give yourself up,” suggested Jerry.

“Fucking no way I’m going back to the pen,” snarled Matt. “Pull over.”

Jerry gently pulled off the road and onto a dirt track and stopped. Both guys jumped out and hid behind the caravan.

“Get down!” Jerry shouted at me, as the two boys opened fire on the cop.

He didn’t have a chance; just as soon as he came abreast of us he was met with a hail of bullets.

“Right, out, you two,” snarled Matt. “Help us move the cop’s bike.”

Between us, Jerry and I wheeled the motorcycle off the road and into a dry wash. Brad dragged the dead body and he threw it on top.

“Right, you, in the back with me,” said Matt to me, “and Brad can ride up front.”

I slid into the back seat and tried to cover up my naked thighs.

“Just keep it slow,” said Matt.

Jerry pulled back on to the highway while Matt studied the map he had taken from the door pocket.

“Ok, it’ll be dark in a couple of hours and we need to get off this road,” said Matt to nobody in particular. “Soon, you’ll come across a small road on your right, take it.”

He folded the mad away and then he placed his hand on my thigh.

“Please, mister,” I said and I didn’t like the whining sound in my voice.

I was a big girl now, wasn’t I, not some shrinking virgin. I’d sucked my share of cocks and opened my legs for countless guys, some less good looking than either of these two.

“Don’t you dare touch her,” snarled Jerry.

Good old Jerry, all shout and no backbone. What could he do against these two, even if they didn’t have guns?

“Shut it, old man,” said Matt softly but with menace.

“She’s fucking too good for you,” giggled Brad, turning around to look at me.

“You touch her and I’ll kill you,” Jerry snarled.

“Is that right,” purred Matt.

Matt removed his hand from my thigh and blatantly placed on my right breast.

“So, kill me,” he said with a laugh.

Suddenly Jerry hit the brakes hard and served off the road.

“Shit,” shouted Brad from the front, who made a grab for the wheel.

With the car back under control, but now we had almost come to a stop, Matt reached forward and hit Jerry hard with his gun butt; knocking him forward and unconscious.

“You drive, Brad,” ordered Matt.

“Shall we dump him?” he asked, nodding towards Jerry.

“No, please,” I shouted.

“There’s some rope in the trunk, tie him up,” ordered Matt.

Very soon we were on the way again. Soon we had found the side road and turned off.

“There,” pointed Matt.

It had only been a few miles before Matt found a good place to pull off. Brad turned off the road and down a dirt track leading to some hills.

“Ok let’s find a place to stop for the night,” said Matt.

“This is perfect,” said Matt, looking around.

We had stopped between two small hills, well out of sight from the road.

“You get some food ready,” Matt said pointing at me. “I’ll go and wipe away our tracks. And, Brad, keep your eyes on them both.”

Brad dragged Jerry out of the front seat and dumped him in the dirt. I busied myself with food, not wanting to think about what was going to me happen later. Like most women, I had some fantasies about being raped, got off a few times with the image of some faceless rapist humping me, but this wasn’t some fantasy, this was going to be the real thing. Jerry was back with us but he was still a bit groggy and tied up he could do nothing to save me from my fate.

“That was real nice, little lady,” said Brad, putting his empty plate down.

“Yeah, you are a real good cook,” said Matt. “I wonder what else you’re good at.”

“Please,” I whined again.

“Leave her alone,” whispered Jerry, which was all he could do, for he was impotent.

“Who’s first?” said Matt.

“You go if you like,” laughed Brad. “I like to watch anyway.”

“No,” I screamed and jumped up.

He was much too quick for me. Matt grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground.

“Bring the old man over so he can watch too,” laughed Matt.

I had to fight for my own self esteem, even if I had no hope of stopping him.

“Lovely tits,” said Matt as he tore my blouse open.

“You’re a lucky man to have that waiting for you at home,” said Brad, who had now sat next to Jerry.

“Leave her,” he croaked.

My skirt was soon ripped from my body leaving just my white panties.

“Go on, stick it in her,” encouraged Brad.

He didn’t need any encouragement; his hands ripped my last vestige of modesty away and then pulled my legs open.

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