Piss and Give Me a Clue

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: Lad enjoys incest with his grandmother

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Sister   Grand Parent   Anal Sex   BBW   .

Inspired by watching Russian whale like mature women showering in Voyeur videos and how I might enjoy being very dirty with them instead of nubile fit youngsters.

“Piss and give me a clue Gran,” I giggled but half meaning it.

“Don’t be a daft haporth Jim, I haven’t put that much on,” she snickered back.

“You fucking have, enormous, but I still love you,” I retorted, grinning up my 67 year old grandmother on my dad’s side, from a so called vantage point between her cellulite dimpled thighs.

“Hmm! Well I’m please to hear that. Only been away six years, put a bit of...”

“Fat on...”I interrupted.

She reached down over her bulk and tried to slap my head, but couldn’t reach. There happened to be a big roly poly belly in the way and she wasn’t strong enough to lever up and reach me. It was six and a half years ago yesterday when she and Grandad went to live in their beloved south of France on a nudist resort.

“I was going to say tan, you cheeky little bugger,” Gran chuckled, her whole being wobbling like jelly.

That gave me an opportunity to slide a hand under one of the two sweaty rolls of blubber that made up her grossly sagging belly. Of course I knew where her cunt was, having played with it since I was three I think, but now I was 16, I was very familiar with the female body in all senses having shagged my sister Erin who was now 14, at least weekly if not more and my 46 year old mum, virtually every day, carrying on the family tradition of rampant incest for two generations I believe.

We’d lost Dad when he was killed in a freak work accident with scaffolding on a building site and Grandad had gone, in the best possible way Gran said, shagging her socks off four years ago, due to a heart attack while in their super villa at Cap D’Agde. We’d visited them twice, but it was always difficult to fund the air trip to Montpellier as Dad was often out of work and Mum was illiterate but managed to hold down a shelf stacking role at Tesco, earning a meagre wage. Grandad hadn’t any savings, relying on their old age pensions and benefits, but with equity release from their old house which was rented out they got by as they say.

The old gal’s right leg was over my shoulder and she farted. A real rasper and I surfaced, coughing and chuckling at the way her flab had fluttered with the force of her foul wind passing by it.

“Ah! That’s better...” we both murmured, giggling in unison.

“Fuck me! I can smell those sprouts we had for tea last night,” I told her rolling away, dramatically gasping for air, waving her dirty knickers to create a draught. Her underwear was scattered across the bed and the dark grey XXL cottons were the first item in my reach.

“Don’t be so rude our Jim and pass me that cup of tea,” she snickered, indicating the remains of the breakfast I’d taken up to her that morning.

“I’d almost forgotten how good this is,” I chuckled, pasting my face with the rather large gusset of her undies.

“Some things never change matey,” she answered. “That meal your mum did for us last night was epic, so good to be back where a proper meal exists beyond Moule Frittes. Anyway, now normal service has been resumed in my diet, you going to shag the arse off me as usual Jim?”

“Your arse’d be easier to find Gran, as long as you turn over,” I ventured.

“OK give me a hand,” she responded, putting her tea on the bedside table, full of various medication.

Both of us managed to roll her over, me loving the various layers that made her up, that spread across two thirds of the bed. She has so many delicious curves and creases where the curves meet and form more curves, splaying into further facets of soft warm, toasty brown flesh. The views I remember of her in the showers, way back in my childhood, seared back through me, trying to work out which level I should start to soap and wash her, part of my ritual duties to earn the right to explore her pudgy labia, which finally opened into a veritable cavern of wet, pink, textured and tight cunt.

It was relatively easy now, the massive globes of her buttocks had a single dark slice straight down the middle, from a cute, yes even a cute vee where her spine met her hip bone. Parting the slice as I worked slowly south, Gran’s crevasse was deep, white to pink to red and damp the deeper I explored. She hadn’t bothered to adopt the confirmed naturist contortions to get every millimetre ofskin evenly tanned. I have studied the female form since I can remember and even with the smorgasbord of wobbles I could still detect the magic darker tone of her anal cavity. I wriggled down the bed and spread her arse, my eager face inches away.

“Now no more farts Gran,” I warned her in a friendly manner.

“Gerron with it Jim for fucks sake,” she nagged me pleasantly.

I glanced up towards her silver grey head, noting the width the blooms of her 54GG tits spread each side of her torso as she lay there in full expectance.

The prize beckoned me several inches below the surface, was purple, maroon red in colour like the surface of two doughnuts that had clashed and found a common purpose in protecting the one inch crack shaped like a squashed fly, such were the myriad of tiny wrinkles radiating from it’s core. It was couched in a wide circle of brown tinted skin. I dived tongue first holding the cliff like mass of bum flesh near as flat apart. Gran moaned and quivered, as the tip of my tongue explored the sweaty meat of her elderly sphincter, the adjacent slopes rasping my chin.

“Fuck me Gran, you could’ve shaved this thatch before...”

“ ... I know luvvy, sorry. My darling Minette, who usually waxes me took ill and I had no time to sort another one out before my flight. Does it hurt?”

I didn’t answer, her bum cheeks blocking sound to my ears as I devoured the foisty moist cavern.

At some point my mum entered the room, I only knew when I felt a slap on my arse, knowing it couldn’t be Gran and surfaced.

“Ooh what a nice sight and homecoming for you Mum. You missed him?”

This Sunday morning was Gran’s first back in England having flown back late last night for a four week fuck fest visit. She’d got the coach from Gatwick, then a taxi to our house. Ostensibly here to catch up on family stuff, and check out the rented house and the management, the three of us at home and Gran were geared up for an epic period of shagging, only hampered in one sense by Erin knowing she would be on within ten days of Gran’s arrival, but as Erin said, she had another twoholes.

“Course I have our Lily, we going to share him?” chuckled Gran, holding her cheeks wide.

That hole was calling to me, begging to be stuffed.

“Hey! ‘scuse me, don’t I have any say in this?” I gurgled cheerily. “I’ve only just negotiated my way to her bum hole across what seemed like a field of wheat stubble and I was aiming to...”

“Bum me I hope,” Gran chortled, interrupting me.

“Don’t let me stop you luv, the usual way? Come on Mum get your bum up,” Mum said.

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