Snow Cat

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The move to Avalanche was to expand our clan. The world was huge with long and cold winters. Even meeting his mates for the first time does not stop the hatred of fanatics. When they bring their transport down and kill the pilot it is only the beginning. Now they must fight back and human fanatics are no match for a Kaire.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

I did not like the layers of clothes or the wet cold and I really did not like the snow. My family was here to build a warren on what the humans called the high plains. My litter mates had already selected mates and I was alone. Of course I had been the only male in the litter. I was eighteen and several years past our mating age ... as my father constantly reminded me.

I had missed the first part of the construction to finish my advance degree exam project. I collected my float and then signed for the weapons I had to check in with the ship purser. I pulled the float and carried the weapons out of the starport. From one moment to the next it went from cold to freezing.

The wet feeling was gone as if there was no humidity. I stopped to take a breath before I smiled, “maybe it will not be to bad.”

The wind was not blowing that hard as I searched for the one that was supposed to meet me. Suddenly a snow runner raced towards me from the road and slowed and then slid to a stop. A teenage Kaire female threw off the hood and mask and grinned, “Draken?”

I blinked and then nodded and she gestured behind her, “we do not have long before the transport lifts and there is a storm coming in.”

I glanced at my float and she twisted and bent and reached back, “connect the leash to the sled hook.”

I did and pushed the weapons in and then climbed on behind her. She started moving, at least she was not going as fast as before. She headed around and then through a side gate and then headed to a transport that was loading. She stopped and we got off and while I pulled my float she started moving the runner to the loading ramp.

Another teenage Kaire girl was just inside the hatch checking a list. She looked at me and grinned, “hey.”

Somehow just her looking at me made me get aroused. The other girl laughed, “keep going or claim and take her.”

I grinned as I looked back, “and you?”

She snickered, “we come as a set.”

The other girl caressed my cheek, “and we are very amorous.”

I growled and shivered and realized my cock was emerging. I shifted and adjusted my long kilt before moving in and parking the float. I glanced back to see both girls bringing the runner in. I looked the other way to see a human in the cockpit door. He grinned at me, “it looks like the girls got you going tom.”

I grinned and then chuckled, “we almost had our claiming right there.”

The girls laughed as the ramp began to close. I moved to a seat and they strutted to the front. The one that had driven the runner sat beside me, “so tom ... why did we have to bring you out to the warren we are building?”

I looked at the other girl as she sat on my other side, “my family is the one building it.”

She grinned, “the Sil clan?”

I nodded, “I had to finish my advance degree exam project.”

She nodded as the transport began to move. The other girl sighed, “our families are helping and have an agreement for the trading store that is being built. I am Melody No Saj Cin and she is Tai Ous Sa Hiss.”

I told them my name and frowned, “trade agreement? I thought the high planes were isolated.”

They nodded and told me about the several dozen trappers and hunters that lived there. Including a couple that harvested Cinnaspice bark, leaves and even berries. They were talking about building large winter farms using hydroponics. They were both animated with the possibilities and I was very attracted to them.

It was awhile before the transport shook and jerked and bounced and they clutched me. I looked toward the cockpit and heard the human yell, “hang on!”

I looked around and tried to see what we could grab. The transport tilted and bounced and it felt like it was spinning. I growled as I held the two girls and shifted on the seat. The transport tilted and then slammed into the snow and started to slide. We were thrown forward and I managed to twist and pull until I crashed into the wall and the girls impacted on me.

Finally the world stopped moving and the transport settled. The human appeared and cursed as he pulled us up, “I am going to kill Mecomb.”

I growled as I checked the girls, “who is Mecomb?”

He moved to the rear of the transport, “the bastard that ignored my warn off and almost flew into our ass and then forced us down.”

The girls followed us as the human opened the hatch and let it fall. He turned, “we are not lifting which means you use the runner.”

I looked at the single runner and one of the girls straightened, “pull all the crates out.”

We did and she linked them together in one long chain. Using the emergency sled on the inside roof of the transport she put it under the first crate to break the trail for the rest. I sat and then laid on the back of the first crate while the girls got on the runner. The human Mr Clemens closed the ramp after waving, “send a transport back to get me.”

Tai seemed to know what she was doing and the runner pulled away slowly. We had not gone far when I heard the shots behind us, “stop!”

The girls looked back as the runner drifted to a stop and I rolled off the crate. I looked back the way we had come and heard another shot, “something is wrong.”

I glanced at the girls, “stay here.”

I began struggling through the snow going back to the transport. A few moments and I was looking at the back of the transport from under a tree. Three men were there and the body of Mr Clemens lay sprawled out in the snow. I could see the red spray from blood and growled before I began to stalk closer.

All three men still held pistols while looking at the smaller personal door into the transport. I was almost to them when another appeared, “they are...”

His eyes locked on mine as I came out of the snow and caught one of the men. I twisted his head to the left and yanked up and there was the snap of the spine breaking. Even as the man in the hatch began to react I was ripping the pistol from the dead man. I brought it up as the other men turned and fired twice into the chest of the man in the door.

He was lifting his weapon and went back and down as I let the dead man go and turned. I lifted and extended my arm and shot one of the other two in the head and then turned again. The last man was spinning to run as I aimed and fired and gore exploded out the front of his head. I moved to the transport and looked in at the body before I went to Mr Clemens.

He had been shot three times in the chest and once in the head. I spun at a sound and saw the girls under the tree where I had first been. I turned to look at the prints in the snow the four men had made before I gestured to the girls. I bent to lift Mr Clemens and carried him back into the transport and laid him down.

I heard the runner and left and went to bring the other bodies in. The girls arrived and I gestured to the tracks, “they came from that way and killed Mr Clemens.”

Tai growled as she followed the trail with her eyes and then looked at me, “follow it and we will wait and then follow you.”

I nodded and turned to start wadding through the snow. Three kilometers away I entered a large clearing where a transport sat. I checked around me before I began to stalk closer. I reached the transport and opened the smaller personal door. It looked and sounded empty and I slipped in and searched it.

It was empty and I returned to the door and looked out. I saw the girls and waved and then moved to the rear to open the ramp. The transport had been completely empty and we loaded our cargo and the runner. I had a little experience flying and went to the cockpit, “one of you call the constables.”

I looked at the mess in the cockpit and adjusted the pilot seat. I began making checks as Melody came in, “the constables are sending a transport to look at our transport and the dead.”

I nodded, “did they want us to wait?”

She shook her head, “there are a couple of constables at the new warren and we can check in with them.”

I started the transport and checked the clearing before I moved to one end. I turned and accelerated and then pull the controls back. We lifted and I turned once we were above the trees. I began checking the scan and sat nav system and Melody leaned over and touched a distant spot, “this is the warren.”

I nodded and adjusted our course and glanced at the weather warning, “there is a storm coming.”

They snorted and Tai put her hand on my shoulder, “there is always a storm coming in the winter.”

Just her touch had my cock starting to emerge and I tried to hold back a mating growl. She bent and licked under my right ear, “Draken Glen Urr Sil I claim you.”

Melody laughed as she reached out to touch my face, “me too.”

I looked at them and shuddered before I nodded, “accepted.”

It took awhile but I finally relaxed and got used to flying the transport. It was not until I saw the warren and the cargo pods that I realized I would have to land. I tilted the transport to look at the clearing before I went out and turned. I dropped on the way back and started slowing and barely cleared the top of the trees at one end of the clearing.

I slowed even more and finally the transport touched and began sliding through the snow. I quickly got control before it could turn or spin and headed to one side where another transport was sitting. I stopped between it and the trees and started shutting down while the girls went to the back to open the ramp.

Two constables were trudging through the snow to us after I finished and got up. We met them on the ramp and went over what happened as one went to look at the cargo. He also searched the transport and when they finished we were allowed to remove our cargo and runner. One of the constables cleared his throat, “we think this was not an isolated incident.”

The other gestured, “you kids be careful.”

Most of the adults from the warren had come out and they helped us move the cargo and runner to the bottom floor. I pulled my float in and my father appeared, “you okay?”

I nodded and glanced back as Tai and Melody suddenly appeared, “we are fine. I ... we will need a sleeping place for three.”

He looked at the girls and his eyes widened before he grinned and turned, “the frame and shell of the second floor is done but not complete. Almost everyone is still in tents on this floor but ... I think you can occupy the corner suite to the northeast. Check the supplies for a wide airbed and...”

Melody chuckled, “we know what to get.”

He nodded as he looked at her and then shook himself, “once you are settled we can go over the plans and assign you to a work crew.”

Tai pulled on my arm to get me moving, “after we have our claiming.”

They pulled me away while I held onto my float. First it was to a side area where they piled boxes and bags onto my float until it groaned. In another area they went into tents to pack bags and then pulled me up the ramp to the next level. It had a temp covering above the second level ramp but we went down a hall to the northeast corner suite.

The door was open and after I pulled the float in Tai closed it. I pulled the float all the way to a bedroom, there were six. The girls did not waste time inflating the bed as I set up a couple of heaters. The room was bare plasticrete floor to ceiling. It did have a sealed door out to a covered balcony.

The girls stripped and made the bed while I removed my clothes. The heaters were working and it did not take long to warm the room. They moved onto the bed and I started to follow. Looking at Tai had my cock emerging and she smiled and rolled to her knees between Melody’s legs, “fuck me.”

She started to lick through Melody’s pussy as I moved closer and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. They both moaned and Tai pushed back while her pussy tightened. She shuddered and pulled away and I caught and held her hips and shoved back into her. She jerked and spasmed and her pussy gripped my cock, “ooohhhh!”

I began to fuck her and used deep thrusts. A minute and she and Melody were struggling and thrashing as they howled. I was fucking Tai hard and she was jerking while her pussy constantly clenched. She wailed and howled and kept it up while her pussy became very wet. Finally I groaned as I shoved into her while pulling her hips back.

My cock gushed and I pumped strong spurts of sperm. She wiggled and squirmed when she felt it, “yyyeeeessssss!”

Her pussy was milking my cock and when I finished I pulled out. My cock did not soften or shrink back into its sheath. Tai rolled over and I looked at Melody with her legs spread wide and moved up and over her. I sank my slimy cock into her and settled and she clutched me as her pussy gripped my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

She shuddered and her pussy kept squeezing and I pulled back to fuck her. She jerked and bucked and began to wail, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Her warm pussy was gripping and squeezing as if it were milking my cock. I used deep strokes that buried my cock and she was clinging to me while struggling. It was several minutes before she was convulsing and I was still fucking her steadily. She tossed her head and howled and her eyes rolled up.

I shoved into her and held her under me as once more I gushed sperm. She wiggled and squirmed and hugged me tight, “YES!”

When I finished Tai hugged me and stroked my tail, my cock throbbed and I pulled out. She grinned as she laid back and I moved over her and sank my slimy cock into her. It was hours before we stopped and the two girls pulled a thick quilt over us. I woke to the sound of machines above us. Melody grumbled and Tai clawed my chest.

I twisted and rolled until she was under me and she spread her legs and grinned. My cock was already sliding out of the sheath but I only bent to nibble on her throat. I moved off the bed and she laughed as Melody giggled. The bathroom was very cold but the shower had warm water. We washed and then dressed warmly.

I went to find my father and look at the plans and then went see what work was being done on the third floor. We were creating the outer walls while others cleared the snow to put up supports and inner walls. The storm was mostly past with only a few small, light flurries. I was checking the sealed line connection that would provide power and water and take away sewage.

There were four vertical vent shafts that were also sealed to protect the lower floors. I was on the far side of the building from the workers when I straightened and looked out. I had to admit the stark white of the snow covered forest was beautiful. My eyes slid to one side when I saw the human.

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