White Rogue

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: I was a thief in a city of despair. I did not prey on those with little or nothing. I hunted thieves, robbers, dark mages and those that preyed on others. When the wizard arrived I had no idea his mission would change my life. It also meant hunting more of those that followed the dark paths.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

The city of Mellor was full of dark mages, self proclaimed nobles, Werewolves, drakes, vampires, witches ... basically a lot of evil creatures. There were also greedy merchants, hunters, knights and sanctuaries. I even knew of a courtyard with a huge oak tree and a dryad. She sometimes hunted the night with her bow.

As for me, I was a rogue and roamed the night. My prey was the evil nobles or greedy merchants and sometimes even a dark mage. There were also a few dark elves that lived on the edge of the city and they were good for gold or silver. The docks were a good place to start but not to steal from. Those that guarded the docks were very good if slow.

I carried a long knife on each thigh and a half dozen throwing daggers on my body. I also had silver throwing spikes and a wire strangle cord. Plus there was the weighted club in a ring on my belt and a stone and wood knife under my pack and on my belt. I was leaning against a wall when I saw the four men walk down the gangplank of a ship.

Two were warriors or knights, even if they did not wear armor. A third was a mage or ... or possibly a wizard by the staff he carried. The last was a clerk or perhaps a minor noble. They talked and looked around before the mage wizard looked right at me. He smiled and gestured, “get the bags.”

He strode toward me with the staff thumping on the wooden wharf. I straightened and he smiled, “well met Jas.”

I growled, “how do you know my name?”

He gestured, “tell me. Why do you not rob from those that work hard for their coin. Why do you always pick those that are dark or that follow the dark path?”

I grinned, “silly questions old mage. They are the ones that have the coin and are silly enough to think none would dare take it.”

He chuckled, “just so.”

He glanced back and then looked at me, “I would hire you.”

I snorted, “why would I work for you?”

He looked at me, “because we are hunting seven ancient mage tower ruins. Below them is treasure and more riches than even you dream.”

I thought about it, “so you are here seeking treasure?”

He hesitated before shaking his head, “we seek seven stolen relics of power.”

I made up my mind and smiled. There was something about this wizard mage that I liked, “you do what I say when I say it. Refuse once and we are done.”

He bowed, “agreed. I am Stark.”

He turned as the others arrived, “the one on the left is Markus, he is a scholar. The next is Sir Henry and last is sir Adam, both are knights.”

I had been thinking and turned, “come, we need to see someone and put your things somewhere safe.”

I led them into the maze of streets and through alleys and around whole blocks that had been sealed off or walled. Finally I banged on a thick gate and it was a few minutes before Pam opened the gate. She looked at me and then everyone else, “go away.”

I smiled, “mother I came to see you about your daughter Misty.”

She snorted, “bed but not wed.”

I sighed, “I would accept her as my mate under the old ways and laws.”

I turned and gestured to the wizard, “I even have a wizard to do the binding.”

She looked at him and sniffed, “he is older than he looks.”

I grinned, “the other three are young enough to bed if you think they can keep up.”

She laughed and opened the gate, “you are a sneak and a rogue Jas. You are lucky I like you.”

I strode in, “I have always liked you and Misty likes me and she is a ... amorous lass.”

They followed me in and she closed the gate and turned, “she is pure.”

I smiled, “only because you protect her and chase off all the men that would bed her.”

I turned and moved to the ancient oak and put my hand on it, “good day ancient one. May you stay strong and never fade.”

The wizard whispered and Pam laughed and gestured, “be welcome in my grove.”

I turned away from the tree just as a wild looking teenage girl crashed into me, “JAS!”

I grinned and spun to keep from falling, “nymph.”

The others murmured and sir Adam cleared his throat, “why are we here?”

I caressed and kissed Misty, “we are here because you need a safe place to stay and I need to visit a ... place to get an old map of the city.”

Pam sighed but I looked at Misty, “I promised to accept you as my bond mate.”

Her eyes brightened, “can you...”

I grinned and looked at the wizard, “do you know the old binding ceremony?”

He chuckled and moved towards us and gestured. Our hands lifted and moved to the tree and he chanted and they glowed. I looked at Misty, “you are mine until the passing of time.”

She grinned and wiggled, “you are mine until the seasons are no more.”

We both sighed as the glow faded and I gave her a kiss. I looked at Pam, “let them stay until I return?”

She looked at them and then nodded and I looked at Misty, “no bedding until I return.”

She shook her head and I caressed her face and turned to look at the wizard, “seven mage towers how long ago?”

He hesitated, “a thousand years when the city was born.”

I snorted, “hardly. The city is over five thousand years old.”

I started for the gate, “I will return before dark or not at all.”

Before I could slip out Misty was with me. I knew better than argue and started down the street, “you will have to wait when I enter the mage tower I am headed for.”

I glanced at her, “on a roof and out of sight.”

She nodded and I turned and went down an alley. When two men stepped out I pulled a dagger and threw and it slammed into the chest of one. The other spun and started running as his partner fell. I glanced back as the two that had followed us in went the other way. I pulled my dagger out of the dead man and cleaned it before we kept going.

Close to the center of the city and in the worst and most dangerous part I stopped. I gestured and Misty slipped away and climbed to the roof of a two story house. I looked at the square tower across the street and ignored those around me. I pulled a dull looking knife from the small of my back and the people scattered like timid mice.

I walked to the tower and pushed the point against the stones. Slowly it sank in and I began to cut down. I cut blocks out and then removed them and looked in. I put the knife away and ducked in and began to move silently. I ignored the stairs and balanced on a chair and leaped to grab the edge of the second floor landing.

I pulled myself up and looked around before vaulting over. I crossed the large room to the shelves of very old texts and began to read the bindings. Next was a few scrolls and I finally found the drawing I was looking for. I double checked it and then rolled it up and tucked it into my shirt. I moved to the stairs and jumped to the rail and turned and looked up.

I jumped and caught the edge of the next floor and pulled myself up. I peered over and saw the mage skinning a Werewolf chained to the wall. I did not have a problem with that but only if they were dead first. I silently climbed to my feet and pulled a silver spike and threw. It slammed into the mage and he screamed and staggered while turning.

I vaulted the rail and pulled a dagger and threw as he started to gesture and it slammed into his throat. I followed as I pulled a long knife and knelt to cut the bastard’s throat. I pulled my spike and dagger and looked at the Werewolf. I cleaned my weapons and searched the mage for the key to the chains.

I unlocked the feet and the wrists and it fell. It was still growling and I knew it was only a matter of time before it healed itself, “try feeding on the bastard.”

I walked to the stairs and went up to the last floor. I crossed to a desk and standing closet and searched both and took silver and gold coins. I used the rail to go back down and the werewolf was already feeding on the dead mage. When I walked out I looked up and gestured and it was only moments before Misty joined me.

She slipped her hand into mine, “find what you were after?”

I nodded as we started back, “if there is treasure I will see if the wizard can move your mother’s tree to a real forest by a town or city. We can buy the land and farm or grow fruit trees or...”

She laughed, “or turnips to make sugar?”

I looked at her and frowned, “no sugar for you. The last time your mother had to lock you in a closet so half the city did not bed you.”

She grinned and then giggled and pulled as she walked faster. I knocked on the gate when we reached her home and it was a minute before one of the knights opened it. I nodded to sir Adam and led Misty in and started across the court. Through the arches and under the dozen green nets made from vines was where I found the wizard.

The scholar Markus was missing and so was Pam which made me grin. I knelt beside the low table and pulled out the drawing. I gestured to the wizard, “your map.”

He was smoking a pipe that smelled of apples and cinnamon and pulled out a map and unfolded it. I opened the drawing and he set the map down and I turned both until they were orientated the same. Next I looked at one of the towers and then shifted to the map and studied it before I touched a spot, “here.”

The wizard nodded and marked it and I did the next and next until we had all seven. I stood, “stay inside tonight and in the morning we will hunt the first.”

He nodded and I reached for Misty and she yanked and pulled me after her. Her mother was back and looked younger and Markus looked used but satisfied. She grinned as Misty kept pulling me through garden like rooms with no roof. In one at the back was a triangle screen she pulled me under.

That was where her bed was and she spun and began to strip. I looked around as I took my clothes off and set everything, especially the weapons beside the bed. Misty laid back and rubbed her pussy while watching me. When I was done I bent and pulled her back to the edge. I pushed her legs open and looked at her pussy before I leaned down and licked through it.

She sighed and relaxed as I continued to lick her and then nibbled. I pushed my tongue into her and then covered her clit and sucked and flicked my tongue. She moaned and shuddered as her hips rose. She lifted and tilted her hips as she moaned louder. I sucked and squeezed it and she gasped and jerked.

I grinned and turned her before I moved onto the bed and over her. I slowly forced my cock into her and buried it. Her very tight pussy gripped my cock as I covered her and settled. She put her arms around me and I gave her a kiss. I began to press into her and relax before doing it again. A minute and her pussy was slippery and my cock was sliding out before I buried it.

She groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed, “it is so good!”

I kept kissing her as I continued to use long strokes. She wiggled and squirmed and then shuddered hard. She clutched me and spasmed and her pussy gripped my cock, “ooohhhh!”

Before long I was using deep thrusts and she had her legs in the air. She twisted and bucked and kept struggling, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It took awhile before I shoved into her and kissed her while holding her under me. I gushed a torrent of seed and she thrashed and kicked in the air, “aaaahhhh!”

She was hugging and clinging to me and her pussy kept clenching and pulling the sperm into her. When I was done I relaxed and pulled out and she sagged to the bed. She sighed as if she thought I was done. I moved and rolled her over and lifted her hips until she was on her knees. I sank my cock into her leaking pussy and she shoved back, “YES!”

I chuckled as I held her hips and began to fuck her. She was exhausted before we went to sleep but when I slid out of bed in the morning she tried to catch me. I grinned and pulled her out, “wash and then dress.”

When I led her back to the front courtyard her mother looked mussed but pleased. Stark smiled, “ready?”

I nodded as I headed for the gate, “stay together and do not leave the party.”

I opened the gate and looked out before I stepped through and started walking. Misty strutted a half step behind and to the left and the others walked in pairs. The two knights were at the back and kept looking behind us and down every alley and street. Two blocks and a man moved out of the shadows and walked to my right.

I glanced at him, “you do not have a feud with me Were.”

He snorted and looked around, “no but I do owe you a debt.”

I looked at him and then nodded, “you were the one the mage held and was torturing.”

He nodded and took a breath but I held up a hand, “you owe me no debt. I went there to kill the bastard and find something. If you wish to pay me back...”

I grinned and looked at him, “find another black mage and rip his throat out.”

He grinned and then laughed, “done.”

He turned at the next street and we went the other way. Misty giggled, “he would be fun in bed.”

I snorted, “only once nymph and then he would either bite you and turn you or kill and eat you.”

We worked our way around and to an area to the northwest. The few buildings were more walled ruins with jagged walls and broken statues. I knew this city well and the location from the map. I had just never gone into that particular walled area. I stopped and looked around at the few people on the street before I gestured to a wall.

The wizard moved closer, “the gate?”

I snorted, “there is no gate but the tower would have been behind those walls.”

He looked and I shook my head, “follow.”

I walked to the corner of the wall and leaped for the broken top and pulled myself up. I shifted and turned and leaned down while extending my hand, “Misty?”

She jumped and caught my hand and I pulled, “climb up but stay on the wall.”

She used my arm and then my body and went to the left. Next was Sir Henry and then Markus followed by Stark and last was Sir Adam. I turned after he was on the wall and looked in at the rubble strewn area. I could see where the tower had broken and collapsed into the ground. I could also see glittering statues and signs that Were had used this as a den.

I rolled and dropped and pulled my long knives before I landed in a crouch. I began to move slowly while searching. When I knelt to look at the few signs the Were had left it was very old. I glanced back and gestured and they swung down and dropped. I was moving to the base of the broken tower when a drake leaped up and out.

I slid aside and brought my left knife up as the head struck like a viper. The blade went up through the bottom and the tip came out the top. It was ripped out of my hand as the monster started thrashing around. I looked around and moved to it and knelt and shoved the other knife through the spine at the base of the skull.

I jerked it back and forth and pulled it out and then grabbed my other knife to yank it out. I cleaned both and stood and looked at everyone staring at me, “what?”

The two knights grinned and shook their heads and the wizard bowed and gestured. I went to look over the large stones the drake had jumped over and saw a sloping hole, “here is a way down.”

I climbed over and started down with them following. The rubble acted more like stairs that twisted and wound down almost twenty paces. There was a large room below and through an arched doorway was the lair of the drake. By the stench of rotting flesh and all the bones it had not been here long but something else had.

We moved large stones that blocked another doorway that led to more stairs. They curved and descending into the dark below. I moved to the side and grinned at Stark and took a strangely light stone lantern. I held it out and he sighed and reached out to touch it and it flared to life. I held it up and started down, “wait a few paces before following.”

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