by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: A mage is fascinated with stories and what he sees when he hears them. After becoming a master he decides to travel to tell and bring those stories to life. His start is good until a spoiled noble's son decides to molest his new mate and assistant. After he moves and joins another group of travelers he and they find out how real his stories can be to raiders or robbers.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   .

The world is full of history and great stories. From a very young age I sat and listened to them and let my mind show me. As I grew older and my magic made itself known I wrote the stories down. It did not matter what else I had to learn or do, the stories still took me away. I was eighteen when I had enough of other people telling me what to do and when.

I thought long and then created a wagon like the travelers. I made a second wagon that carried a tent and lots of cushions and a huge rug. It was early morning when I led the horses and walked away and did not look back. Late that afternoon I pulled into a field where a large group of travelers were setting up.

I stopped to one side and unhitched the horses and moved the other wagon. I whispered and let the horses wander out and into the field, they would return at my call. I touched the huge rolled and folded rug and it slid out and unrolled to one side. Next was the tent that crawled off the wagon and began to spread out and lift as it moved over the rug.

The seat cushions hopped and bounced off the wagon and around and into the tent. I whispered and the long grass wove into a globe like basket with a slit in the top and the image of a copper on the side. I murmured and it floated up and around and stopped by the door. The travelers were all staring as I made a chair behind my wagon.

I brought out a book I had made a few years before. I sat and began turning pages and looking at stories. Several minutes later I looked up at a older traveler. He cleared his throat, “what are you doing mage?”

I held up the book, “my name is Kent and I am ... I am a storyteller.”

He shifted, “a storyteller?”

I nodded, “I am sure one or two people will find my tales ... enjoyable.”

He sighed, “and you just decided to join us?”

I shrugged, “actually I did not know you would be here.”

He looked at me and then turned and finally looked back, “perhaps we could listen to one of your tales?”

I grinned and stood, “my first audience.”

I gestured to the tent and he turned to call several of the others. I led the way in and to the side. I sat and opened the book as men, women and children peeked and then came in. I found a story and memory returned. I waited and then set the book aside. The tent darkened and tiny sparks appeared over us like stars in the sky.

It looked like the sun was rising in a green meadow, “long ago there was a realm. Its king was very ill and his only daughter sat beside him. Shining knights in silver armor marched into the meadow. Following them was a richly clad man wearing a ebony crown...”

As I spoke the story came to life inside the tent. Even the smell and the slight wind or once a hint of rain. Knights fought a great battle and the hero conquered his foe. The old king perished and his beautiful daughter became a stunning queen that rose up to lead. When the story ended I brought the light back and they were still staring around as if stunned.

I stood and bowed, “that is one of my meager stories.”

The old man stood and bowed, “it was a great gift.”

He hesitated, “perhaps you need to show an older storyteller ... an ancient with snowy hair and a long white beard.”

I blinked as I thought about his words and nodded, “that makes sense, thank you.”

He smiled and relaxed, “welcome to our caravan.”

They stood and bowed and then began to leave. I looked around the tent and smiled as I bent to pick up the book, “perhaps the Hero and the Dragon could be the next.”

I stopped at the door when I saw a teenage girl from the village peeking under the edge of the tent. I gestured and she squeaked and slid in and stood up. She hesitated before walking to me, “I was just ... peeking to see what was in the tent.”

I nodded and looked at the open bodice of her dress, “and you left your dress open because...”

She blushed and looked down and her hands slowly opened the dress more until I saw her firm breasts, “I ... I am a very amorous woman and if I let a man use me here ... I was hoping one of you travelers would take me.”

I reached into her dress and cupped her breasts and they were ... amazing. I smiled, “I will help you.”

I turned and started walking, “come.”

She squeaked again as she was pulled after me. I went around and to the back of my wagon. A gesture and the door opened and I climbed the steps and turned. I pulled the girl close and ignored the open door as I pulled her dress up and off. I set it and my book inside and pushed her into the wagon.

Another gesture and what looked like a long cabinet tilted and dropped and became a bed. The sides of the wagon slid out and if I were outside I would have seen legs unfolding to hold the sides. I pushed and the girl sat and grinned as she turned and laid back. I undressed and moved onto the bed and over her.

I settled between her legs, “do you have your maidenhead?”

She shook her head and I lifted and slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned and shifted and wiggled and finally my cock was buried. I held her and gave her a kiss and her pussy clenched. She put her arms around me and groaned and I began to grind and press. A minute and her pussy was slick and my cock slid in and out.

She was hugging me and lifting her hips each time I pushed into her and buried my cock. She shook and tossed her head and moaned and I used firm strokes. I shoved into her and held her as she struggled. A moment and then I was pumping seed into her womb. She screamed and clutched me and her legs kicked in the air, “aaaahhhh!”

When I finished I slowly pulled out, “welcome to your new life.”

She was panting but had a satisfied smile. I moved off the bed, “dress and come out.”

I gestured and my clothes crawled onto me and I picked up my book as she sat up. I left and was sitting and thinking of the image of an old man. I glanced at her and whispered and her dress shifted colors until it was dark blue with tiny silver stars. I held out my hand as her eyes widened and she came to me. I pulled her down and ran my fingers through her hair.

Even as it changed to a red color I was caressing her cheek. Her skin darkened to a golden tan and her eyes became sparkling blue. I nodded and stood, “now you are ready to be my greeter.”

I led her to the door into the tent and touched the woven basket, “one copper for each person.”

She grinned and nodded and I pulled her in, “count the cushions and that is how many you can let in.”

I went back to sit in my chair and looked at the book and whispered. A minute and Ivy came out and looked at me and frowned. I gestured and she was pulled to me, “it is a disguise for the show.”

She grinned and sat on my lap, “it looks very real. You look like an ancient.”

I caressed her hips and looked at the other travelers. An old woman chuckled and a younger one wiggled her hips and winked. Ivy giggled and kissed me and stood, “people are coming.”

She was right and I stood and started around and entered the tent. It was awhile before one came in and then another followed by more. Finally no one else came and I stood and the inside darkened and a light seemed to shine on me, “long ago there was a kingdom with a beautiful princess...”

The inside of the tent shifted as I told the story. They heard the whispers of voices and the clang of swords. They smelled the stench of the dragon smoke and felt the fire from his breath. They heard the princess scream and the yell of rage from the hero when he faced the dragon. The inside of the tent flickered from night to day to night.

From great castles to green fields and then there was the fire blacked trees in a forest. There was the great battle between the hero in shining armor and the dragon. Last was the hero standing beside the princess in a great hall as her husband. The tent dimmed as I sat and then normal light returned.

They murmured and stood slowly before leaving and I stretched. I stepped out and looked at Ivy, “we should have a few more next time.”

She smiled, “I peeked a few times.”

I caressed her, “I think the next story will be The Sirens Call.”

She laughed and kissed me, “just wait. After they leave I want more.”

I smiled, “a lot more when we go to bed tonight my mistress.”

She grinned and turned but I caught her and put my hand over her pelvis. I whispered and she shivered, “ooohhhh!”

I let her go, “I should have done that before. Now we do not have to worry about you getting with child.”

I went to the wagon as it began to grow dark and started cooking. I listened and looked out to watch Ivy and finally let the stew simmer. I climbed out and went around and Ivy smiled, “two dozen.”

I entered and pretended to walk like the ancient they saw. At my chair I picked up my book and sat. The light from a hundred tiny moons on the inside of the tent roof went out. Another light shone on me as I began to describe a rocky shore and breaking waves on rocks ... the whispers died as the story began to unfold.

The scent of the ocean filled the tent and they heard a haunting melody at the very edge of their hearing. As the story grew the breeze flowed through the tent and the sounds grew louder. The fight between the story hero and the evil pirate filled the tent with the clang of swords. There were flashes of lightning and scenes of fire on the deck of a ship.

They felt the light spray from the waves and finally watched as the siren changed and walked out of the sea and into the arms of her love. The scene faded and the haunting melody returned before the hundred moons brightened. The people whispered and talked as they stood and left and I stretched.

I murmured and the tent went dark as I stood and walked to the door. I caught Ivy around the waist, “last show tonight. Now we can eat and then I can bed you all night.”

We ate and cleaned up and listened to the music from the other travelers. I emptied the basket of coppers and pulled Ivy to bed. It was a long time before I stopped pumping seed into her and she had a smug expression on her face. I woke early and pulled her out and went to find water to wash.

I cleaned her dress and altered it and changed the color again. At mid morning the villagers came in groups to see the wares the travelers had. I did three stories before trouble arrived in the form of a noble’s son. It was afternoon and first he tried to molest Ivy who yelled and struggled against his grip.

I stood and moved quickly and pinched the back of his neck and sent magic into his spine. He stiffened and froze like a kitten and I gestured when his guard took a step, “that would not be wise.”

He looked at the noble’s son, “let him go.”

I squeezed, “you will apologize.”

I pulled him back and opened my hand. He staggered and glared, “you will hang for that.”

I smiled, “do you not know the law young noble? I could have you before a magister and he would order you whipped. You do not touch a woman like some rogue or villain.”

His guard pulled him away and he cursed and threatened. I checked and fixed Ivy’s dress and even changed it. We had eaten and I was doing another story when four men shoved Ivy into the tent. They were breaking open the basket of coins and kicking those in the tent and I murmured. In the story I was telling a dozen shining elves were fighting orcs.

They turned and threw daggers and the four men screamed. The men fell and clutched the daggers as I moved to them. I checked Ivy and the other people first while the four men writhed around screaming. I bent and yanked out daggers as I moved through them and then gestured, “roll over!”

I whispered and cord woven from grass slithered in and tied their wrists. I kicked them and ordered them up and took their belt pouches, “thieves have one hand cut off for their first offense.”

One gasped, “lord Jacobs order it!”

I shoved them out, “ladies and gentlemen please wait and I will continue the story.”

Outside the leader of the caravan appeared and he had a white face. Across the camp I saw the noble’s son as I murmured, “relax master.”

In moments two men in the uniform of the Watch trotted into the camp. I gestured to the men, “they broke into my tent and were attempting to steal coppers.”

I pointed to the noble’s son, “he sent them. Under the law he is responsible.”

They looked and one cleared his throat, “sir perhaps if he pays for damages?”

I looked at him and the illusion on me vanished, “are you refusing to do your duty?”

He stiffened, “he is a noble and we are not...”

I held up my hands and chanted and there was the sound of thunder. I pointed and pulled and the noble’s son was yanked and then dragged across the camp while his guard chased after. I lifted my hand and he was yanked into the air and left hanging, “tell his father he will remain for one week. If anyone attempts to remove the spell or bring him down...”

I looked at their white faces, “he will be flayed and his manhood ripped off.”

I turned to the four men, “as for these men, they are thieves and either you take them for a magister to judge or I take a hand now.”

The men pleaded and the two white faced officers of the Watch nodded, “of course good mage.”

I looked at the young lord’s guard, “if I were you I would run to bring his father.”

I turned and whispered and the illusion was back as I walked back into the tent. I finished the story but kept Ivy in the tent. When we came out the noble’s son was still hanging in the air and whimpering. The towns people had left the camp and the travelers did not look happy. I turned and began to bring down and pack up the tent in the other wagon.

When I turned I saw a small group. They were walking towards us, one was wearing the robes of a magister, another was a mage and the third was a noble. A few guards and a officer of the watch followed. I removed my illusion and created a pattern on the ground and then sat in my chair and sent Ivy into my wagon.

The magister did not wait and gestured, “bring him down.”

I smiled as I looked at the mage who was looking at the pattern. His face turned red, “you would bring the mage council into this?”

I lifted an eyebrow and he looked at the pattern again, “that is ... you would summon the inquisitors?”

I looked at the noble and his face had gone white, “this lord has acted like a villain and thief. He attempted to molest my consort and then sent men to steal like some robber baron.”

I looked at the magister, “and your officers of the Watch refused to do their duty.”

I gestured to the pattern, “take your place.”

He swallowed and looked at the noble who took a step back. I whispered and he stumbled forward and into the pattern. The pattern around him began to glow and I looked at the mage and magister, “take your place.”

They moved slowly and I stood and took a single step. The world vanished and we appeared in a large stone chamber. I moved to the center and knelt to touch a stone. Everything that had happen flashed before us and those watching from seats. An ancient looking man slowly stood and moved forward, “why did the Watch not attend to this?”

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