Little Gem

by Lady Jade

Copyright© 2017 by Lady Jade

Romantic Sex Story: Gem is nearly sixteen when wicked Uncle Dan comes to stay. Her dog had been her only lover untill she fell for Dan's dubious charms! But where has he come from and is it love or lust he wants from little Gema?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Bestiality   Small Breasts   .

As Gema picked up the envelope from the door-mat she recognised Uncle Dan’s handwriting.

It was a birthday card he’d airmailed her.

As she opened it she realised how long it had been since she’d seen him.

The front of the card showed a snazzy dolly-girl holding a champagne glass aloft while a saucy mongrel doggy stood against her thigh eagerly trying to reach it. His message was clear; she was the girl and Dan, was the saucy mongrel.

It neatly conveyed their early relationship: even though she was now nearly twenty. Inside the card he’d placed a snap of himself. His confident gaze seemed to declare; ‘Hey Gema!, I’m still a handsome devil; even with this steely-grey hair!’

She felt a buzz of excitement as she thought back on what the dirty scoundrel got her to do when she was just sixteen; fall madly in love with him to start, and then have sex with him; even to willingly have sex with her dog for him! But still I love the bastard she thought. ~ ~

At the outset Dan had been an ordinary decent man at heart.

Well, at least he’d romanced Gema’s mother, but he’d soon given her an unwanted baby.

Marcel’s parents were furious as was Marcel herself for that matter.

So Dan did what many a young buck did, when faced with the horror of marriage; he surrendered instead to the horror of war. He enlisted and was posted abroad.

Truth was though, it wasn’t the war- hell of Burma or Japan; rather some obscure outpost near Egypt which involved patrolling desert settlements and rail-links and so forth. There was the heat and the flies and the dust and some Muslims and not much else really.

He’d seen the pyramids along the Nile, that was true but he’d seen very little action apart from his best mate being killed from a single bomb at base camp.

Which was plain bad luck for his pal really because at the time Dan had been in a brothel; watching a young Moroccan virgin being forced to perform a bestiality act; with a big dog!

He’d never forgotten that time. Sensual music had played as she’d been led in terrified. She was made to lay over a wine barrel – her buttocks presented - her legs tethered apart – her cunt exposed. The animal was lead in to her; its stiffened cock the size any man would boast of. The dog sniffed her rear-end then casually mounted the tethered youngster; the tension amongst the men watching the sordid act, soared intensely.

It’s thick red-veined cock slid into her and her tiny waist writhed in protest. But urged on by the ribald onlookers she’d gradually taken the dogs entire shaft. Then the dogs rapid action soon had the girl climaxing; several times in fact, before his mating juice burst inside her. She’d wailed in anguish as the animal jerked its load into her.

Her bawdy audience responded appreciatively; cheering. masturbating and throwing money gifts at her.

A slave-boy had pulled the drooling dog from her; leading the animal away. Before the curtain fell the girl was left for onlookers to savour; some openly jerking off.

But for those willing to pay, there was the privilege of fucking the freshly broken-in virgin in private! Ben made sure he was first in the queue.

That sordid affair had been the highlight of Dan’s war really; witnessing that exotic olive skinned girl’s initial fear turn to torrid desire as the dog copulated relentlessly into her pussy.

It had been something out of the ordinary that had made him feel a man of the world. ~~

Then after some years Ben was shipped back home for demobilisation and civilian life.

But Ben didn’t have anywhere to return too as such; so he taken a deep breath and given his college sweetheart Marcel a phone-call.

They’d exchanged only a few letters during the passing years and their worlds had drifted apart.

She wasn’t over pleased to hear from him yet after a long chat she’d invited him over for a get together over coffee. So Dan made the bus trip out to her home in the suburbs. Dan felt awkward as he made up the garden path to knock on Marcel’s front door.

Marcel opened the door to welcome him. She appeared slim yet shapely with her auburn hair pinned up at the back showing off her white graceful neck; yet her frosty demeanour had always seemed to offset her good looks.

“Well here you are then Dan!” Marcel greeted as she lightly embraced him in the hallway of her neat little home.

“Thanks Marcel, its good to see you; you look wonderful.” Dan boldly planted his lips on hers; delivering a full lengthy kiss.

Marcel pulled away awkwardly turning to the girl, “Oh my! ... well ... this is my daughter Gema.”

Dan starred dumbly; here was a 15 year old beauty! Rich brown hair framed her freckled face and sparkling dark brown eyes gazed into his.

Dan felt perplexed. He’d not given much thought to the offspring he’d fathered.

She was slim yet reached her mothers shoulder; having outgrown the school-dress she wore, budding nipples thrust at the bodice.

Her mother tugged her forward, “Give Uncle Dan a hug Gema and bring him into the parlour,” she’d said turning away awkwardly.

Dan’s placed his hands on her shoulders and smiled warmly.

Gema’s face broke in a smile also.

Dan said softy, “How lovely you are Gema.”

Gema, awed at the kiss between Dan and mother, expected the same so as he lent forward her lips fell warm and lusciously onto his.

Dan responded, pulling her in closer; his testicles jerked and both were a bit dazed.

Then Dan felt something else brushing up against his leg and looking down his eyes met those of a large brown boxer dog! “It’s Buddy; my dog” said Gema grinning as she stroked the dogs head, “ I can tell he likes you already!”

Marecel called back, “ Bring Dan into the parlour Gema and chat while I’m fixing the coffee.”

Gema towed her ‘Uncle’ into the parlour and sat him in a comfy armchair while she sat opposite with Buddy’s head on her lap. The girl was eagerly asking him questions about his life in the dessert. Buddy’s snout began edging up the girls short skirt; sniffing at her pussy! Further more the dogs red penis was protruding from its grey leathery sheath!

The girl seemed quite unconcerned but for Dan it was a desperate distraction and difficult preventing himself getting even more aroused!

In the kitchen Marcel was also in some turmoil over Dan’s arrival.

Like a few other friends at the office she had built up a life for herself over the years. She now had her independence even though she had been stuck with a kid from the start. Why, she had set herself up in this smart little house with some financial help from her parents; and yes, she had one or two men-friends! She called the shots! That was just how she liked it!

Her chap drove a smart car in which she was taken to restaurants and ‘over-night dinner dances’.

Dan just wasn’t in the same class.

But as the father, perhaps he could do some of the looking after these days? That could be just fine.

But she wasn’t about to start sleeping with him; not after all these years. Besides, with a couple of men competing for her favours, she was getting all the sex she needed. But there was a place for Dan; in a working role that would be beneficial to Marcel.

After finishing coffee she sent Gema and Buddy into the garden.

Then Marcel diplomatically spelt out to Dan her idea of how he might fit into the household.

Firstly they would not be sharing a bedroom together and there would be no romancing between them. She wanted Dan to realise that.

However he could occupy the small spare room along-side her daughter’s room if he was prepared to fill the role of being Gema’s guardian; her caring ‘Uncle’.

There would be times when Marcel was absent from home and busy with her own life. He would then be fully responsible for her daughter at such times.

If he agreed then he would be welcome. It was that simple.

Dan felt a bit humbled but understood her logic; and he had no cause to protest. After all Marcel was offering lodgings and a rather plum job. Dan readily agreed to Marcel’s offer.

The real surprise for Dan was finding that his bedroom was almost part of Gema’s; only a curtain separated an area between them! Dan slumbered well in his alcove that first night.

In the morning Gema had chattered merrily as she’d took off her PJ’s and casually dressed for school while Dan watched fascinated!

Then she was down the stairs to let Buddy out from his place in the utility-room. Only until recently she’d been allowed to have Buddy in her bedroom but as Gema entered puberty the dog began treating her like his bitch! The last thing Marcel needed was her daughter getting pregnant by a dog!

By 8:30 Marcel was about ready to leave for work. A male work colleague would call; driving her into work. For Marcel, men had their uses. It was simply a case of what to use them for.

In the kitchen Dan had got together some coffee and toast for Gema as she also prepared to leave. Before leaving she asked if he’d like to take Buddy out for a ramble up the park during the day? She looked so appealing in her school outfit; Dan gave her a hug saying he would love to. Gema planted a lush kiss on his lips and scooted off through the door; leaving him thrilled.

It seemed that Gema, Buddy and Dan would become a team in no time and within his first week things had settled into an enjoyable situation for all concerned.

Marcel was pleased with the benefits of Dan’s contribution; relieving her of responsibility while enhancing her social life no end! As for Gema her Uncle Dan was simply dreamy! He was even a god-send for Buddy who’s daytime boredom had been transformed into exciting rambles.

And for Dan? What does he get? Well; there’s the girl, a delectable sexual creature; eager for uncle Dan’s attention.

Before Gema is woken by her small alarm, he’s ready to discreetly enjoy seeing her slipping out bed, taking off her PJ’s, rubbing her naked butt as she seeks out her knickers.

He gets glimpses of her snatch as she pulls them on; and her small tits are on display while Dan strokes his cock.

Gema half guesses what he’s doing and it excites her.

Another morning, after she’d got out of bed and slipped off her PJ’s, Dan, in just his Y-Fronts, had walked in on her; which made her stop and stare. She could tell he had an erection.

Gema blushed and wasn’t sure just what to do next.

Casually he’d picked up her school knickers and with a chuckle said, “ Come on slow coach, step into these and then I get busy on your breakfast.” He’d knelt before her, his face just inches from her naked snatch.

She obediently stepped into her knickers; then her face colouring up as he’d slowly hoisted them over her cunt and rested his hands on her waist. He felt her trembling. Dan eased her to him, “ Do I get a kiss?.”

She complied with parted lips and as their tongues twisted Dan lightly placed her hand onto his cock. Gema turned away and going into the bathroom, locked the door.

As Dan got himself dressed and went downstairs he realised he had gone to far. Way to far.

On her sixteenth birthday Dan had taken Gema to a smart departmental store; the visit to be charged to her mother’s account as a gift!

Dan had been seated by the sales-lady while fitting-out Gema in a changing-room.

Then she was bought out and presented to Dan to wow him with a new looking Gema.

Together they chose her a new fashion dress with high-heels to match. Nothing trashy, but stylishly demure; fit for a prom-dance.

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