Hunting the Boy on the Bike

by ChrisCross

Copyright© 2017 by ChrisCross

Coming of Age Sex Story: On his last school day before preparing to live with his father, white 14-year-old Ethan is groped and kissed by his hunky black track coach. The next week, while biking up to a remote mountain reservoir, Ethan stops at a country store, where he encounters the coach, who lures Ethan into his van for heavy petting and foreplay. When the coach wants to move to the back of the van, where there are restraints and padding, Ethan flees and bikes up to the reservoir. The coach follows him in the van.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Coercion   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Gay   Fiction   Crime   School   Sports   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Size   Teacher/Student   Violent   .

The muscle-burning peddle up into the base of the Thornton Gap had helped. Coach David had said this was a good road to develop the right muscles for biking. It didn’t make much sense to worry about that now, now that Ethan was moving to Maryland just a month into the school year here. But the boy needed to get away to think anyway. Ethan had to think about what to do next—what to think about and what not. And something had tugged at him to bike the road up to the Thornton Reservoir.

His mom wanted him to stay a couple of more weeks before leaving to live with his father in Maryland. But his father had come through on his way home from a meeting in Atlanta and had thought he would be saved another trip south if Ethan went with him early. Besides, he had said, the sooner they got Ethan into his new school the better. He could get more of a year in the Maryland school if he left now, early. Ethan was packed up and his parents had left it up to him which he wanted to do. They were both tiptoeing around this divorce business and that his mom had been willing to give him up. She seemed to be having second thoughts about that. Ethan had his own reasons both to stay and to go.

The encounter the previous week at the Sky Mountain Boys Academy in Hendricksville had the fourteen-year-old Ethan tied up in knots. He knew what he really wanted, but he’d fought against it and he knew it was too early for him to make such weighty decisions. It was a life decision. Damn Coach David for bringing this to a boil. Ethan thought he had these feelings licked--that it didn’t matter. But Coach David had brought it right back to the surface again.

Ethan was already checked out at the academy, but one part of him wanted to stay, to maybe see him again, with the surprise factor gone. What would Ethan do, he wondered, with the surprise factor gone? He didn’t know, and not knowing was frustrating him. Could he go off to Maryland and a new life without knowing?

Ethan knew he probably should do just that. He probably should peddle right back home, call his dad at the motel, throw his gear into his father’s car--he already was packed up--and drive off to a new life in Maryland and continue choosing and working toward being normal.

It really was too much for a fourteen-year-old boy to have to make choices about.

He paused at the side of the road at the Red Hall grocery store. It was a sharp uphill climb from here on the mountain road, up to the Thornton Reservoir and the swimming hole in the stream feeding that, near the top of the gap, where the guys at the academy liked to go and swim and think. Coach David had recommended the steep-incline road to toughen leg muscles for the track and field events.

Maybe he needed a break--and a drink--a sugar-laden drink to give him the energy to peddle on up the hill, he thought. He peddled over to the porch leading up to the country store and propped the bike against the wall. The cooler was just inside the door. He opened the glass lid on the cooler and reached in for a Coke.

“Here, let me buy that for you. You out training on the cycle like I suggested? Good boy.”

Ethan froze, but then turned. “Coach David,” he said. Ethan hadn’t seen the coach since that day of the last meet at Sky Mountain Academy, the last day Ethan was enrolled at the school. But that day was burned into the boy’s mind--the encounter in the locker room afterward. The sudden, unexpected kiss. The coach’s hand on Ethan’s jock pouch. Ethan staying there with it a moment too long, in both the kiss and with Coach’s hand on his package, before he pulled away, grabbed his clothes, and left the locker room. Hearing Coach David laugh and mutter, “I knew it,” as, in embarrassment, Ethan escaped.

The coach had exposed himself to Ethan in the showers before coming to him in the locker room, and, embarrassingly, Ethan had been hard when the Coach groped him. So, the coach knew the effect he was having on the boy.

“So, can I buy you that Coke? And then maybe we should go outside and around back. We need to talk. I hadn’t realized that was your last day in school. We need to clear something up.”

Ethan stood there, dumbly, as David paid for their drinks, brushed past the boy, and left the building. Equally dumbly Ethan followed him around to the back of the building. The coach had taken the Coke out of Ethan’s hand as he passed him, so the boy followed him.

At the back of the building, the coach faced off with the boy. Coach David was tall, muscular, imposing, intimidating ... and black. He was the only black man in a position of authority that Ethan had known. He’d maneuvered Ethan’s back against the wall and stood in front of the boy, over a foot taller and twice as heavy. He handed Ethan the Coke and the boy took a big gulp. The coach took a swig of his too, but his eyes were boring into Ethan’s, holding him there with the strength of his size and authority.

God, he looked good, Ethan thought. Still. Of course, it had only been a week since that encounter in the locker room. He’d been a Marine before becoming a geography teacher and track and field coach at Sky Mountain Boys Academy, and he looked it--tall and wiry, muscular, rugged looking. A buzz cut, and a “no nonsense” look in his steely gray eyes. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him, the veins in his arms popping out on the surface because they had no fat to run in. His hard chest was the same way, Ethan knew. And he was a deep chocolate brown. The coach liked to go bare-chested when he coached, his chest looking chiseled like those Roman breastplates you could see in the movies. He said he did it as an example for his guys of what they were striving for in development. That had had an arousing effect on Ethan, and he and the other guys said they thought it was because David was ripped and wanted all the boys to know it.

Somehow the coach had figured out that he aroused the fourteen-year-old boy--and had taken advantage of it.

Ethan had fought against it. He was fighting against it now. Coach David raised a chocolate-brown arm and planted the heel of his hand in the wood to the left of Ethan’s head. The boy wondered if the man could tell he was trembling. The blackness of the man gave Ethan a hard on.

“I didn’t see you again. I hope you weren’t avoiding me.”

“Uh, it got busy that last day of school,” Ethan responded, lamely.

“If I had known it was your last day, I would have come looking for you. We could have gone somewhere and had some fun.”

A chill of fright mixed with pleasure went up Ethan’s spine but he didn’t say anything.

“Did you talk to anyone about it?”

“No, Coach.”

“Do you want to talk to me about it?”

Ethan didn’t answer.

“Are you sorry it happened?”

Ethan just looked down at his feet. He wouldn’t lie. He’d done little but think about it and where it could have gone since it had happened. He had fantasized about it going further.

“You know what you want, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what I want, Coach. I just know it isn’t right.”

“It’s natural. There’s no right or wrong to it. You want it. You want it now, don’t you?”

“Coach, I’m just fourteen.”

“That makes it all the more exciting, don’t you think? Going with a man nearly three times your age. Learning from a man with experience. You’ve never been with a black man before, have you?”

“No, Coach. I haven’t been with any man, and I don’t want it. I’m leaving for Maryland soon. The school I’m going to has track and field too. There’s a scholarship on offer if I make the team--even the reserve squad. I need to just get on with my life.”

“And that’s why you’re out here today, biking the road I suggested you bike? Knowing that I just might be out here too?”

“You said it was a good road to bike to develop leg muscles.”

“It is. I agree you need to get on with your life, Ethan,” he said, leaning in to the boy, whispering it into his ear, blowing into the boy’s golden-blond curls. “You need to be honest with yourself—honest about what you want. You can’t study or be any good on the track without being honest with yourself in this.”

He kissed Ethan on the neck. The boy moaned. “Coach, no, don’t. I--”

He didn’t get any farther, as David moved his lips to boy’s lips in a more possessive kiss. Ethan felt his mouth softening and he didn’t pull away.

The coach pulled away, though, and whispered, “I think you came biking on this road hoping to meet up with me again.”

Ethan moaned and the coach took him back into a kiss. David had lost the Coke can and Ethan let his fall to the ground too. The coach’s free hand went to Ethan’s basket. The boy couldn’t help himself. He jutted his hips out from the wall and widened his leg stance, giving the man full access to fondle his basket through the tight biker shorts. They came out of the kiss and Ethan looked down the full length of his torso, where a strong brown hand was fondling his genitals through the material of his bike shorts. He moaned, aroused by the color of the hand.

They froze at the sound of a car pulling up beside the building, just around the corner from where they were leaning into the wall. They heard car doors open, two “good ole boys” chatting about the hunting they’d just done up in the mountains, and their voices getting more distant as they stomped up onto the country store porch.

“We have to talk,” David said. “My van is over there, on the other side of the lot. We can talk there.”

Ethan turned my head, his eyes focusing on a beat-up brown delivery van over in the shadow of the trees well away from the store. Something told him not to get into that van.

“No, I don’t think so, Coach. I’m on my way up to the Thornton Reservoir.”

“To the stream above that? To the swimming hole where you guys go to skinny dip?”

“Yeah, I’ll be gone soon. One last go at the swimming hole. I need to think.”

“You don’t need to think, Ethan. You just need to do. Come into the van with me. We can’t pretend there’s no attraction—that you don’t want it as much as I do. We need to talk about this situation.”

“There can’t be a situation, Coach. I’ll be gone soon.”

“We’ll just talk. We can’t be seen out here. We need someplace we can just talk.”

Inside the van, Coach in the driver’s seat and Ethan in the passenger seat, David said, “There’s a lever at the side of seat, Ethan. It reclines the passenger seat. Do it.”

The voice was that of a Marine, commanding. The boy reached down for the lever and reclined the seat. The coach got his right arm around Ethan’s back as the boy did so, turning Ethan toward him, as he twisted toward Ethan in the seat. The man moved his face to the boy and took his mouth in a kiss. His left hand went to Ethan’s basket. The boy groaned, but he didn’t resist the coach.

The maneuvers were handled deftly. The coach had done this with young boys before. He pressed his tongue between Ethan’s lips and the boy opened his mouth to the invading tongue.

David’s hand was moving under the waistband of Ethan’s skintight riding shorts, pushing the waistband and the jock pouch under the boy’s balls. Ethan’s dick and balls were fully exposed to the man’s searching touch. The boy struggled against him momentarily, unsuccessfully trying to fight him, but he was too strong for Ethan and the boy’s desire was too strong for Ethan as well. The coach’s hand encircled Ethan’s hard dick and started to stroke him. No match to the experience in seduction of the man, Ethan collapsed under him. He looked down to view the effect of the brown hand encasing the pale shaft, and his hips began to move with the stroking. David pulled off Ethan’s mouth, laughed, and said, “Yeah, you want it.”

“Coach, don’t,” Ethan whimpered, but then as the continued stroking the boy’s cock without further resistance, Ethan groaned. “Coach, oh, Coach,” and came in the man’s hand.

“There’ that’s done,” the coach said. “You’ve had sex with me. You came for me. That wasn’t so hard, was it? And it’s done. You want more, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Ethan murmured in defeat and want. He was in awe of having come, of having been made to come by a man—by a black man.

David moved his hand lower, brushing Ethan’s shorts and jock lower down his legs. When he moved the hand back up, it didn’t come up to Ethan’s cock. It came only as far as the boy’s crack, under the boy’s balls. He placed the heel of his hand under Ethan’s balls and pressed his index finger at the boy’s hole, moving it around the rim.

“What are you doing?” Ethan squeaked.

“Just relax. I’m doing a bit more. Just a little more. You’ll enjoy it.”

“Coach, oh, Coach,” Ethan whimpered.

David pressed the finger inside, penetrating the boy’s ass channel, and Ethan shuddered and began to pant.

“Widen your stance,” he commanded. “Give me more access.”

Ethan complied, while incongruously murmuring “No, no, please.” But the man knew that the boy widening his stance was a “yes” and he began to move his finger in Ethan’s ass. His finger found and rubbed Ethan’s prostate.

“Oh, shit. I’ve never--” Ethan moaned.

“Just go with the pleasure,” David murmured. “It’s fine. We’ve already had sex. You’ve already had sex with a man. Fuck yourself on the finger. Yes, like that.”

David was holding his finger stiff and Ethan was moving his hips, fucking himself on the finger.

Ethan had never had such arousing feeling before. He felt his cum stirring in his balls again. The sensation of need did nothing to help Ethan resist the. They had already had sex; this was just more of it.

The coach’s lips took possession of Ethan’s again. He pulled away from the boy, pulled his finger out of Ethan’s ass, and pulled the boy’s bike jersey over his head. He had been stroking Ethan’s right nipple through the shiny fabric with the hand of the arm he’d had around the boy’s back. He took time out to glide his other hand over the boy’s now-naked torso.

“So, young, sweet, fresh, supple,” the man murmured. Ethan shuddered under his touch. “You like that, don’t you? Black on white ... the contrast of the colors.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” the boy whispered. He had no control over what he was saying. It wasn’t what he wanted to say. He sensed they’d gone too far. But he was too far gone into the pleasure of it to try to stop it. The progression of this was beginning to sink into his mind. He’s going to fuck me, Ethan realized. He’s going to fuck me here in this van.

David’s hand worked its way down Ethan’s chest and his belly and into the tight-curls of the boy’s beginning of a bush. The man ran his hands through the short curls there. Ethan’s arms were paralyzed. They just hung there at his sides, useless. The man stroked the boy’s cock again for a moment and took Ethan’s hand in his and put the boy’s hand where his had been encircling Ethan’s cock.

Ethan understood that the coach obviously wanted him to stroke himself, and he did. Masturbation wasn’t a new sensation for Ethan. The man’s hand went under Ethan’s balls again and he was back to moving his finger inside the boy’s ass, searching for, finding, and stroking Ethan’s prostate. Ethan was stroking his own cock and rising and falling with his hips on the coach’s buried finger. David kissed his way down the boy’s torso.

“Oh, shit. Oh, fuck,” Ethan murmured as David opened his mouth over the boy’s cock and moved his lips down the sides of the shaft. For several minutes there was nothing but heavy breathing, with Ethan occasionally murmuring, “Yes, yes, yes,” and moving his hips with the rhythm of the man going down on the boy as he sucked Ethan off.

The coach pulled off the boy and stroked him the rest of the way off as Ethan tensed and came close to another ejaculation. When Ethan had shot his second load, David sat up, unzipped himself, and fished out a thick, long, erect cock.

Ethan had known the man was hung. He’d shown it to the boys before in the showers at school. Fourteen-year-old boys were very curious about the relative size of men’s cocks. The coach had one to take pride in. The boys had joked that black men’s cocks were bigger than white men’s and they gave David as an example. The added awe of his shaft was that it was darker than the rest of his skin. His skin was chocolate brown, but his cock and balls were jet black--like they were a separate personality all their own. Ethan was aroused by that. He’d already dreamed of David putting that cock inside him.

“Move over here, in my lap, facing me. Ride my cock.” He was pulling Ethan toward him, raising and turning the boy’s body.

“No, please. I can’t. I’ve never...” Ethan whined.

Nodding to the interior of the van behind them, David said, “OK, I’ll help you. I’ll take care of you. I’ll do it all. Let’s move to the back. I’m gonna do you right.”

Ethan turned his head and looked into the back of the van. A small stack of padded blankets on the floor and restraints attached to the walls on either side and hanging down from the ceiling.

“You don’t have to do a thing,” the coached repeated. “I’ll do it all. You’ve already had sex with me. You’ll be fine with going all the way.”

Ethan panicked. “No, Coach. Not that. Please.”

David ignored the begging. He raised Ethan’s hips off the seat in pulling him up and Ethan managed to jerk up his riding shorts and jock, get the passenger door open, and grab for his jersey as he rolled out of the van. He immediately was on the move, stumbling toward the front of the country store. He pulled his shirt on as he walked.

David didn’t follow him. At the front of the store, Ethan pulled his cycle off the wall, mounted it, and, without looking back, peddled it hard on the road rising up the side of the mountain, into the Thornton Gap, up toward the reservoir.

Was he sorry that had happened. He couldn’t really honestly tell himself he was sorry. He was hard and throbbing and he’d already come once.

Charge with adrenaline, Ethan peddled like mad up the crease in the mountains south of Ashville. When he reached the Thornton Reservoir, wedged into a hollow, which helped service the water needs of the town of Hendricksville below, he just kept on peddling. Normally, he would have had to stop there and rest, but he didn’t this time. Up he went, past the parking lot to the reservoir, higher up in the gap of the mountains to where he could see the highest of the treetops in the crease of the mountains. There was another parking lot there, a smaller one than the one at the reservoir. There weren’t any cars parked there. Not many people came up here, not after August.

The boy propped his cycle against a tree, stripped off his sweaty bike jersey and micropolyester Craft bike shorts and his shoes and found the nearly invisible trail head that would lead him up to the swimming hole, a series of three pools cut in the rock below falls on the stream running down the mountain and feeding the reservoir. An old wooden sign gave the name, Sprouse Pools, based on the family that had once lived up here, according to speculation. The pools, though, were mostly a secret known to the students of the private Sky Mountain boys-only junior high school down near Hendricksville. The boys came up here to skinny dip and cavort. Ethan had come up here, now only wearing his jock strap, to swim in the pools and think about his future—and, now, the complications of his present.

He hadn’t been forced--in the van. He knew he shouldn’t have let Coach David do it. But he went into the van having had the fantasies of the coach doing it, and hoping he’d do what he did there ... and more. He hadn’t put up much resistance and after a while he was going with it. There were no questions in his mind now whether or not he wanted to go with a man. Certainly not if he wanted to go with Coach David.

There were three pools, the one at the top and the one at the bottom shallow. The one in the middle, the broadest one, overlapped by lips of flat rock, was the deepest one. You could dive into the pool from this level or even dive in from the top of the falls into the pool and not worry about touching bottom.

Ethan dove in immediately upon approaching the middle pool and swam vigorous laps from one side to the other, forcing everything out of his mind, wanting to think about nothing at all until he was utterly exhausted. Then, with difficulty, he hauled himself out of the pool and laid on his back on one of the flat slabs of rock hovering over the pool. He dozed off for a few moments, but only for a few moments. When he woke--from a reverie of what he hadn’t done in Coach David’s van but he’d wanted to do--from a dream of being in his lap and riding his jet-black cock, Ethan had his right hand under the waistband of his jock and he was stroking himself.

His ass was twitching. He wished that he had brought the device. He was keyed up. He sought relief and release. When he’d told Coach that he’d never done it, he’d been technically correct that he’d never had a man’s cock inside him. But he did own a dildo and he had experimented with it before.

He had been so confused and frustrated for so long. Emotionally, he wanted to go with men—to be submissive to them, but he had understood the difficulties and heartbreak of living that sort of life. One of his uncles was gay, and it had torn the family apart. He wanted to be in the mainstream, where it would be safe. Ethan had thought he could fight them--the urges--or at least kept them to himself and his own solitary devices in achieving relief and release. Coach David, the power and beauty of his body and his flirty and, eventually, overt propositioning had thrown Ethan for a loop. The boy’s body wanted the man’s cock.

Ethan had ached to give himself, fully, to Coach David back in that van. If the coach had told Ethan one more time to come into his lap, the boy would have done so. The coach was thick and long, but Ethan had practiced. Ethan thought he could manage the coach’s shaft with less initial pain than pleasure. It had been when David wanted to take him in the back of his van and bind him that the boy had balked from fright. He didn’t want to lose control. He wanted to be able to walk away from it at any time it was too much for him. It was all too much for him.

What would he do now? What if the two of them came together again. Ethan had been so easy for the man--right up to the point of commitment to full possession. And Ethan had pulled away from that not from total innocence of fear of the pain, but from continued indecision.

He laid there, stroking himself and thinking of Coach David—and of some of the other men he had looked at. Ethan had been drawn to other men as well, but the coach was special. Being a black man ... having the big jet-black cock ... made him especially arousing.

If Coach David approached him again, would Ethan go with him? Ethan had to admit that he probably would. Not if he wanted to bind Ethan and do anything he wanted with him, though, Ethan didn’t think. So, he was all packed at home. And his father would be happy if he didn’t have to make a separate trip for him. The only thing that kept Ethan here any longer was the prospect of going over the hurdle with Coach David.

So, what did he want to do? He thought of the coach and of his body, as he had seen it in the showers and how he had seen some of it today. The coach’s body was hard, and muscular, and cut--and a chocolate brown. Thought of his thick, long, jet-black erection made Ethan moan. He thought of running his tongue along the lines of the veins that bulged out on his arms and torso. And as Ethan thought of that, he thought of the coach embracing him, setting Ethan’s entrance on the bulb of his cock. Of pulling the boy’s body down, down, down on the cock and then lifting him up and pulling him down again.

Ethan ejaculated again into the pouch of his jock strap. Pushing himself up off the rock, he took two steps to the edge of the rock overhanging the pool, and dove in. He swam across the pool and then back and then he pulled himself up on the rock again, stretched out on his belly, and dozed off to sleep again.

Ethan woke with a start from having his jock strap shoved into his mouth. The man on top of him was strong, muscular--and chocolate brown. He wove his arms under Ethan’s pits, closing his fists on the back of the boy’s neck, trapping Ethan in a full Nelson and forcing his cheek to the smooth rock underneath him.

“Up on your knees,” the man growled in Ethan’s ear. It was the voice of Coach David. Ethan wasn’t the least bit surprised that it would be. He drew my legs up, planted his knees in the smooth, but hard, rock underneath him and watched the man plant his foot to the left of Ethan’s thigh as he rose up on his feet, giving the boy room to raise his tail in the air, which he dutifully and submissively did, responding to the barked command command. The man’s brown leg was unclothed. Ethan was sure he was naked. The boy was positive Coach David’s cock was free and in erection because it went from poking Ethan in the small of his back to running up and down in the boy’s crack.

And then it was positioned, and the man was grunting at the effort to force it inside the boy’s hole. Ethan submissively opened to it and the huge, jet-black shaft was in without too much difficulty. In some ways it was like the dildo Ethan had, but in other ways different. The real cock was more pliable and was throbbing. The dildo had been inert and Ethan had controlled what it did, when it did it. The boy had no control over the coach’s cock, which seemed to want to be inside him as deeply as it could get as fast as it could get there. The real cock was thicker than the dildo too.

Ethan did struggle against the brutality of the assault, realizing the positioning and maneuvering was chaffing his cheek and chest and bloodying his knees, but it was no use. Ethan mouthed off, objecting to what was happening, but that only seemed to egg the coach on. He was much stronger than Ethan was and he was crazed, determined to have the boy totally and as he wanted him.

Having subdued the boy and stuff Ethan’s jock strap in his mouth to stifle his yelling, the coach mounted the boy’s ass, high on my buttocks, and forced his shaft inside. Using the leverage of his feet to manage strong, long thrusts deep inside the boy, followed by a withdrawal almost to the surface and then a long slide again, the coach settled down to fucking the boy in the ass.

The jock strap gag muffled Ethan’s cries but not his deep groans. While maintain the beat of the fuck, the coach nuzzled his face into the side of the boy’s throat, kissed him there, and then moved his mouth close to the boy’s ear. Continuing to wing his hips, David was murmuring dirty talk about how nice my Ethan’s was, what he was going to do with it, and how long he’d wanted to do this, had planned to do it. His breathing was ragged and noisy. He was taking the boy like an animal in high heat.

It lasted for no more than five minutes—this time. He’d been in such heat that he probably could have come just from the sensation of conquering the boy’s ass, but he’d stuck with the rhythmic thrusts of his hips to the point that he tensed, and cried out victory wails as he jerked in coming again and again and again.

Ethan had come too, which the coach had noticed, because he’d had a hand under the boy’s belly, stroking Ethan’s cock while he fucked him.

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