Arrogance Has a Twin

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: First contact between Human and Kaire proved both were arrogant. When a Slith hunt ship arrived the colony was just starting and not prepared. What happened when they attacked brought both races together into one. It had the whole galaxy thinking they were mirror images or twins.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   .

It took many millennium for humans to learn to travel in space. Mostly it came from secret experiments they adopted and changed. One was an old theory from a brilliant man about wormholes. Even after they learned how to create and use them it still took time to get it right. Their first contact was with a race of aliens called Tresis.

They had a few small colonies struggling to survive and the wingless avians taught them new and faster ways to navigate the stars. It still was not fast or easy but when the Tresis introduced them to the Sizz their engineering seemed to explode. Not that the Sizz were good at creating new things, they did have better technology standards and taught us to use it.

After the Tresis and Sizz, who looked fierce, we met the Noss. They were the ones that began to teach us how to repair the damage to our home world. They also taught us how to terra form planets so they were liveable. From the Noss we learned of and met the Cartell and Albaer and they helped us expand into more new systems.

There was a galactic council of hundreds of races and peoples which brought a new language to us. Some were arrogant and others insular and there were those that were extremely deadly. In the first millennium we spread out and claimed over a thousand systems, half were able to support life.

The only galactic law was, the systems could not have sentient life or developing sentient life. A few times we had to jointly colonize systems with another race. Three times with the Albaer and twice with Tresis and once with the Sizz. Just a few years before we had even started one with the Cartell and the Noss together.

We were getting better at alien relations but most races considered us very arrogant. So far the colonies had become clusters of kingdoms and empires, of federations and republics or even protectorates or dictatorships. Those on the edges sent out scouts to more systems to explore them. Some were uninhabitable for our species and those we listed with the gal council.

Others were dark or dead and only good for mining. If we found one that would support human life we listed it with council. They would notified all races and if none contested it we could begin a colony. Our expansion slowed as we began to meet and live with more races. A new system was found with a stunningly beautiful world.

The only problem was another race’s ships arrived at the same time as ours. We both left beacons and sent in the location as the scouts did surface scans. This time it came back with a claim from a race we had no contact with. The Kaire were humanoid but the vid images looked like they had evolved from large cats and seemed just as forward or arrogant as humans.

Through the gal council an agreement was reached to inhabit the system and planet together. To say it was uneasy would be polite. The human name for the system was Keller and the Kaire name was Sarden. The colony of humans came from the Wellington empire. The huge colony ships were loaded and departed to land at a set time for both races.

Because we did not know the Kaire we sent those that were also trained as soldiers. We did not know their race sent warriors too. Of course now we know all Kaire are warriors even if they are also something else. The central colony landing area had spokes going out to smaller areas designated for farms or ranches.

My name is Adam Conner Blackstone and I am sixteen. My father had retired from the marines and remarried to my step mother. She was a former fleet officer and I was their only child ... for now. Our homestead was to be way to the west of the main colony city beside a river. To the north was a Kaire homestead or clan territory as they called it.

To the south was another and beyond them was another human homestead. First I helped put in a foundation and then we put up the prefabricated house and barns. We put in the waste systems and the water and power. Several times we met the Kaire and they seemed distant and almost hostile.

The other human homestead was a family named Hobarth. They had a son and three daughters and one was even my age. The system council was set up with two human and three Kaire since their claim dated to before ours. Rumor and gossip said they worked together but were always arguing.

When a alien ship was spotted it was the Kaire that identified it and they were not happy. They issued a system warning and called for the colony to be ready for war. That was when we learned of and about the Slith and their sick hunts. Our homestead had been identified as a gathering point so both Kaire and humans sped in ready to fight.

That was when I met Samantha, Zari and Storm. We were designated as a secondary strike group. I carried a Spencer carbine and a Raptor ten millimeter rail pistol. I tried to be nice as I took them out to a field to test fire our weapons. The male was almost belligerent but there was something about the female.

I had brought extra rounds for all our weapons and we set up. That was when a large shuttle streaked down and began firing at the buildings and transports around it. I did not know anything about what they called stunner beams. Storm yelled and started to run and I caught his arm and yanked him back, “wait!”

He spun, “let me go human!”

I stepped close and growled back, “you stupid thick idiot. You run in now and either they or our side may kill you. Not only you but us, we are one strike team.”

I looked into his eyes and the other Kaire female Zari slapped his shoulder, “he is right. We need to scout.”

He looked at her and then nodded and Samantha cleared her throat, “I saw a shelf under the bank of the river. We can use it and move closer.”

Storm looked at her and I saw his nose wrinkle and he growled. Zari gasped and I looked at her but she was staring at Storm with wide eyes. He shook himself and looked away and I shifted and looked at Samantha, “what was that about?”

Zari turned to head for the river, “it was a mating growl.”

I started after her as Storm hesitated, “he was not looking at you.”

She looked back and smiled, “Samantha has a very ... attracting smell.”

I looked back as Samantha followed me and Storm followed her, “so her smell made him horny?”

She grinned and looked back, “just his look makes me horny.”

I reddened as Storm looked at her and Zeri laughed, “and Adam’s musk is making me aroused.”

I looked at her hips and the way they moved, “Storm is not the only one getting aroused or horny.”

She looked back and then down at her hips and then grinned, “careful tom, we mate for life.”

I sighed, “like a pair?”

She chuckled and started down the bank to the edge of the water, “it can be. The mates must decide, sometimes a male has several female mates.”

I looked up and down the river and gestured and she went left on a narrow ledge, “not one female and several males?”

Storm growled and then cleared his throat, “there are a few. We have even seen a set of couples as mates.”

I looked at Zari’s hips, “like me and Zari and you and Samantha?”

Samantha giggled, “now you are really making me aroused.”

Zari looked back, “yes and no. Not two couples separated but linked.”

Storm growled, “both males mate with both females.”

I glanced at Samantha and down her body and she blushed, “yeah that sounds fun too.”

Zari held up her hand and we became silent. I moved past her and started up the bank and Storm followed. I dropped and crawled over the lip and stopped to look at the buildings. The huge shuttle was parked and strange reptiles wearing skirts were loading people into cages one at a time. Storm hissed, “hunt cages.”

I looked at him and he gestured, “see the ones holding the weapons?”

I nodded and he glanced at me, “they are the females. The males only carry knives.”

I looked at my rifle and then at his, “okay.”

I gestured and we crawled back and turned. I looked at Samantha and Zari and then Storm, “we split up in pairs. You and Samantha stay here and crawl to the edge of the broken fence. Zari and I will go down the river a little and crawl out and to the debris where the barn was. You watch me and when we are set I will signal.”

He stiffened and I looked into his eyes, “you start firing and we will attack into the rear of the shuttle. You kill the females before shooting the males. We need to free our people already on the shuttle and kill those on the bridge.”

He looked at Zari and then Samantha before looking at me, “you would let your she stay with me?”

I grinned as Samantha shifted, “I will even stand guard while you and she mate.”

She grinned and Zari chuckled softly. Storm looked at them and then at Samantha, “I would very much like that.”

I gestured, “and you can stand guard for me when Zari and I mate.”

She gasped and then touched my face, “you would claim me?”

I grinned, “yes and Samantha and you both could claim Storm.”

She looked at him and stilled and I caressed her cheek, “I would not take your chance to have children.”

Storm nodded, “done.”

Zari smiled at Samantha, “I would accept.”

Samantha looked at me and Storm before she nodded, “yeah me too.”

I gestured again, “after we kill these and free our people.”

They nodded and I moved to the ledge and started south with Zari following. A hundred steps and I was moving back up the bank. I peeked over and looked at Zari and took the safety off my rifle. I began to crawl and she followed as I moved to the ruins of our barn. I looked to the left and followed the fence.

I saw Samantha and then Storm and gestured. He began to fire and I came to my feet and started around the debris with my rifle to my shoulder. I shot a male rushing us with a knife and started to move faster. I heard Zari firing behind me as we reached the ramp into the huge shuttle. I fired into a large female wearing a lot of gems and lifting some type of rifle.

I kept going as I slowed and checked behind each Slith I shot in case my rounds went through. I ignored the humans and Kaire in the cages as I strode between them. In the front of the shuttle was a ladder up to another level with walls. I shot a Slith in the head as it came down the ladder and slung my rifle and pulled my pistol.

I looked at Zari and she nodded and I started up. I stepped off the ladder and turned and waited for Zari. When she stepped off the ladder I began to move again. We found the bridge hatch and it was open. I kept my pistol up and gestured and we both moved into the hatch. Four Slith spun and I shot a female in the head as Zari began to fire.

I switched aim as she killed two males and we both shot the last. I moved in and checked them and then turned and started out. Next was engineering and then we went back to the cargo deck. We began breaking the locks and freeing those in the cage. It was not long before Storm and Samantha came in.

I nodded to Storm, “the rest dead?”

He nodded and they started helping. It was not long before we had everyone out and calls were being sent out. My step mother was the one to decrypt the shuttle interface with the ship and the other shuttles. That brought a lot of both races to us as the day ended. Plans were being made to strike the other shuttles in the morning before they could begin a hunt.

I pulled Zari and the others to the house. Children were everywhere and still clinging to any adult they saw. I took Zari, Storm and Samantha to my bedroom and closed the door while they looked around. I smiled and turned Samantha, “still want to do it?”

She looked at Storm and grinned, “yeah.”

I turned and pushed her towards the bed and looked at Storm, “I will watch and guard.”

He shifted and then nodded and moved to Samantha, “Samantha Daring Hobarth I see you.”

The two girls had been whispering and Samantha grinned, “Storm Mel Alt Der I see you.”

Storm caressed her cheek, “I claim you.”

Zari leaned against me as they began to undress each other. Samantha laid on the bed and Storm moved over her and she whispered. He shifted and then smiled and moved down as she spread her legs. He looked at her pussy and then licked and hesitated before doing it again. She shivered and lifted her hips as she moaned and he kept licking her.

We heard and saw her touch the top of her pussy, “do my clit.”

Zari giggled and I grinned as Storm shifted and started to lick and then tease her clit. She shuddered and moaned louder and after several minutes she spasmed and jerked. She caught and pulled him up while panting and fumbled between them. She looked at Zari in panic and she moved to the bed, “rub his sheath and it will emerge.”

Storm groaned and humped and Samantha caressed his sheath. She gasped when his cock came out and pushed into her, “ooohhhh!”

His tail was caressing her legs as he buried his cock and began to grind and jab. She lifted and cocked her legs and hugged him, “aaaahhhh!”

Zari grinned as she backed to me and her tail wrapped around my right leg. Samantha was writhing and thrusting up while Storm kept fucking her and planting his cock. A dozen minutes and she wailed and spasmed and he jerked and grunted as he shoved into her. They clung to each other and Zari whispered, “he is breeding her.”

She shifted and I put my arms around her. I looked at the door when someone tried to open it. I let Zari go and turned to open the door a crack, “we are busy.”

Dad cleared his throat, “having sex?”

I smiled and glanced at the bed, “claiming mates.”

He sighed, “Adam, the Kaire have their own ways and customs.”

Zari peeked under my arm, “we are following our customs.”

He looked at her and then at me. I grinned, “dad meet Zari my mate to be.”

His mouth dropped open and she grinned, “one of them. Storm and Samantha will be our mates too.”

He looked at me and I nodded, “so we will have children.”

He grinned, “well I know Samantha does not have an implant yet and if your ... Zari is following Kaire customs she does not have one.”

I looked at the bed and Storm was on his back as Samantha fucked him, “we will be out after we finish.”

He chuckled and turned away and I closed and locked the door. I hugged Zari and looked at the bed, “so ... I will need to claim you and then you and Storm do a claiming and...”

She grinned, “we will be very messy when we finish.”

We looked at the bed and waited and watched until Samantha started to jerk. She fell and Storm rolled and began to use firm thrusts. A few minutes and he held her and rubbed her cheek as he came again and Zari smiled. He pulled out and laid beside her and caressed her pelvis. She sighed and caressed his face and then turned and moved off the bed.

He followed and ignored clothes as she led him to us. I pulled Zari to the bed and turned. I had seen what Storm and Samantha had done, “Zari Cin Der Kinurr I see you.”

She rubbed my chest, “Adam Conner Blackstone I see you.”

I leaned and licked under her ear, “I claim you.”

She shuddered and started to undress me. I was trying to remove her clothes and she grinned. Finally I laid her on the bed and cupped a breast and bent my head to suck on her other nipple. I started to caress and knead her breast and she gasped and shuddered. I moved over her and settled and rubbed my face against hers and nibbled on her neck.

She groaned and I moved down her body as she spread her legs. I looked at her pussy and then licked through it. She jerked and lifted her hips, “ooohhhh!”

When I began to suck on her clit and wiggle the tip of my tongue she bucked and howled, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She twisted and thrashed and I heard Samantha giggling. I moved up and used my knees to keep her legs spread. I positioned my cock and pushed and sank into her. Zari clutched me as I buried my cock, “YES!”

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