Let's Play a Game

by Barely Sofia

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True Story: Hi there, Nat again, I know, I'm here so much just telling my crap, I'm sorry. I hope you know who I am, if you don't feel free to read the previous stories of "A bad place to live" If you're lazy, just lets say. When I was young my parents had a car accident, they both died, I survived. My aunt Helena took care of me... Yes, in her own way, she hates me, but she loves her two sons, Thomas and David. I consider myself as a modern Cinderella, being the last one on the household.

Tags: Teenagers   Humiliation   Sadistic   Spanking  

After Christmas the situation had changed a lot at home, the cousins were more in charge of me than ever before, they disciplined me and my aunt let them do it with pleasure.

It was usual after school to have a few of their friends at home, never more than three of them, well that’s if you don’t count our neighbors, Daniel, Sandi and Anna. They had become friends and my aunt was pleased that her boys had some “decent girls around”.

I know I should feel good having more girls at home, but nothing more different, our neighbors were homeschooled, that meant that they were bored at home most of the time, Daniel, was the typical boy, he enjoyed watching me as much as my cousins, but his sisters, they enjoyed other things.

It took me a while to realize that what they enjoyed was my pain, not my nudity, only my pain, and humiliation, so, they didn’t miss a chance of putting me in trouble.

Daniel and Sandy were 14 and Anna were 16, only a few months younger than me.

Aunt was working more by that time, she was also more strict with money, that means that I had to cook, clean and do chores with less, that cost me some smacks also.

One day, only 15 minutes later after making it home I had been spanked by the twins, this time by hand, but they had me doing corner time only with my bra and my panties on my knees. I was supposed to keep them there, not higher, not lower, just on my knees. Sandy, the younger and the worst one, enjoyed squeezing and smacking my butt each time she walked next to me, my cousins sometimes stopped her, but without a real intention.

That day she tried something else, I felt her hands on my back, and then, suddenly she pulled down my bra, my cousins jumped out, that was one of the conditions, my bra had to stay on, if not, they could lose their power to me, they began to argue, when I heard the street door, then, my aunt appeared.

“What did she done this time?” She asked, and then, she raised her voice. “And what is she not wearing anything?”

Silence was done, I was covering my breasts with my hands while facing the corner, I wanted to talk, but, I knew that it was better to keep silent until asked.

“Miss Patrick, She took it off trying to avoid another spanking, we asked her to keep it in place, but she didn’t.”

I turned around blushing in rage.

“That’s a lie! you did it! you took it off, even the boys asked you to stop!” I had not realized that I had turned around and faced them all, my aunt looked at me. “You slut! keep your nose into the wall until it’s your turn!” “But aunt! she’s lying!” I insisted, she ran and pushed my face against the wall. “I said shut-up!”

The story was that I had offered to take off my bra in order to skip the last part of the spanking, everyone there wanted to stop me because it was against the rules, but I just took off my bra. My aunt asked my cousins, then to the girls, they all sworn that it was the truth, and by the time it was my turn, she had already an opinion.

“That’s the way her mind works, she’s a slut, selling her body to avoid the deserved punishment, you tried to trick my boys! you tried to pervert them with the image of your dirty breasts, you think you have power.

Ok then!. Turn around! make sure each one here has a good look at them, that’s their value, once they’ll see them you won’t have anything to else to trade with! in fact, I’m going to make sure that they’re tired of seeing them for the next days so you can’t trick them again.”

She said, pulling me from my ear until I was in the middle of the room there, she pushed my hands out of the sight and left me there.

I had to stay naked, while everyone stared at me, it was a frontal nude, even when I was keeping my legs closed it was helpless, without my hands to cover me I felt exposed to everyone.

About one hour later, My aunt said that she had a headache, she asked our neighbors to go back to their home and sent me to make dinner.

“When you have the dinner ready go and move all your clothes into your cousin’s room, you’ve lost the power to show them anything, from now on, they’re the ones deciding if you wear something or not while at home. only in the kitchen you will be allowed to wear an apron”

“Boys, I trust you, try not to offend any guests with dirty body” Then she left.

I looked at them, they were smiling, of course, a new door had been opened to them, I could tell they loved the idea more than I hated it.

Thomas walked to me and smacked my butt. “Go and make dinner! then move your clothes and face the wall again.”

I put the apron, nothing that covered so much, my back was mostly exposed, but at least it was something, after making dinner, and leaving the boys eating I had the unpleasant task to move my clothes and put in their wardrobes and drawers it took me an hour or so, and then, I had to face the wall until bedtime.

I had to ask them for my nightgown, and then, went to sleep, next morning things wouldn’t go better.

Now they were giving me my clothes, my school uniform in the morning, my nightgown at night, the next two days they didn’t bring anyone home and I was relieved, they kept me nude most of the time, and my aunt, who was still feeling bad didn’t show any problem.

The third day, our neighbors were back. They called it “change to your slut outfit” One thing is being naked while being punished, you face the wall, you can hide yourself a bit, but, being naked without a purpose is far worse than that, you feel exposed when you sit, when you bend over, when you walk, you’re conscious of your nudity each second, at some point I was wishing to be punished so I could go and face the wall.

Then, I had my period, and for a few days I would wear panties at home, not a total relieve, but it was something. At school I could hear the boys begging my cousins to let them at home, I was sure they would at some point, but they kept saying that while my aunt would feel sick, it was better not to have people around.

And everything changed.

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