Happy Birthday?

by Barely Sofia

Copyright© 2017 by Barely Sofia

True Story: This is the story about my cousins 15 birthday and my 17th birthday party.

Tags: Teenagers   Humiliation   Spanking  

Hey! I’m Nat, if you’ve read my previous stories, you know about me and my life.

A friend told me that I was a modern Cinderella, it took me some time to realize how right she was, but sure, I am.

When my dad and mom died in a car accident and I survived I went to live with my aunt and her sons, I was too young to have clear memories, but since then, I’ve been raised here.

My aunt hates me, I’m surer each day, and her kids, well, they had a girl who does all the work at home, I clean the house, cook, and more than that I have to keep my school grades good enough to not be in trouble.

That’s the story of my 17th birthday.

Well wait, I’m talking about my birthday, but I should be talking about my cousin’s 15 birthday, yes, we three were born with 1 and 3 hundred and fifty-nine days, that’s it.

Aunt always said that we can’t afford two parties, so I have my party before I make years, that’s 6 to seven days before. The big party is done for the twins birthday.

If you know about the house I live, you know, my birthday is not something special, is just a sign that I’m one year closer to the time I’m going to live this house, more than that, it means lots of work to do.

Saturday morning and I woke up early, the house has to be perfect for the party, clean and tidy. My aunt helps me while the boys are still sleeping, I know it’s going a non-stop day until I reach my bed again.

I begin to clean while my aunt makes a special breakfast, of course, we will have to wait until the twins wake up, but until then I clean, clean and clean.

When I look at the box where the boys put my panties after they’ve finished with them I see more than the usual, maybe they had their own little party last night, I wash them by hand, as I always do and let them drying before I put the laundry machine with the rest of the family clothes.

I hear the boys waking up, excited, they’re happy, 15 years already, and it’s going to be a great day for them.

We sit for breakfast, so, at least I have some rest before getting back to work. The party begins at lunch, and it’s going to be a long time. My aunt seems mad, she always asks me to bring some friends home for my birthday, I never do it.

First, because I know I won’t have time to spend with them, and second, because the less my friends know about my family the better, so, even when it means having my aunt mad, I prefer to keep some privacy, it’s my cousin’s birthday party after all, and they will bring friends enough.

Let me talk about my cousins, I’ve said that they’re pervs, I don’t know if they’re more or less than what you would consider the usual thing, what I know is that they stroke themselves a lot. Also, having a cousin which they had seen being spanked, nude or almost nude and doing corner time sure helps with their fantasies.

My aunt forbids me to lock, any room a long time ago, that means that even when I’m taking a shower anyone can get in have a look, do whatever they have to and leave, so, my cousins had seen me naked more times than I could ever count. More than that, a couple of months ago my aunt took my room’s door away, so now, I don’t have any place to hide or change.

“Girls are naughty, they’ve to be supervised, and any privacy would let you fall into your naughty feelings” Yes, that’s the way my aunt thinks, and of course, my cousins are happy.

They tease me a lot, they know I don’t fight back. I did at first, the first times they smacked my butt without reason, the first time they peeked me, each one of those times I ended exposed and with my butt burning, so, I just let them do, and well, they don’t go further than that, they never reached my breasts or other private areas. So, could be worst than it is.

The fact is that that day they were especially playful, after having breakfast they two had smacked my butt plenty of times if my aunt had noticed, she never said a word, so I kept silence and wished them to go out of the home while I worked in peace.

I had things to do, but my mind was far away, having the house crowded was a difficult situation for me. My aunt didn’t care too much about who was present and who wasn’t so if I did something that deserved a punishment I would get it anyway.

That had happened a few times already and was a great way to make my birthday party miserable.

My aunt was busy with the party cakes while I kept cleaning and began setting the tables and chairs, it was winter, but not a really cold day, so we would use the backyard as well and the indoor space.

The boys had left, and when they were back I was already in the corner, showing my butt, I had cleaned the upper floor, but my aunt found some dirty spots, her reaction was the usual one, a sound spanking and corner time.

I had to stand there while the boys giggled at the view of my butt. Daniel, a neighbor was with them even when it wasn’t the first time he saw me like that, he always seemed shocked.

He had sisters and he never saw their butts so clearly as he had seen mine. The twins made some jokes before going to the kitchen and take something to eat before aunt told them to stop and send them back to the living room.

Of course, corner time was short, I had more work to do, so, after 30 minutes I was released and sent to clean again the areas my aunt found dirty.

I know what you’ll think, that’s hard to believe, why you didn’t fight, why did you allow all those things to you?

Well, that’s anything I knew, even knowing my family was different it was the only one I knew, also for my experience any fight only made things worst, so, a few swats and showing my butt to my neighbor and cousins, wasn’t the worst thing that could happen.

Our guests began to show up, my cousin’s friends started to play around the tv, mostly with video games, the few adults were with talking with my aunt while I was getting things ready and serving drinks and snacks.

Our house wasn’t that big, so, with about 16 people inside it seemed a bit crowded so my aunt sent the boys outside.

Against their will they complied, they wanted to play video games, but, aunt word was sacred at home.

I heard someone ringing the door and went to open it. I got shocked when saw Samantha, Jenn, and another boy I didn’t know. The boy seemed to be mostly our age, probably a bit older.

“Happy birthday!” The three said at the same time.

“Hello! w ... what are you doing here?” I said still shocked. I didn’t invite them, I had tried my best into saying that it wasn’t my birthday party but my cousin’s.

Your aunt asked us to come, she said that it’s a pity that you can’t spend your birthday party with your friends.

I looked to my aunt, she smiled, in her mind, I knew she was trying to be nice, then I looked at them.

“Uh ... oh Ok, thanks for coming, please come in”

That’s when Jenn introduced me to his older brother, Alex, he was older than us, 19 years old, but he looked good. good enough to make me blush when he kissed my cheeks and said happy birthday.

I offered them some drinks and went to keep serving when my aunt called me.

“Nat, go with your friends, don’t worry, people can take drinks on their own.” That was my aunt, sometimes she was nice, and sometimes she was the evil, the problem was that she changed as fast that you could never now her mood.

I thanked her and went with my friends, each time I saw Alex I blushed, I wasn’t used to talking with boys of my age, at school I was studying, and I never went out with friends or something, so, my only interaction with boys was with my cousins and their friends.

He was nice, we sat in the living room.

“Hey Nat, do you mind to show us your room? It’s my first time here, and I don’t know where you live,” asked Samantha.

“Uh ... sure, yes...” I said, without thinking too much, we all headed upstairs into my room, it was clean and neat, like the rest of the house, I had a few magazine posters around, and some stuffed animals, my room wasn’t kiddish, but it was a mix of things that made me feel better.

It was Jenn who noticed.

“Nat, why there isn’t any door?” She asked. I blushed, I hadn’t thought about it, I was used to it, but for them, of course, a girls room without a door was something weird.

“Uh. Aunt is getting it fixed, It needed to be painted and ... well, you know fixed.”

“oh wow, you must be annoyed for your cousins then.”

I nodded, and I felt I had to say something else. “Well, yes, it’s only for a few days.”

“Let’s go down, girls, Nat is not feeling comfortable with us here,” Said Alex, I looked at him with a thankful smile.

When we walked down I felt aunt eyes following me.

I must admit that it was nice spending time with friends, I new Samantha well, with Jenn, well we were not so close but she was nice and funny, and Alex, each word I crossed with him made me blush. He was sweet, funny and caring, I laughed at his jokes.

The only problem was my cousins, they did move in again, and I could see them looking at us, giggling and making jokes.

They begun to ask me for drinks, I ignored them a few times, but they kept asking louder each time, I finally stood up when Alex did the same.

“Guys, it’s her birthday you, you could go and take your drinks as grown-up guys, don’t you think?”

I blushed deep red, but looking at the boys I knew they were trying to put me in trouble.

“It’s fine Alex, I will go for some drinks.” He nodded, but instead of sitting down he came and helped me with the drinks. I had read about knights, and princes, that time he looked like that to me.

The boys kept giggling, and I began to hear them singing something like “Nat has a boyfriend.”

Alex was sitting next to me as I was blushing more and more, Samantha was telling me to ignore them, and Jenn was saying that those brats needed a smack or two.

I blushed deep red with the reference, Jenn hadn’t any mean intention, you know, smacks and spankings are things normal people think about when they’re around brats, but my situation was different. I passed from red to pale because Alex asked me if I was all right and put his hand on my forehead.

“You’re sweating, are you ok?” “Yes. I mumbled, is a bit too hot here, could we go to the yard for a while?”

They all agreed, and soon we were sitting outside, far away from the boys and talking again.

I was still sweating, so, after excusing myself I went inside in order to go to the bathroom, that’s when things went worst.

I walked next to the boys, and one of them, I don’t know who smacked my butt. Any other time I would have just ignored them, but not that time, instead I turned and pushed one of the boys hard, too hard.

The boy began to cry, and before I could realize we were surrounded by adults, she looked at me, the boys were already telling their version, as I was feeling more and dizzier, my aunt grabbed my ear and forced me to bend over.

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