The Pantie's Affair

by Barely Sofia

Copyright© 2017 by Barely Sofia

True Story: New story on the "Bad place to live" series, this time, Nat discovers her cousins had been using her panties to... well, to do dirty things.

Tags: Teenagers   Humiliation  

Hi, I’m Nat or Natalia, this is a second little story about my life, if you haven’t read the first one, feel free to do it now, if you don’t want, just read this little explanation.

When I was young my parents died in a car accident, I survived, then, my aunt, Helena took care of me, I live with her and her two sons. Thomas and David, both are two years younger than me and are at that age.

We live in a small village, between two country borders, that’s why I have a Spanish name, while my cousins have different ones.

My aunt loves her kids and has a special way to raise them. She thinks boys are the best, loyal, trustworthy, mature and reliable, while girls are just the opposite. I think she hates me because if she doesn’t I can’t understand her thoughts. I mean, she’s a woman, she thinks of herself the same as she thinks of me?

Now, let me begin with the “Panties affair”

One month before I was 17 I began to realize I was always short of panties, I used one pair daily, two at most if I had gym or something, but, someday I found 4 or more panties on the dirty clothes bin.

I’m naive, I know, I had to talk with Samantha in order to guess what was happening.

“Your cousins are using them to jerk, I’m sure if you watch them carefully you’ll notice their jizz”

The idea was gross, but, something in my mind told me that she was right and the following days I watched carefully until I found David throwing a pair of my panties with the rest of the dirty clothes.

I took them, they were wet, and yes, I could feel something there, unable to explain what it was. I knew I had to talk with my aunt, I hated the idea of those two using the panties I would wear day after day, but I wasn’t sure how she would react.

My “Don’t touch yourself” affair was still fresh on my mind, some boys at school were mocking me at school, I know aunt was strict about masturbation, maybe, after all, I could win a battle.

As I said, some days I missed more than two extra panties, so I kept watching my cousins closely, that’s when I found another thing.

One day a week they took some more panties and took them at school. There I saw my cousins trading them for some money to some other boys. My panties weren’t back until next Friday.

That was too much, that same Friday I waited for my aunt to be at home, I helped her with the grocery bags and waited silently until she asked.

“What’s going on, Nat?” “Auntie, there’s a problem with the laundry, could you ... hmm come with me please?”

She looked at me.

“If you’ve mixed color and whites again I will roast you,” She said in her usual threatening voice. “No, no is not that, please let me show you.”

She followed me, I picked some of the panties the boys had thrown there and handed to my aunt.

“Whats with...” She began, and immediately dropped the panties on the floor, I could see her blushing in rage.

“Thomas and David Milles, come here right now!”

The few times I heard aunt calling my cousins by their full names, they had been ended grounded, she would never spank them, of course, spanking is for girls, but she would stop them playing video games or bringing friends home for a while, I was smiling and ready to leave when she stopped me.

“You stay here, girl, I’ve not finished with you”

I looked at her, that was new, I was never allowed to watch her grounding the boys, now, for the first time, I would be able to. But, on the other side, her tone, I didn’t like the tone.

My cousins came, and when they saw the panties on the floor I saw them blushing the deep red.

My aunt avoided to look the panties but looked at them.

“Boys, this is disgusting and I am totally deceived with you two.” She said, before looking at me. “Girl, look into the bin for any more panties, yours or mines.” The boys blushed deeper as I had to look for each one of the panties. I found one of hers, and I was about dropping them next to mines.

“Don’t dare to mix them, give me mines.” She ordered, I complied and handed her panties, she examined them and seemed relieved for a while.

“I can’t believe you dropped ‘those’” She begun, looking to my panties on the floor. “With mines.” She said looking at hers. “I don’t want to know since when is this happening, but is gross beyond consideration, I can’t believe you let your... ‘fluids” mix with my intimate clothes.” She said, and finally, threw her panties over mines and looked to the boys.

“S ... sorry mom, they said at the same time looking down and with puppy eyes.”

“I know and understand that as boys, you have your needs, and you have to experiment, but, I expect you to know better than that.”

David, go to the garage and bring one of the empty boxes we have there. Natalia, count the panties and tell me how many are “dirty”.

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