Don't touch yourself.

by Barely Sofia

Copyright© 2017 by Barely Sofia

True Story: This is the story of a girl living in a bad place. Her aunt hates her, while loves her two sons. This is a darker story, with abuse and a malfunctioning family. This is going to be the first of some short stories, without a beginning and without an end.

Tags: Teenagers   Humiliation   Spanking  

Don’t touch yourself

I don’t know my parents, my aunt always says that they committed suicide because I was a charge too heavy for them, so they crashed their car in order to not having to deal with me. The fact is that I can’t remember them, so I’m not sure.

So my auntie Helena, took care of me, she had two boys, twins, and younger than me, and for the first second, she made sure that everybody at home knew their position.

She was the head, of course, then, were the boys, boys can be trusted, they’re smart, strong and honorable, then, it’s me. The girl, girls had an evil essence, we are untrustworthy, we lie, we’re weak and lazy, we need strict control.

I’ve been raised with many rules. Be polite and respectful, don’t talk unless you’re asked, do your chores and don’t expect a reward, life is rewarding enough. Don’t lock any door, don’t think about sex, girls must remain a virgin.

We live in a small country, too small to have different classes, so I go to the same class as my cousins, of course, we have different lessons. different tests, but we share space and most of the teachers.

Against the normal demographics, in this little village, boys are the majority, in our class, there are 16 boys and only 4 girls, and if you focus on my age, well, a year up, a year down, 4 boys and only one other girl. She’s Samantha, and she’s my friend.

My auntie Helena believes in corporal punishment, of course only for girls, since boys are better than us, I asked once to her why the boys were never spanked, her answer was hard and sound enough for me to stop asking for that.

My cousins, Thomas and David, they’re perverts, maybe that’s normal, I mean, with so little girls at school, they know it’s going to be a miracle if they get a date before going to college, that’s probably the reason for them to be obsessed with sex.

Yes, they watch porn, tons of it, I hear them in their rooms, day and night, I find the proof in the morning, on their bedsheets and on their underwear. Aunt Helena ignores it, they’re her precious boys, and nothing they do is wrong. Also, the fact that she’s not the one who has to deal with the mess sure helps to ignore the whole thing.

Since I’m not allowed to lock doors, is common for them to step in the bathroom when I’m there with any excuse, or in my room, while I’m changing, I complained to my aunt a few times, of course, she sided them.

“That’s fine, this way you won’t touch yourself more than the strictly needed for cleaning purposes.”

Girls masturbate? Yes! we do, well Samantha does, I never tried before, I’m sure my aunt would trash my rear before I could realize.

But, I’m 16, and I’m curious. Samantha began to rub herself years ago, and she can’t believe I never tried, for God’s sake, I can’t believe it myself.

So, it was Thursday, I had done all my chores, homework and I was ready to sleep, everyone was in their room and I waited until everybody should be sleeping.

I pulled my panties down, and moved my nightgown enough to slid my hands, closed my eyes and began to play under the bedsheets.

I heard a noise, scared I stopped a few minutes until I thought that it all was a product of my fears, then I kept going.

The second time I heard sounds was enough for me. I just went to sleep. I hadn’t felt really anything more than stress and fear, so, I decided not to try again in a while.

Next day at school was normal, I’m a good student, and I manage to keep myself out of trouble. Knowing that any trouble at school will end with my butt warmed at home, helps to focus, so, I’m a good example for the rest of the school.

After school we all headed back to home, we began walking, going home by home leaving each one of their house, we are the last ones on the street, but I could see some boys still walking with us.

Is not unusual for my cousins to bring friends home since they had no chores to do, they have plenty of time, I’m lucky if I manage to do everything before having dinner so, getting someone at home is something I can’t afford.

I hate when they do that, I mean, bring friends, I feel like a prey, they’re staring me at all times, they try to sneak into the bathroom, same as my cousins, but, they’re not even relatives, I feel dirty.

That day we had 4 more boys, Daniel, Mike, Steve and Richard, all four between 14 and 16, I could feel them walking on my back, probably hoping that my skirt would move enough for them to have a glimpse of my panties.

One think about my aunt, she’s not shy when it comes to me and my cousins, if she has to spank me, she does it, she doesn’t care who’s there, especially if they’re my cousins, so, they have seen my butt smacked bare and over the panties lots of times, even a few times, she did it with my cousin’s friends there, but, at least she kept my panties on during those times.

It didn’t make it easier, I mean, anybody at school knew about my spankings, and some of them had seen it, that’s deeply embarrassing as you can guess.

Once at home, I offered some snacks and drinks to the boys, I’m supposed to be polite and a good host, no matter who the guest is. Once they were served, I went to my room, I usually take off my uniform at home, but, having the boys there stops me from doing it. Changing is difficult with the house full of pervs.

I heard Helene downstairs, she’s usually out of the home when we get there, she works in a nearby city, and after work, she usually goes to do get some groceries, I ran to her in order to help her with the bags, I got shocked when saw the boys helping her.

Are they moving a hand to help? That was difficult to believe, then I knew it, I was in trouble, she looked at me and pointed the wall, no words.

I turned around and faced the furthest wall in the room, that was usually the first step before getting spanked and I found myself rubbing my butt in advance.

My cousin’s friends were also there watching tv, I couldn’t hear my aunt and cousins since the tv was too loud, then, suddenly all was silent.

“You, little whore, come here right now!” She said, blushing deep red due to her words, she sometimes used that kind of words, it wasn’t usual, only when she was really angry.

I walked to her, hands on my sides and looking down to the floor.

“Natalia, do you have something to say about last night? something to confess?”

Natalia is my name, but he only uses it when I’m in trouble, the rest of time I’m only “Nat”. My brothers were grinning, and I needed some seconds to know what dad was talking about, last night, one of the boys saw me, and he told dad about it.

“N ... no Auntie” I lied fidgeting nervously.

“So, you didn’t try to give yourself sexual pleasure?”

I looked around, some of the boys had their mouths wide open, I blushed the deep red.

“N ... No Auntie, I swear, but, could we discuss this in private please?” I tried, I was used to having my cousins around, but those boys ... I didn’t want give them any show. Of course, my aunt shook her head.

“No, we will talk here, and you better stop lying Natalia, you know how much I hate lies,” Shee said, and I realized that she had a phone on his hands, one of my cousins had recorded me in my room. I knew I had been under the bed sheets, so, anything there couldn’t be absolute.

“L ... Last night I felt itchy there, I ... I had to scratch, then, I went to the bathroom to wash it.”

Ok, that was embarrassing as hell, talking about itches and washings, but, better than to recognize that I had been trying.

She looked at me.

“Do you think I’m stupid? I know what it looks like when you scratch, and when you rub, girl! last chance to confess.”

Sometimes you have to know when you’ve lost, I should know, I’m used to losing.

“S ... sorry Auntie, it was the first time, I will never do it again, I swear!”

She looked at me for a time that seemed an eternity, then shook her face.

“Really Natalia, I don’t know what to do with you, each time I think you can’t fall lower, you manage to change my mind. Look around you! Those boys, friends of your cousins, what they will think about me and my house! I can’t know how long you’ve been rubbing yourself as a bitch...”

“I ... I swear aunt, that was the first time!”

She walked and held my chin with her hand.

“Stop swearing, bitch! and take off your clothes”

I heard some of the boys gasping excited, I looked around, they all were looking at me like starving predators.

“P ... Please, aunt ... t ... the boys!”

“Yes ... the boys...” She began, and I thought she was about asking them to leave.

“Since they know how dirty are you, it’s fair for them to know how I take care of dirty attitudes.”

“Thomas, dear, go and bring the big belt for your dirty cousin, will you?” She said with her sweetest tone.

“And you! Make sure to have all your clothes off and folded before I’m back!”

She had that skill, changing the tone from sweet to menacing and vice versa in just a second. Then she left to her room, I gulped, and started to undo the buttons of my school shirt, the boys were staring at me silently, I could feel their excitement, my cousins had seen me naked, but those boys had seen me being spanked over my panties and only a couple of them.

Thomas was back, with the thickest belt. Aunt had three belts for me, each one thicker than the previous one, the one was on my cousin’s hands was scary as hell.

“You better hurry up, Nat,” Said Thomas, and he swung the belt in the air making me shiver.

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