Peeing in the Woods

by Imaginator

Copyright© 2017 by Imaginator

Incest Sex Story: The young brother and sister fell into the "coming of age" in a different way.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Water Sports   .

My brother and I grew up playing in the 10-acre woods behind our house. Scott is a year old than I, actually 14 months, older, and we were like regular siblings. We would fight each other tooth and nail one minute and comfort each other the next. As soon as mom trusted us, we spent all our time in those woods, well, except when we played on the swings and sliding board. We built forts in the woods, made bike trails, built tree houses, dammed the small stream hundreds of times, and even camped out there. We knew the woods as well as we knew our rooms in the house.

Being so far from the house, we took care of toilet business in the woods, as well, and had several spots dedicated for the purpose, especially for number two. The bodily functions were just tolerated and never any kind of a deal. Until one day we had been horsing around with each other, tickling one another until we couldn’t breathe. We took a forced pause to pee, and mine was over quickly. But Scott seemed to go on forever. He was peeing on one of “THE” trees and had a nice little river coming from it. There he was, all innocent, with his guard down, and I could not resist. I sneaked up behind him and tickled him at his most vulnerable places, the ribs. He cackled and turned around, peeing on my bare legs. I was startled, as we had never played like this before. The odd thing was, I didn’t move a muscle. I just stood there letting my legs get soaked, staring as his soft cock.

I had seen his cock before, and I had even seen him peeing before. This was different, though. This time he was peeing on me, and it was so charged, that it felt like his cock was touching me. As I was staring, his cock did rise in recognition of the moment. It was small, although I didn’t realize that at the time. And his pubes were sparse, while I still had no hairs. Just seeing it get hard and him peeing moistened my cunny, made my crotch area damp. My gut reaction was to pee on him like he had done me. I liked the idea, because then I could show what I have. Before Scott could put his cock back in, I dropped my shorts and panties and let it fly over to his legs, and he just stood there as I had done. And he stayed hard, although I didn’t realize it was a big deal at the time. I didn’t have much pee left, so I had to get closer to him and just barely made a stripe across his legs. Then, we just stood there, not saying anything, but staring. Without saying anything we both pulled up our shorts and went to play in the stream, mainly to get the pee off our legs.

Nothing was said or done about the event over the next week, or so. We went about our playing as if it never happened. We still peed and shat in the woods but we didn’t watch each other.

Late the following week we took a pee break from building yet another dam in the stream. Scott went straight to the tree and let it fly, without dropping his shorts. I thought about last week and couldn’t resist. I sneaked up behind him, dropped my shorts and emptied my full bladder on his legs, even as he turned around to face me, with his cock still out. I soaked both the front and the back of his legs, but I didn’t finish before he emptied the rest of his bladder on me, not so much as before. But he did pee as high as my pussy, getting some pee on it, and he got my shorts and panties wet, too. Again, we were silent, looking at each other.

Suddenly, almost involuntarily, I reached over and wrapped my hand around his hard cock, and he didn’t seem to mind at all. So, I kept holding it. I broke the silence, saying, “It’s hard, but soft on the outside.” Scott said, “Yeah, that’s the way they are,” with a trembling in his voice. I was nervous, too, never having done such a thing. I mean with a boy. I had felt and masturbated myself, but that was all. I had the feeling of feeling myself as I held onto his hard cock. Scott had his eyes closed, and leaned back against the tree, and said, “That feels so good. Keep doing it.” All I was doing was holding it, so I kept holding it. He told me to squeeze it, and I did. After a bit, I felt large pulses in his dick, and then suddenly he shot his sperm all over me. I didn’t know it was sperm at the time, in fact, I didn’t know what it was. I knew it wasn’t pee, and I knew that Scott must have really liked it. I asked what happened, and he said, “I just shot sperm on you.” “Oh,” I said, not really knowing what to think. I must have had a puzzled look on my face, because Scott started explaining, while we were both still half nude, and I was still holding his cock. As he talked, I looked it over, at its length, the pee hole, his balls, and all. As I looked he explained that he was circumcised and told me what that meant. That put a whole new flavor to the Sunday School lessons.

After we exhausted that subject, Scott wanted to check me out. It was only fair, so I let him. Except that standing up, he couldn’t see much. We went down to the stream and I laid on my back on large mostly flat rock and opened my legs for him. Now, I had already been looking at myself in the mirror, and had read books about girls becoming women, and I had also seen some “health” videos online, which were really porn. I think Scott had seen some videos, too, because he asked where my clit was, except he said “clitoris”, like in the books. He asked if my lips were tender and if I rubbed myself. I told him yes and it feels good, like he was feeling a few minutes ago. He asked if I would masturbate for him, and it didn’t take much thought. I was already in a high state of excitement. He sat between my legs, jacking himself off, as I jilled. Damn, that was exciting. Soon enough, I was orgasming, and quickly after that he shot across my pussy, my hand, and my belly. It took several minutes for me to complete my orgasm. I had never had one last so long. Scott asked, “Did you just orgasm?” I thought it was a legitimate question, so I just responded, “uh-huh.”

I had sperm and pee in all my clothes, so I stripped and rinsed them and me off in the stream. Scott got naked and rinsed himself off, as well. We put our wet clothes back on, which felt good on such a hot July day, and finished our playing in the woods until supper time.

The next morning was met with anticipation from both of us. We went to the tree house to talk about the day before, and the week before. We both affirmed that we liked both the peeing and the sex play. Scott must have been watching something about porn the night before, because he had an idea to try. We both got totally naked and he was hard and ready. He laid down on his back and told me to squat with my pee hole right over his hard cock. Then he told me to pee on him. It took a bit for the pee to start, but when it did I soaked his cock and balls. Not moving, when I finished, he said, “Don’t move,” and he started peeing, up onto my pussy. I could feel its warmth on my clit and all around my pussy and lips. Then, he asked if we could masturbate each other. By now, I would have masturbated or been masturbated or any combination thereof. We tried first with me sitting beside him and masturbating each other, but that was doing nothing for my hot pussy. Then, I lay down beside him and tried it that way, but we kept getting in each other’s way. Finally, Scott had the brilliant idea of us lying head to toe beside each other. That was perfect. We reached each other’s parts without getting in each other’s way. Scott said, “When I go slow, you go slow, and when I get faster, you get faster.” I did. And damn, did I have another great orgasm. Scott did too, shooting high in the air and it came back down on his belly mostly. The last drops spilled over onto my hand. I held it to my nose and smelled it, but not much of a smell, really. I guess I would call it a musky smell, if I had known what “musky” was, at the time. It wasn’t bad, so I tasted it, with Scott watching. He asked what it tasted like and I held my hand over to him. He pulled back a little, and said, “Just tell me what it tastes like.” This time, I jammed the sperm part of my hand to his mouth, and then he couldn’t help tasting it himself. If I tasted his sperm, he could, too. He, too agreed that it wasn’t bad.

We left the tree naked and went to the stream to rinse off. This time we didn’t dress until we were dry. The following day was Sunday, and we always went to church, then came home for lunch, and then went to visit Daddy’s parents about an hour away. There wasn’t much time left for the woods.

That night, though, Scott showed me a cartoon video of kids about our age playing around. The girl sucked the boy and the boy went down on the girl. That was our game plan for the next day. Except that it was a downpour. With mom in the house with us, we dared not do anything like we did in the woods. So, we just played games, even with mom and watched movies. Mom made us some popcorn for the movies.

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