Sharing a Bedroom Isn't So Bad

by Imaginator

Copyright© 2017 by Imaginator

Incest Sex Story: Scott and Elaine shared a room well past the normal age of separation. This story is proof of that.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Masturbation   Petting   .

My sister, Elaine, and I shared a room much longer than we should have. But it was the perfect setup. In the summer time, without air conditioning, we had an attic fan that provided just enough background noise to cover quiet whispers and other gentle rustling sounds. My bed was in one corner and my sister’s in another corner, with a window between, but closer to my bed. The partly open window forced a cool breeze into my side of the room and there was another window by Elaine’s bed. The window also let in some light from a neighbor’s yard pole lamp, soft like moonlight. In the summer time we both slept in short pajamas with short sleeve button up tops, and usually just a sheet pulled over us.

I had been getting really hard erections for some time, and had learned to masturbate. After I was sure that Elaine was asleep, I would jack of under the covers and roll over to my side toward the wall and unload there. If she ever knew anything was going on, she never let on. My guess, with her being two years younger than I, was that she was not aware of boys doing such things.

One night I was playing with myself, enjoying my dick being so hard, and I learned I could bend it down between my legs and hold it there. With my newly sprouted pubic hair, it looked like I was a girl. I thought this was a novel thing, so covered up, I called Elaine over to my bed. I had positioned myself in the light of the window. When she got beside me, she said, “What?”

I flopped the sheet back, and she definitely looked, because I had pulled down my PJs and my underwear. She giggled. With a reaction like that, I figured no harm in showing her my dick. So I parted my legs enough for it to pop out, boy did it. It bounced back and forth a couple of times, and she giggled again, while continuing to stare. For the first time, a girl was looking at my hard dick, and that made it even harder. I figured that was long enough, and I covered up. She went back to her bed.

After a few moments, I turned on my side away from her and started jacking to relieve the pressure. I heard her whisper, “What are you doing?” I stopped and said, “Nothing,” and then I came.

The next night, I was playing with myself, and I could tell she was still awake. I pulled the sheet off and saw that she was looking. So, I told her to pull hers down, which she did without hesitation. I pulled my bottoms off and walked over to her bed to check her out. She has black hair, so her new pube sprouts were very apparent against her pale skin in the light coming in the window. I parted her legs more, but there was too much shadow to really see anything. {I rubbed one hand across her pubes and down between her legs. There was some moisture there, but I did not go in. About that time I felt her hand on my cock. She didn’t move it, or anything, but it still felt good. I thought I had taken that far enough, so I went to bed and jacked off. This time she didn’t say anything.

We didn’t say a word about it in the day time. Things were just normal, as if nothing had happened.

The following night I was lying there under the cover, enjoying the hardness of my cock, when Elaine walked over to my bed, with her bottoms off. Hot diggity dam. I laid still, waiting to see what she would do. She pulled the covers down and then my PJ bottoms, and my ever faithful hard rod sprang out. She checked it out in the window light, holding my balls and checking them out. She held onto my dick and said, “Stand up,” which I immediately did. She laid in the bed on her side and pulled me down beside her. We faced each other, my dick just touching her pubes. She thrust forward, raising her leg to allow room for my dick. I pushed forward, so that my dick was between her legs, up against her pussy. I could believe thinking that my sister had a pussy, and that made me even harder. My dick didn’t go in her pussy, but laid right there under it. She lowered her leg and it was the greatest thing I had felt. There it was so warm between her soft white thighs. We just laid there, not saying a word, with our arms around each other.

Then, I felt a twitch in my dick, that good kind of twitch. But if Elaine noticed, she kept silent. Then, there came another, and I clamped down, trying to hold back the inevitable. Neither of us moved as the tension was mounting in my loins. Then, finally, I erupted in a huge, long spurt. Elaine asked, “Did you just pee on me?” I stammered out a “No,” just as three more spurts followed in rapid succession. Elaine, said, “Yes you did,” and jumped up and ran to the bathroom to get some toilet tissue. She didn’t sound mad, so I just let it go. For now. To this day, that was the most incredible, most powerful ejaculation I have ever had. There was a huge puddle of cum in her bed.

The next day, when we were out of earshot of our mom, I brought the subject of the night before, the first time either of us spoke about our nighttime activities in the day light. I told her what had really happened, wondering if she knew what sperm was. I asked, and she did, so that made the explanation easier. I also explained male masturbation to her, while I had a good thing going. I was hard the entire conversation, but didn’t do anything about it in the bright daylight, in view of mom, should she look out the window.

That night, Elaine came over to my bed, with her bottoms off. I was already hard when she pulled my covers off and pulled down my PJs and underwear in one motion. She said, “I want to see you shoot your stuff.” I needed no clarification for that. With one hand I started jacking, and with the other I was feeling her thigh and butt. It didn’t take long and then I was aiming it onto my belly. Except it went on my chest, my face, and over my head as I jerked hard four or five times and I squeezed her butt hard. She saw some reflecting in the window light and ran her hand through it, smearing a big glob in the middle of my chest. Elaine’s first verbal response was, “Do it again.” I told her I had to wait for it to build up again. So she went back to her bed, and I drifted off to a sound sleep, half naked. Elaine must have covered me during the night, because when mom came in to call us for breakfast, I had the bottoms on.

Again, during the day, nothing was said. That night, I went to her bed and pulled her bottoms off. Then I laid down at right angles to her body, and placed her legs over mine. She was on her back and I on my side. We formed an ‘X’ at our sex. I started rubbing my cock up and down her slit, and about the second stroke it was plenty wet, probably from both of us. I kept rubbing up and down, going in a little further each time, and a little higher to the top of her slit. Whenever I touched the top of her slit she would jerk her hips involuntarily. I figured out later that I had been hitting her clit. I was more interested, though, in the wet hole. I kept slowly pushing farther in, until I felt resistance. When I felt it, I asked if I should go further, to which she whispered, “No”. So, I didn’t.

After a few more minutes of this intense rubbing, I sat up and Elaine asked if I was going back to my bed and I said, “Yes.” She said, “Wait, can I make you shoot your stuff?” Oh damn, a girl was going to jack me off!! For the first time! I almost choked, trying to get a “Yes” out, without shouting. She said, “Show me.” So, I placed her soft hand on my pounding hard cock and wrapped her fingers as far around it as they would go. Then, I held her wrist and moved her hand in the stroking motion, to which she quickly caught on. I took my hand away and laid back to enjoy. Silently we bathed in the scene. As I approached orgasm, I softly told her “Faster,” to which she complied. Then, when I was ready to explode, she jacked me through it, aiming it upward and slowing down as I had done. This time she rubbed the cum into my chest and even rubbed some on my dick. Oh, what a feeling. When she let go of my dick, I went back to my bed and had another great night of sleep.

Still not saying anything during the day we went about our regular day, Elaine with her friends and me with mine. That night, we both expected something, only I didn’t know what. I had planned to go back to Elain’s bed and eventually get another hand job. I had already jacked off in the bathroom during the afternoon. However, before I made my move, Elaine was beside my bed, naked below the waist, but this time with her pajama top unbuttoned. I could see her tits!!! The first 3D tits I had ever seen in their entirety!! I had seen the older teens next door sunning in their bikinis, and I had jacked off over that for the whole rest of the summer. But now, here they were fully exposed, the white skin that had never seen the sun, punctuated by two perfectly round areola and two perfectly hard nipples, just slightly darker than her skin. And I knew that I was the first boy to see them.

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