The Valley Clan Saga - Part 1
Chapter 10: The Trip, Pregnancies and Our Arrival

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 10: The Trip, Pregnancies and Our Arrival - A young man forms a prepack harem on the way to the stars.

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The rest of the trip was mostly uneventful. Even the CS pool, while a major distraction, didn’t cause as much trouble as I had feared. I had to punish concubines once in a while but it was all for minor infractions. The average time a concubine spent in the pool was five days. I was down to four concubines by the end of the trip, the extras being those being of sponsors that were recycled. All sponsors had their full compliments. I was very happy with the results. The four temporary concubines I had were turned over to the colony concubine pool, with excellent recommendations. I heard several days later that they all had new homes.

Helen or Joan setup scenarios every three or four days. It was clear after about two weeks that they needed more material. I asked the AI to help them with other ideas, which it did. We had lots of fun over the four weeks of our travel.

The Captain and I had dinner once or twice a week. He had the hots for Helen and asked to sleep with her one night. Helen was also attracted and agreed, so it happened. While it was true that Helen really had no choice, I wanted concubines to have a say in these matters. The Captain reciprocated by offering his head concubine and I accepted.

The night we agreed, the concubine and the Captain arrived at my home to perform the exchange of concubines. The Captain introduced her to me as Lori and handed me a ping-pong paddle. He said his concubine had been a bad girl and as part of her punishment she was to ask me for a hard paddling. The Captain turned and left with Helen following close behind.

I was a little surprised, so I had Lori go to my room and wait from me. I let her cool her heels for a bit, while I considered things.

When I went to my room, Lori, was in tears. I asked her what happened. She said, “I opposed his will. I did not want him trading me like this. I know better but I had just received bad news about a job request. That does not excuse my conduct. I went ballistic. I don’t know what got into me! I love him and our life together. I never complain when he gives me away. He was correct to punish me. You have a reputation on the ship of being a firm disciplinarian and some concubines are afraid of your punishments. The Captain is a wimp punishing his ladies and he knows it. He is hoping this teaches all his concubines that he has other options. You should punish me severely but justly. I deserve it and I want you to because my sister concubines need to know that the Captain should be respected.”

I said to Lori, “You are lucky he just asked me to give you a hard paddling with a ping-pong paddle. If it had been one of my concubines I would have given you both the strap and the bristle side of the hair bush.”

She shivered. “I see, Sir!”

“Now tell me what really happened.”

She looked at me, thought about it a second and said, “I lost it. I was looking forward to our usual time together that night because I had a bad day at work. The tools I work with suddenly stopped working. It was a while before I realized they were malfunctioning and I had to retest a bunch of things after tools were fixed. The supervising NCO gave me a spanking for being so far behind. When I returned home I was seething mad, but I had it under control. When the Captain came home he told me what I was doing and I argued with him. When he asked me what was wrong, I blamed the night out instead of the real problem.”

“Just relax for a few moments. If he just said a hard paddling, he really does not want you punished too severely. He just wants to scare you into not doing this again.”

“He may not but I don’t want to take the chance. Please spank me severely. I want him to know, when I return, that I was severely punished and that I accepted it. Furthermore, I really do deserve it, for taking it out on him.”

I spanked her well a few minutes later and then we had a fun night together. Later, when I talked to the Captain he asked, “Did I do something and did she tell you what happened?”

“No, it was not you. She got spanked at work and she was angry about it. She will probably tell you the details now. You just set her off, when she expected to sleep with you tonight.”

By the time we reached Bedfordat, Helen, Kim, Sally and Margret were pregnant, all with twin girls. I was a little surprised by the girl only pregnancies and asked the AI about it. It stated that it induced the twins because of my high CAP scores and to grow the colony quickly. We were going to have a busy three or four weeks in eight months. We had enough people though that we could handle it.

We had a lot of fun designing our home when we landed. It was interesting how many different ideas one sponsor, nine concubines and six dependents could have. After about five days of haggling I put down my foot and added the things I wanted where I wanted them. I gave my concubines one day to finalize their plans for the nursery, kitchen and quarters. The dependents who wanted specific things in their rooms had already requested them. I had plenty of room for my office and conference room. I needed the conference room because as the captain of a major warship, yet to be determined, I was going to have dinner meetings and conferences while the ship was in port. The operations that we were going to be participating in were going to be big and require a lot of planning not usually done on a ship or base.

When our designs were complete I had the AI lock it in, and told the AI to allow minor changes that the concubine might want. Both of our pods would be located in Talbot. I had added a basement level to the pods for additional space. The AI would excavate the basement level once our pod’s modifications were finished. I knew we were going to need an enormous amount of space, even bigger than the nine times expansion of the pods. The extra floor would be nice. The AI said that I could add a floor later if I needed it. I did some math. Nine concubines giving birth to twins over fourteen years in fifteen-month cycles, meant that I’d have one hundred and eighteen children. That was a lot of work for any ten people but then I realized part of the plan had to be to use the older children to help raise the younger ones. The good news is that almost all of life’s little jobs on Earth were automated by the AIs, so that the nurturing of the family became the main goal of everyone. At fourteen the children would become sponsors or concubines and the size of the family more or less stabilized.

The growth of the colony would be steady until about the fourteenth year, then there was a steep ramp up of people. There would have to be some sort of colony growth plan beyond that time.

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