The Valley Clan Saga - Part 1
Chapter 5: The Inquiry & How to Pop Four Cherries

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 5: The Inquiry & How to Pop Four Cherries - A young man forms a prepack harem on the way to the stars.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Space   MaleDom   Spanking   Harem  

I reached the compartment that served as the location for the hearing. Some of the Marines from the extraction were there. They made a point of coming to me and thanking me for the help especially for saving their sergeant. The one point that was clear was that they really liked their sergeant. They asked that I also pass on their thanks to my concubines.

The hearing started with reviews of the holograms of the extraction from the start the interdiction field coming down. Everything was discussed, to ensure nothing that could have been avoided was missed. The attack occurred when a couple of nonparticipants were distracting the marines, complaining about the participation of their spouses. We watched as suddenly five people came out of nowhere and sprayed the crowd with automatic fire. There were eight marines in the extraction area with two more on the doors. It was not pretty. Five of the marines were hit by fire from the initial barrage. The Earth Firsters didn’t distinguish between Marines, volunteers or civilians. They just emptied their magazines, and stuffed new ones in. The Marines, armed with only stingers, were outmatched. There was special attention paid to reviewing the shooting of the three marines that were killed as the attack progressed. There was additional analysis of where the guns were hidden. There were shots of the sergeant on the gate and how he was shot three times as he was getting the wounded into the transporter as fast as he could. The overhead drones eventually stunned the original attackers, after they each emptied their second magazines and were on their third. Then people who were in the nonparticipants group picked up the weapons and continued the attack. The only thing that stopped the attack was the AK47s running out of ammunition. The AIs sent additional Marines through a second and third portal outside the building.

Once the scene was secured medical assistance was sent. You could watch the injured being tossed through the portal, literally. If it was bleeding through the portal it went. Then, eventually only people with non-life threatening medical problems were left and they were left for the local hospitals to attend too.

Still the casualties were enormous. The biggest concern was how the AK47s managed to get past the AIs. That information was extracted by the AIs from the perpetrators and was deemed classified. It was announced at the hearing that the AIs had made changes to the scanning procedures to prevent the Earth Firsters from ever using that method against us in extractions in the future.

The AIs took full responsibility for the failure in their procedures and that effectively ended the inquiry into what allowed the enemy to get by the Marines.

The only thing that remained was the handling of the aftermath. The AIs made a point of stating for the record that the ending would have been much worse if it had not been for the quick reactions of my concubines and me. While I felt I deserved little credit, while my concubines deserved much more, the AI replayed my reactions and how my concubines had jumped in right after me. The AI claimed that 79.674% of sponsors would have stayed out of the way not wanting to do anything wrong. The AI felt that my concubines followed me into the fray and though they might have helped anyway, even the few seconds I saved by reacting quickly without regard to my own safety saved lives. I was not sure what it meant, but then I did not want to argue.

<<James, most untrained sponsors would have not reacted in the situation you were in. You jumped in and helped the private where most would not have. Had you not, the teleporter would have instantly overwhelmed the private. It is estimated that your quick thinking and actions saved at least one hundred lives and probably a lot more. Your assistance at the teleporter caused your concubines to react and help the people coming through the teleporter. Their first aid skills helped immensely. We have donated a large amount of money to the Boy and Girl Scouts of America as a result of this in your name. Hopefully more humans will join the scouts and learn the things they teach. The skills they teach will result in both the increasing of the number of sponsors and the level of training concubines have.>>

I knew that both leadership and practical skills, such as first aid, were things normally learned in scouts. I was an Eagle Scout.

It was decided that all that was to be learned from this incident had been and that the Taurus Clipper would be released to continue extractions. The investigation was declared closed and the hearing adjourned.

I left and returned to A-1. The hearing was just under four hours long so I reach my pods at about 1300. When I arrived I was surprised to find the four teenagers waiting for me naked. I had not had lunch yet, so I told Joan to prepare it for me. As she ran off, Helen said, “Sir, the teenagers wanted to make sure you took their cherries today. They saw the sex between you, I and Joan and they cannot wait to be deflowered. They want it badly, my two daughters, the twins, Kim and Kate ask a boon. They would like to do it together therefore they have volunteered to go last. Is that okay with you?

“Yes it is, but there is a price to pay for not doing it my way.”

“They understood that might be the case, they suggest a spanking. The power of those nanites is incredible. My butt is completely healed after last night, so are theirs. With that kind of rush, I could be spanked severely daily and the only danger is that I might die of orgasms.”

At this point the AI exhibited its omnipresence and said, “There is no need to worry about that. Dying of orgasms will not be allowed.”

I said, “Okay, let’s do a reverse progressive birthday spanking. Between each round I’ll play with them. Let’s see if I can get them to orgasm over my knees.”

The teenagers giggled. The Sally said, “Hey Susan, why don’t we go together too?”

Susan said, “I am game if our sponsor is!”

“Okay, you two can go together too. Unfortunately I can’t do both of you at once, so its rock-paper-scissors. The winner gets her cherry popped first!” Susan’s rock did a number on Sally’s scissors, so Susan was going to be first. I sent Sally and Susan to my bedroom while I hung back.

I wanted to check on some things with the AI. <Is Susan’s ready to have sex? I mean is it going to be easy enough for her. I don’t want to hurt her.>

<<Susan’s is well prepared. Right now her sexual canal is not ready to accept you, however if you spank and play with her during the spanking as you plan, I predict a 99.99348% possibility that she will be ready for you. If you lick her cunt a few times she will be gushing. Her hymen has been weakened for easy penetration and enjoyment of sex. She will be ready and enjoy it.>>

<How about Sally?>

<<Judging by her reactions to the earlier spankings, she will be dripping on your leg by the time you are done spanking her.>>

I went to the bedroom, sat on the edge of the bed and asked Susan to come to me. She was wearing a standard shift and looked absolutely stunning for a fourteen-year-old. I pulled her into my arms and gave her a good squeeze. She liked it. I worked my hands down her back, under shift and up her butt. She shuddered as my fingers massaged her butt, then her sides. I then slid her shift over her head. I kissed and lightly sucked on her breasts. I glanced at Sally who was nervously holding her breasts wondering what it felt like.

“Oh God that feels good,” Susan said, “Please Sir, more!” She was having some trouble remaining standing still. I worked on her for about five minutes, then I could sense it was time to move on.

“Oh please spank me Sir. I will make me feel good!” Really? Who was I to argue? I pulled her over my lap.

I pinched her right cheek, “Ouch! Oh my God! Oh my God!” I spanked her about eight times and then lightly fingered her sex. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” She was shuddering in orgasms as I did it. I gave her six more swats, then one more to grow on, then a pinch for good luck. Then I rubbed her butt and back and eventually worked back to her sex fingering it for a while. It was very damp and getting damper as I worked on it.

I told her it was time for her thirteenth birthday spanking and started spanking. I was spanking lightly with my hand. She might not have been completely aware as she was still experiencing orgasms. I finished giving her a swat to grow on and a pinch for good luck.

I will not bore you with the details of the next twelve rounds. Suffice it to say they were mostly the same and while her butt was quite red when I was done, it was nothing compared to the night before. There was no doubt that Susan was sexually aroused. Her sex was near flood stage and open to at least two fingers.

I lifted her off my knees and placed her on her back on the bed. I went to the bathroom and picked up a towel and returned. I lifted her butt off the bed a bit and put the towel under her to catch the blood from her cherry.

I took a position between the Susan’s legs. I slowly entered her and pushed by her barrier. It gave way almost too easily. Still there was plenty of blood to prove that the job was done. I read in a story somewhere that it turned women on to taste their virgin blood. I put my finger in the small trickle of blood on my dick and let Susan see it and offered to let her taste it. She licked it off my finger. That was the limit of my patience though because I needed release. I went into a slow pile driver mode working deeper and deeper into her. Soon I was all the way in and driving to her pubic bone. Susan was begging me to go deeper and harder, enjoying the process.

“Yes, Yes! More! Harder! She let loose a scream as she climaxed. I did not cum on the first climax. I let her experience the orgasm, continuing to pile drive at a slower pace. Once she recovered I increased my pace again. Soon she screamed again and climaxed. I was able to control myself again and slowed down until she recovered. I was a little shocked at my restraint, since I had never gone a second climax before in one session. I wanted the deflowering to be special for Susan so I was going slow making sure she enjoyed it. I started my third attempt to get her to scream and realized, barely, that I was going all the way this time because I was running out of strength. I pounded until she screamed again and continued until I climaxed. I shot her full of streams of cum. She was in a constant shudder as I came. I almost instantly started to deflate. I realized that Susan had stopped moving.

<Is Susan okay?>

<<Yes she just passed out. She will come to in a few minutes. Do you want her to be pregnant?>>

<Is she ovulating?>

<<No, but I can make her. My nanites will support the eggs until her womb is ready.>>

<No then. Are any of the ladies ovulating?>

<<Not at the moment. They all were on one form of birth control or the other. It is automatic that those protections are eliminated during their first exam. They all know it had been removed. It will be a few days before any of them ovulate. Most sponsors want to plan their pregnancies over eighteen month schedules so that the women get rest and bond with their children. You should be aware that is standard operating procedure on this colony for concubines to have twins. This is done to ensure that the colony grows quickly.>>

<I’ll discuss scheduling the pregnancies with all the ladies tomorrow. Please remind me in the morning. I don’t want things getting too crazy with multiple pregnancies ending at the same time.>

Sally was next to me and Susan, worried about her unconscious friend. I said, “She’s okay honey, she just passed out. I checked with the AI.” I had never had a companion pass out like this before. I realized I had never had a woman have a second orgasm let alone a third before. “I need to take a short break to recharge. Let’s let her recover a bit. Go get me an orange juice and a roast beef sandwich from the replicator. Get yourself and Susan something too.” Sally hurried from the room.

I began to worry about Sally in about five minutes. When Susan came to she realized I was still next to her. She turned to me and said, “That was wonderful. We have to do that often, say about ten times a day.” She thought for a second, “Maybe without the spanking, but that is up to you!”

I told her, “You are going to have to go to the bathroom soon, so when you do clean yourself up. I am going to go take a shower and get the blood off my penis.”

“Can I go with you?”

“AI, let Sally know where we are and that we’ll be right out.”


<You have a few minutes. Your other four concubines have her cornered in the kitchenette pumping her for information. It is just as well, speculation was getting out of control.>

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