Helping in the Shower

by Imaginator

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Erotica Sex Story: Our daughter was injured playing volleyball, and required surgery. For the first week of recovery, she needed an adult present at all times. But then my wife's sister had a heart attack, and it was up to me to nurse my daughter back to health.

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My daughter, Ava, plyed volleyball all through high school, and was redruited to play for a local college. Always an attractive girl, volleyball at the college lever was more demanding than at the high school level. She reported to volleybal camp in July that summer, and by the time classes started she had lost 40 pounds and was incredible. All the girls on the team were just as fit as she, and they all looked marverlous in those volleyball shorts.

During off season practice, she got upended and fell soundly on her left arm and shoulder. She had torn her rotator cuff. The doctor wondered why she didn’t have other related injuries, because for such a young person in such good shape to tear a rotator cuff is extremely rare. More common is Rotator cuff tendonitis. The sugery was outpatient, and she was home by early afternoon, pretty well stoked on Hydrocodone. With a cold cuff on her shoulder, she slept well through the night, and we made sure to administer the hydrocone every four hours, according to the prescription. By the second day after suergery she went to physical therapy, but, with the hydrocodone, she was pretty happy about it. Her mother helped bathe her that morning, and when she returned from PT. That night, my wife received a call that her sister had suffered a heart attack, so first thing in the morning she flew three states away to be at her dear sister’s side. That left me to take care of Ava. So, I took the rest of the week off to be with her.

Unlike her mother, I didn’t bathe her before or after PT. But the next morning, she was wanting a shower. She was not allowed to raise her arm, and she had to keep the bandage dry, and not to mention that she was still a little unsteady on her feet. I tried to talk her out of a shower, but she would not return to therapy unbathed another day. But I did not want her to shower alone.

I n exasperation, she finally burted out, “Dad, why don’t you just help me? You’ve already seen everything I have!” I fired back, “You didn’t have then what you have now!!” She laughed, walked over to me and put her good hand on my shoulder, and said, “Dad, I really need a shower, and I really don’t mind if you would help,” smiling sweetly at me. I fanilly gave in and escorted her to the main bathroom, with the largest shower, a walk in, without a tub. I helped her undress, and she did not act at all shy. I could’t help but notice that she had an incredible figure, with long tan legs, narrow waist, full round butt cheeks, ample, but not large breasts. Her breasts and hip area contrasted an unbelievealby white, creamy color, compared to the rest of her tanned skin. The rod that created her was arising in my shorts.

The water was the right temperature, so I put my arm around her bare waist to steady her on the wet shower floor. I started washing her hair, but with the shower door open, the entire bathroom was getting wet. I told Ava that something had to change, because we couldn’t keep getting the floor so wet. She said, why don’t you just get in here with me? I started to object, but then, I reasoned that I could just leave my boxers on and get in with her, which I did.

The boxers idea was fine, except that they were quickly soaked and became heavy, and tented. I tried thinking of baseball scores, best plays in college football, everything to keep my mind off that hardening rod down there. But, as everyone knows, it has a mind of its own, and stood out and erect and straight as the night that Ava was conceived. Ava was able to wash most of her face and part of the front side of her body, and one leg. So, naturally, she handed me the washcloth to complete the washing up. I was dreading this as much as I was wanting it. The first order of business was to reach up under her incapacitated arm and wash and rinse that out.

Then, I went to her back and washed from shoulders to the incredible ass, but not yet washing those double globes. She abruptly turned, facing me, waiting for me to finish her front side. It did not help that her nipples were erect. When my hand, inside the washclothe passed over her left breast I nearly passed out. It was incredible that I was getting such a charge from feeling up my own daughter, and at her request!! I washed the rest of her front side and noticed that her pubic hair had been shaven, but now she had a six o’clock shadow. I quickly ran the washcloth over the pubes and just barely edging in toward glory land.

As she slightly raised one leg, she braced herself by placing her good arm on my back. I took my time washing that gorgeous leg, glancing up at that nearly shaven pubic area. I stood up straight as she turned to present the other leg to me. As she turned, her good hand brushed against my raging rod. Was it a deliberate brush, or did she even notice? When ai looked at her face she was still looking at my cock. And smiling.

It could have been worse. Way worse, She could have had a hissy fit, hit me screamed at me, called me a pervert, or worst of all, cried that cry of total disappointment. But she didn’t! She smiled!

At least I didn’t need to hide it any more. So, I stood straighter, and I didn’t try to pull back when her leg or hand got too close. I slowly finished off the other leg and foot, and went back to the top of that white ass. I washed both cheeks and ran my hand down her crack, as she let me. When I go to her butthole, I ran my finger in, up to the first knuckle. Damn, I was hard!! I ran the washclothe over her pussy lips, and on the next stroke I started to ride my finger in a little.

But then, my conscience kicked in. At first I was angry in letting the conscience rise up, but then I was grateful. It would have been one thing to feel up a fully cognizan daughter, but to try one fully drugged by pain killer, I just could not do it. Instead she kept rubbing her legs on my boner and sensuously moving her hips. We finally emerged from the shower, neither one of us satisfied. But, my conscience was in good shape. I dried her and then myself, as she watched. I was trying to dry my goods through the boxers, when Ava said, “Go ahead and take off your boxers. I know what’s in there.” So, off they dropped and like a spring my dick boinged when the boxers passed over it.

There we were, my daughter and me, not three feet apart, and totally naked. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t.

I helped her into her pajamas, got into mine, then led her to her room and got her set up with the cold cuff, turned off the light, and said good night.

Nothing was said the next morning, no blushing, no turning away. I fixed our breakfast and then helped her get dressed for the PT trip. By the way, she refused the hydrocodone, because she didn’t like the way it made her feel.

In the meantime, my sister in law was touch and go. Betty, my wife, called several times to check on us, but mostly to unload about her sister. In the next two days she had two more episodes, and things did not look good, through many tears. I kne it was going to be a while before Betty returned home.

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