Captain Ahab Harpoons Another

by petskunk

Copyright© 2017 by petskunk

Incest Sex Story: Halloween parties can lead to disappointment. Especially for this family.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Sister   Halloween   .

This is the first time I have entered a direct competition with other writers. Please be gentle with me.

Although I was trying to fight it, I was pretty excited waiting for my sister. Having turned eighteen a few months earlier, I was being treated to an adult experience by Holly. Slightly less than a year older than me, we were Irish twins. My sister was in her first year of college and was going to a Halloween frat party.

Holly had even invited me to attend with her and her friends. We were all under the legal drinking age but that was not going to make a difference to the frat boys. Holly informed me that there would be a good supply of alcohol and our twenty dollar admission tickets included all the booze and beer we wanted.

Not that I was going to be drinking, mind you. Holly had placed one restriction on me when she told me I could join her and her sexy college friends at the party. I would be the designated driver, responsible for getting all the women home safely. No booze for me. Oh well.

Holly had helped me with my choice of costume for the event. Being an English Lit major, she drew on her favourite subject to devise suitable garb. I was going as Captain Ahab of Moby Dick fame.

The costume wasn’t too difficult. Visiting a local costume shop a few weeks earlier, it didn’t take long for Holly to find what she decided was to be my costume. She found a pirate’s outfit consisting of a skin tight shirt open to my navel, equally as tight three quarter length pants, and the traditional tricorn hat. I was lucky to find they had appropriate shoes in my size as well.

The final piece of the ensemble was a plastic codpiece to shove down the front of my pants. Its rigid plastic structure made my package look immense. Seeing myself in the mirror, I found myself lost between embarrassed and proud. Oh yeah, she also found a stuffed white whale for me to carry around on a strap.

Holly also spent time wandering through the store for her own costume. It seemed to take her forever. There wasn’t anything for me to do except stand around people watching.

Not forever, but approximately an hour later, Holly grabbed my arm, dragging me towards the cash register. After all that time, she had only a pink lace vest with tiny satin wings attached to the back.

“Holly, you took all that time and all you’re getting is the vest?”

“I’ve already put together the rest of my costume. Let’s go home, Ricky.”

As soon as we entered the house, Holly disappeared to her room. I joined Mum and Dad in the livingroom. Sprawled on the couch beside Mum, in my usual place, I checked out both of my parents. Dad was sound asleep, or, more accurately, passed out, in his lazyboy chair. Mum was irritated, adjusting the volume on the TV ever higher in order to drown out his snoring.

“What were you and your sister up to tonight,” asked Mum.

“We went shopping for Halloween costumes. Holly invited me to her school party!”

“Good for you,” said Mum. “Just be careful. Not too much drinking now.”

Mum knew both Holly and I too well to insist we not drink at all. As usual, she just cautioned us to use some restraint.

“Are you and Dad going to a Halloween party this year, Mum?” I asked.

She responded in a somewhat dejected manner.

“I suppose we’ll go to the party at the community center again this year,” Mum responded. “Until your father gets too drunk to stand up as usual.”

“I’m sorry, Mum,” I said, putting my arm around her shoulders.

More upset than I realized, my mother buried her face in my chest. In moments, I could feel her shoulders shuddering and her nose sniffing. Mum was not usually a weeper. I hugged her tighter to me and whispered soothing sounds into her ear.

It didn’t take long before she had herself under control and sitting up again. I passed her the Kleenex box from the end table.

“I’m so sorry, honey,” she said to me. “I’m just so frustrated with your father lately. His drinking is getting worse. It has taken control of every part of our life now.”

Friday night was soon upon us. After an early dinner, we all dispersed to our rooms to put our costumes on. It didn’t take me long at all since it was only a shirt and pants with the package enhancer.

Mum and Holly took much, much longer before they were prepared for the parties. Holly was the first of the pair to join me in the living room. My gawd, I had never seen my sister dressed so provocatively, so sexily.

In her stocking feet, Holly only stood just over five feet weighing in very close to a hundred pounds. Tonight she was wearing pink stilettoes adding another four inches to her height. Checking out her entire costume, I found myself, for the first time due to my sister, growing a chubby.

At all times, Holly was very attractive with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her hair and makeup were extremely well done tonight with her eyes grabbing a guy’s attention as well as her ruby red lips.

There was not a lot to her costume. Underneath a pink and white babydoll, she had an extremely sexy bra pushing her C cup tits up and out, displaying much cleavage. Her matching pink panties snugged up to her pussy giving her an erotic camel toe. Finally pink, thigh high stockings encasing her lithe and toned legs.

Over top it all, she was wearing the vest with the wings.

“Well, what do you think, Ricky? I’m Tinkerbell!” she said while pirouetting in order to show off her entire body. I mean, entire costume.

“You look amazing, Holly! You’ll be the hottest girl at the party for sure. But you’d better make sure Mom doesn’t see you. She won’t let you out the door dressed like that.”

Before my sexy sister could answer, we heard the door to my parents room open and close. Holly raced to the front hall closet in order to grab and don my trench coat. She was blushing but fully covered from neck to toes.

Dad came down the stairs wearing his costume. He must have gone shopping at the same costume store as the guys from The Big Bang Theory. Dad was wearing the same stupid looking Aquaman costume, right down to the plastic sea horse, as shown on the TV. He couldn’t care less how stupid he looked since he already reeked of booze.

Mom was next down the stairs dressed, naturally, as Wonder Woman. Checking out her hot body, I couldn’t imagine why Dad was willing to give up sober time with his MILF wife.

Running my eyes up and down my mother’s body was nothing new to me. Usually though, I had to be very surreptitious when looking her over. Admiring her in her costume tonight allowed me to take full advantage of the opportunity to check her out.

Naturally, my eyes simply skimmed over her well applied makeup and coiffed, dark hair hanging to her shoulders. The first thing, or things, they locked onto was her boobs. Mom had spectacular tits and this costume only made them look better. Her D cup breasts were supported and squeezed together by the costume’s built in bra.

The tight, tight short shorts wrapped her up tightly. Did I mention they were tight? They were plastered to her pussy and, I could only imagine at this point in time, her ass. The stockings were a shiny skin toned pair, enhancing her long, athletic looking, legs. And, of course, four inch stilettoes on her cute little feet.

Anxious to leave before she was busted for her outrageous attire, Holly was out the door, calling to me to hurry up.

“Holly, wait,” said Mum. “I want to see your costume.”

“When we get home, Mum, we’re late. The girls are all waiting to be picked up. Come on, Ricky.”

“Alright, you two, be careful,” called out Mum.

“Have fun, drive safely” said Dad with a slight slur to his voice.

Taking Mom’s minivan for the night, we drove around town picking up Holly’s friends from college. This was the first time I had met most of them and that was a shame. For the most part, they were all gorgeous, well worth checking out as they each climbed into the vehicle.

I would check them out much more thoroughly once we arrived at the frat house. Of course, being a man, or more precisely a horny teenaged boy, I wondered if I would be able to get lucky with any of them. Or with anyone attending the party for that matter.

To no one’s surprise, the frat house was jammed with big, dumb looking jocks. These guys had little imagination as revealed by their choice of costumes. The frat members were wrapped in bed sheets imitating togas. One even had a flower pattern. Yeah, very fricken imaginative.

The girls in the house were an entirely different matter though. Their costumes showed creativity and an awesome level of sexiness. Wandering the rooms, I saw Little Bo Peep, Elvira, Kim Kardashian, and even Supergirl. All the costumes had one element in common, they placed tits and asses on display for every male to admire and female to denigrate out of jealousy.

Doing my best not to be caught staring, I looked over as many women in the crowded rooms as I could. Disappointingly enough, I was unsuccessful in gaining the attention of any of the near naked women. I think I must have looked too intelligent for them when compared to the asshole jocks.

For two hours or a little longer, I meandered from room to room seeking a spot for the best view of the dancing women. Aware of all the booze being consumed, I really wanted a beer or three for myself. Designated Driver be damned. I was bent on working my way to the main room and the bar there.

Along the way, I saw my sister, Holly, standing against a wall. Leaning over her was one of the toga enshrouded jocks. The asshole was putting the moves on my sister. She didn’t seem to disapprove of his attention nor did she seem to be particularly welcoming of him.

While I was watching the pair, I saw Jocko run his hand up my sister’s body from midthigh before coming to a halt grasping one of her gorgeous tits. It was then that I saw she didn’t want the drunken monster pawing her.

She tried to move past him but seemed to be wobbly on her legs. That was enough for me, signaling I needed to move in to rescue my sister.

I walked up to the pair and announced to my sister it was time to go home. To my great relief, the hulk simply nodded and walked away, seeking new prey, I guess. I was prepared for violence and intimidation from the guy. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. Nah, still a dumb jock wearing a striped bed sheet.

Taking Holly by the arm, and by the waist after she wobbled on drunken legs, I led her to the next room. With her mounting wobblies, it was difficult to keep her supported. A number of times she fell against me and my arm dropped to her ass.

Realizing my sister had consumed far more alcohol than she was capable of absorbing while still remaining sober, I pulled her to a vacant space on a nearby wall. With my hand on her ass, and hearing no objection from Holly, I left it there. Even though completely sober myself, never having made it to the bar, I was intoxicated by lust for my sister.

I swung her around so she was facing me and cupped both her ass cheeks in my hands. I squeezed the firm, barely covered buttocks in my hands. In return, Holly lifted her arms to my neck and moved in for a kiss which I fully welcomed.

I discovered I was engaging in a full makeout session instigated by my own blonde, sexpot of a sister. In the past, I had fantasized about seeing her naked, and even fucking her, but I had never dreamed her mouth would be pressed to mine with our tongues dancing.

Our kisses were deep, hard, and passionate. Holly kept pushing her tongue into my mouth and pressing her pussy against my plastic package enhancer. I wondered if she realized it wasn’t really my own flesh.

With one hand still clamped to her soft ass cheek, the other hand made its way up her body to her tits, just like the dumb jock from earlier. One by one, I felt each boob, admiring their size and firmness.

Breaking apart from me, with eyes closed, Holly said, “Take me to your place.”

For some reason, the strange wording of her demand, didn’t impress itself on my lust addled brain. Slowly we made our way out of the house and across the parking lot to the minivan. I gave no thought to my sister’s friends and how they would get to their homes. Holly gave no thoughts to anything period.

Driving with only one hand on the wheel my other arm was stretched as far as it could reach. I was able, just barely, to reach Holly’s thigh close to her pussy. I so much wanted to reach even further. My patience was tried, knowing my sister and I could be playing at home soon, as my right foot pressed even harder on the gas pedal.

It was with relief that I pulled in our driveway, seeing that Dad’s car was still gone. The house was empty. High on anticipation and adrenaline, I raced to the passenger side of the car in order to assist Holly into the house.

She was leaning up against the door making it awkward for me to get her out of the vehicle. I was able to replace the door with my own body, tugging her body in order that she face me. My eyes flashed to Holly’s boobs and pussy. It was only then it dawned on me that she was clad only in her costume. No trench coat. I certainly wasn’t going back for it. Definitely not right now.

Holly lifted her arms, placing them around my neck. I interpreted this as an invitation to kiss her. Moving in, I placed one hand on a thigh with my fingers brushing against her pussy, and the other squeezing her attention getting tit. Our lips met just for a moment as my sister spoke to me.

“I want to fuck you,” Holly said to me, “get me to a bedroom.”

A bedroom? A? This time her odd phrasing hit me. I pondered the situation while assisting, damn near carrying, my sister to the house. I wondered if Holly still thought we were at the frat house. Did she not remember driving home?

Since my little head was fully invested in this situation, my big head gave it little consideration. With a great deal of patience and energy, I was able to get my sister upstairs to her room and her bed.

Holly flopped down on her bed laying crossways. I attempted to move her but was interrupted by her pulling me down beside her. This petite blonde honey was going to be all mine tonight. My hands roamed her body, squeezing tits, rubbing the slit between her legs, and all places between.

“I want you to fuck me, James.”

My hands stopped all movement. I was astounded. I didn’t know how to react. James? Holly didn’t know she was with me, her brother Rick. She must think she is still with the big lummox jock. What the fuck!

I wasn’t given any opportunity to consider this as I heard my dad’s BMW pull into the driveway. Cursing to myself, I moved Holly to the right position on her bed and threw a comforter over her body.

My mind was in a jumble as I went downstairs to greet my parents. The prevalent thought under consideration was whether or not I could sneak back into Holly’s bed later. There was the name thing though. Would my big sister consider having sex with her little brother. Or just that James’ schmuck?

Coming down the stairs, I saw a mirror image of me struggling with my drunken sister’s body. This time, my Mum was fighting a larger, drunken father towards the stairs. This was just too fricken much. I would never get as drunk as my sister and my father. Never.

Naturally enough, I went to Mum’s aid. When the old man was dumped on his bed, my mother and I returned to the livingroom couch and our usual seats side by each.

“How was the party, Mum? Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

Tears started to flow down my mother’s cheeks. I didn’t know why she was crying again, I just put my arm around her and pulled her close to me. Rather than soothing her, she simply increased the wailing. There was nothing for me to do except wait her out. Mum would have to stop soon.

In the meantime, my mind travelled back to my sister and her awesome body. I remembered the firmness of her tits, I remembered even the heat my hand felt rubbing her slit through her panties. To my surprise though, it was making out with Holly that seemed the most amazing of the feelings I experienced.

I leaned back further on the couch spreading my legs wide. I did not pay much attention when Mum’s body moved with mine. Her right hand fell to my thigh. This wouldn’t usually have been an issue except that she was kind of close to my package. My plastic package under which I was growing a chubby as a result of thinking of making out with my sister.

With the movement of my body, the plastic piece was beginning to hurt. Somehow it had shifted and trapped the edges of my balls under its edge. Too many edges.

With Mum still latched onto my chest and weeping, I didn’t want to disturb her. Squirming about, I tried to shift my testicles away from the grip of the plastic monster. Even using my hand, all I received was an increase in the pain level.

The movements were enough to garner my mother’s attention though.

“What’s wrong, honey?” she asked.

“The plastic thing has my testicles pinched under it.”

“Let me help,” she said through her sniffles.

I had to undo the button on my pants in order to get my hand under the waistband. Starting to wriggle my ass, I pushed down on one side while Mum pulled my pants down as well, revealing the plastic codpiece.

Mum replaced her sniffling with giggling.

“Any woman in the world would want to take you to their bed if you actually filled out this gargantuan support.”

Doing my best not to join her in laughing at the prospective size of my package, I fumbled for the restraint. Mum saw what I was trying to accomplish and searched the side closest to her for the restraining elastic. Eventually, elastic slipped off, we pushed the big thing out of the way of my balls.

My side was completely free of my testicles but Mum’s side was still partially covering me. She grabbed it by its edge, trying to pull it a little lower and out of the way. As it finally came completely free, part of the elastic that had been caught up on the pants button snapped free, taking some pubic hair with it.

Of course I jumped, startled at the sudden attack and the momentary flick of pain. Of course, my mother jumped, startled by my jump and outburst of pain. Of course, both our hands went to my groin. Mine deliberately as I wanted to rub the pain out of my balls. Mum’s hand found my dick quite accidentally.

Both of us stared at what our hands were holding. Both of us looked at the other to see their reaction. Both of us smiled.

Mum started caressing my thick rod. She looked back at me and her lips parted. I took that as the invitation it was. I lowered my face to hers and laid a kiss on her. Not quite a motherly kiss but not much more. She moved back from me just a tiny bit in order to look down at her hand on my cock.

I had nothing to say when my Mum gave my cock a hard squeeze. My only reaction was to put my hand on hers. The squeezing became rhythmic and continual.

Back at face level, we moved our lips together once more. This time, our kiss was much more than a simple mother and son kiss. In fact, the kisses became more than any mother and son should ever share. Not that either of us seemed to be complaining. Our lips simply pressed harder against each other’s with the passion intensifying.

Mum’s tongue breached my lip barrier first. If I thought making out with my sister earlier had been a turn on, I was more overwhelmed with desire, making out with my own mother. Opening my eyes for a moment, I could see a matching level of desire in the eyes looking back at me.

Mum’s eyes. My mother’s eyes. The eyes of the woman that had given birth to me those eighteen years ago.

Mum adjusted her position, turning more towards me, with one leg over my lap. Still stroking my prick, she had placed her ass within reach of my long arm. I took full advantage of the opportunity by caressing her firm, well toned butt. Trying to clasp a cheek in my hand, my attention returned to making out with my mother.

Mum had a long tongue, longer than that of my sister. Leading the way of our lingual dance, her tongue explored every part of my mouth. She corkscrewed her tongue around mine while I continued the exploration of her ass. My fingers became claws trying to dig into her fleshy ass cheeks but hampered by the tight short shorts of her costume.

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