Meili My Stepdaughter

by DirtyDaddy

Copyright© 2017 by DirtyDaddy

Sex Story: After months of rejection I seek out sexual satisfaction from my stepdaughter.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   .

I slid into bed next to my pretty wife. She was sleeping naked and this was a good sign. I caressed her tits softly and she moaned in pleasure. I slid my hand between her legs and teased her slit and felt her getting wet. She rolled on her back and wrapped her legs around me and kissed me deeply. My cock was hard as a rock. She reached down and gripped my cock with her hand.

“You are so horny.”

“Mmmm yes I am...” she stroked my cock getting it harder.

“You want to Fuck me,” she whispered?

“God yes. Please.”



“No. I like making you beg me then rejecting you.” She smiled a self satisfied smile then rolled over.

“Goddammit why!!”

“Because men like you are weak. You are ruled by your cock and I find it amusing. Go jerk off to porn.”

“Baby I love you?”

She rolled over and pulled me close. She reached for my cock. I was so fucking happy she was at least going to jack me off. Instead she slid down the bed smiling. OMG a blow job. She put her mouth on my cock and my eyes closed ... then ... WHAM ... she punched me in my balls.

I rolled off the bed in agony.

“What the Fuck Bitch!!”

“Don’t touch me dirt bag.”

I stomped out of the room. It had been like this for nearly a year. Ever since she had our baby. We had been married for 8 years and the sex was amazing until she got pregnant. It was like she got what she wanted and now I could Fuck off. This was the first time she had hit me though. I went downstairs and had a few drinks while my stomach and balls returned to normal. I freely admit I got drunk.

I am not the hottest guy I know but I looked ok. 6 foot 2 with brown hair and eyes. In good shape too. I didn’t understand why my wife hated me.

I woke up and it was around 1:45 am. I staggered up the stairs to my room. The door was locked so I wandered into my stepdaughters room. I am not sure why I went in there but I did.

I sat on her bed looking at her. She was 14 and so pretty. She looked like her mom but prettier and more delicate. Meili had the beautiful straight black hair that so many Asians have and she was more fair skinned than her mom. She had beautifully slanted brown eyes and was very petite. About 5 feet tall I would guess. She had high cheekbones and a perfectly shaped mouth with a pointy chin. Her long black hair was tangled over her arm. I smoothed it back and I was struck with how soft her skin was. I knew I should go but I wanted to look at her. I gently pulled the covers back and she was wearing and she was wearing only a tank top and panties. She had tiny breasts to match her petite frame. Even as an adult her mom didn’t need a bra. Meili was the same. Her panties were white with a blue butterfly just above her young pussy.

I touched the butterfly softly and she stirred. She opened her eyes slowly.

“Dad?” she whispered softly. I am not her dad but she calls me that. Ive been part of her life for a long time.

“I am sorry Meili, I shouldn’t have come in here.”

“Mom being mean again?”

“Its ok sweetie. Go to sleep.”

I went into the guest room and pulled the covers over me. Fuck I must be crazy to be in her room. I went back down stairs tossed back two more shots and laid down in the guest room. I was half asleep when I felt someone get into bed with me.

I felt a gentle touch on my back and I rolled over. It was Meili. I don’t know what possessed me but I lowered my mouth and kissed her gently. Not like a dad. Like a lover. Her lips parted right away and she kissed me back. She wrapped her arms around my neck and when my tongue slid into her mouth she didn’t pull away in disgust like her mom. My tongue played with hers and my hand slid over her smooth flat tummy to slide under her tank top.

She sighed in pleasure as my rough palm slid over her tiny breast and I was rewarded when her nipple hardened under my touch. I broke off the kiss abruptly.

“Christ Meili I am sorry. Ive had too much to drink.”

She didn’t say anything but she didn’t move away from me. I felt her young body snuggle close and my cock was still hard. I knew it was wrong but here was someone touching me that wasn’t rejecting me and she was so beautiful and soft. She kissed me again and I gave up pretending I was gonna resist. My cock was hard as a rock and between the alcohol and lust my conscience had better things to do.

She kissed my bare chest and my hand slid under her shirt again as I caressed her tiny tits. She liked that and arched her back against my hand as I rubbed her little brown nipples. I slid her top over her head and lowered my mouth to cover her breast. She gasped in pleasure as I sucked one of her hard nipples and pinched the other between my fingers. Her slim back arched harder and she was making quiet little gasps in my ear. I moved my mouth to the other tit and sucked her whole breast into my mouth and tongued her pointy little nipple as I bit her titty softly.

Her hands were buried in my hair and she pulled my mouth away from her young tits. My hand slid over her stomach and slid gently under the waistband of her panties. She hadn’t pulled away yet and I put my mouth back to work on her tits as my hand inched lower under her panties. My fingers found a little patch of hair and slid lower. I was desperate to know how she groomed down there. My big probing fingers found her little slit and stroked it softly. I groaned deeply. She kept her pussy lips free of hair except for a tiny triangle above her slit. I stroked my finger up and down her slit but did not put it between the lips. I was still sucking and licking her tits and she seemed like she was actually enjoying it as she gasped and whimpered quietly in pleasure. I kissed my way down her belly.

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