My Little Horsey

by Kathrin

Copyright© 2018 by Kathrin

Erotica Sex Story: A lesbian domination story Finishing the celbritie's abuse, I bring her to a friend's horse farm, where she falls prey to animalistic urges.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Blackmail   Coercion   NonConsensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Zoophilia   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Spanking   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   .

After our encounter in her hotel room, I still wasn’t quite finished with Dana, the celebrity whose compromising pictures were on my phone and who I had just blackmailed into becoming my piss whore. Still soaked and wet from my piss, I made her take off the babydoll dress and squeeze her artificial tits and slim body into a tight, black mini-dress. Looking at herself in the mirror, she sighed and actually pouted. “My hair looks like shit,” she said, “and my makeup is all runny and messy.”

I slapped her hard once more with the whip. “Are you complaining, whore?” I asked menacingly.

She looked down and shook her head. “No...” she said quietly.

I nodded. “No what?” I asked, just to remind her.

“No, Mistress,” she repeated, obediently.

“Well then,” I said cheerfully. “Let’s go!”

“Wait...” she said, staring at me wide-eyed. “Where are we going?”

I sighed and turned towards her again. “Oh yeah,” I replied, “I forgot.” I took a small black scarf from one of her seats and blindfolded her with it, knotting it tight behind her head. Then I took a wide leather collar out of my bag and fastened it around her neck, yanking her after me with a short leash that was linked to it.

We went down the corridor outside her hotel room and towards the elevator. She tried hard to walk dignified while avoiding to stumble and looked uncomfortable and afraid at the same time. When we entered the elevator, I pulled her inside and hissed, close to her ear: “Whenever we’re standing still, you get down on your knees, slave, is that understood?”

She gulped and nodded, then knelt down beside me. A few floors down a young couple entered the elevator, eyeing us suspiciously but silently riding the rest of the way down to the lobby with us. I headed for the exit, pulling her again behind me, smiling at the receptionists as we walked past.

Outside, it was a beautiful, sunny day. I took a short stroll in a small park that was right next to her hotel, just to publicly humiliate her a little. In the middle of the park, close to a pond, I stopped and took a seat on a bench. Dana obediently knelt down on the graveled walkway beside me.

I leaned back and enjoyed the sun on my skin, feeling its warmth through my orange dress. The leather of my boots cracked a little as I folded my legs, smiling at the few pedestrians walking past. “Hey slut,” I said absently to her while I opened my legs slowly, “come here and lick my pussy again.”

Realizing she was at my mercy and also quite visibly aroused by the treatment, she felt and scooted her way between my legs without complaint, pushing up the short skirt and licking my hairy, juicy snatch right there. I leaned back and enjoyed it, seeing a few joggers eye us suspiciously from across the pond. Someone’s dog came slowly trotting towards us and began sniffing Dana’s butt as she was bent forward between my legs, and its owner had a hard time calling it back.

I giggled at the confusion and finally pushed her head back again, letting some saliva drip into her slightly open mouth. “Mmh, you could be a little more eager,” I said about her efforts, then pulled her up again. We went the short trip back to the hotel and got into my car in their garage.

I drove through the city, while Dana’s next order was to masturbate on the passenger seat as we were passing cars and people, slowly. The top of her dress was pulled down under her firm, round tits while her left leg was pulled up, its foot resting on the dashboard and both her hands were between her thighs, rubbing frantically on her hot little clit. At each red light, people were staring in at her and some cars were honking at us, so she was slightly relieved when we finally drove out of the city and into the country.

When we had finally reached our destination, she was already slightly sore and her hands were tired, but she left a large, dark stain on the seat as she got out. Again I led her behind me by the leash, not really telling her where we were and what we were doing there. “Hi Patricia,” I finally said to the young girl that greeted us as we had reached the stables. “How’s it going?”

Patricia smiled at me with her wide, sweet smile. “Things are going great,” she said. “Me and mom are getting a lot of business lately. It seems our horses have gotten quite a reputation and people are paying to milk them now. Saves me the trouble...” she giggled.

I smiled back at her and pulled Dana’s leash, making her step closer. “Well,” I replied, “I’ve brought a friend with me who really needs your services badly. She doesn’t really know how to serve as a slut, so I brought her here to learn.”

Patricia eyed the celebrity curiously, her slightly asian eyes wandering up and down Dana’s body. Then she smiled at me again and led us down the horse boxes with a cute swing in her walk that complimented her small, slender body and gave her an innocent look which made her seem younger than the 20 years she was.

A few boxes down, she opened a door for us and led us inside, where a tall, heavy work horse stood patiently and waited. It was dark brown, with light brown spots and long, furry hair of the same light colour. Dana looked around, confused by the sound and the smell, not quite realizing what was going on.

I looked at Patricia, who closed the door behind us and then smiled at me, placing a little kiss on my cheek. Without any further words she took Dana’s hand and led her down on the straw-covered floor. The girl reached up and expertly began to stroke the dark, black shaft of the stallion, quickly making it grow larger and longer. Her little tongue danced lightly around its head, licking it only for the taste and not much for effect.

Finally, she brought the horse’s cock closer to Dana’s face, rubbing it along her cheek and lips to make her acquainted with it. Dana, still blindfolded and confused, at first didn’t quite understand what it was, but when she slowly realized, she began to freeze and gasp. “Oh my god,” she whispered breathlessly.

“Is anything the matter, slave?” I asked.

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