Mary Lizzie Belongs to Daddy

by Hailey M

Copyright© 2017 by Hailey M

Incest Sex Story: Mary Elizabeth plays a trick on her dad, but it doesn't turn out as planned. It turns out much better than she had hoped. Father and daughter form a new bond that proves very satisfying to both of them.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Masturbation   .

Mary finished showering in her bathroom. She lightly dried her body and her hair. Mary liked the feeling of leaving a little water on herself after a shower. She wrapped the towel around and went from the bathroom to her bedroom, where she found her dad, in the act.

“Dad!” she said loudly. “What the fuck?”

“Oh shit!” her father exclaimed. “Mary! I’m so ... I thought you ... Oh, I’m so sorry!”

Dean had been looking at Mary’s phone which he held in one hand. In the other hand was his erect penis. He automatically tossed the phone onto his daughter’s bed and began shoving his dick back onto his pants.

Seriously? Dad! In my room? Were you ... Were you watching me in the shower?”

“I’m sorry, Honey. I swear, I didn’t mean to. You ... You left your bedroom door open. And your bathroom door was open a little too. I just came in to put your laundry away for you and...”

“And you saw me in the shower, right? And you watched me? You watched your daughter in the shower? And what, Dad? That got you hard? What ... the ... fuck?”

“Mary, I’m so sorry. It just happened. I don’t know what came over me.”

Mary picked-up the phone from her bed.

“Don’t look at that, Honey!”

“It’s my phone, Dad. Of course I’m gonna look at whatever you were fapping to.” She looked at the screen. “This is me. Really, Dad? In my room, looking at a pic of me on my phone? It’s not even a hot pic. It’s just me wearing a sweater. You couldn’t find anything more interesting to jerk off to?”

“You just ... look so beautiful in that picture, Honey. Please, please know how sorry I am.”

“So ... what, Dad? You like my body? Watching me in the shower got you hard? Maybe I should just drop this towel and you can jerk yourself right here while you look at me naked. How about that?”

“No, please. I didn’t...”

“Come on, Dad.” She hooked her thumb in the top of the towel and threatened to pull. “You want to see your daughter naked? How about I take my towel off, I don’t tell Mom what you were doing and you buy me a new car? What do you think about that? And no more curfew? And money. I get naked and you give me money. What do you think?”

“Please, just let me leave, Mary. This will never happen again, i swear.”

As he moved toward the door, Mary paused and looked at the floor before speaking again.

“Wait, Dad,” she said, briefly holding up her hand. “I can’t do this.”

“What do you mean, Honey? Do what?”

“Look, I wanted you to see me, Dad. I left my bedroom door and bathroom door open on purpose. I wanted you to walk by and see me naked in the shower.”

“Wh ... what? What are saying? Why would you want that?”

“It was a terrible thing to do. I’m the one who’s sorry, Dad. I guess I was teasing you, or something, I don’t know. I thought you would see me and get all nervous and maybe turned on a little. I just didn’t expect to come and find you in my room with your dick in your hand. But this is my fault.”

“But Mary, why?”

“The biggest reason is that I know about you and Mom. I know she doesn’t like sex. I know she leaves you high and dry all the time.”

“Honey! How could you know that?”

“Really, Dad? I’ve lived in this house with you and Mom my whole life. I’ve heard you guys talking and arguing about sex a million times. I know Mom’s not interested anymore, if she ever was and I can tell how much you need it. I understand, because I need it too, Dad. So, something inside me decided it would be fun to tease you and see what would happen. I thought it would be exciting.”

“You know about all that? With me and Mom? I had no clue you heard all those things.”

“Well, I did.”

“But Honey, what do you mean, you understand? And you ... You really ... Youwanted me to see you? Seriously? Um ... did it excite you like you thought?”

“Yes, Dad. And yes, it got me kinda turned on. I need sex too. I’ve been with a few guys, but it’s not enough. And I have no interest in becoming the school slut. I need to be sexual and I just need sex. I’m pretty sure I got that from you, not Mom.”

“I’d be pretty sure of that too.”

“So, I guess you liked seeing me, huh? Did seeing my body do that to you?” She gestured toward her father’s crotch. He turned a little red as he nodded. “Well, Dad ... How about I take my towel off and you take it out again? You don’t have to buy me anything. I was just screwing around about that.”

“Mary, you can’t mean that. You mean you want me to...”

“Yes, Dad. I’ll drop my towel and you can look at me as long as you want, as long as you’re willing to take your cock out and show me how you stroke it.”

Dean’s eyes locked on his daughter’s eyes as he began undoing his belt. She stared right back as she untucked the top of her towel. He dropped his pants and stepped out of them. She let the towel fall from her back but still held it in front of her. He then took his still hard cock out of the front of his boxers and his daughter tossed her towel onto her bed.

“Are you sure this is what you want, Mary?”

“Positive, Dad. Totally positive. Stroke it for me.”

Her father wanted nothing but to please her. Slowly moving his eyes up and down her face and body, he began to move his hand back and forth on his stiffening erection.

“You have a very nice dick, Dad.”

“Thanks, Honey.”

“Dad, can I ask you something?”

“Of course. Anything.”

“I was wondering ... When I came out of the bathroom, you were holding my phone.”

Mary picked-up the phone from her bed and turned it back on. In a few clicks, she had brought up the picture her father had been looking at.

“Why were you looking at this picture? I’m wearing a sweater in it. And I have my glasses on. I have pictures of me in shorts, tight shirts and even bikinis. Why were you looking at this picture and doing that?”

She held up her phone for him to see and gestured to her father’s current activity.

“Honey ... Mary...”

“Use my middle name too, Dad. I like how that sounds.”

“OK, Mary Elizabeth, I was looking at that picture of you because...”

“Because why?”

“Because, you have the most beautiful face in the whole world. Your smile is perfect. Those big brown eyes are stunning. Your hair...”

“I’m wearing my glasses in the picture, Dad! What’s up with that?”

“Your glasses only make you more beautiful, Mary Elizabeth.”

“Do you mean that, Dad? Do you really think I’m beautiful? Even with my glasses on?”

“I’ve never seen a more perfect face ... or body, in my life.”

She moved toward her father. When she was just inches away, she leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Then she put her hand his cock.

“Dad,” she whispered softly in his ear, “I’m not perfect. That’s just silly.”

“Oh yes,” Dean said quietly, matching her voice level, while pulling back and looking into her eyes. “You are so, totally perfect, Mary Elizabeth.”

She paused and took a deep breath before continuing.

“I’m yours, Dad.”

“Wha ... what, Honey? What do you mean?”

“I ... belong ... to ... you, Dad. I am yours. I love you so much and I know you love me just as much. Do you want me right now? You can take me, Dad. I’m yours. I mean it.”

“Mary Elizabeth, I don’t know what to say. You can’t mean that.”

“Dad, do you remember what you used to call me when I was young? When I would go for horsey rides on your knee and stuff like that?”

“Of course I do, Honey.”

“What did you call me? Say it.”

“I called you, Mary Lizzie.”

“Oh, Daddy,” she said before kissing him again. “Call me that while you’re fucking me.”

“Wh ... Wh ... What? Wait ... what?” he stammered. “Right ... now? Just like that?”

“It’s not ‘just like that,’ Dad. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. That’s why I wanted you to see me in the shower. I want you, Daddy. I want to be all yours.”

Mary pulled back from him, took her hand off his dick and led him to her bed. She promptly bent herself over the edge and spread her feet as wide as she could.


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