Teen Plays Peek a Boo With Her Bra

by Gator

Copyright© 2017 by Gator

Romantic Story: This is a FA /FA, hard spanking given by her Aunt Kim to her niece Lissy, who is eighteen years-old. She was caught with her shirt off in her bra in Kim's house without permission. Do not read if you are under 18 years old. based On the television show, The Unit.

Tags: Fa/Fa   Fan Fiction   Military   Spanking  

The Unit and its characters are owned by Twentieth Century Fox. This is a parody based on characters in the Unit and I do not own The Unit or any of its characters. This is a F/f hard spanking given by her Aunt Kim to her niece Lissy, who is eighteen years-old. She was caught with her shirt off in her bra in Kim’s house without permission.

Do not read if you are under 18 years old. Scenario; Lissy becomes interested in the son of an Officer.

Kim returned home to find a skateboard in the hallway. She opened the bedroom door and there was her niece Lissy, her niece sitting on the bed with her shirt off in her white lacey bra making out with the Captain’s son.

Kim had snuck him in using her key that had been entrusted to her who frequently babysat Kim’s children. Her Aunt fumed and threw the boy out and told him never to see Lissy again. Her mother, Tiffy had already told her teen daughter that she could not see the boy because the boy’s mother was a captain because she could not fraternize with the son of an officer.

Lissy’s POV:

She sat down in one of our straight back armless wooden chairs she had grabbed and brought it into the bedroom. She sat down and patted her blue jean thighs, not saying a word. She was furious at me.

My face turned pale as visions of school teacher Mom’s belt melted any bravado I had felt of giving my Aunt Kim a hard time. While I thought it would never happen that she would spank me, my Mom was a different ballgame. As she was about to ring my house, I caved and told her to hang up the phone. I will never forget those pursed lips as she played me like a fiddle. I’m sorry was not enough for her and she was calling my Mom to tell her how I had been caught in her house. No it was worse than that on her bed with a boy, her shirt off and in her bra making out. Yes, I was because I was angry at being kept a little girl,” Lissy spouted to her Aunt Kim.

“A spanking, I raged you have got to be kidding” but in the moment when my Mom’s house was about to be rung I surrendered and placed myself over her soft blue jean thighs. My Aunt Kim reached down under my waist and unbuttoned my blue jeans, unzipped them, told me to lift up and pulled my blue jean pants up and over the round swells of my maturing bottom until they had been tugged all the way off my bottom down to my knees.

Lissy’s POV:

My Aunt Kim began to spank me over my panties with surprising strength of her muscular arm and hard hand. She Spanked me across my panties for a minute and then another and still two more minutes.

SPANK! WHACK! SLAP! WHAP! The spanking made a strange noise as her hard spanks warmed my bottom.

Kim’s POV:

I could see the redden bottom globes turn a bright red under the thin white cotton panties as well as the lower cheeks. The spanks were not overly harsh but the cumulative effect turned her” Ouch” to soft cries as he finished up the first segment of her spanking

Whap! Slap! Spank! Crack! Whack!

An additional twenty hard spanks to the top crest of each of her bottom cheeks built a fierce burn that radiated heat to her niece Lissy’s rosy red behind.

Lissy POV:

I was relieved that the spanking though it hurt terribly and my bottom felt like it was on fire. I may be a high school senior and my bottom a watermelon pinkish red as I could see from the mirror on the door behind me. Aunt Kim really was mad and she spanked me across my Fruit of the Looms with her hard hand. I was so embarrassed being spanked by my twenty-something attractive aunt, yet she had failed to make me react to my spanking. Not one childish squeal had been uttered from my mouth, nor one tear adorned my face. Allowing herself a slight smirk of a smile of false teenage pride. Kim’s POV:

So, the little brat dares to give me a cocky smile after a hard hand spanking across her panty-clad bottom seat. Obviously Lissy has not learned her lesson at all, but that would soon be rectified presently.

Aunt Kim reached into the nightstand and pulled out a short souvenir wooden paddle. Then she pulled down my panties down before I could protest I was offended. My exposed milky white curved baby fat butt cheeks humiliatingly were on display in front of my Aunt Kim. Her brown eyes went wide as she pursed her lips and proceeded to give me a very hard spanking that left me puffing, but I be damn if I would show her tears. The truth is the spanking though it only lasted five minutes her hand beat into my bottom while lecturing me about how I was usually so trustworthy.

Lissy whined, “But Aunt Kim that’s Not Fair” Leslie pouted Displaying a strong burst of independence. The teenager started to push herself up off of her Aunt’s lap.

“Just a minute, Lissy where do you think you’re going young lady?” Pushing her back down and in the time honored spanking position. “Oh, Lissy,” reasoned. CRACK! The paddle landed with stunning speed across her teenage now trembling bottom.

Immediately I grunted and I bit my hand to keep from screaming.

Kim’s POV:

Lissy’s spanking with my wooden paddle presently was not breaking her deceiving niece she could no longer trust. There were neither feminine squeals nor tears of contrition acknowledging Lissy’s serious misbehavior. I decided to continue to spank the wooden paddle down, now with a twist of my wrist adding a extra “pop” into each swat dissolving into Lissy’s tender delineated panty-clad rear. The results appeared as bright red lozenges under the thin black hip hugger panties. The spanks were brisk although she tried to remain stoic


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