Grace: Redhead Schoolgirl Is Not So Innocent

by Richolddude

Copyright© 2017 by Richolddude

Sex Story: I saw 17 year old Grace at a boring dinner and the pursuit began.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Spanking   Oral Sex   .

I scanned the room looking for anything interesting. These dinners never failed to bore me. Up and coming politicians looking for money or endorsements. Boring men and women putting their best foot forward. At one time I had been the same but soon I came to realize having money was more powerful than politics. Still, I was here. I should probably go mingle or something. I stifled a yawn and glanced around the room again when she caught my eye.

What a beauty. She looked to be somewhere around 17-18 and was drop dead gorgeous. Rippling red gold hair fell in waves down her back. All one length and past her shoulders. She had flashing green eyes, porcelain pale skin, a full mouth and a sweetly rounded almost plump but not chubby body. She had gorgeous firm tits, probably a c cup, and her waist curved in and flared out into a deliciously round ass. She was not tall maybe only 5’2”. She was wearing a typical little black dress that fit her like a second skin and way too much makeup. Her dress was short and she wore open strappy heels. She looked bored and went to her table. I watched in delight as she sat down carefully trying not to give a glimpse of her pantry area. I was intrigued.

I made my way over to her table and sat down motioning the waiter to bring wine. I took two glasses and offered her one.

“I can’t. I am not 21,” she said in a bored tone.

“Oh. I thought you were. How old are you then?”

“17. My dad made me come.”

“I see. Who is your dad?”

“Jack Davis.”

This was excellent news. I knew her dad and could find plenty of reasons to associate with him. He would kill to have my sponsorship.

“I see. Well my name is Richard Johnson.”

“Grace Davis. Nice to meet you.”

“What school do you go to Grace?”

“Crawford prep.”

“Oh do you board there or do days?”

“I board. Its two hours away. I come home on weekends usually.”

I studied her face. She was genuinely pretty underneath all that black eyeliner and slut red lipstick. She had wide green eyes and a small elegant nose. Pale skin and full lips with high cheekbones. She had a graceful long neck and those beautiful full breasts peeked over the top of her dress. I wanted to have her beneath me squirming in pleasure. I could feel my cock hardening at the thought. She looked at me closely.

“How old are you?”


“Have any kids?”

“Yes. A son and a daughter, but they are grown and out of the house.”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but why are you sitting her talking to me? I am no one important.”

“Ah, but you are the most beautiful woman in the room and I always enjoy speaking to a beautiful woman.”

Her eyes widened and she started to speak but her dad walked over and I stood and shook his hand.

“Jack! I was just talking to your daughter about you.”

“Hello Rich, good to see you. I see you have met Grace.”

“I have. You have a delightful girl. Why don’t you come by my office on Tuesday for lunch. Lets talk about your campaign. I would like to help you out.”

His face looked like he won the lottery and he pumped my hand effusively and assured me he would be by for lunch. I left the party, Grace was a piece worth taking my time for.

Over the next few weeks I sent flowers to the school for her. I sent her a card with my private cell phone number. I took her to lunch always somewhere private. I bought her a necklace and earring set. I flattered her constantly and called her. She seemed pleased with the attention. I asked her out to dinner and dancing one Friday and she agreed to come. I sent over a dress earlier in the week in hopes she would wear it.

When she walked into the restaurant I was so pleased. She had worn it. She looked amazing in the outfit. It was a thin silky material. The bronze color set off her red hair and green eyes to perfection. The deeply plunging neckline showed off her tits to perfection and it was cut so tight across her ass she couldn’t be wearing panties. She wore too much makeup again but I liked the vaguely slutty look on her. I stood and greeted her, sniffing the delicate perfume that I had given her. We ate dinner and she had wine and it brought a lovely flush to her skin.

“Richard, this has been lovely but may I ask what your goal is? My dad is already practically slavering for your money and attention. You don’t need to win me over.”

“Oh Grace, I would have thought it would be obvious what I want by now.”

She gave me a very adult look then, her green eyes meeting mine directly. “Well, I am not naive. When a man buys you things and spends money on you, he is hoping for something in return.”

“That is the way of the world Grace, its true.”

“Where do you see this going. I am 17 and not a suitable girlfriend.”

“I want you to be my mistress. I know its an outdated term but let me put my proposal to you anyway.”

She took a long sip of wine and then nodded for me to continue.

“I will continue to spoil you. Spend money and time on you. Jewelry, clothes, money, whatever you wish. In return you share your body with me. I am desperate to Fuck you.”

She didn’t say anything for a while. We finished our dinner in near silence. I had struck out. I felt awkward and embarrassed. We got into my limo and my driver started to take her home when she whispered... “You can’t very well Fuck me at my house,” as her hand rubbed my thigh.

I tried to be calm as I instructed the driver to take us to my building instead.

She laughed a husky sound and leaned in against me.

“Properly shocked you, didn’t I,” she said with her lips against my ear. I felt her pointy tongue slide into my ear and her teeth bit the lobe. I put my arm around her waist and enjoyed the feeling of her body against mine. We kissed for what seemed like ages until we arrived at my place. I took her hand and led her inside.

We didn’t waste time she asked me if I had champagne and I grabbed us a bottle. We went upstairs to my bedroom suite and I opened the champagne. Instead of a glass she took a drink straight from the bottle then turned around and presented the zipper of her dress to me. I slid the zipper down carefully and she looked over her shoulder at me and shrugged one shoulder free then the other. The silk slid down her skin with a hiss to the top of her ass. Her slim white back was bare and I wanted her to turn so I could see her tits but she wiggled her ass and I reached out and slid the thin fabric over her ass.

I drew in a sharp breath. Her ass was as pale as the rest of her. It was round and perfect and smooth. Her dress pooled at her feet and she left her heels on as she stepped out of the fabric at her feet before she turned very slowly around and let me look at her from the front.

She was completely naked except for her heels and the necklace and earrings I had given her. The sapphire pendant nestled between her full tits perfectly. Her body was fucking amazing. Full round tits with medium size pink nipples, a mostly flat tummy with just a tiny layer of fat a narrow waist and flared hips. Her pussy was bare except for a tiny patch of red trimmed hair at the very top. She had firm thighs. More muscular than I would’ve thought and the rest of her leg matched. She watched me looking at her and she boldly sat on my dresser and took a sip of champagne and slowly opened her thighs so I could see her cunt. It was pink from what I could see with the labia hidden perfectly between the outer lips.

She grinned a naughty smile and looked me over. I was already hard and she could see the bulge through my slacks.

“No Viagra for you, “ she teased.

She got off the dresser and walked over to me. She loosed my tie and took it off unbuttoning my shirt slowly. She opened my shirt and slid it over my shoulders and looked at me critically.

“Mmmmm not bad at all. You are in good shape.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. I have stayed in shape but I am not some muscular hard body. She unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants and pushed me back on the bed as she slid them off. She touched my cock through my boxers and smiled.

“I want to see that.”

She pulled my boxers over my hard Dick and I heard her purr of satisfaction.

“You have a good thick cock,” she said before she lowered her mouth to it.

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