Taking Work Home

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: A Voyeur at home

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fiction   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Another found, sneaky, perverted, old, US based story, converted to UK and edited dramatically and drastically to make sensible?? and exciting reading.

I have always been something of a voyeur. I guess that’s how I got into the security and surveillance business. It was only natural that I would test my designs and the latest technology, around my own house. Besides, who wouldn’t want to keep a closer eye on their kids? My daughter never knew about cameras in her room. What good is a hidden camera if anyone knows it’s there? So, I never let anyone know about the cameras, until one night.

I was on my laptop constantly and all the camera views in the house appear in a small window on my laptop’s screen. One night, it was past our bedtime, and I noticed motion in her room. Despite the absolute darkness, the infra-red lights showed everything in clear black and white. Our daughter Jan had thrown back her covers, and was rubbing herself between her legs. Our daughter is fourteen years old and quite lovely. She is athletic, fashion minded, and extremely intelligent. I knew that she would be breaking boy’s hearts soon enough, but I prayed she would be intelligent enough to save herself for a good one.

It took less than a second for me to decide to leave Jan alone. She was just a healthy young girl, exploring her prepubescent sexuality. I should have ignored her behavior, but instead I locked the viewer on that one camera. With a single click, the scene filled my screen and I switched the audio off. My daughter had pulled her nightshirt up to expose her panties. She spread her legs erotically and invitingly wide. Her hand had slid deep into her panties, and was rubbing and stroking. Jan’s slender body was flexing and I could see the faint curve of her blossoming breasts and button nipples pressed up against her shirt.

I didn’t feel my cock harden until it throbbed painfully in my pants. I wasn’t ashamed, that is the advantage of being a voyeur, nobody knew. Instead of shame, I felt incredibly aroused and horny. I wanted to pull out my cock and wank right then, but my wife Caro was in the same room with me, watching TV.

Jan continued to rub herself for over five minutes, as she writhed in pleasure on her bed. Then she suddenly relaxed. I couldn’t tell if she had achieved orgasm, but I desperately wanted to know.That night, my wife couldn’t understand why I wanted sex, or why I was so passionate. It had been weeks since we had made love, and it was always something of a chore for both of us. But all I could think about was seeeing my sexy preteen daughter pleasuring herself.

The next day I could only look lovingly at Jan, and she soaked up the attention. That night, I watched her room carefully as she prepared for bed. About now I saw her as a sexy nymphet, teasingly sexy, while unaware that her every move turned me on. When she turned her lights out, and got into bed, she immediately began to play with herself. For ten minutes she drew out her pleasure while I felt like my cock was going to explode. She writhed wilder than ever, and then she relaxed again.

I pressed my wife for sex that night, but it was definitely a no go. She had had her bi-monthly allocation and wanted no more. After she went to bed, I masturbated until my cock was painfully sore. Over the next few days I couldn’t help but to bond closer and closer with my developing daughter. I tuned in each night to watch my sexy little baby devil explore and improve on her explorations. When she took off her panties completely, I zoomed in to look intently at her preteen virgin pussy. It was completely hairless and shiny wet. When she also took off her nightshirt, I thought I would die from the heat in my groin. Every night I set a new record in masturbating myself.

Then one night, Jan left the lights on and then sat on the bed naked. I zoomed in as she began to play with herself, but with the lights on, the camera showed her in living color. I was in ecstasy and rapture and then she leaned over and reached for something off screen. When she leaned back, she was holding a hairbrush. I couldn’t believe it when she pressed the handle up to her pussy lips, and slowly began to work it inside.

I didn’t know if my fourteen year old daughter still had her hymen, or had taken or lost it somehow, but she was going so slowly that I was sure she didn’t know what to expect. She was going slowly and tantalizingly sexily. I wanted to scream at her to hurry up. I also wanted my wife to go to bed so that I could rub my cock until I had exploded five times. It was too erotic and I almost couldn’t stand to watch. Finally she had the handle buried deep inside her, and then she shuddered, and then relaxed.

The next night, I was practically drooling, as she prepared for bed. She again left the lights on and again sat completely naked. She immediately began with the brush handle and began to plunge it into herself slowly.Then I became aware of something that tore my attention away. My wife was bitching about the cell phone bill, and announced that she was going to talk to our daughter. She got up and headed for the stairs.

Our daughter was deep into enjoying the hairbrush and had no idea what was coming. My wife was not the kind of person to knock first. She had never masturbated, and would never understand or accept her daughter masturbating. Our daughter was about to get to be horribly shamed for something I thought was natural and wonderful. Right or wrong, I didn’t want Jan to suffer her mother’s tirade.With two clicks, I activated the speaker on one of the hidden cameras.

“Baby, you should stop, your mother’s coming!” I said gently. In surprise, my daughter jumped back about three feet on the bed. She just sat there frozen and naked. Then she swept into motion, grabbed a bedcover and swung it over her. At the last second, her hand shot out and grabbed a schoolbook. She pulled it back in just before her bedroom doorswung open. “Why is your light still on after your bedtime?” her mother demanded. Our daughter put on a winning performance as she lifted her head sleepily. “I have a big test tomorrow. I wanted to study some more.” She slid the schoolbook out from in front of her.

“Well, you went over your cell phone minutes,” my wife changed the subject. She continued to bitch at Jan, who took it all with grace. We couldn’t really punish our daughter. She was a straight “A” student who never did anything intentionally wrong. After, our daughter promised to be more careful using her cell phone, my wife left her alone. A few minutes after the door closed, my daughter slid off the bed, clutching the bedcover over her naked body, and turned out the lights.

The next morning when I saw Jan, she wouldn’t look me in the eye. When she finally did, I beamed my biggest, warmest, most loving smile at her. She instinctively responded with a warm smile of her own, then remembered why she was ashamed, and ended up with an uncertain, but relieved look on her face.

That night, it quickly became apparent that she had found two of the three cameras I had hidden in her room. She looked directly at them often, and avoided being naked at any time. The next night was the same and I began to wonder if it might have been better for her mother to have discovered what her daughter was doing.

The third night, I was still hurting from the huge canyon that had torn between me and Jan, when she walked into the family room and turned on the TV. I was already sitting there and her mother had gone to bed early with a headache.

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