Down by the Old Swimming Pool

by Imaginator

Copyright© 2017 by Imaginator

True Sex Story: A young teen and his sister learn about mutual sex by the pool.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   .

We grew up far enough out of the city to have 10 affordable acres, but close enough to enjoy the convenience of a big city. One of the beneift of the location and the size of the property was that our in ground pool was far enough away from the house that you couldn’t really see what was going on out there. That proved to be valuable the summer I was half into my teens and my sister was two years behind me.

Our summer routine was to do chores around the house and the propery in the relatively cool mornings and then play in the pool all afternoon. We were both avid swimmers, having been on swim teams when we were younger, so we could be in the pool all day with mom back in the house. We even had kind of a routine in the pool. We started out with two or three races, which I alway won, and then we would play challenges like staying underwater the longest on standinon our hands underwater the longest. Then, we would just calm down and chat while in the water or lay out in the sun on the pool deck.

This day went pretty normal, so when I moved to sit on the deck with my feet in the water, Kelly stood around my feet talking. Then, she jumped up on my foot like she had done when we were little, and called it “Riding the Horsie.” After a bit, though, there was a change. Kelly was pressing her pubic bone down on my foot up near the ankle. It felt kind of wierd, at first, but then she put her arms around my leg to get more pressure. Then, I realized she was rubbing her pussy on my foot! Actually, I did not know it at the time, but she was rubbing her clit on my foot/ankle.

I thought it was wierd and gross, but then I thought is was kind of hot, too. Part of me wanted to stop her, but my dick told me to let her do it. So, I just went along with her, swinging my leg slowly in time with her forward<=>backward movements. I was getting hard, but my speedo-like trunks were keeping it from reaching its full potential. That was ok, though because I was too embarrassed for her to see it.

She kept getting more and more intense with her motions, placing her cheek on the inside of my knee and definitely dry humping my foot. I raised my foot to make it easier for her and she looked up at me and smiled. That changed everything. I knew what she was doing, and she knew that I knew. I didn’t know that girls could cum, so when she did, I had no clue. But, she did grasp hard on my leg and squeezed her legs around my foot and shuddered for a few seconds. Then, she relaxed, and started breathing normally, again.

I was totally hard, but the trunks belied its size. So, you couldn’t tell much about it. When Kelly jumped off, settling on the pool floor, I jumped in right behind her, making sure to rub her butt with my boner. Yep, she felt it, because she turned around and put her arm around me and pushed her crotch into me. Except that my dick was a good 4 inches above her crotch. So, her belly got a good feel of my dick. That was the time Mom chose to call us to dinner, and you dared not tarry when Mom said dinner was ready.

So we walked back to the house and I immediately went to my bathroom, turned on a hot shower, and got in to relieve myself. I came so much I thought it was going to stop up the drain. And how awesome it felt. I jacked off again that night in bed, just thinking about the afternoon.

I thought about it all the next day, and the one thing I knew was that I was not wearing speedos again. The afernoon came and I found the loosest trunks I had. Not only that, I unstitched that inside mesh panel at the crotch so my dick would go where I wanted it to. Kelly had on a different bikini, too, and it seemed looser. But the real trick was that had no lining. I coul see her nipples perfectly, as well as the bottoms made an awesome camel toe.

When we did handstands this time, I stayed upright and got a good look at the unlined wet bottoms against Kelly’s pussy. She came up for air, so I went under and stood on my hands. I kept my eyes open, and when I saw Kelly on her toes, I was hoping she was trying to get a look down my trunks leg, although I wasn’t hard, yet. Then, it was turn to switch places. This time, I reached out and put my hands on the inside of Kelly’s thighs close to her pussy and spread them as far as they would go. The fabric clung to her left side, reveaslng just the edge of her pussy lips. Now, I was totally hard and I could feel my trunks tented out.

We changed positions one more time and she placed her hands on my thighs and did the same as I did to her. I doubt that it revealed anything, though, except for the tent.

I stood straight up and retreated to the edge of the pool to sit on the deck. As Kelly was approaching, I adjusted my trunks leg to make sure there would be no restrictions on my dick, and that it could be seen by looking up my trunks leg from where Kelly would be positioned. She got in front of me and hopped on my foot without the usual chit chat, but I didn’t mind. And was hard. She started rubbing as before and I immediately picked up her cadence. I couldn’t tell if her bikini material completely covered her pussy, or not, but I imagined it didn’t. I raised the toe of my foot up as high as it would go so there would be as much contact as possible. Then, Kelly reached her hand down there and adjustd herself. The fabric of the bikini bottom was completely to one side and her bare pussy was on my foot!!! I moved her head so her cheek was on the inside of my knee again, and she got the message. I know she saw most of my hard dick.

She kept up with the grinding motion and tightening her pressure with both her arms and her legs, and her cheek against my knee. This time she came it lasted longer and she was more pronounced about the shuddering. After she relaxed she looked up at me and smiled and dropped down into the water, but she didn’t turn around. I slid off into the water and she looked straight at my bulge and stayed close to the edge so that I would have no choice but to slide down beside her, my dick pressing into her all the way down. She put her arms around my to hug me again, but this time she raised herself so her pussy was touching my dick. I held her tight to me and we looked each other in the eyes. Then, it just seemed so normal to kiss, so we did, like girlfriend and boyfriend. I had frenched just one girl so I did that to Kelly and she frenched back.

With her butt up so high it was easy for me to reach behind her and rub it. Then my hands wend under her bikini and she just kept hugging and kissing and pressing her cunt into my cock. Then I thought, why not, so I just pulled her bikini bottoms down and she kicked them the rest of he way off! I reached for my own trunks and shed them, as well. There we were, bare dick against bare pussy and the water felt so hot. Kelly said she wanted to see it, so we should lie down on the deck. I moved us down where some shrubs shielded us from the house, just in case. As we got out of the pool Kelly took off her top, revealing some nice boobs topped by nice pink nipples. I had not seen her naked since we bathed together as little children. Meanwhile, her eyes were soaking in my throbbing dick. It felt like it was a foot long and half a foot wide, and about to bust.

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