Lost in Red Fox Woods

by Lord Rodrick

Copyright© 2018 by Lord Rodrick

Fiction Story: When Wesley and his girlfriend Audrey ditch a boring class trip they find themselves lost in Red Fox Woods. What will happen when their clothes start to mysteriously disappear?

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   School   Paranormal   .

In the spring of 1985, Wesley and his girlfriend Audrey were on a class field trip in Red Fox Woods. They were 15 years old and shared the same birthday. Unlike the rest of their classmates who were bored out of their minds and resented every second they were spending there. Wesley and Audrey loved being surrounded by nature. The two of them had meet at summer camp when they were ten and had been inseparable ever since. They had just started dating and had yet to share their first kiss.

Wesley was a handsome boy who had a head of curly black hair and hazel eyes. While Audrey’s eyes were a deep blue and she had dark brown hair that went to the back of her neck. She had a very pretty face and a smile that could warm anybody’s heart. Since it was so hot that day Wesley was wearing a gray no sleeve shirt and a pair of brown shorts. While Audrey wore a pair of cut off blue jeans and a green short sleeve shirt.

Both of them had Star Wars back packs. While they were trailing along with their classmates listening to their boring teacher ramble on. Audrey noticed a narrow dirt path that diverged from the trail they were walking on. She whispered to Wesley. “There’s a trail that separates from this one. Why don’t we check it out and see if we can find something interesting?”

Wesley replied. “There’s no way we can slip away without anybody noticing.”

“Mr. Brinks is so focused on boring everybody to death that he isn’t even looking this way. No one else is either.”

Wesley glanced around. “Alright but we got to be quick.”


Wesley and Audrey sneaked away and followed the dirt trail. It was much longer than they’d thought it’d be. Soon their class was out of sight and hearing range and it was just the two of them in the woods surrounded by countless trees. Even though Red Fox Woods had gotten its name because of all the red foxes that lived there, Wesley and Audrey hadn’t come across a single fox.

They hadn’t even seen a deer, rabbit or a squirrel. The sounds of birds chirping were the only signs of animal life. Audrey sighed and put her hands on her hips. “Did all the animals decide to sleep in today or something?”

Wesley noticed movement behind some bushes and he motioned for Audrey to stay still. A red fox emerged from the bushes with a dead wild turkey between it’s jaws. It looked at Wesley and Audrey for a few seconds and then scampered away.

Once the fox was out of sight Audrey exclaimed. “Oh God Wesley that was so cool. That fox it was staring right at us.”

“Yes, it was. It’s probably taking that dead bird back to his family right now. Do you know that foxes mate for life?”

“That’s really sweet. I wonder if we can do that.”


A faint blushed appeared on Audrey’s cheeks. “Never mind. I guess we should head back.”


Audrey and Wesley then noticed that the trail they had been walking on had vanished. There were just leaves and grass on the ground, as though that dirt path hadn’t even existed in the first place. “Where did the trail go?” Audrey shouted.

“I don’t know,” Wesley replied. “It’s just gone.”

A shiver of fear ran through Audrey’s spine as she recalled all the stories of people who got lost in Red Fox Woods and were never seen again. “Then how are we going to get back?”

“Don’t worry Audrey I got a compass and map in my backpack.”

Audrey grinned. “You’re the best.”

She gave Wesley a kiss on the cheek which made him blush. He reached for the straps of his backpack and realized it was gone and so was Audrey’s. Wesley shouted. “Where the hell did are backpacks go?”

Audrey responded. “I don’t know. I think we would have noticed if they fell off or something, they just disappeared.”

“You had snacks in yours right?”

“Yes, I did.”

Without a map or compass Wesley and Audrey could both say that they were truly lost. They also now didn’t have any food. The two of them tried to search for any sort of particular tree or rock or some other landmark that could help them retrace their steps. But everything looked the same. Wesley and Audrey wandered what they thought to be south but could have been any other direction.

As horrible as it was being lost in the woods at least they were together. Both knew that if they were in this situation alone they would have gone insane with fear.

Audrey noticed that she could feel the grass and leaves touching the bare skin of her feet. She looked down and saw that her shoes and socks had vanished. Wesley’s shoes and socks were gone to. “What the fuck is going on?” Audrey shouted.

Wesley had never heard Audrey swear like that before, but he couldn’t blame her. “I don’t know. But I think there’s something in these woods that made that path disappear and is making our stuff disappear to.”

Audrey shrugged her shoulders. “Like a spirit or something.”

“Probably, it could also be aliens.”

Suddenly Wesley’s shirt vanished, and he stood before Audrey bare chested. He had a nice strong chest and a small scar on his lower stomach where he had had his appendix taken out. Audrey had seen him shirtless at the pool and on hot summer days, so it was no big deal. Wesley saw Audrey’s shirt vanished leaving her in her black sports bra. Her breasts were perfectly covered, but it was clear that they were a vast size.

Before Audrey could do or say anything her bra disappeared, and she instantly covered her breasts with her arms.

Wesley noticed that doing so had pressed them together. Audrey and Wesley blushed madly. Then Audrey said. “Wesley.”

Wesley did his best not to stare as he replied. “Yes Audrey.”

Audrey took a deep breath and said. “Since you’re my boyfriend I guess it’s okay for you to see my them just don’t tease me alright.”

“You know I never tease you about your body Audrey.”

Audrey smiled and rested her arms at her sides. Her breasts were a wonderful size and they were perfectly round and somewhat pale. Audrey’s nipples were a very light shade of pink. They stiffened as a cool breeze ran by them.Wesley felt blood rush to his member.

“Their beautiful.” Wesley gasped.

“The girls in the locker room tease me about how big they are, but I knew you’d like them.” Audrey responded.

Wesley and Audrey held hands. Doing that made the fear in their hearts lessen. They walked for awhile with fallen leaves and small twigs crushing beneath their feet. Then their shorts vanished leaving them in just their underwear. Wesley had on a pair of Spider Man boxers while Audrey wore a red pair of panties. They stopped holding hands and Audrey twiddled her thumbs. Wesley was somewhat embarrassed that he had such childish underwear on, but it didn’t matter since they’d be gone soon.

Audrey said. “So once our underwear disappears and we’re completely naked. Do you think we’ll disappear next?”

Wesley replied. “I don’t know. I just hope that doesn’t happen.”

Audrey and Wesley continued walking. Wesley fell behind Audrey then his boxers and her panties vanished and the two of them now stood in the woods totally nude, they kept moving. Audrey’s butt was plump, and Wesley noticed her ass cheeks sagged side to side as she walked.

Then Audrey stopped and said. “Are you still here Wesley?”

“Yeah I am.”

“I’m sorry this is all my fault. We should have never ditched class.”

Wesley put his hand on Audrey’s shoulder. “It’s the woods that are doing this not you. Besides if you hadn’t suggested we ditch class I probably would have. Also, you have a really nice bottom.”


Audrey turned around and she and Westley saw all of each other. Wesley’s penis became fully erect making Audrey smirk. Her vagina was covered in dark brown hair that was sparse enough to leaving her slit and folds visible. As for Wesley his crotch was covered in dark black pubic hair, his balls were round and his penis was quite big. The head of his penis twitched, and Audrey’s nipples got erect. Wesley and Audrey embraced tightly with their eyes closed praying that they wouldn’t disappear.

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