A Graveyard Adventure

by lastone

Copyright© 2018 by lastone

Romantic Sex Story: A boy and girl go Trick or Treating after a confrontation with their Dad. Afterward in a cemetery they realize the treat has just begun.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Brother   Sister   Cream Pie   First   Food   .

The surroundings of this small town may have been chilling on Halloween but for Annie and James it was anything but. Not wanting to go home in fear of their father’s drunken state they took refuge in St. Paul’s Cemetery chowing candy collected over the past few hours. The night had gotten off to a bad start before they left home. Before Halloween was over it would be a night that both would remember for the rest of their life’s.

“You’re not wearing that costume out of the house; you look like a little whore running around the streets like that.” His speech slurred from the whiskey while he shook his finger at the girl, old man Walsh was drunk again. “I bet you end up messing around with some low life and then who knows what the hell you’ll do! I don’t want no stink’n baby crawling around this house. You hear miss!”

Annie was dressed a wee bit provocative, well maybe a little more than wee. Batman and Batwoman were the craze on television that year so the siblings dressed-up like them. Old man Walsh eyeballed his daughter through bloodshot eyes remembering better days when his dick would get hard at a sight like this. Dressed in all black Annie’s figure was curvy, scarcely showing her hidden breasts from view with the tight fitting long sleeve shirt. But as his eyes flowed down it was her lower body that caused his unease. All she wore were a pair of body-hugging black tights. It appeared that she had no clothes on at all, it was like she was naked, the outline of a camel-toe revealing itself, her rounded ass cheeks; those long legs, everything presented would surely catch some attention.

James was dressed similar, all black including a cape to cover his backside. Both wore hat type masks covering part of their heads and face with pointy bat like ears that Annie had made earlier in the day. Her father’s sermon bothered her; it wasn’t the first that either had received during one of his inebriated periods which seemed to be more frequent. Annie and James had talked about running away. Someday they would.

“I hate them both; I wish we could run away from here. Someday he’s going to follow through on his threats and we’ll end up beaten, maybe dead”

“Don’t worry Annie, we will but the time has to be right, we’re both too young, a few more years, we just have to hang in there.”

“James, do I look like a hoar?”

“No Annie you don’t, you look like Batwoman, maybe a little better. I’ve never noticed how you’ve developed, everything has become ... not sure of the word ... sexy I guess.” For the first time he felt his dick stirring from looking at his sister’s ass as she walked in front of him.

Stopping at the house on the corner for some treats James watched Mr. McCloud ogle at his sister, then the next house and the next one after that. As the night grew old James’s state of mind changed, he too was glaring at her body every chance he had envisioning what she looked like naked. He had continuously been her protector being nine months younger than his own sixteen years she had been a mistake on his parent’s part. They both loved each other in a family way, not in an intimate or sexual manner. Regardless he found his dick getting aroused when she twisted her ass with each step she took.

Before they were about to call it quits James had to finally readjust his pecker, pulling it upwards from its bent shape. He had an uncontrollable hard-on from his sister’s sexy body.

“Do we have to go back home? Can we stay out late? please James?”

“Well most people have turned out their porch lights, most likely Dad is still drunk if not passed out like Mom, he soon will be. We could go through St. Paul’s Cemetery on the way back, stop, and see what we have for candy.”

“Are you kidding? That place is haunted, there are ghosts roaming around. No way!’

“Ah come on Annie, there are no ghosts, it will be fun. “Anything will be better than going back to that bastard.”

The moon was full, shining down brightly as it lit the path ahead of them. In the middle of the graveyard as James looked for a quiet spot he jumped as he saw a shape move from the bushes. After scrutinizing what he saw he determined it was only the breeze playing games with his mentality. Shuffling around the yellow leaves that had fallen from the maple tree there was clear spot they sat down on.

Annie leaned up against the marble headstone before dumping her bag out on top of James’s booty. There were all sorts of goodies. She was still anxious about the bone yard causing James to become a little apprehensive. The slight breeze and moonlight were still playing games with their minds as they sorted through the possessions.

With her legs bent at the knees and spread apart she slanted her body against Benjamin Truffle’s headstone. The black tights were just that, tight, showing all her young and charming possessions. Sitting side by side Annie took James’s warm hand into hers as they munched candy. Laying her head on his shoulders she couldn’t help but notice the erection in his pants. She wondered to herself why he would have one. Intrigued by the lump she would never question him about it.

James spread his arm around his sister’s back pulling her close in the warm night air. Although it was the end of October, in the coastal plain of Massachusetts it was balmy for the time of year. Looking upwards towards James their heads unsurprisingly merged. Annie’s lips mounted his causing a reassuring contentment in both lasting only a minute before they divided. They sat in harmony, quiet, they were now one instead of two. Neither had reservation about the kiss for they loved each other except the love was now budding into something that they would not have power over. No words were spoken as they once again brought their lips together impulsively splitting them allowing tongues to converge. Twirling her tongue around his sent electrifying tingles throughout their young bodies causing once dormant hormones to awaken.

“I don’t know how to say this James, I think I’m falling in love with my brother. It’s wrong, we shouldn’t be kissing each other.”

“You’re right Annie, we shouldn’t, you’re the first girl I’ve kissed, I’m starting to have naughty thoughts about you, I’m afraid Annie, I’m afraid.”

“What kind of naughty thoughts? Don’t be afraid, please.”

“I’m embarrassed to say they are about your body. I watched you walking, your bum bouncing, the nipples of you boobies showing through, your mannerism, all of it. It’s not right to get turned on by your sister, this is repulsive Annie, it’s just not right.”

“That explains why you have that lump in your pants?” If it wasn’t for the darkness she would have seen is face turning a few shades of red. He didn’t think she had noticed, but it was true.

Except for the lessening breeze going through the fallen leaves not a sound was heard. Slumping down beside her James positioned his head onto her chest hearing her heart beat through the thin fabric. As his head nosed toward her tits her heartbeat began to race. He had succumbed to his inner cravings, even if he was her guardian, he would do her no harm so she allowed his advances.

His mouth chewed at her covered nipples, when she didn’t balk he began withdrawing her shirt from the tight waistband showing the pale skin on her torso. His hand rambled over her belly triggering a subtle urge to giggle, the hand headed for the perky tits, dragging the shirt further upwards until she was fully exposed to the night’s wind. James marveled at her tits as the moonlight filtered through the disappearing maple leaves above.

Swirling his tongue around her nipples, going from one to the other savoring the taste of her sweat. Annie’s feelings began turning affectionate toward her sibling, helping him to discard her shirt. Kissing his way down her torso spending time at her navel before embracing the elastic band on the tights. His thoughts dashed through his teenage mind. With immense hesitation he went down further until he reached her crotch. Annie turned fearful, here was her brother fudging around her privates, no one had been there before. She was about to speak out when his lips began to trace the length of her slit through the sheer material causing her t obody to tremble.

James had heard things about eating out a girl but had no idea how to proceed. When he saw her reaction he knew he was doing her right. With his teeth slowly pulling the tights waistband down his finger began working a little magic on her cunt.

“James, I think we should stop! This is not right.”

But the words were not convincing. Her legs were trembling at his touch as the tights began revealing the fine threads of pubic hair. She had not worn any panties when dressing earlier. What a sight before the boy’s eyes as he succeeded in pulling the tights past her cunt. Still a mystery to him, all he could see was fine black hair disappearing into a tightly closed vee. It was a beautiful sight, the first pussy his eyes had seen. He wanted to please his sister, he loved her greatly, he wanted to do her no harm.

It took only another minute before the tights were at her knees then her ankles before completely removing them. She was now entirely naked. He began to kiss her feet quickly working up her legs before arriving at her upper thighs. Lightly sending wisps of breath against her skin he pried apart her legs as she reluctantly spread them as James continued kissing.

Creeping up in the dim moonlight he was now close enough to see her slit, it wasn’t the most glorious thing he had seen, it was certainly tempting if not inviting. The kisses steadily moved from her inner thighs towards the gash. It unquestionably didn’t smell that appetizing, she had been sweating in the tights, smell aside he placed a feeble kiss on her ensitive cunt lips causing her legs to shudder back and forth. Wanting to please her he placed an intensely firm kiss then hunted his tongue around in her crack.

Wow, he pulled back quickly, he could stand the stench but the taste was something he didn’t have the stomach for. His taste buds immediately tasted the combination of salty sweat and leftover acidic urine. By this time his sister had her eyes closed tightly still leaning against the headstone as she moaned out abruptly. Not wanting to extinguish her flames he pushed a finger around her slit while he reached beside them. Catching a hold of a York’s Peppermint candy bar he unwrapped it with his free hand breaking it into two. Licking the edges of her pussy he slid it past her cunt lips unbeknown to Annie. While waiting a minute he stirred it around a little before heading back for more.

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